tagBDSMStrider's Friend, Lightning

Strider's Friend, Lightning


This story is a sequel to the three part story about Strider, and information about her and her friends, including details of their appearances, are included there. In order to avoid redundancy, I have omitted them from this episode.

For the next three Saturday afternoons, Buffy drove from the college dormitory to The Pony Farm with her friends, Tara and Jenny and Kelli, where she became Lightning, and the other women became Strider, Blondie and Strutter. They all had fun every time, especially Strider and Blondie. All four women became aroused by being trussed up in their leather bridles and harnesses with the straps that bound their arms against their bodies and, especially, the bits with attached reins. Their sexual excitement multiplied when the butt plugs with their tails attached were lubricated and lovingly inserted into the ponygirls' asses.

Their arousals soared as the day continued because their masters used those reins, combined with a few verbal commands to guide them, virtually naked, about the field and show them off in front of a cheering crowd. However, the luckiest two had regular masters and, when the show ended and their sexual needs were at their highest levels, they were always able to indulge in some of the greatest carnal pleasure they had ever experienced. The men whose handling of the reins had been partly responsible for that arousal were highly rewarded also, when they got to indulge in the wild sexual escapades with their ponygirls.

Sometimes the other two got lucky also, and they enjoyed the same exquisite sexual bliss as their friends, but that didn't happen every week. When either Lightning or Strutter didn't hook up with a horny enough master, Buffy or Kelli had to use the dildos or vibrators they kept in their college dorm rooms. They were obliged to settle for that, although they were well aware the imitations were nowhere near as good as real tongues and cocks, especially to women as horny as they would have become during the day.

On the fourth Saturday, the same four young women passed through the gate at The Pony Farm, went to the barn to register, and received the leather tags that contained white cards with their ponygirl names printed in block letters. On their way to the barn, Strider and Blondie had exchanged greeting waves with their regular masters, and smiled as they thought of the immense amount of fun they knew was awaiting them that afternoon. The two men were part of a group who were standing inside the gate and eyeballing the gorgeous women who walked by them into the large building, where they would be transformed into ponygirls. Every member of that group hoped to spend that afternoon guiding one of the young beauties about the big grassy field. That Saturday, however, there was a difference. One of the waiting masters was a woman.

Women masters were not unknown at The Pony Farm. There were two who came there almost every Saturday, apparently lesbians, and each was accompanied by another woman. The female masters brought their own tack, and the women with them carried it into the barn, where they would be dressed and prepared almost as the other ponygirls were.

When they exited the barn, their reins were taken over by their companions, who guided them around the field, just as all the other masters guided their charges. At the end of the event, the ponygirls would return to the barn and put their own clothing back on, and both pairs of women would drive home, or whatever other place they wanted to go. If anybody had any negative thought about the two teams of women, they had sense enough to keep it to themselves. The women who would be waiting outside the barn had expressed a preference to being known as "masters" even though that is more often a masculine designation, because "mistress" often has a certain submissive sexual connotation they preferred to avoid.

However, that day was the first time that a female master had ever shown up at The Pony Farm, apparently intending to hook up with somebody she hadn't met and put that new acquaintance through her paces. None of the men had any reason to object, and neither would any of the ponygirls. They were free to accept or reject the mastery of anybody who stepped forward to take their reins and, if they had any objection to being commanded by another woman, they would let her know right on the spot. Everybody was there to have fun, and no ponygirl would ever be forced to do something she didn't want to do, nor would anyone else.

Once inside the barn, the four college dormitory mates, who had been issued keys to adjacent lockers, quickly stripped naked, as did most of the other women who were getting ready for their metamorphoses into ponygirls. Generally speaking, they were a friendly, gregarious group, and would be until the transformation was underway. The bits they would all have in their mouths would prevent any intelligible speech anyhow but, even while being harnessed and bridled, they took on equine mannerisms and communicated by whinnies and tossing or nodding of heads and stamping of feet or other ways that horses or ponies might use.

