tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStrider Gets Her Tail

Strider Gets Her Tail


CAUTION: This is a story of exhibitionism. There is nudity but no sex except a little fondling.


Tara was apprehensive about what the man wanted to do to her. She definitely wanted to be a ponygirl but, until now, she hadn't realized exactly what was involved. So far, she had accepted everything that was done to her and for her as part of the transformation, and the last thing would be the addition of her tail. That was the problem. Because of some very unpleasant, still recent experiences, she was having serious misgivings about accepting it from him.

She never expected to be making that decision when, a few days earlier, three of her dormitory mates talked her into coming out to what they called "The Pony Farm" for a Saturday afternoon of fun. Tara had spent a good part of her teenage summers on her uncle's ranch, and had always gotten a great deal of pleasure from being around ponies and horses. She joined their excursion gladly, only to be surprised when she saw what the place was like, and what was going on there.

First, there was a high Cyclone Fence with barbed wire at the top, and a locked gate that was guarded by men with shotguns. There was also a discreet sign that declared an extremely high admission fee for those who wanted to enter The Pony Farm. Buffy, who was the oldest of the group and the woman who drove them there from the campus, spoke with one of the guards, showed her identification and vouched for the new member. Jenny and Kelli showed the same kind of identification, and all were allowed to enter, including Tara, without paying anything at all. There had never been a ranch or farm in her experience that required that much security or that charged people to enter the property. Added to that, she didn't smell any of the familiar odors of horses, and she didn't hear any equine sounds, although she did hear several high-pitched noises that sounded like imitation neighs and whinnies.

She didn't see anybody around who appeared to be horsemen either, although there was a small group of men, all at least in their forties, standing around just inside the gate. They were all wearing clean, well-pressed clothing that might have been chic at a dude ranch, but not one of them looked or acted as if he had ever ridden a horse. The speculative way they stared at Tara made her slightly uncomfortable although, as a beautiful 18 year old woman, she was used to attracting appreciative looks from men, and she usually relished the attention. Her friends, all older than she, were also all unusually good looking and they seemed to relish the ogling they were receiving. Jenny even smiled and waved to one of the dudish looking men, and he smiled and waved back to her. They acted as if they knew each other well, although neither she nor any of the other women had said anything about expecting to meet somebody at The Pony Farm.

The four young women all entered a large building that resembled a barn, and Tara got the greatest shock she had received that day. There were no horses or ponies or any other kind of livestock. What she saw were about twenty young, attractive women, some of them fully clothed and some of them completely naked. When she and her companions stopped in front of a desk, Buffy, Jenny and Kelli wrote something down in a kind of ledger, and each of them was handed a key and a name tag. When Tara looked at the ledger, she saw the words "Strutter", "Blondie" and "Lightning". Apparently, her companions had, for some reason, written down phony names for themselves. Seeing her puzzlement, Buffy suggested she use the name "Strider".

"It's a good name," she added. "And nobody's using it."

Wanting to go along, but still bubbling over with questions, Tara signed in with the suggested name. The man behind the desk printed it in block letters on a small white card and slid it into a leather holder, clipped the name tag onto a chain that also held a key, and handed everything to her. With her strange registration apparently complete, she hurried to catch up with the others and started asking those questions.

"What is this place anyhow, and why were those girls walking around naked? Why do they call it The Pony Farm? I haven't seen any sign of any ponies. What are these keys for?"

Buffy acted as the spokeswoman, while the others nodded agreement. "Like we said, this is The Pony Farm, and we are the ponies. Ponygirls, that is. The three of us and all the other girls you see. You too, if you want to be."

"You mean you and all the other girls will be running around naked?"

"Not really naked," Buffy answered. "See over there, some of the girls are already getting rigged out to be ponygirls."

