STRIP Ch. 07


A part of Dick, the part between his legs, was willing and able, but his mind kept him seated, an observer. "It's wrong, baby. So wrong."

Penny changed the tempo to long strokes and a bunch of short ones. One hand wielded the dildo while the other rubbed across her pussy, stimulating her clit. "Oh God. Oh God. I'm so close. Touch me, Daddy. Put me over."

Dick grasped Rod's blanket and sheets in both hands, preventing him from crossing the room and exploring his daughter's naked body.

"Ahhhhhh!" Penny crossed her thighs around the dildo, continuing her onslaught.

Dick couldn't stand it, stood and stormed out of the room. Would his lack of action ruin his daughter's life? Helping Rod messed up Cassi really bad. Was there any reasonable course of action? Fucking Bethany and Sandy were hardly reasonable, but they served logical purposes. Bethany had become a much better STRIP participant, and Sandy gave Dick a Cassi-authorized sex partner. At least, Sandy claimed she was authorized, and Dick hadn't complained.

On his way down the stairs, Dick heard Penny's orgasmic wail, not unlike the sound he'd heard the previous night. Did she cry, "Daddy!'? He made his way to the futon and sat, hands clasped. What was he going to do now, that he'd been successful in avoiding sex with his daughter? And what would she do? Penny was a willful young lady. Who could predict-

Penny stumbled down the stairs, dressed in top and skirt, grabbed a coat from the hall closet and burst out the front door, slamming it behind her. The door opened a moment later as Rod came through. "Why did Penny call you names? Did you do something?"

"I did nothing, which was worse in her opinion." Dick thought about sex, and then about Bridget and their pretend fucking. He needed to clear the air with her, make sure things were okay, or they'd forever be walking on eggs at the office. "Come on, you're going with me."

Rod waved his arms. "But I have homework and -"

"That can wait. I need you as a witness." Dick grabbed his son's elbow and practically dragged him towards the door.

"For what? What are you going to do?"

"You'll see." Dick opened the door to the garage. "Get in."

Rod went around to the other side of Dick's car. "Sounds mysterious, but okay."

Dick drove at unreasonable speeds towards his office, to the rental building just down the block where his company had provided apartments for Gwen and Bridget.

* * * * * * * * * *

Outside the warehouse-turned-apartment building, Dick took a slip of paper from his pocket, listing the addresses and phone numbers of the project team. Bridget's phone number, her cell, was near the top, just below his. Dick pondered being on top of Bridget. His cock pulsed. Shit, thoughts like that will only get me in trouble. He dialed her number.


"Hi, it's Dick. You busy?"

"Why, no! What do you have in mind?"

"Can I come up?"

"You're here? I'm not dressed for company. The place is a mess. I don't have anything in the fridge-"

"Don't worry. We'll be up in a minute."

Dick hung up before Bridget could react to 'we' instead of 'I'.

The elevator took them to seven. Dick led the way to 713. "Now just stay close and keep your mouth shut. No matter what you hear. Got it?" Dick punched his son's shoulder gently.

"Got it."

Dick knocked and Bridget opened the door. "Hi." Her head ping-ponged from face to face. "Hello. Who's this? Don't tell me - your son?"

"Right. Bridget, this is Rod."

She sported a puzzled expression but extended her hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Rod, this is Bridget. She's a consultant working with me."

Rod shook her hand, his face in shock.

"Come on in." Bridget's breasts bounced around under her grey sweatshirt as she turned to lead them in.

How had she been dressed when Dick called? He tried not to think about the feel of her body. "I came to apologize for earlier. I got carried away."

Bridget's buttock's swayed in the sweatpants. "I'm the one who unzipped you and forced your hand into my sweater."

Rod muttered, "Oh man!"

Bridget turned around, her face red. "Sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said that." Her lips formed a twisted smile. Was this some kind of payback?

Dick stared daggers at his son. "Gwen and I had a chat. She's not going to mention what she saw-"

"Or what her fertile imagination made up." Bridget stood next to an oversized window, a remaining artifact from the original warehouse design.

"In either case, we're clear as long as we behave."

Bridget walked up to Dick and pressed her body against his. "But I don't want to behave. I know you find me attractive. And I'm over a thousand miles from my fiancee. We're both adults and horny." She glanced at Rod, who stood silent. "Your son knows what I mean."

"Leave Rod out of this. Yes I find you sexually appealing, but I don't have sex with every attractive woman I meet." Just Bethany and Sandy, thought Dick.

Bridget backed off and folded her arms. "Did you bring sonny boy here for some sex ed or as a chaperone?"

"The latter, to keep an eye on me. I really need to get my act together." Dick paced back and forth. "My wife walked out after an unfortunate set of circumstances, partially my fault. If you and I had sex, it would further complicate an already messy family situation. And don't think it wouldn't affect our careers as well."

Bridget flailed her arms. "So what am I supposed to do? Pick up strangers on the street for one-nighters? Or lay off sex and sublimate with food? Given how strong my sexual needs are, I'd eat myself out of my wardrobe. Knowing Brandon, he'll call off our engagement if I come back pudgy."

