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Strictly Businiess


Julie was the second of the five girls chosen to take charge in the NSync photo shoots. Julie was extremely happy because she was chosen to take care of JC individual shots, and she happened to think he was extremely sexy. His sparkling blue eyes, adorable smile, gorgeous body, and killer personality.

"Alright, JC, come here, I'm gonna put you in different clothes!" Julie called to him. JC walked over, sighing and running his fingers through his hair.

"Again?" he whined, letting his arm drop back to his side limply.

"Yes, again! These pictures need variety!" she explained, putting a fist in the air triumphantly. Plus you have a really nice body, she thought to herself, smirking as JC took his shirt off. Wow! Julie thought, not realizing she was staring.

"Are you gonna stare at me all day or give me my shirt?" JC asked, half smiling, half annoyed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Huh? Oh, sorry Josh, " Julie blushed, handing him the shirt.

"Josh?" he asked as he pulled the shirt over his head, "Since when did you start calling me Josh?"

"Since now, " Julie smirked, obviously flirting like she had the second he walked in the door. JC just sighed.

"Julie I told you already ... I never mix business with pleasure!" He said firmly, smoothing out the shirt she'd given him. Julie groaned, rolling her eyes.

"But, Josh!" Julie complained, pouting slightly.


"Ugh, fine. Go change your pants then, " she mumbled, tossing him a pair of jeans with Paris designs on them. JC walked away into the dressing room to change. Julie sighed, reloading her camera. JC came out a couple minutes later, with an annoyed look on his face, "What's wrong NOW?" Julie asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"These pants!" JC stated.

"What about them!? Are they too big? Too small?"

"How about too stupid!"

"Jo-" Julie stopped herself, "JC! Just wear the pants! They look fine!"

"Ugh! You have a problem!" JC snapped.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just get over there so I can take these damn pictures, " Julie rolled her eyes. JC growled in frustration and walked over to the indicated place, "now can you be a good pretty boy and smile for the camera?" Julie cooed mockingly.

"Are you looking for a kick in the ass?"

"You wouldn't dare. Now smile!" JC plastered on a smile, then rolled his eyes after she snapped the picture.

"Are we done yet? We've taken like a million pictures, in like five thousand different outfits," JC groaned.

"You know, this would go by a lot faster if you were enjoying yourself!" Julie snapped, getting fed up with his impatience and whining.

"How can I enjoy myself with you hitting on me every thirty seconds?" JC glared at her.

"What? You don't like it? Are you too good for me or something, Chasez? I mean ... God forbid someone actually find you attractive. Tell me, do you really think you're too good for me?" She looked at him and incessantly tapped her fingers on her camera.

"Yeah, yeah I think I am!" He said, trying to sound really confident in his statement.

"Ha! We'll see about THAT! If I was really trying, you wouldn't be able to resist me!" Julie smirked proudly.

"Yeah right!" JC laughed, kinda wanting to see where this would go.

"Wanna try me?" Julie raised an eyebrow.

"Bring it on!" JC challenged. Julie grinned, thinking this was her chance to get JC, "You couldn't turn me on if you looked like ... " he thought, "a 'Rollin' girl! From the Limp Bizkit video!"

"A Rollin' Girl? Are you serious? That's the best you could do? You know, you're a loser, Josh. But a sexy loser, " Julie smirked, walking over to the wardrobe rack. She pulled off a white wifebeater and a pair of khakis, "put these on, " she said, tossing them to him.

"What!? I JUST changed! Now you want me to change AGAIN?" he looked at her, appalled, wondering why she'd just pushed his challenge aside.

"JUST DO IT!" Julie yelled.

"Okay, okay! Jesus!" he yelled back, going back into the dressing room. Julie smirked, going over to another place in the room. She put on a black tank top, a pair of khakis, and a backwards red Yankees cap. She looked into a full length mirror and laughed softly to herself, seeing that she looked like a very sexy Rollin' girl.

"I have to say even though its pretty dumb ... I have shocked myself, " she smirked, walking back over to her camera. JC came out a minute later and stopped dead in his tracks, looking at her, not believing she'd actually taken him seriously.

"Julie ... WHAT are you doing?"

"What are you talking about JC?" she asked innocently.

"You are WAY too obsessed with me, Julie!" he exclaimed, walking towards her.

"Me? Ha!" she pretended to yawn, raising her arms in the air so her top went up to reveal her flat stomach. JC looked away, walking past her quickly. Julie smirked, setting the camera up, "Okay Chasez, smile!" JC obeyed, trying to get this over with.

"Can we hurry up?" he rolled his eyes. Julie sighed, thinking. She HAD to get him before the shoot was over. She suddenly got a perfect idea.

"Hey, Josh! I have an idea! I'll set up the camera so I can be in the picture with you! Wouldn't you love to pose with a Rollin' girl?" she grinned.

"No, actually!" he groaned.

"Hey! If you want me to take pictures, we're doing it my way, FRED!" she smirked, setting up the camera, bringing the button over with her so she could snap the pictures. She stood in front of him, looking up at him, "got it?"

"Whatever, " JC grumbled, keeping his eyes off her, knowing it'd only get him into trouble. Julie smiled and got on the side of him, putting an arm around his waist. She told him to smile, and she snapped the picture. She took a few more normal, innocent pictures, before she slowly started her seduction. She got in front of him, sliding one hand under his shirt, and rubbing his stomach, turning her head towards the camera and quickly snapping a picture before JC could stop her, "what the hell are you doing?!" he snapped, pulling her hand out.

