tagExhibitionist & VoyeurString of Luck Ch. 06

String of Luck Ch. 06


For those of you still wandering if I managed to make myself sexually decent for the night following my discovery of Aria: I did. Somewhat... On a regular day it wouldn't have been difficult to be hard, all night long, for two women as gorgeous as Nella and Aria. But the afternoon with Aria had been quite draining. I managed to fuck each of them, but I relied more on my tongue, hands and fingers than on my tired cock. In fact I was so drained that Nella had to stay away from it for the next few days.

When Aria left and went back to her normal life so far away, the loss was palpable. It was made less so by a promise: a meeting that was scheduled in October, a meeting that would take place at her cabin in the mountain. At first the plan was for the three of us to be together and alone, far away from anything that could disturb our peace. Things didn't turn out that way. On the other hand, even though we were not going to get the isolation we had hoped for, I was not going to complain. Certainly not.

When I learned that Nella had invited an old friend she hadn't seen in ten years, Johanna, I made the calm, fully objective and dispassionate decision of inviting Jenny. I had both my hands firmly clasped around her flesh: one on her breasts and the other on her impossibly firm ass. She was riding my cock like a nymphomaniac, moaning and groaning through her orgasm. We were both covered in sweat and massage oil and the entire apartment smelled of sex. She knew I was on the verge of cumming and I could feel her pussy clamping around my shaft, feel her milking my cock as hard as she could. "Can I come along Will?" What do you think I said? I simply screamed a glorified: "Yes!". She laughed as I came, mindful of making her raven hair whip with her every downward thrust. As we disentangled a few minutes later, she promised that she would make it worth my while.

A few weeks later the car was packed and we got out of the city. Johanna and Aria knew each other pretty well and would arrive together: we had too much baggage for the five of us to fit in a single car. Aria's cabin was a four-hour ride from our home but as the autumn day was remarkably brilliant nobody complained. Jenny, Nella and I had a bit of *fun* during those four hours, but nothing that made my driving too dangerous. The last part of the trip was made on a gravel mountain road and the sights were even better than before: instead of looking at mountains covered with red, yellow and orange trees, we were riding right through one. With our windows opened in this warm day, the smell of nature in the fall matched the beauty of the trees.

The sight of the cabin itself, perched on a steep cliff, was nearly as amazing. This was not a cabin, it was a large house expertly made of timber and rock. It looked as if it had grown there, rooted to the cliff and as much a part of it as the trees and rocks around it. As the road made took us from one side to the other, we realized just how big it was: only one story and no room for any basement, it still must have had at least a dozen rooms. I was tempted to stop and take a picture... Aria had never mentioned that her cabin was in fact a remote, wilderness mansion!

We stopped the car in the large driveway and began unpacking our stuff. Smells of fir, balsam and cleanliness welcomed us as we opened the main door. On this side of the house were the kitchen, dining room and living room, all in direct line to the huge glass windows. The view from those windows was breathtaking: from our cliff-side we could see far, across the valley and the lake to the other mountain about five miles away.

We all stood silently for a few minutes, adjusting to this majestic setting. We then began to explore this palace-in-the-woods: two corridors led to the other rooms, living rooms and bathroom. There were two master bedrooms, three guest rooms, another small living room and a gigantic bathroom. What really caught my attention, however, was what I found just outside on the other side of the house. In a private alcove, surrounded by trees, was a wonderful Jacuzzi. At first I thought it was small, but the thought of sharing it with four women revised my opinion: it was just big enough! I had no idea what Johanna would look like, but I extrapolated from the rest of Nella's friends, this Jacuzzi was going to be my little heaven for the next week or so!

As if in answer to my unspoken question, I saw Johanna walking in when I returned to the main living room. She was a dream, a blonde dream walking as if on clouds. "A dancer", Nella had simply said... A dancer on clouds, indeed. She had a long skirt that hid most of her legs but showed enough to dispel any doubts about what those legs looked like. Hips and waist clearly leaner than Nella's or Aria's, firm and strong. I had never seen a body so unmistakably erotic and sexual even when at rest.

