Strip Black Jack Ch. 01


Angel turned to finish making the rest of the drinks and Dave opened another bag of chips, pouring them into a bowl. When everything was ready and on the tray, Dave went to pick it up. As he did, Angel slipped in between him and the counter. Looking up into his face through the slits of her squinting eyes and with just the slightest little bit of a smile, she asked in a sexy whisper, "Can I get a sneak preview?" One hand went up around his neck and pulled his head to hers before he could even answer, while the other drifted down to play with him through the material of his shorts, finding only a semi-rigid cock.

As they broke away from the kiss, Dave not entirely sure of her meaning said, "Sure. What do you have in mind?"

Angel stepped away, pulling him around the corner of the counter and over to the kitchen table. Turning around to face him again she sat down on one of the chairs, pulled him closer. She inserted her thumbs into the elastic band of his shorts and started pulling them down, when she noticed a large dark circle about two inches in diameter on the front. "What's this?" she said pointing at the spot.

"That's the result of all of your teasing and the heat that teasing produces. Not the kind of heat that burns, but the kind that removes bras and panties." He quickly responded.

"Ummmm, I see." She purred with a smile and then said as she continued to lower his shorts. "In fact, I'm hoping to see a whole lot more of that – and not just this thin clear stuff, either. I want a whole lot of that thick, rich white stuff."

"Oh my God" she gasped, as she pulled the front of his shorts out, over and down, exposing the largest cock she had ever seen in the flesh, so to speak. "You're huge."

Dave had at least a ten inch cock, more than two inches longer than Bill's, which she thought was just about the perfect size for her. He was also nearly two inches in diameter. The head was shiny with a flange of thick skin that stuck out at least a quarter inch around the entire rim of the helmet. Veins pulsed and weaved prominently all across the muscled surface. Without the slightest hesitation Angel took the head into her mouth. Her lips immediately found that protruding flange and she began rolling her head from side to side in an attempt to work those sensitive edges, while her hand grasped the base of his cock and started stroking.

Dave moaned, placed his hands in her hair and began to thrust ever so slightly. Angel took the queue and while rotating her head, she simultaneously began bobbing her head so her lips rolled back and forth over those sensitive edges. She continued this for maybe a minute, while Dave's hands reached inside her blouse and played with her tits.

Dave then let go of one breast and reached down between her legs, his fingers finding the soaking wet material of her thong. His three middle fingers lightly ran the length of the small triangle, their outside edges sliding along the wet, already swollen lips that protruded around the sides of the fabric.

Angel jerked from the surprising and electric sensation, pulling her mouth off his cock and quickly standing up, pushing him back a step. In a slightly raised voice she said, "Sorry. I can't handle that just yet. Another ten seconds of that and we will never get back to that card game."

"You shouldn't tease like that." Dave immediately returned a little upset.

"I'm not teasing." She tried to explain. "I just know my limits. If I let you touch me down there like that in my current state of arousal... Well, I just can't let you... not yet.

"What about my current state of arousal – not fair to get a man all stirred up and then expect him to back off just like that." Dave protested, but his tone belied that he was not as angry as the words sounded.

"Be patient and I promise you, I'll finish that blow job or give you a really good fucking... maybe even both."

"Alright, but..." Before he could say anymore, Angel rose up on her toes and gave him a hard open mouthed kiss, there tongues fighting each other for another thirty seconds or so. Angel pulled away, turned to the tray, picked it up and handed it to Dave, saying, "Shall we join the others?"

"Reluctantly." Dave whispered, taking the tray.

"So what have you two been up to?" asked Rick as the two entered the porch.

"Yeah! We are just about parched, waiting for those drinks." chimed in Larry gruffly and then added, "As far as what they have been up to, I think that dark wet circle on Dave's shorts might be a clue."

They all ignored his comment as Angel again bent over deeply to pass out the drinks. They had brought in a fifth chair, placing it in between Larry and Dave. When she finished serving the drinks, she placed the tray against the door jam and moved behind Larry, running her hands over his shoulders and neck as she passed behind him and sat down.

Bill picked up the cards and dealt one card to each player face up, saying, "First Jack deals." He went around the table twice and on the third pass flipped a Jack at Angel.

