Strip Black Jack Ch. 01


Larry was a long, lanky fellow with only a very small bulge at his stomach, slightly taller than Dave. His hair was straight and cut close around the edges, mostly gray with dark hairs showing from underneath. He would probably look a lot better all gray or died back to his natural color. His face was a little drawn and he walked with a slow gangly stride. Larry had a sort of split personality. He was always very jovial at first, his usual greeting being that of a typical four-year-old, "Whaaa'cha doin'?" However, before the conversation gets too far along he starts expressing all the negatives, but this night he was all grins. With a somewhat jolly, high pitched voice for such a big man, he inquired, "What's the occasion, sweetie?" reaching out both arms for a hug.

Angel stepped into his arms, wrapping them first around his back and then let them drop down below his hips. She gave his ass a quick squeeze as she kissed him on the cheek and said, "I've gotten bored with just sitting over their by myself all evening and thought I would help out. You know, by bringing out drinks, chips or whatever. That is, if no body minds?"

"Who could mind?" Rick quickly responded.

Rick was short, maybe five foot six, with sandy hair, cropped short when ever he got a haircut, but was shaggy tonight as he was about a month over due. A carpenter by trade, he also had the rough outdoor look, but looked so much younger than the rest, which he was. He had a good-humored personality, always finding the glass half full, rather than half empty.

Angel turned to Rick to give him his hug and kiss as he added almost in a whistle, "You sure are a wonderful sight for sore eyes."

"Well, thank you kind sir." She genuinely returned and stepped away after giving his ass a little squeeze as well.

"Who am I to complain about getting waited on, especially by such a beautiful young thing?" Larry quickly chimed in as well.

"Well, good then." Angel responded rubbing her hands together. "Why don't you gentlemen go get settled while I go get your drinks. If memory serves me right, Larry you like a tall gin and tonic?" He nodded. "Rick you prefer just a coke."

"Diet, if you got it." He responded with a grin, maneuvering slightly to get a better look down her blouse.

"Not a problem. Dave, are you ready for another beer?"

"No. No. Not yet." He quickly responded shaking his head. "I've hardly taken more than a swig out of this one."

"And Honey, how about you – your usual, bourbon and coke?"

"That will be just fine, sweetie." Bill winked and gave her a knowing smile that told her everything was great and that she had his total support.

"Okay then gentlemen, I'll return shortly with your drinks." She turned; wiggling her ass a little more than usual as the four men drooled, watching her leave the room. Angel could feel them watching her, sensed their eyes taking off her clothes, and immediately felt a gush of moisture being released deep in her pussy.

Rick was the first to break the silence as she stepped through the kitchen door. "Bill," he sort of half whispered, "You are one lucky son of a bitch. I have always liked her looks, but she is looking hot tonight."

"Thanks," was all Bill returned, knowing they hadn't seen anything yet and not wanting to give anything away. He turned and ushered them all out through the opened French doors onto the porch. They all got out their wallets and Bill exchanged $20.00 each into red, white and blue chips. They didn't play for big stakes; just a little money to make it interesting was all. Dave opened a pack of cards and started shuffling as he sat down with his back to the outside door off the porch and facing the French doors they had just come in.. Bill was standing behind the chair directly in front those French doors directly across from Dave, while Larry sat to Bill's left and Rick to his right.

So as Bill sat down, after passing out all the chips, Dave was the first to see Angel come through the doors with a tray covered in drinks and two baskets of munchies. She placed the tray on the table between Bill and Larry. She picked up the basket of Chex Mix and leaned across the table low enough so that Rick and Dave would have a real good view down her blouse as she placed the basket between them. Rick took a quick look and then gazed off somewhere else. Dave, on the other hand leaned slowly to his left to get a better view. The blouse hung open so he could plainly see the two nicely rounded orbs hanging down completely in view, including both little hard nipples.

Staying that way, so Dave could continue to gaze, Angel reached back and grabbed his drink. She slowly drew it out from underneath, placing it in front of him and slowly licking her lips. Turning to Rick, who could no longer resist looking at the view being presented to him, she did the same for him, noticing his complexion turning a little red.

