tagFetishStretching Pt. 05

Stretching Pt. 05


Circa 2005

Amy's pussy had stretched to where I would say she was no longer average, but more like slightly bigger than average. Given where she had started though, Amy's pussy was a lot bigger than it used to be, and I was extremely turned on by this. The 2-inch thick dildo was seemingly too small for her growing pussy to feel "the stretch", and I knew it wasn't nearly as satisfying to her for solo play. It was quite impressive how easily she could now slip the once "too big" toy inside her pussy. Most of the time I was adding fingers, my dick, or the other toy, next to it.

We were going away for a weekend and I thought I would surprise her with a new toy. She would tell me that the toys we had now were big enough, but I knew she would love the feeling of an even bigger cock inside of her. I stopped into a sex shop the day before we were set to leave. I was impressed with the selection of large toys, and there seemed to be many more to choose from since the last time I had been into a sex shop, many years before. There were some truly impressive toys, close to 3 inches thick, but there was no way she was big enough to take one of these, although the thought of her tiny body being impaled on one of these made my cock stir. My eyes went to a 2 ¼-inch thick dildo that was 9 inches long, with big balls and a suction cup. It was similar in size to the big dildo my wife had been fascinated with at the party years before. It got me thinking back to when she first saw it and how fascinated she was by it, and the fact that she kept going back to it that night. I think that there was something inside of her that wanted to try that huge dildo back then, and now she was going to have the chance.

I showed it to her shortly after arriving at our destination, and she said "My god, that's huge, I don't know about this one! I think it might be too big. I'm a little person you know. I can't believe you bought this."

Amy was either being coy, or there was some denial about how big her pussy was getting. I put the toy in hot water in the sink to warm it up while we fooled around in bed. I was quickly working the 2-inch thick toy in and out of her pussy with two of my fingers in next to it when I asked her if she wanted it.

"Mmmm hmmm." She moaned, "Yes, get it. Do you want to see it?"

"Yes, I answered." As my cock stiffened thinking about the thick toy invading her body.

I got up to get the toy and left the other toy buried inside of her. Her eyes were big when she saw me returning with the big toy. It was too thick for even my large fingers to close around. She was clearly a bit nervous, but all the previous stretching with the other toys and fingers allowed it to slide into her pussy in no time at all. Now, a ¼ inch thickness increase does not sound like much, but that equates to about ¾ inch more in circumference, which is substantial. It only took a minute for her pussy to open up and swallow almost all of it. It was definitely a tighter fit as her pussy gripped it a lot more than it did the 2-inch thick toy, but not uncomfortable for her.

"Mmmmm, wow, I feel so full baby." Amy said with her eyes wide.

"Does it feel okay, does it hurt?" I asked.

"No, I just feel really, really, full."

She loved it, and I started to slowly fucked her with it as I licked her clit. I kept up the slow pace with the dildo, but went to work on her clit with my expert tongue. Amy's chest heaved and her breathing deepened as she got more vocal. She squeezed her chest with her hands as she reached a powerful orgasm. I slowly withdrew the thick toy, impressed as her pussy stayed gaping open after it was removed. I slipped my cock into her gaping open pussy and fucked her for a while after this, enjoying the looseness and softness of her stretched pussy. Even though I felt like I was going to explode, her pussy was loose enough for me to enjoy what had just happened, and the lack of friction allowed me to fuck her very hard for several minutes. Amy was just lying there, her eyes, shut, and softly moaning. Even though they toy was big, and filling to Amy, it did not leave her sore.

I woke the next morning with my hard cock poking into Amy's backside, envisioning what had happened the night before with Amy impaled on the fat toy. She was thinking the same thing I was and we were soon at it again. This time I did not even ask, I just used the new big toy with her. This time there was no warm-up with the smaller toy. Amy's pussy, still a little stretched from the huge toy last night, was ready to accommodate the new thick shaft. It was a soft slow fuck again as Amy's pussy adjusted to the thick intruder. Amy had another great orgasm and I once again enjoyed her stretched pussy after. We were back in the room again after late lunch and it did not take long to have Amy naked again. I honestly could not wait to have the big cock in Amy's pussy again and was all I had thought about since this morning. Amy was in charge this time and pushed me down on the bed and started giving me an expert blowjob with her talented mouth. Sucking dick always make Amy super horny and after a few minutes she straddled me and sank down on my cock. Her pussy was still a bit open from the earlier toying and swallowed my cock like it was a toothpick.