Under a thin tank top, Johanna's breasts seemed to be above and beyond gravity. She had found a bra that was made for her: in perfect equilibrium her breasts were poised on the crucial balance between being pushed too high or allowed too much breathing room. Almost always women find bras that either squeeze their breasts too much, resulting on firm and high breasts that look like fakes; or that are too relaxed, forbidding their breasts their full measure of glory. Johanna's breasts were flawlessly cupped, moving up and down with each of her steps like young gazelles on a free plain.

On the other hand, their was nothing young-looking about them... It's wonderful to realize just how much breasts can be different from one woman to another. My mind used to such quick estimates, I guessed that Johanna's breasts must be at least as big a Jenny's. A full "C" cup of firm flesh. But it was clear from the start that they would look completely different once unveiled. And another quick estimate told me that I was going to have ample opportunity to verify that hypothesis. The Jacuzzi was probably going to be the place where such things would happen.

But those thoughts flew from my mind as my eyes moved higher. I had already glimpsed the long wings, locks and tresses of blonde hair, but that was not what caught my attention now. Sometimes when you look into someone's eyes for the first time you can see things that are inexplicable. Like when a cop pulls you over, you usually can see right away if he'll let you go easy or not. Even *before* trying to wiggle your way out of the speeding ticket. Or when you meet a new boss, you know if this one is going to be a complete ass or not.

When I looked into Johanna's eyes, I saw something else entirely behind those pale brown eyes. I've been blessed and graced with gorgeous women these past few months, and to a smaller extent all my life. This was not it. Something else was going on, and in a fraction of a second I realized that she too was somewhat troubled by my presence. She had been smiling just as warmly as the summer sun but now the smile was setting slowly, forgotten because of the surprise. I felt like I was in a cheap movie (or an erotic story, for that matter...), dumbstruck by the stereotypical blonde beauty. I also knew that it was nothing that simple.

The moment probably lasted less than two seconds, the time before Aria climbed up from outside and threw her bags all over the floor. It has been six weeks since we had last seen each other and I could see that she was running towards me, ready to jump into my arms. When she did, the flow of memories and feelings allowed me to move away from the moment I had just lived. Reveling in her warmth and love, feeling her body wrapped around mine, savoring the smell of her long hair flowing loose, I smiled into her neck. Soon the gentle and playful neck kisses turned into real kisses as our mouths met. We both laughed when we broke this first-of-many kisses, especially when we saw a stunned Johanna staring at us.

"Wow Aria, things around here are a lot more complicated than I thought!"

"On the contrary my dear..." she replied, laughing, "things are a lot *simpler*. Give it some time..."

Hearing Aria laughing, Jenny and Nella came out of the other rooms and embraced her too. The kissed Nella shared with her, a lot longer than mine had been, didn't seem to surprise Johanna one bit. So even though she didn't know where my place was in all this, she knew about Nella and Aria. Things were going to be a lot more interesting than I had anticipated, and that's saying a lot! Nella was overjoyed at seeing her old friend, her high-school friend in fact. they hugged each other for a long time but didn't share a kiss. Perhaps Nella wasn't as wild or open back then as she is today.

The rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking and getting ready for our first meal. It was wonderful to look at these for gorgeous women in various state of dress and undress. Nella was the first one to remove her top, and to my surprise it was Jenny who followed suit. Something was definitely strange about Jenny's attitude, especially towards Nella and Aria. Since those first few weeks she has always been quite warm and loving towards me. But even though I knew that she sometimes shared Nella's bed, she was much more reserved during daytime. Not here in the mountains. And not with Aria either. A few times she even planted soft kisses on Nella or Aria's nape, playful kisses that were graciously appreciated.

Aria was, of course, perfectly at ease with all of this. In fact she probably kept her own top only for Johanna's sake. The blonde dancer seemed at ease too, but clearly not on the verge of taking her top off. On the other hand she didn't shy away from seemingly unintentional contacts while making dinner. The most obvious of those contacts came from Nella, when my naughty girlfriend leaned against Johanna's back to wash her hands. Johanna *had* been standing right in front of the sink to clean the carrots, but Nella hadn't been forced to slide her hands around her friend's waist in the process. Or to press her breasts so obviously against her back. When I saw those brown eyes close for a second, I simply smiled.

