tagMatureSTRIP Ch. 08

STRIP Ch. 08


Chapter Eight -- CrossOver


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Chapter Eight of a multi-part Naked In School story. The characters:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

Bethany Chaudri: Penny's best friend, hot for Rod

Sandy: Cassi's best friend

Venka Chaudri: Bethany's father

Indira Chaudri: Bethany's mother

In Chapter Seven, Dick had a close call with consultant co-worker Bridget, who simulated sex while watching a test of his database algorithm. Then at home, Dick watched in awe, unwilling to participate, as Penny got herself to orgasm with a dildo. Afterwards, she ran out of the house, fuming. Anxious to clear things up with Bridget but wanting a witness, Dick dragged Rod along to Bridget's apartment, where she professed to be horny, away from her fiancŽe for weeks at a time. Rod substituted for reluctant Dad, much to Bridget's pleasure, although she did give Dick a blowjob while fucking Rod for a second time.

This chapter picks up after Chapter Seven, following Penny after she left her house in humiliation. The first major scene follows Penny. The second scene stays with Dick.

To carry the story foreword with strong emotion, I change the Point Of View (POV) character in different scenes. A scene divider indicates scene changes and possible POV changes as well.

* * * * * * * * * *

Just as Penny leaned on the doorbell of Bethany's house, the door opened. Bethany and her mother seemed to be leaving.

"Pen, what are you doing here?"

Penny hugged her best friend tight, holding back tears. "Oh Bet, Dad and I had a fight. A big one. I was hoping I could spend some time at your place. Maybe even sleeping over?"

Mrs. Chaudri patted Penny's back. "Of course, child. You did the same for Bethany when she and her father had words."

Bethany, still in the embrace, leaned her head back, to face her best friend. "Why don't you come with us? ÊThere's a new outlet mall and Father says we've got carte blanche to buy me a new wardrobe. A conservative one, naturally."

Mrs. Chaudri nodded, one of those parental acknowledgement nods. "It is part of their compromise."

Penny's eyes were downcast. Mrs. Chaudri would probably let her piggyback on Mr. Chaudri 's generosity and buy some new clothes as well, unconstrained by the conservative edict. Somehow, that wasn't a pleasant idea, after Penny's failed seduction of her father. "I don't feel much like shopping."

"Must have been a bad fight. Why don't you hang here until we get back? It shouldn't be too long. How many long skirts do you think they'll have on the racks anyway?" Bethany smiled.


The mother and daughter shut the door behind them. Penny hung her coat in the foyer closet. She took a moment to observe the spacious interior. Usually she and Bethany would bolt upstairs to her bedroom suite, consisting of two connected rooms. One had a bed and dressers, plus a walk-in closet almost the size of Penny's and Rod's room. The second room was a study, with a huge desk and bookcases that filled one wall.

Instead, Penny gave herself a tour, wandering from room to room. There seemed to be a separate room for every function: an audio/video room with a television set the size of a wall, a library room filled floor to ceiling with wood shelves containing leather-bound books, and a glass atrium with a ceramic tile floor filled with potted plants.

The whistle of a kettle got Penny's attention. She walked through a vestibule into the kitchen. Someone had put up a porcelain red teakettle. Almost on cue, Bethany's father walked in. As soon as he saw her, he looked away. "Oh, Penelope."

She hated her official name. "Hey, Mr. Chaudri."

He stared down at the kettle and a large brown mug with a curvy body. "My daughter has gone shopping with my wife. You must have missed them."

"Nope. I saw them leave. I just need a place to chill."

Mr. Chaudri raised his eyes to the ceiling. "Oh, is the house too warm for you? ÊI can adjust the thermostat down."

"It's just an expression. Someplace to hang, away from my family."

"My, my. I am sorry to hear that. Oh yes. Well, make yourself at home." He poured hot water from the kettle over a metal ball on a chain."

"That's cool. My mom uses bags."

Mr. Chaudri grunted a reply. Penny watched him step carefully down a corridor leading to even more rooms. The brewed tea left an unfamiliar aroma behind. She had previously thought about having a talk with Bethany's dad about his attitudes regarding STRIP. Hadn't Bethany said he'd tried to file a lawsuit or something? Penny decided this was her opportunity.

She followed the stone floor and the tea smell until she came to a room with an open door. Mr. Chaudri was at an enormous desk, with stacks of papers neatly placed at even intervals. "Whatcha doing?"

He didn't raise his face from the papers in front of him. "I am reviewing some briefings from my work."

What was wrong? Penny thought she was dressed pretty hot. "You know, it's not very nice to not look at someone when you're talking to them."

Mr. Chaudri shuffled papers on his desk, initialing the corners as he went. "I apologize, but I cannot look upon you."

Penny had never met anyone, male or female, who wouldn't take a second glance at her hot bod if given the chance. Whole stadiums full had the pleasure every weekend. "Why not?"

