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Strictly Cum Dancing


This story involves wife swapping/sharing, so please don't read it if that bothers you.

* * * * * * * * *

The television show Strictly Come Dancing has been a huge hit for the BBC in Britain. It involves celebrities (each teamed with a professional dancer) competing against each other to win the competition. The format has been licensed to over 30 other countries (in the USA it's known as Dancing with the Stars).

* * * * * * * * *

When you're middle-aged with children a lot of your social contacts can involve the parents of your kids friends. That was certainly true in our case because my wife Kim was involved with the High School's Parent Teacher Association.

She went to all their meetings and we both attended any fundraisers or social events they organised. It kept us up to date with what was happening at the High School and was good from a social point of view as well.

It did mean that I saw a lot of other mums and I'm sure that I'm a typical man and found myself looking at some of them and idly wondering what they were like in bed. I ought to stress that I wasn't seeking to have an affair, but it's just that male thing of when you meet a woman for the first time a part of you calculates how bedworthy she is (and let's be honest it is a major part of you).

My wife Kim was in her early forties, whereas most of the mum's were still in their thirties. In a sense that put her at a disadvantage, but fortunately she's kept her looks remarkably well and it's no surprise that many people assume she's in her mid-thirties.

Kim came back from one of the meetings and told me that they'd decided to do a fundraiser based on the TV show Strictly Come Dancing. The idea was that seven couples would each perform a dance and the audience would get to score each couple and the overall winner would be declared.

Several of the committee members had offered to dance and Kim said they were asking round for more volunteers and would I put my name down. I said I wasn't keen (two left feet and all that), but if they were stuck and really didn't have enough people she could put me down. Fortunately they got plenty of volunteers and made a draw to decide who missed out and who got to dance with whom.

Kim told me that she had been drawn to dance with Ian Wickham. We knew them reasonably well and I have to say that Ian's wife, Jayne, was definitely one of the more attractive mums. Medium height with shortish blonde hair and a very curvy figure; if anything there was a bit too much of her, but I guess Ian didn't complain about her generous breasts.

Ian was rather similar to myself -- just under six foot tall, dark hair, medium to skinny build. He had his own small building company and was actually a very pleasant guy.

Of course there were rehearsals and Kim said that whilst it was all meant as a bit of fun, she and Ian were determined not to make a fool of themselves. I must admit it felt slightly odd seeing Kim going off to rehearsals, knowing that she would soon be in another man's arms, moving to a beat with him.

I could say that it brought out the jealous husband in me, but in truth my reaction was more one of curiosity and stimulation at this turn of events. I thought of the famous quote by George Bernard Shaw that dancing was a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire. The idea of my faithful and rather conservative wife being held by another man and submitting to the rhythm of his movements was surprisingly arousing.

When she came back from rehearsals I kept a careful eye open for any hints of flirtatious behaviour, but there was nothing. Still I was interested when Kim said they were going to do a salsa number, as that seemed to have definite sexual connotations.

All of the dancers were expected to get a suitable outfit and Kim went on the Internet and ordered a surprisingly sexy emerald green outfit. When it arrived she was rather uncertain because she didn't have to move much and the split up the front meant you could see the matching knickers and in general it didn't leave much to the imagination. I urged her to keep it, telling her it looked fabulous and was a perfect fit. I think it was the latter which swayed it for her, because there was no question it looked as though it had been made to measure.

She wore it for a rehearsal a week beforehand and she said that Ian had been very impressed with it and told her she looked stunning. I could well imagine that his real thoughts had been rather more basic.

All of the tickets sold out in advance so it was clear that financially it was going to be a very successful event. That reflected well on Kim and the other members of the organising committee, but it did mean that she was going to be performing in front of a large audience. She was understandably nervous about that and pulling up to the busy car park and then walking into the packed hall I could feel that she was on edge.

Despite Kim's nerves their dance went very well. I think the practise made a big difference because they both knew their moves and once they were into their dance I could see Kim calming down as she realised they were going to put in a good performance.