I ended up (totally by accident, you understand...) sitting beside Johanna for dinner. Nella and Aria were sitting across from us and Jenny was at the head of the table. We had set the table so that we could all enjoy the spectacular sunset in the mountains. Although the scene was breathtakingly beautiful, something soon caught my attention: Johanna's leg against mine. I decided not to move it. After a few minutes, comments on the food, jokes and laughter, she pushed it harder against me. I missed an entire joke after that and had to laugh with them to cover it up.

I had an incredible sunset, two of the most amazing pairs of breasts I had ever seen and a wonderful meal all before me, but my mind was aware of nothing but Johanna's leg. Dinner seemed to be fun and the meal really as good as it looked like, but the hours flew by without me really noticing them. I woke up from this trance when we got up to clean the table, and I knew I had to break free from this spell soon. After the five of us took care of the dirty dishes, I asked if someone would like to come and see the stars with me.

You guessed it: only Johanna said yes. I smiled in real pleasure, but I knew that this was going to speed things up when I wanted them to slow down. When we got out into the darkness and made our first steps away from the house, I reached back and took Johanna's hand in mine. I *could* have talked aloud, which would have been enough to keep from loosing each other in the darkness. Instead I took her hand. And she squeezed mine back the second I touched her fingers. The stars were suddenly forgotten, all the while a brightness was growing between our fingers.

We got back about an hour later and to my astonishment, we hadn't shared a single word. We simply found a soft spot on the grass to lie down. We did look at the stars, after all, but at one point Johanna turned towards me and placed her head on my chest. My hand, which had still been holding hers, moved up and wrapped around her back. I planted a soft kiss on her head, nothing more than that. It's strange how things would have been different with Aria, Jenny or Justine. We would already be fucking each other like crazy. But not now, not with Johanna. Something bigger was growing. I had no idea where it would lead us.

We entered the house to find it empty. In total darkness it was clear that the women couldn't have gone very far. A brief search revealed that the Jacuzzi was humming silently in the backyard. Johanna followed me through the long corridor and the women's laughter became audible as we reached the door. They turned around towards us quickly, as if caught doing something nasty. Knowing them, that could have easily been the case. But they were simply sitting in the decently large Jacuzzi, naked, wet, flushed from their laughter and sparklingly beautiful but otherwise "sexually-cool". We couldn't see through the water as it was too dark, but I don't think they would've bothered with swimsuits.

There was five glasses and three bottles of wine on the deck one of them nearly empty already. The two extra glasses were already filled and waiting for Johanna and me. It had gotten colder as the night progressed and earlier with Johanna we had been glad to have our woolen sweaters. In fact there was a faint mist above the Jacuzzi where the heated water evaporated in this cool air. The three women, with water up to their necks, looked quite comfortable. They also looked like cats with cream on their whiskers.

"What's up?" I asked, knowing pretty well that I was not going to get an answer.

"What do you mean?" Aria replied.

I smiled and shook my head: before those three naughty smiles I backed off and simply said: "May we join you?"

"Of course, but on one condition..." said Nella.

"Two!" Added Aria. "First you must add to that pile everything you have." She pointed to the pile of jeans, tank-tops, tee-shirts and colorful lingerie. "Everything."

"Ok, what's the other condition?"

"We'll tell you once you're naked."

"But it's cold!" said Johanna.

"We know!" they all laughed. So hurry up!

I couldn't see Johanna very well as she had stayed a bit behind me on the narrow deck, but I was convinced that she was not as comfortable as I was with this "everybody naked" thing. On the other hand she must not have hesitated too long as she finished only a few seconds after me. Every instinct in my body was screaming at me to turn around and look at her. But I restrained myself, guessing that I was going to have more opportunities later. I was also quite conscious of the simple fact that I had an erection just begging to be let loose. The cold helped but the three naked women in the Jacuzzi didn't. All in all I simply wanted to get in the hot water.

"So what else do we have to do?"

"We'd just begun a truth or dare game. If you want to get warm and wet with us you have to agree to play..."

"Ah! No problems. I'm even willing to go "dare" all the way."

