tagBDSMStrider's Friend, Candy Bar

Strider's Friend, Candy Bar


This is the latest story of Strider and her friends, who are university students during the week, and go to The Pony Farm on Saturdays to take on the persona of ponygirls. More background and information can be found in the previous stories in the series, especially the first one.


As she did on most Saturdays, Buffy drove to The Pony Farm, accompanied by her friends and dorm mates, Tara, Kelly and Jenny, but there was a difference that day. Counting the driver, there were five beautiful young women in the car, and the new addition was Candace Crane, known to her many friends as "Candy." Ever since hearing from the others about the fun to be had, the newcomer had been avid to join them, but she had to wait until she reached her 18th birthday, which had happened three days earlier. The Pony Farm is careful to avoid trouble with those prudes who would close down the operation if they could find an excuse, and they go to great pains to insure that nobody under 18 years old gets in, as a ponygirl, master or spectator.

They arrived and parked the car and the four regular members led the way to the well-protected entrance to the grounds. The man who checked their identification against the list of active ponygirls took nothing for granted or at face value, and scrutinized all their driver's licenses and/or student ID cards before admitting any of the group. From there, the five women walked to the barn, passing a group of men and two women. Buffy noted that neither of the two women was her previous master. She recognized them as lesbians who frequently came to The Pony Farm with their regular partners and left as soon as the day's events ended.

Tara and Jenny exchanged waves and smiles with the two members of the group who were their regular masters, while the other women surreptitiously eyed the other waiting men, wondering who would be holding their reins that day. The usual custom was for the potential masters to wait outside the exit from the pony barn and make the selections, but any ponygirl was free to reject anyone's offer. When they reached the desk inside the barn, Buffy, Tara, Jenny and Kelly wrote their ponygirl names in a ledger, received their name tags and keys to lockers and waited for their friend to do the same.

"What name are you going to be using?" the man at the desk asked of Candace, admiring her youthful beauty.

She was extremely worthy of his admiration, even among the crowd of beautiful women who were preparing to be transformed to ponygirls. Candy was African-American, with a flawless milk-chocolate complexion and long, shiny black hair that cascaded far below her shoulders. She had big, brown eyes, a cute pug nose and a generous mouth, that looked as if it smiled a lot. As beautiful as her face was, her body was even more gorgeous. She was slightly taller than average, with succulent, obviously natural breasts that jutted and swayed, unfettered inside her thin T-shirt, a sexily plump waist and an ass and hips that flared out from there to merge into long, shapely legs, fully on display under her Daisy Dukes. All of the men who had been waiting in front of the pony barn had noticed her and recognized her as new, and more than a few were hoping they would get to be the young beauty's master that day.

"My name is Candy Bar," she replied.

The man wrote her name in block letters on a stiff white card, inserted it into a leather holder that was attached to a key chain along with a brass key. He admired her breasts again as he handed the chain and its attachments to her.

Candy Bar and the others walked over to the lockers against the wall, matched their keys to the numbers on the doors and started to undress. They quickly removed every stitch of clothing, especially shoes and undergarments, because total nudity was a very important part of their transformation into ponygirls. As they disrobed, the four regulars took special notice of the figure of their friend. Having seen her in scanty attire before, they were all aware of her gorgeous form, but they wanted to see how they would compare. All the women were natural beauties but, if there had been a poll taken among them as to which of their number was the most alluring, the newcomer would have been the choice of at least four, but no more, because she probably would not have voted for herself.

The men who dress and otherwise prepare the ponygirls certainly would have chosen her. There are three of them, and they all work for free, because they really love their jobs, and would probably be willing to pay in order to keep them. Usually, they take turns outfitting the women who approach them to be transformed into ponygirls, because their clients are all sexy and beautiful. However, when Candy Bar approached, and they saw her lovely face, her flawless expanse of light brown skin, her large jutting breasts with the big, dark brown nipples and her succulent ass and hips, there was a struggle to see who would be the lucky one to service her.

The winner of the brief scuffle was most solicitous, and touched her body whenever and wherever he could, mostly fondling her ass and breasts. The fact that she was new, and didn't have any reserved tack made his job even more enviable, because he could claim he needed to measure her. The only sizes were large, medium and small, and none of the belts that made up the harnesses would fit across her breasts or her ass, which were the parts of her body he measured most carefully.

The new ponygirl didn't object. Having divested herself of all her clothing, she was already in the pony frame of mind, and regarded the outfitter as her master, therefore entitled to squeeze and caress her as much as he wished and wherever he wished. The only thought she had about it was a certain degree of gratefulness that she was helping her temporary master to enjoy himself, and she whinnied and tossed her head and mane to encourage him to touch her anywhere he wanted and as much as he wanted.

That was quite a bit, but he eventually had a harness made of shiny black straps around the new ponygirl's voluptuous body, with her wrists held against her body by the attached restraints. If necessary, she would be able to pull her arms free, but it was very unlikely that she would ever want to, at least while she was being a pony. He got down the matching black leather bridle with attached reins and, after she had whinnied her approval again, placed it over her head, gently pulling her lustrous hair through the many openings to form a long and flowing mane.