Straightening up, she picked up the tray and moved to the right side of Bill. She picked up the basket of chips and leaned forward to place them between Bill and Larry. She turned a little more towards Bill, so both he and Larry would have a good view down her blouse also and gave them their drinks as well. By turning a little more towards Bill, she gave a real nice view of her hind end to Rick as her short skirt rode up over her ass. The thong string had disappeared into the crack her ass and her pussy lips stuck out from under either side of the small triangle that attempted to cover her pussy. It was already stained in a long darker red line along the center of the material indicating how hot she was already becoming.

As Angel leaned across to give Larry his drink, Bill reached underneath her blouse and gave her left breast a quick squeeze. She quickly straitened up, much to the disappointment of Dave and Rick, slapped Bill's still outstretched hand, saying, "No touching Boy's. I'm here just to wait on you and spice up the evening – just as if this were one of those big games in a backroom of some Vegas casino. The only difference," she picked up the tray, "is that I'm not nearly as young, beautiful or curvy as those babes."

She quickly turned and walked out, smiling to herself, knowing she was playing with their minds and sending mixed signals. She didn't consider herself a tease and wasn't planning on being one tonight, but for the time being this was kind of fun.

"You look just fine to me," shouted Dave as she passed through the doors.

"Thanks." Angel waved over her shoulder without looking back.

As soon as she was out of ear shot, all three of them bombarded Bill with questions. Bill held up his hand to quiet them, and said, "Fellows, I'm not sure what she is up to. I was asking her the same questions when Dave came in and interrupted us, so I never found out."

"Well, how do you feel about this?" Dave asked Bill.

"I'm enjoying the hell out of it, aren't you?

"Well, of course," Larry chimed in gruffly, "but you know my wife has been gone a year, now. I haven't had any in all that time. There is only so much a guy can take."

"I understand," Bill tried to console him, reaching out and putting a hand on his arm, "and I'm sure Angel realizes that as well. Like I said, I'm not real sure what she is up to. Let's just follow her lead. I can tell she is already hotter than hell and I'm sure by the end of the evening we are all going to have a good time.

"Are you okay, w-wit-with all of us... having a good time with her?" Rick stammered, a little red faced again.

"Yes." Bill replied very emphatically. "She likes three-ways with another guy and we have done that a couple of times. We have fantasized about something like this, although not necessarily with you guys or in these surroundings. Our fantasies were more general in nature, but I am happy to give her that pleasure as long as it is what she wants. So like I said, let's just follow her lead and enjoy. However, when she says no or asks someone to stop... then respect her wishes. It's her choice, not mine or yours. Don't look to me for approval for anything. I'm okay with anything she is willing to accept. Alright?

They all nodded and Rick gulped down the rest of his glass of coke and yelled through the open window between the porch and the living room, "Hey, Angel! Make my next drink a 7 and 7! Would you please?"

"Alright then, let's play some poker." Bill said as he picked up the deck of cards, shuffled a couple more times and passed them for Rick to cut. Rick tapped the top of the deck with his knuckle. Bill picked them up and began to deal saying, "Five card draw, two's and one eyed Jacks wild."

As he dealt, everyone else anteed a dime and Angel returned with Rick's drink. Again standing between Larry and Bill she bent over as low as possible to give Rick and anyone else a clear view down her blouse, she placed it in front of him. Straightening up she asked, "How about the rest of you, anyone need a refill?

They had all picked up their cards and were sorting their hands as Bill anteed up and said, "Why not just go ahead and fix another round. Okay, sweetie."

"Sure thing. Coming right up." She walked around the table picking up the empties, rather than leaning across and distracting the game.

They played steadily for about an hour, the sun gradually setting across the lake to the west. Angel came and went serving drinks, placing them down so as not to interrupt the game, but always providing them with a good view down her blouse if they were in between hands. When she wasn't serving she sat on the couch at the end of the porch behind Larry reading a magazine, crossing and uncrossing her legs for anyone who was interested in looking.

As the sun ducked behind the trees on the far side of the lake, Larry said, "Deal me out this hand, I've got to take a piss – excuse me ma'am, almost forgot my manners. I'll be right back."