The women laughed at this while Johanna and I quickly got into the water. I had a glimpse of her breasts, but too fast to really enjoy it. The darkness only allowed me to see her two nipples. They seemed large and incredibly inviting but that's all I managed to get. I found myself sitting between Jenny and Aria, while in front of me Johanna was sitting between Nella and Aria. In a strange twist of luck I had Johanna and Nella right in front of me.

"Ok let's begin now." it was Aria. For some reason she had become the referee of this game. Probably not a good thing. "The oldest goes first and then the second oldest and so on... Also, a person can't be asked two consecutive questions. If you refuse to do a dare, you get a worse truth and vice-versa. Ready? Any last minute rule to add?"

"Yes." said Nella. "No fondling underwater outside dares."

"Wow! How quick were you to think about that Nella!" Everyone laughed at Aria's comment. "Now, as I'm the oldest I get to go first. Will! Truth or dare?"


"Ok then. We're going to make you regret that decision of yours... Get up and turn around slowly. Very slowly."

Smiling, I got up. I had water barely up to mid-thigh. Of course all of them save Johanna had seen me naked before, and that must have been the point of Aria's dare. Luckily for me the hot water and a burgeoning erection lengthened my penis a bit. So even though it was soft it was somewhat longer and thicker than usual. I fully complied to her dare and turned around very slowly. Johanna still looked a little uncomfortable, but it was clear that she was not a very shy person to begin with. She was laughing and whistling with the others. I finally sat back, smiling at the "boos" I got.

"I believe it's my turn!" Said Nella. "Aria. Truth or dare?"

"Dare. I think it's too early for me to go into truths yet."

"Since you wanted to see my boyfriend naked again, we're going to see *you* stand up and turn around slowly!"

With a lot more grace than I had Aria got up and began to dance softly while turning around. As I was sitting just beside her I got the most of this show. The moon wasn't full but as our eyes had adjusted to the dim light by now, my memory was brightly refreshed as I drank in her every curves. It had been a few months since our last meeting and love-making session, and it took a lot of willpower not to reach up and touch her. Her full thighs and round ass, thinner waist with bulging, fleshy breasts that seemed to have become even more beautiful. Heavy and strong, proudly swaying to her rhythm, they were partly covered with her waist-long, wet hair, but nothing could have hidden their majesty.

Judging by Johanna's reaction, a tranquil smile of enjoyment, it was not the first time she'd seen Aria naked. Which was, regardless of what angle you looked at it, really good. When our very own dancer sat back down completely unruffled from her performance, I realized that it was probably my turn. I knew that I was only a few months younger than Nella and that Jenny was clearly the youngest here. A quick question confirmed my guess.

"Now, being the only guy here I know I'm going to get hammered... So I'm not going to wait before giving some back. Jenny, truth or dare."

"Oh dear... I'm not sure which is worse yet: a bad dare or a bad truth..."

"Don't worry Jenny, " said Nella, "Will knows that if he's too unpleasant, we're four that can be meaner..."

"Ok then, I'll stick with dare too."

"Perfect. Why don't you get up, run to that three, circle it three times and come back."

Everybody laughed except Jenny. "What? But it's freezing out there!"

She was right: it had gotten colder still. But a dare is a dare and she slowly got up, shooting fire at me with her eyes. I had seen (and tasted) her only a few days ago, but it was nonetheless a pleasure to see her rising up from the Jacuzzi. Large-orange-sized breasts, seemingly as firm as the fruit, tighter waist and hips, a dark fuzz of pubic hair hiding a warm and delicious pussy, and the powerful legs that had given her a few medals in trekking competitions. Oh. And the ass that very well may have helped to keep a few male competitors behind her until the very end. What was a medal beside an ass like that?

We all laughed as she ran, but the sight was just as lovely as Aria's dance. Her wet, night-black hair whipped with her steps and her breasts danced to a faster rhythm as she ran back. She was covered in goosebumps when she jumped back in, which only served to enhance her nipples' normal tautness. A bad dare that proved fun and very enjoyable at the same time.

"Oh you're going to get it Will, I promise!" General laughter.

"I guess this is my turn now... " Johanna asked. "Since I don't know you guys as well as you seem to know each other, I'm not going to be very creative... Nella: truth or dare?"

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