With that in place, he got out a rubber bit, sterilized and wrapped in plastic, and held it in front of Candy Bar. She knew what it was for and where it belonged, and opened her mouth. He carefully placed it between her teeth and fastened the leather cords on the ends to the metal rings on either side of the new ponygirl's bridle.

Her tack was complete, and the outfitter held her reins, which were stapled to the same metal rings, and flicked them against her shoulders to tell Candy Bar to proceed to where he could finish preparing her. Raising her legs high in the ponygirl strut, she let herself be guided to another part of the barn where there were some racks and shelves and a wooden stool.

Although her tack was all in place, the outfitter still needed to install her tail, and that was the part of his job that he liked the most. He stopped her by the stool in front of a rack of tails, picked up a glossy black one that matched her own hair and showed it to Candy Bar. Once again, she tossed her head and whinnied loudly, letting the man know the tail he had selected would do. He picked up a bottle of lubricant and sat on the stool and, without further direction, she lay across his lap.

On Strider's first day at The Pony Farm, she had not been aware of what the place was or of what would be done to her and with her as part of preparing her. Tara didn't want her friend, Candy, to face the same possible problems, and told her what to expect. She had described the entire process involved in the metamorphosis from independent young woman to docile and obedient ponygirl, so the lovely newcomer knew what to expect, and had actually been looking forward to everything involved. The man who was doing the work of transforming was also glad the newcomer was aware of what to do, because it made his job easier and even more fun.

He began by caressing Candy Bar's curvaceous ass, not because it needed to be done, but because he liked doing it so much. If he could have, he would have spent the entire day fondling her breasts and ass and everywhere else on her gorgeous body, but he had to finish her preparation. First, the outfitter used the lubricant to coat the butt plug that held her tail and, when that was ready, he placed one hand on her soft breasts to hold her in place while he inserted the index and middle finger of the other hand into her ass for further lubrication. That part wasn't really necessary, but he did it anyhow, because it was so much fun.

Being careful there was no loose skin or other potential problem, the outfitter slowly inserted the butt plug in Candy Bar's lovely brown ass, twisting it back and forth to make it slip in more easily. He could smell the ponygirl's pussy lubricating from the fondling he was doing and from the sensations the butt plug was providing her, and he smiled as he thought of the taste treat he would enjoy when they were through. That was another of the many things he loved about his job.

As the butt plug holding the tail was slowly squeezed into her ass, Candy Bar squirmed from the waves of pleasure that were coursing through her body from the point of insertion. Tara had described what it would feel like, and she had been correct, which was one reason why the lovely teenager had been so eager to join her friends. She had always loved the feeling of being fucked in the ass, which her boyfriends often used as a sure way of preventing pregnancy.

After a long and extremely pleasurable time for both her and the outfitter, the butt plug was fully imbedded, with the ponygirl's sphincter closed over the base of the cone shape. The outfitter turned it so the plume of her tail stood up parallel with her back, and slapped her gently on her succulent ass.

"All done, Candy Bar. You're a real ponygirl now."

With her wrists restrained, she had some difficulty getting off his lap and onto her feet, but the outfitter was more than happy to help. With his left hand gently squeezing a succulent breast and the other arm under her waist, he helped by lifting her off. She stood in front of him, her feet wide apart as she waited for his further orders, and he reached between her thighs and scraped off as much of her fresh pussy juices as he could. She continued waiting while he licked them off his hand and fingers. There were enough of them that he had to do it twice, and Candy Bar watched him, elated that she was obviously providing her master with pleasure.

After licking the nectar off his hand the second time, the outfitter did the last task related to preparation of that particular ponygirl. He picked up the ends of her reins, snapped them lightly across her shoulders and commanded her "Giddyup" telling her to start forward. He released the reins and watched her tail swaying from side to side and the truly lovely ass of Candy Bar swiveling as she high-stepped her way out of the barn to where the masters were waiting to claim their ponygirls for the day.

Upon her exit, she heard the recorded march music, which had been partially muffled by the walls of the barn, and she strutted in time to it. With her big breasts thrust out and raising her legs high so her thighs would be parallel with the ground, Candy Bar strode forward. Her eyes appeared to be looking straight ahead, but she was actually glancing toward the waiting masters, looking for one who was young and handsome.

She was extremely sexually aroused from the bridle and reins and the leather harness that trussed her up and from the butt plug that sent ripples of joy through her body with every step. If one of the waiting men -- the two lesbian masters had already been joined by their partners - had taken her reins and wanted to fuck on the ground in front of the grandstand, she would have avidly followed his orders.

However, she did not really expect such impetuosity. What she hoped for was a handsome man who was young and virile and would want to take her to his van or motor home for sex, because she believed he would be able to give her much more fun than any of the older men who were there. Candy Bar had been warned that some of the masters, especially the old ones, just got their jollies by guiding their ponygirls around the field and looking at them and the other naked young beauties, and wanted to do nothing more than that, or weren't able to.

Although men like that, with that outlook, were often the best tippers, she was really afraid she wouldn't be able to stand being left in the even higher state of sexual arousal she would be in by the end of the judging. Candy Bar was much more interested in good, hot sex than money.