Tara looked where Buffy was pointing, and saw what the older woman meant. Some of the naked women's bodies were being buckled and tied into strange looking garments that appeared to be collections of straps. As she watched, one of them had a device placed over her head, and Tara realized it had to be a bridle, and it even appeared to have reins attached. After seeing that, she realized that the collections of straps were harnesses. The women were being fitted with tack as if they were horses - or ponies - and Tara came to realize what Buffy meant when she referred to herself and the other women as "ponygirls".

"C'mon," Jenny urged her and the others. "We have to get ready for our harnesses and stuff." The three of them walked over to a row of lockers and found the four, all adjacent, that matched the numbers on the keys they had been handed.

Tara still had questions. "But what do ponygirls do? And who were those guys outside this building?"

The others were all starting to remove their clothing and deposit it and other belongings inside the lockers. Kelli paused to answer Tara's latest questions. "We do what our masters tell us, at least as long as we're ponygirls. Those guys outside will be the masters, but don't let that worry you. Nobody is going to make you do anything you don't want to do. It's really a lot of fun and, if your master likes you, he'll give you a big tip."

Jenny was almost through undressing, and she added her input. "It is. It's really a lot of fun for everybody, us and the masters and the people watching. You've been telling us about being a drum majorette and a cheerleader in high school, and it's a lot like that. People watching and admiring you as you parade in front of them." She peeled her panties down her legs, stepped out of them, and placed them in the locker. That was her last garment, and she stood naked in front of the others.

People would certainly be watching and admiring Jenny. Apparently, she was the ponygirl known as Blondie, because she had long, blonde hair, with blue eyes, regular facial features and a creamy complexion. Her body was gorgeous too, with pretty pink nipples that topped her big breasts that were jiggling as she moved up and down on the balls of her feet, loosening up her legs. Jenny's ass and hips were just as sexy, curving voluptuously out from her back and sides and around to taper into her long, shapely legs. Tara also noticed that blonde was her natural coloring, and Blondie's pubic hair was trimmed into a heart shape.

Buffy and Kelli were equally beautiful and sexy, each in her own way. Both women had dark hair, as did Tara, with Buffy's tresses cascading down her back and Kelly wearing hers in a pageboy cut. Buffy's long hair wasn't the only similarity she had with Jenny, or Blondie. She also had the same voluptuous figure and creamy complexion. Her pussy was bare, either from shaving or waxing. Kelly was svelter, with somewhat dusky skin and dark brown nipples topping her perfectly shaped breasts, and her pubic hair was shaved to a narrow strip, the style sometimes called a Mohawk.

All three women were beauties, but Tara didn't need to take a back seat to any of them. Her hair was a great, dark brown cloud and her face was as fair and as lovely as any of the others. Although not quite as big as those of Jenny and Buffy, Tara's breasts stood up more pertly, and her waist was slightly narrower, but flared out to a truly lovely ass and pair of hips. All four young women from the university were genuine and completely natural beauties, and they all looked even better naked than they did while wearing clothing.

The nude beauty of the other women was evident, but Tara was still fully dressed. As Jenny had pointed out, she used to enjoy strutting her stuff and being the center of attention as a cheerleader and drum majorette, but she wore costumes or uniforms while doing that. The clothing was usually quite skimpy, but her body had always been covered. There were no negative feelings toward the others; she was just extremely hesitant about joining them in their nudity.

They saw her reluctance. "You don't have to if you don't want to," Buffy assured her. "But, we won't be going back to the dorm for about four hours. You can hang out in here or go and watch from the grandstand."

"If you change your mind, you can still join us," Jenny, who was already thinking of herself as Blondie, added.

Tara's three naked friends closed their lockers and hung the keys and name tags around their necks. They all walked over, in their bare feet, to stand in line at the place where other ponygirls were being fitted with tack. As she watched them go, Tara began to feel some regrets about not joining them. She was not at all modest and, as Jenny had commented, she had very much enjoyed brandishing her baton in parades wearing her short white skirt and tight sweater, with no bra. She had also enjoyed prancing about in her skimpy cheerleader outfits. Tara smiled to herself as she remembered the deliciously wicked thoughts she used to have about leaving the panties off and going out to lead cheers with her skirt swirling and her pussy and ass in full view of everybody in the stands. She had never quite been brave enough to actually do it, but it had been great fun to think about it.