After a few minutes of her grinding on my dick, Amy got up and grinned at me as she retrieved the new toy and lube from the drawer that had been designated for the sex toys. Amy put some lube on the toy and positioned it on my stomach, just above my cock. She then lowered herself onto the toy, her mood instantly changing as her pussy was getting the full feeling she needed. She was now riding the toy on top of me. It was so hot to reach around and feel her pussy stretched wide around the base. This was an incredible sight for me as I could see her pussy sliding up and down on the thick shaft that was now suctioned to my pubic area. She rode the dildo slow and deep, her eyes closed, while I gently pulled at her nipples. Amy stayed in this position, her pace quickening until she was bouncing up and down on the huge toy, on top of me. She got louder and louder until she had another powerful orgasm.

When she finished cumming, she fell on top of me, kissing me gently, with the big toy still buried in her pussy. I flipped her over and pulled the toy from her pussy, admiring the nice big gape it left behind. Her pussy was even looser than our morning fuck, and I pounded her relentlessly for a while, looking for the friction to get me over the edge, while Amy softly moaned, barely seeming to notice my cock sloshing around in her big pussy. Finally, I exploded in her pussy with a satisfying orgasm.

We had sex for a third time that day after dinner and a several drinks, so the details are a bit foggy. I do remember that Amy was quite tipsy and very horny, and wanted it rough. Her personality would change a little when she wanted a rough fucking, almost starting a fight and egging me on to abuse her, which by now meant abusing her pussy. I fucked her hard with the huge toy that night and took no mercy on her, slamming it in and out of her pussy as hard as I could. I remember some screaming and her nearly passing out in a trance after she had an orgasm. God this girl loved a hard fucking with a big dick. I would by now get my own inner dialog inside my head during these sessions, thinking but never saying, "You little slut, you want me to ruin your pussy don't you. You're such a whore that you need a big dick slamming your pussy to get off. You're nothing but a loose pussy slut."

She was so stretched out after, and with combination of me being drunk, and the fact I had cum twice earlier, I could not reach orgasm. When she woke up Sunday morning, her pussy was pretty sore, but she was horny again. I was quite surprised when she wanted to use the huge toy again. It was not really a fuck this time, but more stuffing the big toy in her pussy and leaving it there while I forced an orgasm with a vibrator on her clit. I tried to fuck her after, but she was too sore for me to fuck her. Not wanting to leave her man hanging, Amy gave me a fantastic blowjob. In the last 40 hours or so, Amy had used the new big toy 5 times already. I think she liked it.

After we returned home, Amy and I talked about the weekend on Sunday evening.

"That was fun, but I'm sore right now. My pussy was still open when I went to the bathroom, and felt bruised when I went to wipe." She said.

"So, you like your new toy I take it?" I asked.

"Yes, but it's so big, I still can't believe you bought it."

"Your pussy seemed to like it." I responded.

"It was great at the time, but I'm paying for it now. It's a fun addition for when I really want to feel full, but not all the time."

The next couple times we had sex Amy did not want to use it and opted for her 2-inch thick toy instead, but we used it again the following week, and she loved it. It was about a week later before we used it again. Over the next month, I was careful and gentle with the big toy as to not make her sore. Within a few weeks, Amy no longer said no when I asked if she wanted to use it. I soon figured out she had replaced the old 2-inch thick toy for her solo play sessions, and she had begun fucking herself silly with it all the time when I was not home. Her pussy would gape open very easily now after these sessions and she continued to get looser. I started fucking her really hard with the dildo now occasionally, which did make her sore. The more I fucked her hard with it and made her sore, the less sore she became over time. As the months went on, I started testing Amy's limits again and eventually got to the point where I could add a finger, then two, next to the newer thicker dildo. Like the other stretching exercises, this made her sore at first, and she might tear a little, but she eventually adjusted to the stretching, and we could do it more and more. Before long I was pounding her pussy with this new thick toy with my fingers in next to it. After many months of near constant use and me regularly adding fingers in next to the toy, Amy's pussy had expanded nicely. Amy was progressing faster now.

