tagLoving WivesStrip Black Jack Ch. 01

Strip Black Jack Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – The First Good Hand

Written by Saber6, Inspired by Angeleyes

Dedicated to all of us who are beyond the prime of our lives, but are still enjoying the prime of life – whose bodies are no longer perfect or even beautiful anymore on the outside, but still possess the spirit and passion of lust on the inside. Enjoy!

Angel and Bill had been seeing each other for a number of years. Both were married, although not to each other. They had met through one of those on-line match-up sites, both advertising a need to fulfill some needs they weren't getting at home. Angel had the permission; no, enthusiastic support of her husband; while Bill did it on the sly.

Both were in their fifties at that time and hit it off, right from the start. The sex was fantastic, neither one of them ever experiencing anything close to the intensity, intimacy or satisfaction with anyone else. Bill loved eating her to orgasm and then continuing to eat her until she begged to be fucked. He also had a hard time climaxing, but with a little help from Viagra he could keep fucking her for hours, and many times he did, much to the satisfaction of his wonderful little Angel.

By their early sixties, their torrid little affair, outlived their mates and they were able to be together on a regular basis. Angel usually spent the end of the week and week-end at Bill's lake side house and he would go up and visit her on Tuesday nights. Thoughts of marriage were discussed; however, that would require so many changes with family, current home and commitments to community; that neither were willing to sacrifice at this point. Both knew though, that over time their lives would become more and more involved.

Angel stood five foot eight and was a little overweight. Bill called her pleasingly plump. In the age of Voltaire and other Renaissance nude artists, she would have been considered drop dead gorgeous. She looked to be more in her mid-forties rather than her actual age of fifty-nine. Bill often marveled at the reappearance of her youth as she smiled up at him contentedly in the afterglow of her orgasm. Her shoulder length auburn (sometimes sandy blond, sometimes tinted red) hair curled under a little at her neck; nicely framing a round, pink complexioned face. For her age, her face was relatively wrinkle free; highlighted by a cute unturned button nose, soft sensuous lips, thin sandy colored eyebrows and just the slightest hint of a double chin. She wore relatively little make up, some eye liner, a hint of powder on her cheeks and once in a while a pale shade of lipstick.

And then there was that smile – a smile that revealed so many, many sides of her personality. There was her friendly smile that captivated any room she entered. As a nurse she had used it effectively to cheer up her patients. Then there's that faint smile in which the corners of her mouth just barely turn up always in conjunction with a narrowing of her eyes to thin slits that spoke of her cunning and wanton desire – a smile that always foretold of wondrous sensual adventures. And the smile that Bill loved best, the smile of an eighteen year-old Prom Queen who just lost her virginity and loved every second of the experience.

She always dressed like a lady in loose fitting clothes to cover her expanding midriff, her girlish figure lost years ago with the birth of two children; both grown, on their own and having babies of their own. Her breasts were not large – B-cups – however, they were as firm as a virgins and gravity had done nothing to detract from their form or beauty. On the rare occasion that Bill could talk her into going out braless, her breast's lack of sag and her small nipples pointing straight out through the material always turned men's heads and made Bill very proud to be seen with her. On these few occasions she normally wore a short black skirt and black mesh stockings that nicely showed off a pair of vary shapely legs.

For Angel, being with Bill over the last few years had been the wildest ride she had ever taken. But it was not just the sex that was so wild; it was all the feelings that went with it. When they first started seeing each other, she had to admit, it was just the sex. But after a short time she found herself looking more and more forward to the next time she would be able to see him. She just wanted to be with him, because what she really enjoyed beyond the sex was the pillow talk and the way they cuddled afterwards. She always felt somewhat cheated when they were forced to leave one of their motel sessions without that cuddle time. She loved his company and would have been very sad if anything had ever happened to end their affair. The sex they had was absolutely beyond description, but the love-making they did once they had cooled off was almost better and definitely more satisfying. She never had orgasms with anyone else like the way she had with Bill and she certainly never enjoyed them as much as she did with him. Bill was one of the best things to happen to her and the absolutely best thing to ever happen to her sexually. For those reasons she loved him like no one else in her entire life and constantly tried to show her thanks.

