STRIP Ch. 02


Penny glared at her brother, her fists at her waist. "And how would she know?"

Rod had broken through in his conversation with Penny. Lying now would ruin the progress they'd made. "Dad had her do some stuff with me. You know, to coach me on what I'll be doing with female classmates."

"Oh my God! Mom touched you?"

"Uh huh. And put her mouth on it."

"Shit! Mom gave you a blowjob! And Dad set this up?"

"Yep. Told me I needed to be prepared for when I had to do it at school."

Penny sat back on her haunches, her thighs apart. "That's amazing!"

"Yes, it was!" Rod's cock waved back and forth. "So, are we going to, you know, get our rocks off?"

"Okay. You just stay over there." Penny unbuttoned her pajama top and slid it off. Her breasts were round and full, with perky nipples.

"Damn, sis! Your tits! They're huge!"

"Not really. Did you see Mom's breasts?"

Rod had done a lot more than look. He'd sucked them and gotten Mom so revved up that she invited him to fuck her. "Oh, yeah, she pulled up her top so I could see what they looked like."

Penny cupped hers, as if to offer them to her brother. "Well, in comparison, mine probably seem a lot bigger."

Rod finally put his hand on his cock. "Oh yeah! A lot bigger. How do they feel?" Rod stood up.

"Stay back. You promised." Penny stared at Rod's erection. "God, does that hurt?"

"Nope, it feels good." Rod laid down on his side, one knee raised, facing his sister. As he stroked his cock, his hips humped.

Penny slipped her panties off and then took the corresponding position, facing her brother. One hand supported her head, the other probed her pussy with the plastic penis. "Oh God, I never thought I'd be doing this in front of anybody."

Rod couldn't see her pussy, only the in and out movement in the vicinity of her crotch. "You are so hot!"

Penny laid back and plunged the plastic penis with both hands, slow, deep strokes. Her breasts heaved with each insertion. She kept her head turned, watching Rod's masturbation. "Mmmmm. Your cock is amazing, big brother."

"I'm pretending that I'm inside you, that we're having sex." Rod tried to match his strokes with Penny's pace. Why wasn't she speeding up? Sex with Mom was best when they humped furiously.

"Would you want to do that? With me?"

"Oh yes, more than anything! You're incredibly sexy." Rod stopped stroking. "But I promised Mom I'd never do that."

Penny kept plunging. "That was a smart thing for Mom to say. Oh God, this is going to be one of the best orgasms I've ever had."

Rod's frustration grew. A beautiful woman was fucking herself a few feet away, and he was forced to keep his distance. But there was no moat, no electrified fence. Rod leapt from his bed and plopped down next to Penny.

"What are you doing? You promised!" Penny's hands went to Rod's chest, to push him away.

Rod laid down next to his sister, took hold of the plastic penis and drilled his sister, with fast and furious attacks. He could hear her juices foaming. "You were playing with yourself, but you weren't fucking." He repositioned his hand on the plastic penis and drove it home, his fingertips grazing Penny's labia. "This is fucking."

Penny's hips bounced on the bed. "Oh shit! You're fucking me! Oh Rod!" She grabbed at his cock. "Your penis is so hot. Oh, soft and hard at the same time." Her fingers caressed the real-life version of her toy. "It feels so good! Don't stop!"

"Let's try to cum together. That would be awesome." Rod lifted his free hand and placed it on one of Penny's breasts. The nipple was hard against his palm. He rotated his hand, lightly grabbing at the fleshy mass.

"Who said you could touch my tits?" Penny tugged at Rod's cock and leaned closer. "Be gentle." Their lips touched. Then her lips opened.

Rod startled when Penny's tongue touched his. It was like she was fucking him with her tongue while he assaulted her pussy with the plastic penis. He gasped for air. "Wow, you're a great kisser!"

"And you're a great fuck. Oh God. I'm gonna- I'm gonna-"

Rod pushed his cock against Penny's loose fists, the head thumping the ridges of her fingers. "Me too!"

Rod felt strong resistance as Penny clamped down on the plastic penis, her hips elevated, her face red. Penny pounded Rod's prick with forceful slides. His hips jerked against the exquisite friction. With one last thrust, sperm shot from his cock onto Penny's belly.

"Oh Rod! That was awesome! I've never felt so good." She toyed with the goop on her belly. "Wow, its warm."