Strider and Blondie, eager to rejoin their masters, were among the first ponygirls to claim their tack. As regulars, they both had reserved gear, including bits and tails, which were carefully cleaned and sterilized after every use. Two men, who would not have traded jobs with anyone in the world, outfitted the sexy, naked young women in their harnesses and bridles and bits with reins. The best part of their respective jobs was inserting the tails into luscious female asses while the lovely women were lying across their laps, with their breasts and pussies available for fondling.

On her first day on The Pony Farm, Strider had been reluctant to accept her tail. She had a bad experience with anal sex the only time she tried it, and came close to rejecting the appendage after she realized it was attached to a large object that was to be imbedded in her ass. Her overwhelming desire to put her beautiful nude body on display overcame her reluctance, and having her ass crammed full turned out to be one of the most exciting parts of the day. It was especially a thrill when she was bouncing up and down on a bed and the butt plug was moving around inside her. Until then, she didn't even know what a butt plug was, and had referred to it as the "tail handle" until her friends informed her of the more customary term.

Since then there had been no reluctance, and the insertion of the tail that matched her chestnut hair was actually one of her favorite parts of the day. She didn't even object to having her breasts and other private parts fondled by the outfitter. She was so much into the ponygirl frame of mind that she considered such liberties to be his right as her master, at least temporarily. Once the tail was in place, and her arms were pinned to her sides by the elastic straps, she hurried out to be claimed by her master. She didn't even know his name, nor did he know her human name, and she had never spoken to him, except whinnying and otherwise communicating in an equine manner with her head and body.

Blondie, similarly outfitted with her tack and blonde tail, was right behind Strider, and her master was also waiting. The two men were friendly rivals, and they liked to march close together while guiding their ponygirls on parade. Blondie and Strider liked the idea also, and they would sometimes exchange friendly whinnies during the afternoon. Even if they could have said anything coherent, they would not have done so. Once their harnesses were in place, they thought like ponies and acted as obedient ponies, and that wouldn't end until they were stripped of their tack at the end of the day.

Buffy and Kelli were in somewhat less of a hurry to become Lightning and Strutter respectively. They passed some time chatting with each other and with the other ponygirls, who are usually quite friendly, even though they would be competing against each other that day. However, they also didn't want to be the last ones to leave the barn. Free to reject any master who wants to claim them, they all prefer to be taken by one who is younger and better looking. After they had become highly aroused from being bound in leather and strutting almost naked about the field with butt plugs inserted, they all like to have sex with the master who has teamed up with them. Those with regular partners tended to leave the barn to hook up first and the other ponygirls usually followed, all of them trying to attract the most desirable masters.

A few minutes after claiming the tack and tail which had been set aside for her, Kelli, having been transformed to Strutter, left the barn. A minute later, Lightning followed. She also had her gear reserved, and had been outfitted by the same happy, horny employees of The Pony Farm who had prepared her friends. While in the barn, she had been thinking about the potential female master they had seen earlier. Most ponygirls are heterosexual, although some of them have bisexual tendencies of varying degrees. Buffy's lesbian side is probably more pronounced than that of most, and she had noticed that the woman was quite attractive. For her to be there that day, doing what she was apparently intending to do, she was almost certain to be a lesbian looking for a partner, at least temporarily.

When Lightning left the barn, a few feet behind another ponygirl, both of them strutting with the exaggerated pace that they always used, she noted the female master was still there. Apparently, she had not yet hooked up with anybody. The waiting woman was younger than any of the men, probably less than thirty years old, with a very pretty face. She was close to six feet tall and had fair skin and long, dark hair, quite similar to the mane that flowed from Lightning's head, and she was dressed in tight, black jodhpurs that displayed shapely hips and a gorgeous ass. The waiting woman also wore black boots, a red riding jacket and black derby hat. Under the jacket was a white shirt with ruffles at the collar, and the front of the jacket was very nicely filled out by large breasts. Lightning decided to make it known that she was available to team up with the beautiful lesbian.