Bill shared Angel with other men on occasion, usually old friends of hers; ones she had fucked at her husband's encouragement prior to meeting Bill. Angel always worked out the details of these threesomes, Bill arriving last, after she had gotten the other man warmed up. Both of them loved these sessions. Bill was so proud of the way she could please two men simultaneously and the way she reveled in the pleasure that two cocks could provide her. Angel loved having two men in her at once and having them fawn over her for hours. Angel and Bill often talked and fantasized about what it would be like to have even more men at the same time, but had never made any plans to make it happen.

For years Bill and four of his neighbors got together every other Thursday night for poker. Angel had stayed with Bill on two previous poker nights, helping out a little by serving refreshments; but spent most of the time reading or cross stitching blankets for new grand babies. She had gotten to know these men pretty well in the last six months and felt welcome and comfortable in their presence.

On this particular poker night she decided things were going to be different. Without discussing it with Bill she decided, that tonight might be a good night to fulfill their fantasy of her taking on more than two cocks. She wasn't quite sure how she was going to go about it or even that she would truly go through with it. That is one of the reasons why she had not discussed it with Bill before hand. She new once they had agreed to make this happen that the Jeanie would be out of the bottle and that there may not be any turning back if she got cold feet. She thought she would just dress real sexy, spend all her time serving the card table and just see what would develop. That might let the Jeanie out of the bottle anyway, she thought.

Before leaving her house Thursday morning she looked through her closet and dresser drawers to pick out just the right ensemble. She started with a red shelf bra, with matching thong and garter belt. Then she dug through her drawers in search of a pair of black mesh stockings. She smiled to herself as she pulled them out of the drawer, imagining those dirty old men gawking at her sexily encased legs. To ensure she had plenty of leg to show them, she turned quickly to her closet looking for that black leather mini-skirt she hadn't warn in years, hoping it would still fit. Finally finding it, she pulled it off the hanger, stepped into it and pulled it up around her waist. Sucking in her tummy, she tugged on the zipper and although tight, she was able to pull it up, thinking, I probably won't have it on that long anyway.

She turned and looked into the mirror and although some of her belly hung over a little bit and her love handles were clearly visible, she decided that an untucked blouse would cover all that up. She decided she would just have to take off the skirt, before the blouse. She smiled again thinking, The men will definitely be surprised and delighted with that.

Turning again to the closet she picked a white blouse that was somewhat translucent. Putting it on, she looked into the mirror as she pulled it tight across her breasts. She was instantly satisfied seeing two dark circles appearing through the material, but only vaguely, not revealing anything but color – a tantalizing view, while still maintaining some of the mystery.

Satisfied with her selection, she grabbed a few more undies and some other clothes, stuffing them into a small suitcase, along with some toiletries. She almost ran out of the house – excited by the prospects – jumped into her car and was off for the fifty mile drive south to Bill's house.

After dinner and dishes, Angel ran off to the bathroom to get ready while Bill set up the poker table on the enclosed front porch. Bill was the same height as Angel, stocky with his own little gut beginning to develop and a small set of love handles as well. Retired military, he had good sized arms and a well developed, hairy chest. His stomach once flat as a board, quickly expanded several inches after lower back surgery precluded him from running and doing sit ups. However, daily morning bike rides, swims and push ups kept him in pretty good shape for a guy in his mid sixties. He kept his light brown, almost blond hair in the summer time, cut short in a military style. Doing that kept the little bit of grey from showing around the edges. He wore bifocal lenses and his face showed the signs of a life in the outdoors. It wasn't one of those rough, chiseled faces of so many veterans; but there was always a sternness in his look, emphasized by a high protruding furrowed brow, a proportionally set nose, and jaws that always looked clinched except when he was smiling.