"It was great for me too. God, you're so hot!" He bent down and sucked at one of Penny's nipples.

Penny pushed his shoulders back. "Whoa, boy. We've done enough for one night. I've got to get cleaned up, and we both need to get some sleep. Big day tomorrow." Rod got out of the way. Penny opened their door a crack and peeked through. "Coast is clear." Naked, she skittered across the hall to the bathroom.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dick leaned away from his kids' bedroom door. His cock was hard, from lack of sex and the show he'd overheard. "Shit, what have I done?" he thought. "Cassi got Rod all juiced up about sex, and he ends up fucking his sister." The voices inside the room went silent. Dick heard footsteps. He staggered down the hall, through his bedroom to the master bathroom. It only took a few strokes and Dick's jizz splattered into the toilet bowl. Confused and exhausted, he slipped under the covers and curled up. He needed to focus on his new project, not sex.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cassi woke up early, ready for sex. Dick was still sound asleep, so she washed up and dressed in a thin blouse with no bra, a pleated skirt that would make access easy, and her red silk panties, Dick's favorite, a gift from a previous Valentine's Day. She went downstairs to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast, which she hoped would get cold while Dick fucked her. They'd done it once on the kitchen island, but that was when the kids were away at camp.

Footsteps on the stairs were too light to be Dick. Cassi expected that Rod had left for school earlier, anxious for his first day of STRIP activities. Penny turned the corner. "Hi, sweetheart. Want some breakfast?" Cassi asked. She hoped Penny would refuse so she and Dick could be alone.

Penny was alert and glowing. She grabbed a piece of toast from a plate. "No time. Regionals are next week and we suck, so we're practicing extra. I'll be home late." She vanished through the front door.

Cassi breathed a sigh of relief. Dick's footsteps were unmistakable, plodding like horses down the stairs. He swiveled his head like a lighthouse beacon. "Have you seen my briefcase?"

"Next to the back door, where you left it yesterday. Do you have a few minutes?" Cassi moved directly in front of Dick and put one arm around him. She puckered, ready to deliver a kiss that would curl Dick's toes.

"Yes, and I have something alarming to tell you. Last night, Rod and Penny had sex!"

Cassi pulled her face back but kept her body in contact with her husband. "That's impossible. Rod promised not to."

"Not based on what I heard." Dick pulled free, grabbed a piece of toast and took a bite. His eyebrows dipped. "How did that come up with Rod, in the first place? I mean, why would Rod say that?"

Cassi groped for an explanation that didn't include swapping sex with her for that promise. "When I coached him, he got really horny. I told him he had to follow the rules of the program, but that didn't mean he could violate the rules here at home."

Dick nodded. "Good advice! Listen, my big opportunity starts today." Dick gulped orange juice from a glass on the counter. "I told you about the new client, right? If I pull this off, I'll get a promotion for sure."

Cassi wanted Dick to pull off her clothes and ravage her, but he was completely distracted. She could have been naked and he wouldn't have noticed. Cassi turned her attention to Dick's claim. "Just what did you hear last night?"

"Ask Rod yourself. He's upstairs, getting ready for school."

"You mean he's still here?" No way Dick would have had spontaneous sex with Rod around.

"Yes, and I've got to go. See you whenever." Dick tossed the remnants of the piece of toast on the counter and left through the garage.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rod looked in the full length mirror, trying to decide if the jeans and t-shirt he picked were right for the first day of STRIP. Then it dawned on him - he'd be taking his clothes off, so what did it matter?

Rod was still smiling when his mother burst into the room. God, she was dressed like a hottie. Her nipples played peek-a-boo through the sheer blouse, and the short pleated skirt showed off the length of her toned legs. It was almost as short as Penny's cheerleader skirts.

Cassi raised her hand, as if she was preparing to slap her son. Rod shut his eyes and winced, preparing for the impact.

Instead, he heard whimpering. When he opened his eyes, his mother was weeping, her face in her hands. "It's all my fault. I never should have gone that far. You couldn't help yourself, could you?"

Rod stepped forward and put his arms around his mother to comfort her. "What's the matter, Mom? Help myself to what?"

Her face was buried against his shoulder. "Your father told me he heard you and Penny, having sex last night. That was so wrong! And I trusted you."