The preceding ponygirl was not. When she strutted past and the waiting woman tried to reach out for the loose reins, the object of her desire twirled her body to the side, making the leather strips swing out of her reach. She also increased her speed, making it known that she had no desire to get together with another woman. Lightning was much more accommodating. She stopped next to the woman in jodhpurs and whinnied loudly, while strutting in place.

The expectant master turned and smiled at the beautiful ponygirl who was apparently expressing a wish to join forces that day. She noted the long, dark mane that flowed between the white leather parts of her bridle and the succulent breasts that protruded through the shiny white belts that made up her harness. The ivory complexion, cleanly shaven pussy and the voluptuous ass and hips of the willingly available ponygirl were also quickly noted. Her master for the day eagerly took hold of the offered reins and stepped closer to inspect the name tag attached to the chain around the young beauty's neck.

"Lightning, huh? Okay, Lightning, I guess it's you and me together today." The response of her charge for the day was another whinny and a toss of her head and mane.

The master stepped behind her new ponygirl and flicked the reins over Lightning's shoulders and back in the normal manner. "Giddyup," she commanded her companion, and Lightning strutted forward, raising her legs high and thumping her bare feet into the grassy field.

A tug on the right rein sent a burst of erotic pleasure through the ponygirl's body and directed her to start toward the grandstand where there was a substantial crowd of people already watching the show. This was the usual program, for the masters to direct their ponygirls past the stands to show them off to the people sitting there or leaning on the rail in front of the stands. Lightning had been paraded past the crowd many times before, and she always enjoyed the whistles and cheers for her voluptuous figure.

On that day, Angela Marshall was enjoying the ponygirl's curvaceous figure more than anybody else. A friend of hers, also a lesbian, had described how she usually brought her submissive girl friend to The Pony Farm on Saturday afternoons, and what a great time they had, and how the sex was fantastic after they returned home. The friend also told Angela about the other sexy young women who got so highly turned on while parading, virtually nude, as ponygirls around the field under the command of their masters. The most important part, however, was learning how the masters and those women frequently satisfied their mutual needs by coupling in the vans or motor homes after the day's events were over. The last of those events was the awarding of ribbons to the masters of the ponygirls who were adjudged to be the best and, after that, the carnal delights began.

She had also been informed how some kind of equestrian costume was required, not by rule but by strong custom. Most of the men dressed as ranchers or cowboys, but Angela decided that would be too macho for her. She needed some other kind of garb that would be associated with horses or ponies, and that was why she decided to attire herself as a fox hunter. The costume was quite appropriate because, in a way, that was what she intended to be that day and, without question, she had succeeded admirably. Ponygirl Lightning was one of the foxiest women she had ever seen.

Angela knew the routine, how the ponygirls were to be allowed to show off in front of the crowd before the event officially began, for their pleasure and that of their masters and the spectators. Handling the reins was easy enough, and she used them to order Lightning to do what they both wanted to do anyhow. As the ponygirl hotty strutted in front of the cheering crowd, Angela also enjoyed her sexiness, including the way her tail swept from side to side. Even more than that, she enjoyed the way her succulent ass swung from side to side. She knew the tail was held in place by a deeply embedded butt plug, and that the presence of it and the same kind of toy in the other ponygirls' asses was another reason they got so sexually aroused.

Angela also anticipated reaching the same state and she intended that, after the event was over, she and Lightning would go to the motor home that had been rented for the weekend to alleviate their mutual horniness. There was no absolute certainty that the ponygirl would want to join her but, since Lightning had asked for the mastery of another woman, Angela was quite sure that she would be a willing and eager participant.

The sexy ponygirl suspected, but didn't know the intentions of her master that afternoon, but her hopes were for the same ending to the day. One thing she did know was how much she enjoyed the plaudits of the crowd as she strutted past the grandstand. Her back was straight and her breasts were thrust out as far as she could get them. Lightning, like all other ponygirls, was aware that the enthusiasm displayed by the spectators was aimed at her, even though they were nominally following the directions of the persons holding their reins.