"That's alright, Larry, but thanks for thinking of me." She said standing up and moving to the table. "Let me take these baskets and get some refills."

"Larry had a good idea," Dave chimed in, "Let's all take a break. It's not very much fun playing three handed. In fact, four handed is not as much fun as five or do I just miss George?" Not waiting for an answer, he picked up a couple of empty glasses and continued, "Let me give you a hand, Angel."

When everyone was gone, Rick turned to Bill and in almost a whisper, asking, "Do you think Angel is really planning on do anything more than show a little T and A?"

"To tell you the truth, I'm not sure." He shuffled the cards one more time, put them down and continued, "I'm pretty sure that is what she has in mind. I mean, I think she is planning to eventually get naked and have sex. But, she also might get cold feet. Let's just follow her lead and see what happens."

"Do you mean, you think she is planning to fuck all of us?" some red returning to Rick's face.

"That would not surprise me one bit." Bill smiled as he imagined her lying naked, surrounded by four hard dicks.

"Alright then, but..." and he paused, "I've haven't... ah, I mean... I've never been unfaithful to Joanne.... Do you think... if things go that far... that Angel would be offended if I only wanted a blow job?"

"Well, yeah." Bill returned in a harsh voice. "You expect her to satisfy you and not do anything to pleasure her. Come on. If all you want is a blow job that's fine; but you better be willing to give the like in return. You need to be ready to go down on her and give her a good eating out."

Looking somewhat relieved he leaned back, saying, "Great, I can do that no problem. No problem at all." the last sounding more like a sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like I was scolding. And I can understand you not wanting to be unfaithful. When I get a chance I'll tell her your desires and she will be fine with that."

"What do you think the other guys will think, if I don't join in?" Rick asked looking concerned again.

"Bah, they won't even notice." Bill waved his question off. "Besides, that just means more fucking for them... that is, if Angel really goes that far.

Larry returned and Rick headed out to the bathroom. As Larry sat down Bill suggested, "Dave just gave me an idea. He was saying that playing with four was not as much fun as it is with five."

"Yes, there is a certain dynamic that is lost when you loose that fifth player." Larry conceded.

"I was thinking that maybe we aught to ask Angel to sit in. What do you think?"

"I don't know. Does she know how to play?"

"Oh yeah. I don't know how good she will be with the betting part of the game, but she always beats me a strip poker. She knows what takes what and all the games we play."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt." Larry gave in, reluctantly.

"I'll ask the others first and if we have a consensus, we'll go for it." Bill decided, "Who knows, it might be just what we need to liven things up."

Dave followed Angel into the kitchen. He placed his glasses next to hers on the counter and put his empty beer bottle out on the back porch. Returning, he came up behind her as she was filling the glasses with ice. Running his arms under hers, he reached around and grasped her breasts as he lowered his head to kiss her on the neck.

"Dave?" she gasped, stiffening. "What are you doing?" However, as his lips found that special spot on her neck, she relaxed and leaned back against him, immediately feeling his hard appendage. She pushed back against it and wiggle her ass a little, forcing the material of her skirt into the crack of her ass. It felt good and the spasms induced by the kisses on her neck were sending copious quantities of hot juices down to dampen that little triangle of cloth covering her pussy.

Squeezing her breasts, he responded, "The question is – What are you doing?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, turning in his arms to face him.

"What are you doing in this outfit? What have you got planned? Where's this leading?" He asked pushing himself up tight against her pelvic mound.

"I'm not really sure." She looked down avoiding his eyes. "I don't have a plan. I just thought I would go along like this and see what would happen."

Pulling her chin up to make her look at him again, he leaned even harder into her. Bending his head forward, he kissed her hard on the lips, while beginning to gently thrust his cock against her pelvic mound. She responded, kissing right back and thrusting her tongue into his mouth, while pushing out her own hips to increase the wonderful pressure down there. She was already hot from all the parading around and seeing their lusty and appreciative stares. This was only overpowering her last instinct of resistance, not that she had much to begin with. She was just about ready to lay down right here on the floor, spread her legs and beg him to fuck her. After a minute they broke and Dave said, "That's what happens. You get us guys all worked up, and it's not fair to tease."