"Nothing ... " Julie smirked innocently, getting behind him and wrapping her arms around him, putting her hands up the front of his shirt again, as she grinded into him and used her foot to hit the button, which was lying on the ground. JC felt himself start to get hard, and he pulled her hands out again, not wanting her to win him over.

"Julie, cut it out! I'm not interested!" he said, but was partially lying. He WAS interested. She was a gorgeous girl. Long blonde hair, bright green eyes,perfect pearly white smile, about 5'7, 36C breasts, toned tummy, and perfect ass. But he wasn't about to get physical with his photographer. If anyone found out, it'd be chaos.

"Look at my face, " she said, getting in front of him, "Does it say 'look at me, I give a shit!"?

"Ugh, " JC frowned at her.

"And besides ... " she smirked, looking down at his bulge, "it looks like you're interested, to me, " she grinned, taking a step closer, licking his neck as she reached down to rub his manhood through his pants. JC couldn't deny the fact that she was driving him crazy. What started out as a simple photo shoot, was turning into more very quickly.

"Julie ... stop, " he whispered, moaning softly, though he wasn't making too much effort to protest.

"Josh, give it up. I want you, and now I know you want me. So just give in and let me have my way, " she smirked, caressing his cheek slowly, licking his lips. JC closed his eyes, knowing he wasn't going to win this. Julie smirked, again running her hands up his shirt, and pulling it over his head. She smiled to herself at his toned chest, running her fingers along it. She ran her hands up and down his sides, then to his back, pulling herself closer to him. JC wrapped his arms around her, figuring if he was going to be worshipped, he may as well enjoy it. His hands snuck up the back of her tank top as she kissed his neck. Julie smiled, lightly sucking on his skin as he ran his hands along her hips, then down to squeeze her ass. Julie moaned softly, grinding into him. JC took her hat off, running his fingers through her hair, then kissing her neck. Julie eased JC onto the ground, getting on top of him, grinning down at him.

"What are you doing?" JC asked.

"Is this how you want it baby?" Julie whispered, smirking, "Cause this is how you're getting it, " she leaned down to capture his lips with her, kissing him deeply. JC pulled her tank top off, reaching up to squeeze her breasts. They both moaned as Julie started to unbutton his pants. She pushed them down his legs, along with his boxers, and JC quickly took off her khakis and panties, rubbing her ass as his hands came back up, one of his hands sneaking in and feeling how wet he'd made her. Julie grinned and closed her eyes, grinding into him as they kissed again. JC's hand rubbed her slit a little before ending up on her waist as he started to move her over his dick. Julie pulled away, grinning at him, "allow me, Josh, " she smiled, putting her hands on his chest as she slid herself down on him, "Oooh Josh ... " she moaned, "you're so big."

"Ugh ... yeah, " he groaned, putting his head back and closing his eyes, "damn you're you're so fuckin' tight, " he moaned, grabbing her hips firmly as he looked back up at her.

"Get ready for the ride of your life baby, " she smirked, licking her lips at him as she started to move up and down on him. She moaned with every movement, her hands planted on his chest. He kept a firm grip on her hips, guiding her up and down as he moaned, closing his eyes, "fuck Josh ... this feels so good!" she moaned loudly as she started to go faster and harder. Her tightness squeezed him, making the sex more pleasurable for them both. Julie's body bounced up and down on him as he reached up, kneading her breasts in his strong hands. This drove Julie mad and she started slamming down onto him, screaming his name. JC kept his eyes on her, licking his lips and grinning, wanting to watch her facial expressions as he gently pinched her nipples and pumped his dick into her depths.

"Shit, baby! Oh God! Come on Julie, cum!" JC urged, thrusting his hips up into her, wanting to feel her orgasm. He reached down with one hand to rub her clit, grunting as he continued to watch her, her whimpers and moans turning him on even more. Julie whimpered and threw her head back in ecstasy, his every move threatening to drive her over the edge. She he'd be good in the sack, but she never imagined he'd be THIS good.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck here it comes! Uuggh!" she screamed as her body shook and she tightened around him. JC's hands went back to her hips as he moaned her name and slammed her down even harder, trying to reach his orgasm. He felt it building up and knew it would only be a matter of seconds before Julie's tightness sent him over the edge. He debated on whether or not to pull out but he knew that with the sex feeling this good, he'd never be able to make himself do it.

"JULIE!" he yelled as he exploded, his juices shooting deep inside her aching pussy. He groaned loudly, it feeling so good to finally have a release.

"Fuck! Josh!" Julie whimpered loudly, her body and his trembling with pleasure.. Julie leaned back a little to get as much out of him as she could, and her hand hit the button for the camera, "Oh shit!" she moaned, then had to giggle a little. She leaned forward again, collapsing on top of him.

"Did you just take a picture???" JC asked, his eyes widening, as he sat up a little.

"Yup, " Julie giggled, still moving on him slowly and biting her lip.

"What!? Julie! This isn't funny! How am I going to explain this to my manager? And you to yours!" he panicked.

"Don't worry about it! I develop my own film, " she grinned, kissing him. JC sighed in relief, rubbing her hips and easing back into his laying position.

"Thank God, " he sighed when she pulled away, his arms creeping around her waist.

"Now I'll have memorabilia of this day, " she smirked, "this is my best job ever. "

"Well don't get used to it, " JC tried to sound serious, his arms around her as she kissed on his neck.

"Why not?" Julie asked, looking at him kinda sadly, not wanting this to be a one time thing.

"Cause next time is strictly business, " he grinned, and pulled her close, kissing her deeply.

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