Tara stood and watched idly while more women were outfitted with the ponygirl tack, and saw how they marched through the door. Sometimes they tossed their heads in an imitation of a pony, and whinnied. They all walked with an exaggerated strut, much as she had used while marching in parades. "I could do that. I could do that better than they are," she told herself, but, even though it really did look like fun, Tara still lacked the nerve to take off every stitch of clothing and get dressed in a harness and bridle. She decided to go out to the stands, since there was nothing much else to do.

Instead of leaving through the door where Tara and her friends had entered, the ponygirls who were ready were leaving through a side exit. She followed, and walked past a group of men that included some of those that had been in the front of the barn. The man who had waved to Jenny was among them. They all looked in her direction but, after seeing she was dressed in ordinary jeans and a blouse, immediately turned away to look expectantly back at the door she had just used. That irked Tara slightly. She was used to having men and boys looking, even staring at her, and liked having them do it, but she was not at all used to having men glance at her and turn their attention toward other women. Tara had a strong urge to go back inside and become a ponygirl for the day, but it was not quite strong enough to overcome her reluctance.

Rather than sit in the stands, Tara stood beside the rail fence next to the open field where the masters were putting their ponygirls through their paces in the warm September sun. She spotted her friends, and could see why Kelli had chosen the name "Strutter". She raised her legs in high steps, bringing her thighs up parallel with the ground, before driving her feet back into the grass. It was impressive, but Tara knew she could do it every bit as well. Blondie was out in the field, and her reins were held by the man who had waved to her earlier. Apparently, they had a regular relationship going. Buffy was there too, and she was obviously having fun, as were the rest of the ponygirls that Tara had never seen before that day.

People in the stands and along the fence were cheering and applauding for their favorites as they strutted by, whinnying and tossing their heads and thrusting out their bare breasts. Nobody paid even the slightest bit of attention to her. Abruptly, Tara realized that she had made the wrong choice, and that Strider should be out there in the field, having fun with the rest of the ponygirls and being the center of attention.

She also realized that it was not too late to change her mind. Ponygirls in tack were still exiting the barn and joining up with their masters for the day. Strider, as Tara now thought of herself, hurried past the diminishing group of masters and back into the barn, took the keychain from around her neck, and opened her locker. She quickly divested herself of every stitch of her clothing and her shoes and ankle socks and, feeling liberated, started to walk over to the place where there was still one woman, who was just finishing being rigged out as a ponygirl. After just two steps, Strider began the exaggerated pace that she would be using in the field. She would show everybody, she vowed, how a real ponygirl could strut, and she would outshine everybody else.

There had been several outfitters earlier, but there was only one left, and he smiled when he saw the last of that day's ponygirls approaching. He was used to seeing naked, sexy women, but she was younger and sexier than any of the others had been. The man looked at her name tag. "Your name is Strider?" he asked.

The ponygirl who would be answering to that name whinnied and tossed her head in affirmative response to his question. He smiled at her enthusiasm and at her succulent body. "Follow me and we'll fix you right up," he told her.

After leading his charge to where he would be outfitted, he began selecting the tack. Strider still did not speak, but tossed her head, obviously saying "Yes" when the man showed her a harness of shiny red leather, and he started buckling it in place. As he did whenever he could get away with it, the outfitter copped a feel of the ponygirl's succulent breasts and caressed her gorgeous ass. He loved his job.

Strider knew she would love her job that day too, and didn't even mind the fondling as she was being prepared. In fact, she even felt herself becoming sexually aroused as the harness was being buckled onto her body. Strider raised her arms to allow a pair of leather straps to be placed over her shoulders. They were connected to another that passed above her breasts and under her arms. A narrow strip of shiny red leather extended from the horizontal strap to fit between her breasts, allowing the outfitter to enjoy a double handful as he straightened it out. Similar strips ran down her sides from her armpits. At every junction of the leather, a small bell was stapled, and their tinkling added festively to the new ponygirl's enjoyment of her transformation.