Bill was captivated by Angel. He worshiped and adored her. From the first time they met he wanted nothing more than to please her in every possible way. He placed Angel on a pedestal worshiping her as his Queen – his Goddess of all passion. He adored her and humbly knelt at her feet for whatever crumb of appreciation she might through her undeserving subject. That didn't mean he was a doormat, in fact just the opposite, he normally played the dominant role in their love making. No, this was more a voluntary and mental subjugation The reason he adored her this way was because as his Queen and Goddess, she humbled herself as well, giving herself to him freely with absolutely no inhibitions, expectations or demands. When she came to him and sensuously revealed her womanly charms without the slightest blush, giving herself to him to be used in anyway he pleased; Bill could do no less then at least mentally bend before her and pay her homage. Then as equals he would passionately love her and make it his duty to provide her with every possible pleasure he could imagine. Bill would take her and ravage her, hoping that what he was doing was done in a way that was totally pleasing and satisfying to her. However, he would always start by kneeling before her fount of all pleasure and drink her juices of passion until he was rewarded by her begging to be fucked. The louder she yelled and screamed in orgasmic bliss the more he felt he had provided her with the pleasure she needed and desired.

Bill also believed that Angel was not put on earth to please men, although she certainly did that exceptionally well. No, he believed she was put on earth to be pleasured by men. Most men think they know exactly what pleases a woman as well as themselves. However, any man taking her to bed would very quickly find that true satisfaction is not in taking her and getting off themselves, but in having a woman that needs to be pleased, loves to be pleased, desires to be pleased and then providing her with that pleasure. Bill also felt that she had a mystical way about her that no matter how much the man felt he was in control, she could maneuver him into providing her with the pleasure she so desperately desired.

Bill lived in a lake front log house, which sat out on a point with a river running along one side of the house and out into the lake. The view was beautiful and tonight the lake was calm and serene through the windows of the front porch. He lived at the very end of the street that paralleled the beach front homes.

The other players were neighbors. Dave, a retired autoworker, in his late fifties and a confirmed bachelor, lived two doors up the river. Larry, also retired, in his late sixties and a widower, lived two doors down the beach. Rick, the baby in his forties, was married with kids still at home and lived off the lake across the street from Larry. Their fifth, George, died of a heart attack, sitting on his couch just three doors down the beach the night after their last poker game. They had played together for over ten years, and it just didn't seem right to go out and find someone else to take George's place right away.

Angel opened the door to the bathroom and shouted out to Bill, "Don't bother with the drinks and snacks. I'll set that all up and serve you guys tonight," she paused and then added in a more sultry voice, "as soon as I'm dressed."

"Alright!" Bill shouted back as he opened the legs on the green felt table he had especially made up for their poker nights. He wondered what she was up to, since she had pretty well kept to herself the other nights she had been there on poker night. He wondered about that too. Why had she seemed so stand-offish on those other nights? Angel had gotten to know the other players pretty well over the last six months she had been visiting him at his house. There were pot lucks and other little parties every so often and of course they were always in each others yards helping out or just shooting the breeze. As he got the chairs and set them around he stopped wondering, just glad that she wanted to help out.

After he unwrapped a fresh set of cards, got the poker chip caddie out and took one more look around the porch; seeing everything in order, he went off to the kitchen to fix himself a drink. Opening the freezer, he took out the ice trays and carried them to the sink. Grabbing the ice bucket on the way, he began emptying the trays into it.

"I said I would take care of all that, Babe." Angel said, coming up behind him, running her arms through his from behind and giving him a hung and a kiss on the side of his neck.

"I know," responded Bill, "I was going to make myself a – wow!" he interrupted himself as he looked over his shoulder and saw her outfit for the first time. Turning around he looked her up and down letting out a long sigh close to a whistle, thinking, Damn, you look hot.

She stood there in front of him, her arms on her hips, smiling with pride as she saw a rapidly expanding bulge on the front of his shorts and watched the surprised look on his face change to one of lust. She slowly pirouetted as his gaze slowly rose up from her glossy black pumps along her shapely mesh covered legs to where they came together just barely covered by the black leather skirt. Her white, not quite see-through blouse, hung about her waist. And when she stopped her turn he could look right between the unbuttoned top edges into her lovely little cleavage.