As she approached, two men stepped aggressively forward from the group and appeared to want to take her reins. The one in front was short and fat and looked as if he was at least sixty years old, and the other was taller and slim and half that age. Wheezing loudly with the exertion, the older man made a grab at the swinging reins. If he managed to catch them, he would be Candy Bar's master, but she twisted her body, while not missing a step, to swing them away from him and hurried past.

The other, far more desirable master stepped right in front of her, and she stopped abruptly to swing her body toward him, and the long leather cords landed right in his reaching hands. She whinnied and tossed her head to express her approval of her master for that day.

Matthew Cartwright, which was the name of the lucky man, totally approved of his ponygirl, and could hardly believe his luck in having teamed up with such a beauty. He stepped forward, reins in hand and read the name on the piece of cardboard in the leather holder. From that short distance, even out in the open, he could smell the delectable aroma that he knew was her pussy juices, and he could also hardly believe that she was already so sexually aroused. Matthew had already been considering asking his ponygirl if she wanted to accompany him to his van after the event ended. When he saw and smelled the gorgeous specimen who was his for the day, and maybe the evening if he wanted her, he was positive he would bring her to his van if she was willing.

"Okay, Candy Bar," he said to her. "It's you and me today, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun and win a ribbon and then have a lot more fun." That was as close as he would come to propositioning her until after the judging had taken place but before the winners had been announced, because then was the customary time for that.

The sexy ponygirl loudly whinnied and nodded her head twice, agreeing with his plan most emphatically, especially the part about having fun after winning the ribbon. Matthew held the end of one rein in either of his hands, stepped back and flicked them over Candy Bar's shoulders.

"Giddyup," he commanded her.

The command and the use of her reins sent a burst of pleasure through the young ponygirl's body, and more juices trickled from her pussy. Her master guided Candy Bar toward the grandstand and directed her while she marched in front of it, and the crowd was louder in its approval of her beauty than it had been of anybody who went before her. After showing her off, he used her reins to steer her out to where the ponygirl herd was gathering in the center of the field. Once again, every tug on one of the leather cords sent new lustful desire through her body, and more rippled out from the butt plug that held her tail. She was halted next to her friend, Strutter, and they greeted each other in the customary ponygirl manner, with loud whinnies and tosses of their manes.

As usual, the ponygirls and their masters waited for the canned music to end and restart, which would signal the beginning of the parade. Candy Bar was so totally comfortable and docile in her role that she didn't mind the wait and, eventually, the music stopped briefly. Seconds later, there was a loud blast on a whistle. The music started again, and the ponygirls in the front row, on orders of their masters, started marching in place. With another blast, they stepped forward, and the next row began strutting, also without advancing, until the whistle sounded a third time.

She was in the third row, and Candy Bar and Strutter and the others in that line started forward in their turn. A series of left turns ensued, all guided by the man with the whistle, with the orders passed on by the masters, until it was time to stop. A tug on both her reins and a shouted "Whoa" halted her in place. As with every other command, all of which were given to her by her master pulling on the reins, Candy Bar felt an erotic thrill shoot through her body, and became even more aroused.

After all the ponygirls had stopped and had stood in formation for a minute or two, the whistle sounded another command. The ponygirls on the right ends of each row were ordered forward by their masters and, when all of them had advanced past the formation, those who had been next to them stepped out the same way. When Candy Bar felt the flick of reins on her shoulders, more of her juices trickled from her pussy and she strutted forward. As always, every step she took moved the butt plug and sent throbs of pleasure from her ass.

The long line of ponygirls strutted in single file past the grandstand, each of them doing her utmost to raise her legs high, keep her back straight and thrust out her breasts. Thousands of people in the stands shouted and cheered and whistled their appreciation of the line of beautiful, virtually naked young women passing in review and, it seemed to Candy Bar, that she received the most cheering of anybody. That belief encouraged her to be an even better ponygirl than she had been when her master pulled on her reins to order her back to the center of the field where another series of rows was forming.

Once again, after the formation was complete, the herd of ponygirls waited until more blasts on the same whistle, followed immediately by commands from their masters, started them forward again. They marched the same route as before and stopped and waited in the same place, until the master of the ponygirl on the far right of the front row ordered his charge forward. She strutted in the direction of two men, who were holding clipboards while they waited in front of the grandstand. Candy Bar realized this would be the judging that Tara had told her about and resolved that she would be the best of the herd, and would win a blue ribbon for her master.

She waited and watched what the others did and, when it was Candy Bar's turn to be judged, she strutted forward. All during the parade, she had been trying as hard as she could to be the best ponygirl she could be, wanting to please all the men who were her masters and the audience too. When it was time for the judging of her, she tried even harder, lifting her thighs until they were straight out and were parallel to the ground and thumping her bare feet into the grass as she strutted up to those who would be inspecting her. Candy Bar's back was straight as a new telephone pole and her shoulders were pulled back, thrusting out her luscious breasts as far as she could. When her master pulled back on her reins and verbally ordered her to stop in front of the judges, she did, and stood absolutely still while they did their duties.

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