She quickly took up the cards and shuffled professionally several times and placed the deck in front of Larry to cut. He split the deck and she picked up the halves and started to deal just as naturally as any one of the guys, saying, "Seven card stud, low hold card wild, last card down and dirty." Finishing three rounds around the table, the first two face down and the third face up, she turned to Larry and said, "King bets."

He checked, so did she and everyone else in sequence. She flipped a seven of hearts down on Dave's five of diamonds and said "Nothing there.... A possible flush," as she flipped another heart on Rick's. "A pair of nines." at Bill's hand. "And nothing," giving Larry a six to go with his King. "Pair of nines showing, bets." she announced.

Bill threw in a dime. Everyone else followed suit and drew a sigh of relief realizing that Angel knew what she was doing. Rick ended up with a straight flush and won that first deal.

During her second deal, she felt Dave's hand on the inside of her upper thigh. He slowly moved it up until it was only a hairs distance from her pussy. Every time she was about to announce the result of a dealt card, he lifted his little finger so it lightly dragged across the material covering her pussy, causing her to jerk, skip a word or squeal, "Seven of – ah – hearts, nothiiing!" she glared at Dave and he just smiled. "Jack of Dia – ah – monds... possible straight." She stopped announcing and just bit her lip trying to endure. "The straighhhht, bets!" as they all looked at her puzzled, except for Dave, who just kept grinning.

Dave leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Pay back is seven fold." She just ignored him, until the hand was over. To add insult to injury, Dave won the pot, but at least he had to remove his hand to rake in the chips.

They played for about an hour, Angel winning a couple of times to stay even. Dave reached over and teased her pussy every time she dealt. She had them deal her out twice so she could go replenish their drinks. Each time she returned she had unbuttoned her blouse another button, so by the time she sat down the second time, Larry could see her entire left breast, supported and provocatively pushed up by her red shelf bra; while Dave and Rick (if he leaned just a little to his right) could see her entire right. All three took advantage of the view.

By this time they were all ready for another break; everyone having to make a pit stop. As Angel headed for the kitchen to replenish their refreshments, Rick stood up and said, "I think I'll come along this time and help."

Angel put up her hand and said, "No thanks. It's not that I would mind your company. I just think it will go a lot faster if I just go alone. Then we can get right back to the game again."

Rick started to protest, but stopped when Bill put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

As Angel left, Bill got up and followed her into the kitchen instead. After she put the tray on the counter, Bill clasped her shoulder and gently turned her around into his arms. They held each other tight and kissed a long sensuous lover's kiss. Bill finally broke the kiss and pulling back just a little asked, "Are you having fun?"

"Oooh, yeah," she responded with a great big grin.

"How far are we going to go with this? Do you have a plan yet or are we still just waiting to see what happens?" he queried.

"Still not sure, but as I promised Dave earlier, I will get you all off before the evening is over." She assured.

"Are you ready to... to, basically get gang banged?" Bill's interrogation continued.

"Ummm..." Angel swooned, closing her eyes. "Now I hadn't thought about it that way, but I guess that is what it would be... if I let all you guys fuck me. I've fantasized about that many times. Always seems hot when you're dreaming about it, but in reality it's a little scary. I'm still not sure I'm ready for that. But I won't let any of your friends go home without some satisfaction. I promise I'll get everyone off at least once."

"And a plan?"

Angel grinned at him again as her eyes closed to little slits as she said, "Yes, I have an idea."


"I've got to deal the next hand when we get back out there... so not this hand, but the next time I deal... Well,... just watch. I want to surprise you too. Okay?" she teased.

"Sure. I just wanted to make sure you were still okay with all this." He tried to sound supportive, but it sounded more like concern.

"Are you okay with all this?" she asked, but before he could answer she clarified her question by asking, "I mean, if I decide to let you and your friends..." she paused, again squinting with just the touch of a smile... "gang bang me, are you okay with that too?"

"You know I am," Bill assured. "I'm for anything that will give you pleasure. Just remember our little code word. Just holler 'cat' if you get in a situation you are not comfortable with and I'll intervene."