I must admit when I saw her moving round dressed so attractively (and sexily) a part of me did wish that I was out there with her, but another part of me was enjoying watching the show. It was clear they weren't professional standard, but they weren't leaden-footed amateurs.

The second half of their dance was better than the slightly tense opening. They relaxed and the sexy side of the salsa really came to the fore and created a bit of a buzz in the audience. It felt oddly exciting watching my wife respond to the touch of another man and there was a pleasant tingling sensation in my groin.

The number ended with Ian pulling Kim against him, their bodies pressed tightly against each other and their faces so close to each other that their lips were almost touching. They held that pose as the audience applauded and as I joined in the clapping I suddenly realised that I was fully erect. If that was the effect on me then I guessed that Ian might well be the same. If he was, then the way their bodies were tight against each other the heat of his erect prick would be pressing against my wife's pussy. I found it incredibly arousing to think of my faithful, reserved wife in such a compromising position.

They were the fourth couple out of seven and when all the dancers had finished it seemed obvious to me that Kim and Ian were better than the others. There was an interval and we were part of a group near the bar. Everyone was telling Kim and Ian that they would win, but Kim was distinctly cautious, pointing out that people tend to vote for their friends, so these events can be as much a popularity contest as anything.

Nevertheless looking at Kim's flushed and excited face I could see that she was happy with events. Ian also seemed quite animated. Naturally he was stood with Kim and they were effectively a couple, receiving and responding to compliments and remarks from other people. Someone asked to take a photo of them in their dance costumes and they posed with their arms round each others waists.

While they were doing that I glanced at Jayne at the exact moment she glanced at me. An amused look passed between us, but clearly we were thinking along the same lines -- "That's my husband/wife".

The interval was quite a lengthy one to allow everyone time to vote and part way through I slipped out to the toilet. It was empty and I went into the furthest cubicle. I had barely locked the door when two men came in. They stood at the stall and judging by their conversation they assumed there was no one else around.

"Who did you vote for?"

"That Kim Scott -- she's something else."

"Well she got my vote," he chuckled. "And I wouldn't mind giving her something else."

"Yes I wouldn't mind slipping her a length. Ian ought to have a try, I reckon she'd be willing."

"You're probably right. Married women are the best -- they know what it's for. All it needs is the right word from Ian and she'll have her knickers off in no time."

"God yes I'd like to remove those green knickers and spread her legs."

There was some laughter, the sound of trousers being zipped and then I was left alone. I wasn't angry; in a way the fact that they found Kim attractive was a compliment. What I did have was a vivid mental picture of a pair of discarded green knickers on the floor, Kim laid back with Ian thrusting powerfully between her legs. I was fully erect and tempted to bring myself off there and then, but decided to save it, knowing that come what may I would have to fuck Kim later.

I headed out of the toilets and bumped straight into Jayne. I asked her how the voting was going and she said there were a few more minutes and the result would be announced. I said I thought they would win.

"Yes they move beautifully together", she replied. A slightly catty remark that made me to give Jayne a quizzical look.

"Oh ignore me", she said. "I'm just jealous of how stunning Kim looks". I laughed, thinking of the conversation I'd just overheard and told her she wasn't the only one. She asked what I meant and I told her I'd just overheard a few choice remarks. She wanted me to tell her more, but I shook my head. She reached out and put a hand on my arm.

"Come on, you can't be such a tease, tell me."

I think it was the feel of her warm, soft hand which did it. There was a touch of flirtatiousness about her and in my current mood I couldn't help but respond to that. So I told her that I'd overheard two guys saying that Ian ought to try his luck and see if he could persuade Kim to spread her legs.

If her response was one of surprise and annoyance then I felt could easily pretend that I was just as annoyed, but I had this odd feeling that she might not be too bothered. However Jayne's no fool and she put the ball straight back in my court by asking me how I felt about that.

"I don't know. I guess I should be angry, but I'm not."

"Well that's interesting", she said quietly. "I think we ought to head back into the hall." Then she licked her lips. It was nothing of a gesture really, but the way she did it was so provocative that I was sure she was playing with me.