The next horizontal strap ran under Strider's luscious breasts, causing them to stand out even more than they would have by themselves, and the three narrow strips were riveted to it and to the next two straps. The last of these was a wide leather belt right at her hips, and all three vertical parts of the harness were fastened to it. The outfitter tightened the three upper leather straps and buckled them at Strider's back. With one hand casually resting on her ass, he pointed out two elastic loops on either side of the leather belt, which would be the last part of the harness to be cinched and buckled.

"Put your wrists into these," he directed the ponygirl. You can pull loose easily if you need to, but you have to have your arms held against your body while you're out there on the field."

Strider whinnied her assent again, and did as instructed. The man buckled the belt snugly behind her back, running one hand up the cleft of her bare ass as he did so. She didn't mind; it actually added to the arousal she was already feeling at wearing nothing but the shiny red harness.

The new ponygirl also didn't mind when the outfitter took a matching red bridle off a hook, and she bent forward to have it slipped over her head. It consisted of a leather collar that would be buckled around her neck and a wide leather and elastic band that fit tightly around her forehead. Those two sturdy pieces were connected at the back by a strap and, at the sides of her face, by another that ran over her head and through the band around her forehead. Both ends of that strap were riveted to shiny steel rings. Short leather pieces ran up from the collar, and were also connected to the rings which, after the collar was cinched and buckled, were held snugly against Strider's cheeks. Red leather reins were connected by a loop to either of the rings and extended over her shoulders and trailed down her back, all the way to the floor. With the bridle secured, the outfitter carefully pulled Strider's hair through the openings, giving her a flowing, dark brown mane.

She felt good about herself in her shiny red tack, and confident, until the man took out the last piece to be applied. Tara hadn't thought about it, but she knew that every horse or pony that was in bridle and harness would also have a bit in her mouth, and there was no reason why that would not apply equally to a ponygirl. The one intended for Strider was a six-inch long red cylinder of rubber or leather with short strips, ending in snaps, on either end. Apparently for sanitary reasons, the bit was sealed in a plastic bag, which the man removed as he brought it toward her face. Not really liking the idea very much, Strider shied away from the last piece of tack, which she considered to somewhat humiliating. The outfitter was used to this balkiness in ponygirls who were there for the first time, and he held it in front of her and spoke soothingly.

"C'mon, Girl. You know you can't go out on the field until you have all your gear, and you know that includes a bit. It won't hurt at all; just open your mouth and let me put it in place."

She had to admit to herself that he was right so, after another whinny and another toss of her mane, Strider leaned forward, with her mouth wide open. The outfitter placed the bit securely between her upper and lower teeth, with the ends protruding from either side of her mouth, and attached the leather strips to the rings that rested against the sides of Strider's face. It wasn't really uncomfortable, and she could breathe with no problem, but it felt strange to have the alien thing wedged between her teeth, and she couldn't completely close her mouth. Even so, Strider accepted it as something minor that she could put up with for the fun that she was already having and the greater fun that still awaited her.

"Good girl," the outfitter told her. "There's just one more thing, and you'll be a proper ponygirl."

Taking hold of Strider's reins, he led her to the back wall, where he selected a strange object from a rack and took a bottle of clear liquid from a shelf. One end of the object was in the shape of a thick carrot and a plume, about the same color as her hair, ran off it at a right angle. He sat down on a wooden chair, and directed the ponygirl to lie across his lap. With some trepidation, wondering if she was about to get spanked, Strider did as she was told, while looking back to see what the outfitter would do with the things he had selected.

As she watched, he removed the cap from the bottle, poured some of the contents onto one hand and rubbed it all over the carrot shape on the end of the mysterious object. Holding it in his right hand, he started to spread her ass cheeks with the fingers and thumb of the other hand. "Okay, Strider Girl," he told her. "Just relax now, and I'll put your tail in place, and you'll be all ready."

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