"Don't worry..." she slapped his chest with both hands, "I can take care of myself."

"I know... I'm just saying, is all." They smiled at each other and then Bill changed the subject. "Listen, Rick is concerned about being unfaithful. If things get that far he would rather just... just.... He would be satisfied with just a blow job or hand job."

"Well, that's still being unfaithful," she grinned, "but that's okay, I understand. Let's get these drinks and snacks together before they are looking at your shorts for stains." She reached down, squeezed his balls and cock, turned and started working on the drinks.

After a few minutes they were all back at the table and ready to play some more. However, now she had to deal with Larry's hand on her thigh as well as Dave's; although she did like all the attention. Looking around the table it appeared that Bill and Dave were ahead a little and although Rick's and Angel's stacks of chips looked a little smaller, Larry was obviously loosing the most.

About 10:30 the deal came back around to Angel. Shuffling the cards, she announced, "Gentlemen, how about a little Black Jack?"

Both Bill and Rick nodded in agreement, Rick remarking, "Maybe that will change my luck." Dave gave off a little sigh indicating he wasn't too keen on the idea and Larry just came out and said, "I hate Black Jack, especially when we are playing poker. The dealer always wins, and it takes so damn long."

Angel unruffled, suggested as she began to deal, "Well, let's make this a little more interesting then.... How about we make this a game of Strip Black Jack?"

Everyone's eyes lit up instantly, except Larry's; who like always only saw the negative side of everything first and protested, "A lot of good that does us. You're the dealer. You'll never loose a stitch. Besides, what constitutes a need to take off an article of clothing?"

"Well, let's see." Angel thought, "Dealer has to take a card at 16 or less. If the dealer busts, then the dealer sheds an article of clothing."

"No jewelry – clothes only – blouse, skirt, underwear, shoes and socks only. Okay?" Larry interrupted.

"Why bother with shoes and socks, especially since most of you are wearing sandals." Angel sprang right back, very calmly, not to be outdone, "Let's just go with the basics; shirt, shorts and underwear."

"I would have thought you would have wanted to count each one of those separately, to keep your clothes on as long as possible." Larry speculated.

"You said it yourself, the dealer has the advantage. Do you think I want to postpone seeing one you loser's big cocks. Besides you've all had a decent view of most of my private parts all evening." Angel responded without hesitation, laughing. And everyone except Larry laughed with her.

"Now, each player that looses to the dealer, has to shed a garment." Angel continued.

Larry, ever the pessimist, continued to find problems, asking, "What happens when someone is naked and looses."

"Alright, when one of you loose to the house, then I will decide what you have to do. When I bust, then the high winner will decide what I must do." Angel looked around the table and got every ones nod of agreement, then continued, "Now when we are deciding what the person is going to do, let's start out slow, some little showing or touching and gradually increase a level at a time." Again she looked around for every ones agreement. "Now," she paused, then continued slowly, "The winner – when we are all done playing cards – gets to.... f-fuck me."

"Alright, let's play!" shouted Rick.

But Larry had to ask, "How do we now who the winner is?"

"Well, let's cash out some of our chips so we only have ten dollars each. Obviously when we get to the end of this game we won't be playing any more cards tonight, so we won't need them after this game is over. When we are done and have taken the dares as far as we can without going all the way, we'll count our chips. The one with the most is the winner. How does that sound?" Angel suggested.

Everyone was fine with that, of course except Larry, "What if you have the most chips?"

"Then I get to choose who fucks me." She said without hesitation or any embarrassment.

"And what do the rest of us do, just go home and beat off." Larry sounded a little more irritated.

"Yeah, are you saying that after you've teased us all evening, we're not all going to get laid tonight." Rick protested also.

Angel put up her hands to have them stop, "I haven't been trying to tease you all night. I just wanted to provide all of you with a little pleasure. However, tonight at least, only one of you is going to get laid. I'm just not into getting gang banged, at least not tonight. I promise though that I'll suck off each of you before you go home." She looked around and saw nothing but awe on all their faces that slowly turned to smiles, as she asked, "Gentlemen, shall we play Strip Black Jack?"