I must admit to feeling a bit distracted when we got back into the hall. I don't think Kim noticed anything, she was nervously awaiting the result. The scores were announced in reverse order, beginning with third place, and as soon as their main rivals were confirmed as runners-up then I knew that Kim and Ian were the winners.

I was genuinely pleased for her, for them both in fact, and there was no mistaking their delight. To loud applause they went back on the dance floor and performed their number again. This time the nerves were forgotten and they really went for it, Kim dancing with a physicality that surprised me. I wouldn't describe her movements as feminine - that sounds too delicate and timid. Womanly is a better description, there was something very full-blooded (and in fact downright erotic) about her performance.

All the time I was aware of Jayne taking occasional cool glances at me; the whole evening was taking on the feeling of a fuse that was primed and ready to go off with a bang. All pretence at casualness abandoned I stared intensely as Kim and Ian went into their final clinch. They held that pose and I could see their groins were pressed together. Just a couple of layers of clothing separated Ian's prick from my wife's moist slit (and I had absolutely no doubt that she was all moistly aroused).

They came off the dance floor and Kim gave me a big hug. The heat and energy coming off her were incredible. She's a little taller than average with long dark curly hair, a slightly dark skin and a lovely 36D bust which combine to give her the sort of physical presence that a lot of Latin women have (not that there is anything remotely Latin in her families background).

There was a brief but exuberant prize giving ceremony and I manoeveured myself so that I was stood next to Jayne. A photographer was taking some photos for the local paper when Jayne turned to me.

"We have grandparents staying otherwise I would invite you back to our house. Would you like to come round next week instead?"

I thought about it and decided to get things out into the open.

"What for?"

"So that we can get to know each other," she paused. "Intimately."

"What if Kim says no?"

"Well that's up to her -- ask her."

"What if Ian says no," I countered, knowing full well that he wouldn't.

"That won't happen," said Jayne with an amused smile. I nodded my agreement and told Jayne that I'd have a word with Kim.

As it turned out having a word with Kim was rather difficult. She was in demand, with people congratulating her, asking questions, laughing and joking etc. In the end I had to ask her to step out of the main hall so we could have a word. She was a bit puzzled by that and even more surprised when I hustled her into the wings of the stage and pulled her into the shadows of the stage curtain.

"Ian and Jayne have invited us to their house next Saturday."

"OK, but why drag me out here to tell me?"

"Because it's not a social thing -- it's about swapping."

"Swapping -- you mean..."

"Yes wife swapping - and before you ask I want you to say yes." I thrust my hand into those lovely green knickers. "I saw how you danced with Ian. I saw the excitement and the lust. Just tonight, this one time I want to do something risky and exciting. I want you to say yes."

Kim gasped as my finger slid into her. As I expected she was very wet and so I slid a second finger in to join the first. "Say yes!"

Kim locked her eyes on me.

"Alright yes. Yes I'll do it."

I took her hand and led her back into the hall before she had time to change her mind. Ian and Jayne were talking to another couple and we joined them. As soon as the other couple moved on I said that next week was good for us if the offer was still open. Jayne smiled and said of course we were still welcome.

"Actually can you do us a favour," she added. "Denise and Andy were going to give us a lift home, but they've been called away. Could you give us a lift instead?"

"Sure," I replied. A bit of extra time in their company was fine by me. We mingled and chatted to other people and I thought what a great evening it had been. Of course the fact that Kim had won the dance competition was fantastic, but the agreement to next weekend's get together was much more significant for me.

Kim was a virgin when I met her and I believe she has always been faithful (as I have to her), so sexually her experience is very limited. Years ago I suggested wife swapping to her and she said no. Then there was a brief period when she said she might if all the circumstances were right, but that soon changed back to no.

The furthest we had ever gone was a bit of role playing. Funnily enough the game that turned her on most was one where I pretended to be a workman who suggested payment in kind. Kim refused, so I just took what I wanted.