By now, Amy could lube the toy up and easily slip it into her pussy. I knew Amy was ready for a bigger toy, I opted for a 10-inch monster that was 2 ½ inch wide. I again surprised her one night at home with the toy.

"No way, that thing is huge." She protested when she first saw it, taking the massive fake dick in her hands.

This thing was impressive next to her little body. It was about 12 inches long (10 insertable) with fake balls, and made from a lifelike material. It was a meek protest though, and I could tell by her dripping pussy that night that she could not wait to try it. I think she was expecting it to be more of a challenge, but seeing how she had been fucking the 2 inch 1/4 thick dildo daily, and we had been stretching her pussy wider than that by adding fingers, it was not. A little warm up with the smaller 2 ¼ inch thick toy, and I easily slid about 7 inches of it inside her pussy. Even I was a little shocked that Amy managed to take it with no discomfort. It was still tight in her pussy, but did not cause her any pain.

"Wow, I can't believe how real it feels. I'm a little embarrassed though, it's huge. Mmmm, it's so good though, ahhhhh." Amy moaned with her pussy full of the new toy.

"I think it looks hot in your pussy." I said.

"You're sick." She smirked back.

"Oh god, baby, that feels so good." Amy whispered as I slowly started to stroke it in and out of her pussy.

I fucked her with long slow strokes as I concentrated my tongue on her clit. Her orgasm told the story of how much she actually enjoyed it. It was the same story with this toy as it was with the previous two toys. Amy made it clear that it was not for everyday use, but I already knew better when I bought it. I knew she could not help herself. I'm not sure if she was trying to convince me or herself. At first I would gently fuck her with the huge toy, but after several sessions, I worked up to full on fucking her pussy with the beast. Again, these activities would leave her sore, but she always begged for me to fuck and stretch her the next time. As you can imagine, this became her favorite toy, and soon the other toys were used more for warm-up, except for the clit vibrators. I loved to stuff the toy into her pussy while licking her clit and ask her "You like your pussy stretched?"

"Yes, please, stretch me, stretch my pussy. I love it." Amy would beg.

True to form, this toy eventually replaced the other smaller toy as her solo play toy too, and Amy used it a lot. Since I had first introduced the prospect of a bigger dick to her, she had progressed from barely taking a 2-inch thick toy to now fucking a 2 ½ by 10 inch toy every chance she could get. She was constantly fucking it whether I was home or away. It was so erotic and sexy to watch her. Here was little Amy, able to take an improbable sized dick inside her little body with relative ease. If you were to look at her and the big fake dick next to her, you would think no way, but her pussy would just open up and swallow it. It dawned on me that she was now undoubtedly woman enough to easily take any real dick she wanted to, no matter how big. I watched her in awe sometimes, as she progressed to taking this impressive size easier and deeper than most porn girls I would watch. She could now take almost the entire length inside her pussy. When she was lying on her back, and I would force the dildo all of the way inside of her, she would comment, "It feels like it's hitting my spine."

Things had kind of spiraled out of control. We were so caught up in the frenzy and excitement of what we were doing, we never stopped much to think about what we might be doing to Amy's pussy, or how much bigger she had actually become. The amazing, and no doubt crucial part, was that she never stopped to give her pussy a break. We, and her alone, spent countless hours with the huge toy stuffed inside of her. There were a few times when she had a break in action, but it was never more than a week, maybe a week and a half at tops. She would go crazy on this huge toy, bouncing up and down, screaming, and pulling her own nipples. It was fun and exciting to watch, and I loved just watching her fuck herself by riding the huge toy. I loved it, it was like having my own live huge dildo porn show on demand, and not by some paid girl who was only doing it for money, but by my wife, who was doing it because she loved it. Sometimes she would suck me, or jerk me off, or I would jerk off myself, as she worked her pussy over. There was absolutely no denying that Amy now unashamedly loved huge cock, and loved, and I mean really loved, having her pussy stretched. Amy's once tight little pussy was not so little anymore, and now kind of big. How did this happen? I had bought all the toys, and not only aided in stretching her, but straight up encouraged it. Is this what I really wanted? I thought so. My interests were evolving, and I was not just interested in watching Amy fuck huge toys, but had slowly developed a fantasy of Amy having a big pussy, and it was coming true. In the span of just under four years, I had become a lover of big pussy, and my little Amy had become an unabashed size queen.

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