"I'm not just teasing. Although, I'm just not sure I'm ready to take on four guys at once, but that hard thing between my thighs is beginning to convince me." She moaned and rose up on her tip toes to kiss him again. Breaking the kiss after about thirty seconds, she continued. "I promise that everyone will get off, just... maybe just not in me."

He bent his head down to kiss her again, but stopped short and said, "We better get these drinks fixed and get them in there before someone misses us. By the way, you sure have nice firm breasts; I can't wait to get them in my mouth."

"Thank you sir," she replied as she reached down and began massaging his cock through his shorts. "And you sir, have a nice firm cock and I can't wait to get it in my mouth." Looking up into his eyes with a teasing little smile, her eyes narrowing to small little slits, she dragged the tip of her tongue across her lips, pulled one hand up to the top button of her blouse and continued with, "So, why wait?"

She undid that button, the next and then a third. Pulling the material to one side, she fully exposed her left breast and said, "It's all yours."

Dave didn't hesitate for a second, quickly bending down; he sucked as much of her tit into his mouth as he could. His tongue began to flick back and forth across her nipple. Angel gasped and felt another deluge of moisture escape, soaking her thong even more. The sensations were terrific and immediately triggered the initial orgasmic feelings deep in the core of her being. She took in one deep breath after another, trying desperately to regain some sort of control. Pulling one hand from the front of his shorts, she reached around the back of his head and pulled him even tighter into her breast. She gasped and moaned a couple of more times, before welling up enough self will to push his head away, saying, "Enough.... Or we will never get back to the card game."

"Who cares?" Dave responded and dipped his head right back down to suck in her tit again.

She let him, but at least that quick little break was enough to restore her self-control. While he continued sucking her left breast he began to squeeze the other. She felt her control waning again and as a distracter asked, "You're awfully hungry there, for a guy that's supposedly partial to really big busted women."

Taking a breath, but without looking up, he answered, "Where did you get that impression?"

"Bill said your girl friend is a really big busted blonde bomb shell."

Raising his head, he said, "Oh, her. She's not really my girlfriend and I don't see her as often anymore. But she does have nice big tits – thirty-eight double D's. But they were soft and spongy, not nice and firm like yours," trying to make it sound like he obviously liked Angel's over his old girlfriend's. Actually he really missed being able to suck on those huge tits anytime he wanted, but he was also impressed and turned on by Angel's firmness He took his thumb and placed it at the bottom of her breast. He placed his index finger a couple of inches above her nipple and squeezed together, saying, "If I did this to her, I'd be able to easily squeeze until my thumb and finger almost touch. No substance, like a balloon full of water. Yours are much nicer. There's flesh here – something substantial to suck on." He lowered his head and sucked almost her whole tit back into his mouth again.

Bill walked into the kitchen and cleared his throat as he opened the refrigerator door and said very nonchalantly, as though nothing unusual was happening, "I was wondering what was taking so long on those drinks."

Dave jerked up and Angel quickly closed her blouse over her breasts and buttoned up again. Pulling his head out of the fridge with a coke in his hand, Bill strolled over to the glasses on the counter next to them and started to mix another bourbon and coke. He took a glass with cubes in it, poured a shot from the decanter and proposed, "Say, we were talking out there, that the game was just not the same without George." Then turning to face Dave, he continued, "We have come to the conclusion that the dynamics of the game just aren't the same without five players. So, if you don't have any objections, we thought we would ask Angel to sit in as the fifth player."

"Sounds great to me." Dave quickly agreed.

"Are you guys sure you want a woman playing poker with you?" Angel asked surprised.

"Sure, why not?" Bill quickly reaffirmed his offer. "I know you know how to play."

"Well, if it's okay with everyone else, I'd be more than glade to play," Angel didn't hesitate for a second. She knew the game and had even learned to deal Black Jack for several Knights of Columbus Las Vegas Nights.

"Good, then it is settled." Bill proclaimed, turning with his drink and heading back out to the porch. Over his shoulder he called back, "I'll make some excuses for you two, so you guys can finish what you were doing. Take your time and enjoy."

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