Rod tapped his father on the shoulder. "Uh Dad? I could have sex with Bridget."

Bridget threw back her head and laughed. "You've got to be kidding! No offense kid."

"Hang on," said Dick. "Maybe that's not such a crazy idea. Rod isn't married and his school has a very advanced sex ed program."

Dick backed away, letting Rod step close to Bridget. "Can I kiss you?"

Bridget looked at Dick's face before answering. "Sure. Give it your best shot."

Dick watched his son go to work on his work colleague. In moments, her arms surrounded Rod, her small body pressed against him.

They broke off to breathe. Bridget's eyes were wide. "Wow! Brandon doesn't kiss that good."

Rod slid a hand up her sweatshirt. "No bra?"

"I was in my undies when your father called. I took them off and threw on these sweats so I could get naked quickly. What are you doing now?"

Rod's hand roamed Bridget's chest. "You've got hard nipples. Just like my sister."

"You've touched your sister's breasts? Dick, what kind of family do you have?"

"A sexual one, that's for sure."

Rod slid his hand down, out of her top into her pants.

"Oh god. Are you trying to get me off with your fingers?" She pulled his hand out. "Come with me." Bridget led Rod to the bedroom. She reached between his legs. "Mmmm, feels like father like son."

Rod didn't hesitate. He tossed off his shirt and slipped out of his pants. Bridget joined him, pulling the sweatshirt over her head. God what round breasts she had. Rod was right. Her nipples were pointy and hard like his daughters. Rod tugged her sweatpants off. Her pussy was clean-shaven, and she had a small pubic rise above her cunt. She laid back on the bed and beckoned Rod to join her. He climbed between her thighs. Dick couldn't see penetration but he heard Bridget react when Rod's cock entered. "Oohhhhhhh. You're so hard."

"It's easy get an erection when I'm with a beautiful woman like you."

Dick was jealous. He would have preferred fucking Bridget himself, but he knew where that would lead. Surreptitious meetings in equipment rooms or closets. Stealthy sexual glances shared at meetings. Gwen dismissing Bridget and ratting him out to his management. Nope, this was antagonizing but better in the long run. When you're in a hole, stop digging. Sex with Bridget was a backhoe.

Bridget smothered Rod with kisses. Her hands roamed his back and his ass. Rod rocked back and forth. Each lunge caused an audible response from Bridget, interrupting their kissing. Her legs tried to wrap around his thighs but they were too short to reach. Rod leaned up on his arms, licked and sucked her nipples without missing a stroke.

"That's right, little man, nurse on me. You're a great student. God, this could be the best fuck I've ever had!"

"So you'd give me an A?"

"Fuckin' A!" she cried.

Bridget tilted her hips with each plunge. "Oh you beautiful man. Fuck me. Keep fucking me. Font stop fucking meeeee-"

Rod leaned forward. He was cuming, spraying inside her pussy. They held that position for what seemed to be a long time. Then Rod rolled off but laid beside her. They both panted to catch their breath. Rod's cock was slippery wet with traces of cum. Bridget's labia were spread with a trickle of semen leaking out.

"Enjoy the show daddy?" Bridget asked.

Dick folded his arms. "The question is did you enjoy it?"

"Are you blind and deaf?" She rolled to her side and kissed Rod's cheek. "He was awesome." She bent one leg, her exercised pussy on display.

"So were you." Rod turned his head towards Bridget. "Much better than-

His son was about to spill the beans about sex with his wife and daughter. "Rod, you don't have to share our dirty laundry-"

Bridget gave Dick another puzzled look, and then asked her lover, "You were about to say?"

Rod shot his Dad a glance. "Oh yeah, we're all so juicy, we have to change the sheets after sex."

"All? You mean, you all have sex with each other?" Bridget sat up on her haunches.

"No." Dick had been successful in avoiding Penny. "You've heard more than enough about my family."

Bridget patted Rod's thigh. "So can you come over once in a while, sonny?" She tickled his stomach with her fingertips.

Rod was nodding until Dick spoke up. "You must be kidding!"

"Hell no. For sex like this, I'd even pay."

"My son is no male hooker." Dick was trying to be nice.

"I know men. You played hard-to-get and succeeded. Your son was just playing hard, and he did that to perfection."

Given Cassi's reaction to sex with her son, he was curious about Bridget's attitude. "So, how do you feel? I mean, having sex with Rod while being engaged and all?"

"Fine. Brandon and I have an arrangement. Since I travel so much, we're allowed a limited number of 'extracurricular experiments.' I'm counting Rod here as one, but I'm under my limit. If Gwen hadn't shown up, you would have fucked me right there in the observation room, and that would have made two. Still under my limit, by the way."

"That's a really liberated attitude. But if I'd fucked you, I wouldn't have brought Rod along on this visit. Besides, we were just simulating remember?"

"There's nothing like the real thing." She leaned over Rod's torso and licked his semi-erect penis. It began to inflate.

"Are you still horny?" Rod asked.