After she had passed in review before the entire crowd seated or standing in the spectators' area, Lightning felt a tug on her left rein. Obediently, she turned that way and headed out to the center of the field to join the other masters and their ponygirls, who had begun forming lines. Another pull on the same rein, followed seconds later by one directing her to turn right, steered her into position next to another team of two women.

Lightening whinnied at the ponygirl next to her, who was wearing a body stocking under her harness, apparently with a hole to allow for the insertion of her tail. There was no rule against such modesty, but Lightning and every other ponygirl on the field that afternoon much preferred showing off their nude bodies, which was part of their fun. The greeting was returned. They had seen one another on previous weeks, but had not spoken until that day. In addition to greeting the modestly-attired ponygirl, Lightning exchanged greetings with the participant on her other side, a tall, large-breasted African-American named Stormy Night.

The woman who held the reins of Lightning greeted the master of the ponygirl wearing the body stocking. Maya Carmichael was the same friend who had talked Angela into coming to The Pony Farm that day, and they chatted and looked around at all the female pulchritude that was surrounding them.

The only one who did not attract their lustful gaze was Maya's submissive, Angel Face, because of the way her body was kept concealed. Both she and the woman she thought of as her owner preferred it that way. Except for those two, all the masters and most of the crowd were men who came there to admire the beautiful, naked women who were playing at being ponies, and Maya didn't want them staring at the person she considered to be her property. Angel Face entered the pony barn wearing the body stocking and it would not be removed until she returned home that evening with her master. Maya was even the one who inserted the butt plug with its attached tail in her submissive's ass. As in all other things, Angel Face would not dare say or do anything contrary to the wishes of her owner.

Until then, as the ponygirls were steered past the cheering and whistling spectators, the numerous loudspeakers around the grounds had been playing marching music, mostly by Sousa. Once the last participant was in the formation, the music stopped, and the owner of The Pony Farm came out on the field to start the grand parade. Everybody waited until he blew his trusty whistle, and the first row started forward. That row included Strider and Blondie and some of the other ponygirls who had the same masters every week. Seconds later, another blast of the whistle started the second row forward, followed by the third and the fourth. All the masters in the front row knew what to do and, when the manager blew his whistle for the last time, they began to make the first of a series of left turns. It also signaled the resumption of the march music.

They were in the third row, and Angela knew enough to order Lightning to do the same thing as the other ponygirls did. Following the turns, they were marching toward the stands, as Maya had told her they would do and, when the whistle blasted again, Angela pulled on the reins and commanded "Whoa!" As every other ponygirl did to a similar command, Lightning stopped, and stood waiting to be ordered forward again.

She was going to have to wait quite a while. She and her master were near the left end of the formation, and the teams on the opposite end would parade past the stands first. While she was waiting, Angela once again enjoyed the visual smorgasbord of female beauty that was arrayed before her. As lovely as her ponygirl was, she was just one of many. There were nearly forty women there; all but Angel Face as good as naked, and every one of them was among the most beautiful and sexy women Angela had ever seen. She fervently hoped that Lightning would be an eager partner later but, even if the gorgeous brunette declined her proposition, that day would still be among the most sexually exciting of her life.

After standing at attention for what seemed to be a long time, Lightning was glad to feel the reins across her shoulders and back to signal her to start forward. Following the ponygirl in front of her, she marched to the bugles and drums of the canned music, her breasts jutting and her thighs rising to be parallel to the ground, as she strutted past the cheering crowd. This was always one of her favorite parts of the highly enjoyable Saturday afternoons she spent on The Pony Farm. She knew, from the shouts and whistles of the crowd, she was one of their favorites, and the proud ponygirl basked in their admiration until she had high-stepped her way past everybody. At that time, Lightning's master tugged her left rein, once again sending a sexual thrill through her body and ordering her back out to the center of the field.

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