She pulled the front tails of her blouse down so the material stretched tight across her breasts. Bill responded with another long sigh as the red from the shelf bra, and the two pinkish-brown circles showed through the material to his delight. "What are you up to, girl?" Bill, asked, his cock now at full attention and making a very obvious tent out of the front of his shorts.

Angel stepped forward and looking him straight in the eye, grabbed his balls in one hand, while the other palmed the erection through the material. She replied in her best sultry voice, "Well, I just thought if I were going to wait on the boys at the big poker game, I needed to be dressed appropriately."

Pulling her to him, Bill kissed her hard with an open mouth, which she quickly filled with her tongue. When after a minute or so of them both working their tongues back and forth, Bill broke away and asked, "And just what are you planning to serve?"

"Oh, just the usual – drinks, chips and what ever else that's available." She smiled with a knowing grin.

"You certainly look available... and damn hot too." He complemented.

"Well, I hope so and thanks for the complements." She squeezed and slid her palm up and down the length of his firmness, while kissing him good and hard again.

"And just how do you plan to pull this off?" Bill inquired after they broke their kiss.

"I just thought I would act as your waitress, show a little ass, bounce my boobies around little... and just let nature takes its course." Angel replied very nonchalantly.

"Don't you think we should have a plan?" Bill pushed.

Before Angel could answer, Dave walked in the back door to the kitchen. He never knocked. "Okay you two, turn down the heat, or Bill won't be able to concentrate on his cards and I hate to take a man's money when he is playing at a disadvantage." He said with a laugh as he headed straight for the fridge to get a beer.

Angel stepped over to block his path, gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, saying, "Good to see you again Dave. If I remember right, you like beer and not the hard stuff, so let me get one for you." As she turned to the refrigerator, she continued, "I thought I would help out tonight and wait on you guys, so you could concentrate even better on your cards. Do you think anyone will mind?"

Taking a beer from inside, she twisted off the cap, closed the door and handed it to him at a little less than arms length. He took it, saying quite naturally, as if nothing at all was different, yet looking intently right down into her cleavage "No, not that I can see. Why would anyone object to that – especially when we have someone as young and beautiful as you, waiting on us old codgers?"

"You don't think I will be too much of a distraction?" She cooed, and sort of batted her eyes.

"Yes, dressed as lovely as you are, you will definitely be a bit of a distraction, but a much welcomed one, after looking at this old cuss" – pointing a thumb in Bill's direction – "for so many years." Dave joked, still looking right down the opening of Angel's blouse. He could see the pushed up tops of her two rounded orbs, down to the point where he could just barely make out the very tops and inner edges of the two darker pink areoles. Since her blouse was no longer pulled tight, he didn't have that erotic view of her red bra or those two dark circles through her blouse, like Bill had earlier. Instead he leaned slightly forward as he took another swig from his beer, to get an even better look down the front of her blouse.

"Thank you." Angel said with a smile, taking a step back, while looking him up and down admiringly. Dave was almost six foot, probably approaching 190, broad shouldered, chiseled hard looking face, well tanned, dark curly hair, with a little silver above the temples, probably of Italian descent although there was certainly no accent to indicate that.. He worked out regularly at a gym, so even through his yellow polo shirt it was easy to see his firm, well developed pecks. Angel could hardly wait to see it come off. She had seen him working in the yard without a shirt many times as she slowly drove by. She could hardly wait to see them up close and personal. She wanted to rub her hands over them and his fully developed six pack. He wore only the shirt, a pair of cut offs jeans and sandals.

Before anything else could be said there was a knock, a "yoo-hoo" and an opening of the outside door to the living room. Everyone turned and headed that way to find both Rick and Larry coming in through the front door. Both men stopped in their tracks when they saw Angel, mouths agape.

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