Bridget sucked the head of his cock. "Mmmfffff."

Rod pulled Bridget off his cock. "Get on your hands and knees. We practiced this in class."

"In class?" Bridget assumed the position. "What kind of school are you going to?"

Rod got behind her and slipped his penis into Bridget's wet and open cunt. "I'm in a special program."

"For young men with talented cocks, I suppose." Bridget pushed back, assisting in the rocking motion. "I never practiced sex in schooooooo-"

"Dad, you have to feel her tits." Rod had both of Bridget's breasts in his hands. His fingers groping their mass. "She's so firm. Firmer than Bethany."

Dick reluctantly came around in front of his coworker. He'd already touched one breast but while she wore a bra. He palmed the one Rod released. "Yes, you're right." Dick made sure her nipple rubbed across his palm.

"Who's Bethany?" Bridget was moving faster, thumping her ass against Rod's abs.

"My girlfriend."

"And how do you know what Bethany's breasts feel like, Dick?"

Dick stuttered.

Rod spoke up. "Dad and Bethany are having sex. I figured he'd touched them at least once."

"You're fucking you son's girlfriend?" Bridget's fucking motions got more exaggerated.

It seemed that talking about sex was getting Bridget even more excited. "It's complicated."

"And you lectured me about sex outside a relationship? Talk about the potbelly calling the kettle black."

"It makes sense, really, since I can't," Rod explained. "Dad takes care of her for me."

"Well, I'm a witness that you certainly can. God, you're doing a great job, please don't stop."

"We're not talking ability." Dick's cock was hard as a rock. "There are rules about student behavior. Rod can't fuck a classmate."

"Good thing I'm no longer in school. God, you're terrific."

Rod humped hard. "Thanks. You're pretty good yourself." Sweat from Rod's chest sprayed Bridget's back.

Dick was still standing in front of the coupled couple. He'd never watched another couple fucking. Bridget pawed at Dick's crotch bulge. With deft fingers, she unzipped his pants. "All of this is making you hot, right?"

Dick didn't have to answer. His erection spoke volumes. Bridget opened her mouth inhaled his cock. Her tongue wagged around. Dick's hips moved gently. He didn't want to choke her, and he couldn't predict how she'd take to a throat fuck. Until she tilted her head and retracted her tinsels. His cock went deeper. She snorted breaths from her nose like a hose at a gallop. Rod was riding her from behind, Dick from in front. She pulled back her head. "You guys ever double team a woman before?"

"Un ugh. This is our first." Rod reared his head back, gasping for breath.

"Well then, I'm honored. Maybe you can cum at the same time. Wouldn't that be special?"

She put Dick's cock back in her mouth and opened her throat for the front attack. She brought a hand up behind Dick's scrotum and tickled, just behind his balls.

They contracted at her touch. He was going to shoot off, and soon, but had no sense of Rod's level of stimulation. "The hell with it. Dick pressed hard and spurted down Bridget's throat. He withdrew so she could take a breath and swallow and not choke.

"Oh God. This is so hot! I took you for an active guy the first time I met you. Like they say, father knows best. Oh, shit! And sonny boy knows even better!"

Rod's hands squeezed Bridget's tits hard as he pushed as far forward as he could. He growled and shook. He'd cum again, this one hard fought. Rod fell to the side, exhausted. Bridget fell face forward, her body completely relaxed.

Dick waited for them to recover. How would he ever keep them apart, after what they'd experienced with each other? It was like him and Bethany. He couldn't stay away.

Bridget rolled to the side and sat up. "That was awesome. Really."

Dick frowned. He'd hooked his son up with a woman with as extreme a desire for sex as himself. And, a co-worker to boot.

Bridget fetched her sweats and got dressed. That was the clue for Rod to do the same. Dick merely zipped up.

Bridget put her hand on Dick's shoulder. "You won't have to worry about any repeat performances. I'll put in my request for a transfer on Monday."

"You'd do that?" asked Dick.

"Aw, shit." Rod banged the mattress with his hand.

"Now, sonny, there are plenty of young women who'd die for a chance at that prick of yours. No, this is the right time for me to leave. I was going to do it sooner rather than later anyway. Gwen sees me as highly competent, an up and come-er." She wiped a dab of jizz from her lip. "And therefore as competition. She'll be happy to reassign me." Bridget smiled at Rod like a stuffed animal.

Bridget had been stuffed by both of us, and an animal in bed. "But how will the project go on without you?"

"My strengths are planning, strategy and design. Your company will want someone with implementation and testing creeds for the next phase. Why, they might take you off the project too, now that the design is done. Kind of like losing your baby."

Dick thought about how grown up Rod and Penny had become. Self-assured, physically mature, and sexually active. Dick was losing his two babies. I need Cassi back, to complete me, he thought.

* * * * * * * * * *

### An Original H M Tale ###

Dick has avoided his daughter Penny, so far. And, he barely escaped his co-worker Bridget. Rod got the privilege. But where did Penny go? And will Cassi ever come home?

Send me an email and give me feedback.

Copyright (c) 2010, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved.

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