That one always worked a treat and her feigned protests were invariably betrayed when I ripped her knickers off to reveal a wet and very excited pussy.

However before this evening I had been resigned to never doing anything more than role playing, but now it seemed that something was going to happen. I felt quite exhilarated and knew that it would seem an eternity before next Saturday arrived.

A bit less than an hour later the four of us were headed out to our car. I'd had an idea and as we approached the car I suggested that the winners ought to be chauffeured home, so Kim and Ian should go on the back seat, whilst Jayne could go in the front with me.

No-one objected to that, so we pulled out of the car park and headed out of the village. Ian and Jayne live in an outlying small village less than ten minutes away and we were soon headed down the minor road to their village. There's a long straight stretch through an old woodland and near the end of that stretch is a car park much used by dog walkers and the like during the day.

I pulled off the road and into the parking spot which was furthest from the road.

"What are you up to?" Kim asked. Jayne turned in her seat.

"Your husband seems to think that we're teenagers and we're going to make out in the car."

"I thought that Kim and Ian might like one kiss to celebrate their victory. One kiss that's all, then we'll drop you off and Kim and I will head home." In fact my motive was to seal the agreement, to make sure that Kim was committed to next weekend.

There was a half moon, so it wasn't completely dark and I was able to see the wry smile which signalled Kim's consent. Ian might not have recognised that, but as soon as she unfastened her seatbelt Ian realised that the kiss was on and moved in on Kim. Their lips met and with mixed emotions I turned my attention to Jayne.

Mixed emotions because I wanted to kiss Jayne, but I also wanted to watch Kim and Ian. Anyway I drew Jayne to me and for the first time in over twenty years I kissed another woman. Our lips parted and my tongue darted into her mouth, mimicking the intercourse which I hoped would happen in a weeks time. She returned the kiss passionately and so I slid my hand up and cupped one of her ample breasts -- there was no objection.

I stole a look out of the corner of my eye and was delighted to see that Ian was fondling Kim's tits. I decided I wasn't being quite forward enough and squeezed Jayne's breast. Her tongue fenced with mine even more enthusiastically. Then Kim said something which made my hair stand on end.

"Don't, please don't. You mustn't unzip my dress." Ian pulled away bewildered.

"But...I haven't done anything. I haven't touched the zip," he said looking at me.

It's alright," I said. "It's too complicated to explain, but unzip her dress." Ian looked uncertain. "Do it. Just do it, it's fine," I reassured him.

What I didn't have time to explain to Ian was that the words "Don't, please don't" were the ones Kim always used during our role playing when I was pretending to be the workman who wanted paying in kind and wouldn't take no for an answer. That scenario always got her worked up and having played it several times, I had come to realise that when Kim said "Don't, please don't" she was actually telling me what she wanted me to do next. So I knew that far from wanting Ian to stop, she was actually encouraging him to go further!

Ian couldn't be expected to understand that, so I had to tell him again to unzip her dress. Cautiously he reached behind her back and there was the sound of a zip being pulled down.

"Now pull her dress off her shoulders," I told him. Ian did just that and the upper slopes of her breasts came into view, then he pulled some more and Kim's breasts were fully exposed. I've always thought she has wonderful tits and in the soft moonlight her erect nipples and prominent dark aureole looked incredibly sexy. Ian reached up and squeezed one of them, then his head went down and he licked and sucked at her breasts. Kim closed her eyes and caressed his back and head as he revelled in her body.

Ian was obviously getting the hang of things because he placed one hand on her right knee and began the journey up the inside of her thigh.

"Don't, please don't," said Kim spreading her legs wider. Ian's hand moved upwards until he was stroking my wife's panty covered vagina.

"Please don't take my knickers off," said Kim, so Ian started to tug and Kim raised her bottom off the seat to make it easy for him. From then on things seemed to move incredibly quickly. Those lovely green knickers were pulled over Kim's ankles and tossed to one side. She spread her legs, exposing her wonderfully furry pussy. Ian unzipped himself and pulled his trousers down.

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