Rod pulled his mother back so he could see her face. "We didn't. I mean, we played around some, but nothing like you and I did. I helped her use a plastic penis, and she gave me a hand job. But I didn't go down on her, she didn't suck me, and we certainly didn't do the big thing." He wiped tear tracks from her cheek with the tip of his finger. Just thinking about what he and his mother had done got him erect.

"Penny has a dildo?" Cassi stared at Rod. "You didn't, did you? Oh thank God!" She hugged her son, full body contact.

Rod held her close, pressing her against him. One hand slipped low, grasping one buttock. "Mom, all of the STRIP folks are meeting together in about an hour. And because of your help, I know I'm going to be successful." She startled a bit when he kissed her, but didn't complain. It was a warm kiss that escalated to a passionate one. "I'm going to follow the rules, just like the brochure says. No sex with other students. But you're right, I'm really horny. Maybe you could coach me a little, before I leave?" He fondled both buttocks.

"I told you, that was a one time thing." Cassi pushed away and turned her back on her son. But Rod was quick, and closed his arms around his mother's waist before she could escape. He pulled her against him, his erection making a dent in her skirt. One hand snaked upwards, cupping his mother's small breast. Her pointy nipple gave her away. She was as turned on as he was. "Rod, please don't."

"Are you sure?" His other hand slid down, past her belly, up her thigh. Her panties were smooth and slippery, not like the cotton bikinis she'd worn the last time. He slipped a finger inside. Bingo! She was wet! "It feels like you want to."

"What I wanted was to have sex with your father. We haven't made love in three days. I wore this blouse and skirt, even the red Valentine's Day panties he bought for me. But no, he was in a hurry to get to work. His big project!"

His mother was ready for sex, and so was he. "I'm not in any hurry. And I have a big projectile that I know would satisfy you. You're so wet, you're going to ruin those panties." Rod tugged at the material, slipping them down over one hip. "Come on, you don't want to stain them, do you?"

Cassi reached under her skirt and slid the shiny red briefs down her legs. Meanwhile, Rod unzipped his pants and pulled his erection out. As the panties reached her ankles, Rod pulled up the back of her skirt and moved forward, aiming his cock at the gap between her thighs. "Rod! What are you doing?"

"It's small compensation, compared to what you gave up to prepare me for today."

"Your penis is no small thing. God knows, it felt even better than your father, but you can never tell him. What am I saying?"

"Only you get me this excited." It was a fib, because Penny had gotten Rod just as worked up, maybe more. Rod sawed his cock back and forth. He felt his mother's moisture painting the length of his cock. "This is a win-win. We can satisfy each other. And this can be the last time, if you want."

"Oh God help me, but I want. I want you to fuck me." Cassi knelt on Penny's bed, on all fours, her thighs spread. "Come on, before I change my mind. Fill me with your big cock."

Rod took up his position, lined his penis up with his mother's pussy and slammed it in.

"Ooooh God! You like it rough, don't you? Well, so do I! Don't stop now, big talker."

Rod pulled almost all the way out and then thrust his whole length in again, repeating the onslaught. "God, sex is so good. If we weren't doing this, I don't know if I'd have the willpower to keep from fucking my classmates."

"Don't you dare. STRIP is all foreplay, the part we just skipped. If the urge for sex becomes too much, then come to Mommy."

"You mean, we can do this again?" Rod's balls had risen. He was going to deliver a load inside his Mom. And this wouldn't be the last time. Rod felt relief that he wouldn't have to break the STRIP rules. He could just come home and cum in his mother. Assuming his father and sister weren't around.

"Yes, oh yes. You can always use me for relief. Why, I'll be protecting your female classmates. This is a public service I'm performing. Oh Rod, hurry! You can't be late for your first day of STRIP."

"Then I'd better- oh- ugggg- oh, I'm- ugggg" With a spasm of his hips, Rod shot his load. Because his mother had reminded him not to be late, he pulled out quickly. Sperm dripped from his mother's cunt onto Penny's sheets. "Oops, we made a mess."

Cassi looked between her legs at the wet spot. "That's all right. I'll just throw Penny's sheets in my next wash load. Now clean your self off and get to school."

Rod ran to the bathroom, cock at half-mast. His mother had taken the edge off. He'd still get an erection from seeing and touching his female counterparts. That would be expected. But maybe his urge to fuck them would be a bit less.

* * * * * * * * * *

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