"It is the way you are dressed. Too much of your body is exposed."

Boy, was he ever ancient and rude! "Really? ÊDo you live in the real world?"

"What do you mean? ÊEvery person lives in the real world. Your question is silly." He licked his finger and turned the page.

"If you walk down the street, you're going to see people dressed like this." She pushed her shoulders back, to accentuate the point and her nipples behind the fabric.

"Yes, of course. And I would look elsewhere. But I would not be in this specific situation."

A light bulb came on in Penny's head. "Like, alone?"

His reply was an exhale. "Precisely."

"Its not a sin to look." ÊPenny wasn't going to share that her father had gone way beyond looking or even touching with Bethany. ÊÊ"You can't tell me you haven't looked at women on the street, right? ÊOnes with tight tops and short skirts?" She was describing herself. Penny saw Mr. Chaudri's eyes dart toward her, taking a stolen glance.

"Perhaps, occasionally, when it couldn't be avoided."

"Just once, look at my face. Not my body."

Mr. Chaudri tilted his chin up. Their eyes met.

"Was that so terrible?" she asked.

"No. But it remains difficult to prevent my eyes from wandering-Ó He slapped his arm across his face, blocking his vision.

Penny's curiosity overrode her better judgment. She mustered the guts to ask, "Why did you make it so difficult for Bethany, when she was invited into STRIP?"

Mr. Chaudri lifted a bundle of papers, which helped block him from seeing Penny. "To protect her. She is quite vulnerable. I know where these things lead."

Penny's father had been vulnerable to Bethany's charms, not the other way around. Reality was the opposite of what Mr. Chaudri thought, but Penny couldn't say a word. He seemed so sure. "You know this, from experience?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact." ÊHis lip quivered.

Penny made a guess. Ê"Someone close to you had a bad experience?"

Mr. Chaudri dropped the papers and pressed his face into his hands. "It was me!" Penny heard sobs.

Full blown crying by a grown man? "What happened? It must have been terrible."

Mr. Chaudri did not reply. He was too busy weeping.

Penny got up and stood next to her best friend's father. ÊShe put a hand on his shoulder, as a sign of support. It was awkward to comfort him while standing, so Penny sat in his lap and hugged him. ÊAt first he struggled, attempting to dislodge her. His efforts were ineffective because every time his hands touched her bare skin, he pulled them back. She hugged him tight, pressing his head against her chest. Penny's motives started out as selfless, but gradually she realized how good it felt to hold him. She stroked his back. Even if he wouldn't admit it, Mr. Chaudri was getting excited. Penny felt the lump under her butt. His crying wound down into stuttered breathing. "Better?"

Mr. Chaudri pulled away from the embrace, eyes still shut tight. "I am trying to save Bethany from harmful situations." His chest shook as he sighed. "I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be. ÊYou seemed to need a hug." She pulled him back to her chest.

He resisted. "No, not that, although you must get off my lap immediately."

Penny was excited about getting Mr. Chaudri aroused. Still, she stood up and immediately plopped down onto the desk, directly in front of him. "Okay?" In case he opened his eyes, Penny kept her knees apart.

He nodded. "I have already told you too much. Perhaps you should wait upstairs in Bethany's room. There are many things there to keep you occupied."

Penny thought about Bethany's matching purple dildo. It had given her some satisfaction, but nothing close to Rod's cock. "I'd rather stay down here with you. Something is obviously bothering you, and it's affecting you. Bethany is my best friend, and she doesn't deserve being punished because of something that happened to you."

His dark face was redder. "I am not punishing her. Precisely the opposite. I mean for no harm to come to my daughter."

"Neither do I! So maybe we can talk about it? I mean, why you're doing what you do. Because in their own way, your actions are hurting Bethany."

"I would never do that."

"Then talk to me. Please, for Bethany's sake."

Mr. Chaudri's eyebrows danced. "I have never told the story to anyone, even my wife. It is an embarrassment I will never overcome."

"Please? You've had this bottled up inside for a long time. You have to get it out." Penny surveyed his crotch. Yes, definitely an erection. "Please, for your own good, and Bethany's?"

"All right, if you insist." He took a deep breath and exhaled. "In college, I was forced to have sexual intercourse with a fellow student."

"Wow! But hey, if you were forced, then it's not your fault. Is that all?"

His voice lowered to a whisper. "She became pregnant. By me."

Penny was shocked. "What happened? Did she get an abortion, or did she have the baby?"

"I never learned. She moved away, and I never heard from her. I may have a son or daughter out in the world that I have never met. And ever since that incident, I have had extreme difficulty having sexual relations."

Since he had made Mrs. Chaudri pregnant, he wasn't a total loss in bed. "You're just feeling guilty, and that's giving you performance anxiety. That's a topic they covered in STRIP. Rod told me all about it." Penny's father and brother had no such malady, given their recent female conquests.