They all nodded or agreed and she began to deal. After the guys all took their hits or stayed, she had fifteen showing and had to take the hit. She flipped down a Queen and busted. The guys hooted and hollered, including Bill.

Angel slowly pushed back her chair and standing up, she leisurely unfasten and unzipped her skirt. Once it was loose, she turned her back to them, shook her hips and let it fall to the floor. She then bent over and pulled the skirt off her ankles and tossed it over towards the couch. Her ass was completely exposed as the string from he thong was hidden deep it the crack. She looked so provocative with those black mesh stockings covering her shapely legs and held up so high on her thighs by that red garter belt.

Placing her hands on her ankles, she wiggled her ass a couple of times and slowly dragged her hands up the insides of her legs as she straightened up. Turning back towards the table, it was easy to see that the little red triangle that barely covering her pussy was totally soaked. Before sitting down she looked around the table and was pleased to see large bulges pushing out the fronts of all their shorts.

Angel sat down, collecting the cards off the table, making a pile of the used ones and setting them aside. With the remaining deck she dealt again. In this hand, she dealt herself a King and a nine. Everyone else fell short or busted, except Larry who black jacked.

Bill, Rick and Dave all reached down almost in unison and pulled their shirts over their heads.

The moment Dave's eyes were covered by his shirt, Angel reached over and ran her hands all over his chest and six pack, admiringly, "Ummm, that feels so nice and firm. I hope you have another part of you that is this hard."

"You already know it is." He let on in a voice a little louder than a whisper. "And you liked it too."

The rest of them laughed and responded with, "I knew you two were up to something earlier.

Angel slapped his bare chest with both hands, pushing him back in his seat, as she turned back in hers and picked up the cards. As soon as everyone settled down, Angel dealt again, giving herself two face cards. Everyone this time fell short or busted. Larry pulled his shirt off, while Rick and Bill stood up to take off their shorts. Rick had a pair of boxers and the end of his hard cock protruded out through the opening, until he quickly shoved it back under the material.

"You don't have to put him away." Angel said to Rick. "I don't mind at all."

Bill stood there proud in a red thong of his own, which covered a lot more than Angel's, however the tip of his cock still showed above the elastic band.

Dave remained seated as he worked his shorts off, for as Angel already knew he wasn't wearing any underwear. He sat there naked except for his sandals.

"Come on Dave, don't be shy. Stand up like the others and show off that big cock of yours." Angel chided.

"I need to loose another hand before you can start telling me what I have to do." He responded with a laugh.

On the next hand she stayed with fifteen. They all beat her except for Bill who busted. He stood up, pulled off his boxers hastily without any ceremony and quickly sat down. As soon as his cock appeared, a good hard eight inches of fairly think meat, Angel licked her lips and cooed, "Ummm... that looks good enough to eat."

"And I bet you have." Dave teased.

"You know it." Angel responded, not the least bit effected by his crudeness.

"I'd also bet you enjoyed every minute of it."

"Oh, yeah! Many times and hope to again tonight." Angel came right back and started to deal another hand.

"Wait a second there, sweet thing." Larry interrupted. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Angel looked at him with a puzzled glare, then responded, "I don't know what that might be."

"The rest of us all beat you. You need to take something off." He demanded.

"No, the rule was that if the dealer busted, then she needed to take something off." Angel protested.

"Then just like I said, the dealer has an unfair advantage. We'll never see you naked at this rate." He argued back.

"Alright, alright." She gave in standing up, waving her hands in the air, "The new rule is, if three of you beat the dealer then the dealer takes something off, as well as the other loser. Does that satisfy you?"

"Sounds much better, thank you." Larry agreed smiling.

With that, she surprised them all again, by turning her back to them and slowly inching her thong off her hips and down her legs. This time as she bent over to take it off her ankles and throw it over with her skirt, she reached up between her legs, stretched out her middle finger, placing it just below her ass hole and slowly drew it from there through her pussy. As she turned around she brought the finger to her lips, closed her eyes and sucked in the finger as she moaned with pleasure. The guys hooted and hollered their encouragement the whole time, "That's it baby!" "Give us a good show!" "You're lookin' hot, sweetie."

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