Mr. Chaudri hummed. "So, my daughter has learned about this in the abstract? Unfortunately I live with it, in what you call the real world."

"Yes, but there are treatments." Penny made that up, to give Mr. Chaudri some hope.

"Really? What is involved?" he asked.

Penny didn't expect a direct query. She fell back to generalizations. "Lots of men suffer from it. You just need a bit of confidence." Ironic, since that what STRIP gave Bethany and Rod, despite Mr. Chaudri's objection. Penny invented a line of reasoning. "Do it right once, and you'll be cured." With me.

"I have done it, perhaps not well, since that incident, and still I suffer. The memories-"

This was Penny's opening, to get Mr. Chaudri's penis into her opening. "An effective therapy has the patient - that's you - reliving the incident, but taking alternative actions, to defeat the bad memories. Are you up for it?" Penny hoped that Mr. Chaudri would keep it up. She was ready to play the coed he'd fucked in college.

Mr. Chaudri's sigh tossed Penny's blond hair. "I will start, but if I find the recounting too difficult, I may end prematurely." He slumped back in the oversized leather swivel chair.

As long as that didn't include premature ejaculation. "Go on. I'll just sit here and listen."

Mr. Chaudri began his story in a flat monotone. "In college, I was not very social. But in my senior year, when I had given up hope of ever joining a social organization, I was invited to a fraternity party by a classmate named Roger. They were interested having me join. There was only the small matter of some initiation and I would be able to wear the pin and perhaps even move into the house itself, if a vacancy occurred."

Something was fishy about this story. Why would they choose Mr. Chaudri in his senior year? "And you'd tried before?"

"Yes. I had been rejected many times, with different houses. There was always some excuse. This one seemed to appreciate my intelligence and educational diligence, clearly demonstrated by three years of outstanding results."

The crotch of Mr. ChaudriÕs pants was standing out. "Good for you. So?"

"The night before initiation there was a huge party. There was much alcohol and I was urged to circulate and meet as many individuals as I could. Strangers kept refilling my glass."

"Had you ever drunk before?"

"Only wine, with dinner at my parents. All of the important students were there. Athletes. Academic scholars. Even a few professors.

It was a very long party. ÊIt went on for hours. ÊI needed to lean against walls and furniture to remain on my feet. As I attempted to leave, they told me I needed to participate in a fraternity tradition. There were three young men and four women. They told me they required me for even teams. I was escorted into the basement. We sat around an old mattress. One of the young men announced that we would be playing charades."

"Sounds harmless." Where was this going?

"It was a variety called Strip Charades. You know this game?"

Aha! "I can guess. Loser takes off a piece of clothes?"

"Correct. If no one guessed your phrase then you had to take off an article of clothing. And I seemed to pick impossible phrases. Obscure quotes with long words. As you might expect, I was down to my boxer shorts very quickly."

Penny had a flash of inspiration. "Do it."


"Take off your clothes, just like that night."

"That is outrageous! Is it not enough that I am talking to you about this episode in my life? Do you really want me to reenact it with you?"

"What about role play don't you understand? It's for your own good. You've been living with this for a long time, and you need to get past it." Penny changed her tone from chastising to mellow. "When I tell Bethany about something that happened to me, it reinforces the feelings. But, if I role play with her, then I get to correct the errors, and I feel better." They'd never done that, but an example was necessary to build Mr. Chaudri's belief. "So, what do you have to lose? And you can keep your eyes shut. Maybe that'll help you remember-"

"I will have no problem remembering. It is burned into my mind like a branding iron burns flesh." Mr. Chaudri stood up. "Are you sure this works for you."

"Every time." A big lie, but one that would soon put Bethany's Dad's cock inside her. Fair was fair.

Mr. Chaudri's took off his shirt slowly. "I lost my shirt first."

"Nice chest hair. All curly and thick."

"Thank you." His hands toyed with his belt buckle. "Are you certain-"

"Yes!" Penny hadn't meant to holler, but she was getting hornier by the minute. Mr. Chaudri let his pants fall to the floor. "Can you get them off yourself, or do you need any help?"

"They seem to be tangled in my shoes."

"No problem." Penny knelt down to help. In that position, she got a good look at the size of his erection, pushing at the front of his boxers. Not as big as Rod or her father but big enough to enjoy. She got back on his desk. "Then what?"

"When we were one article of clothing away from exposing ourselves, we were informed about one of the rules. Each teamÕs weakest player had to perform on the mattress. I didn't understand what they meant. Nudity nor intimacy had never been mentioned, although my future fraternity brothers were taking physical liberties with their female companions all over the house."

"They meant, have sex? In front of everybody?" Penny's pussy creamed at the thought.

"Precisely, except they called it a special joint performance. ÊMy team chose me for the logical reason that I'd been playing terribly. The other team picked a young woman in the same predicament. I recognized her from my advanced classes. She was quite bright and healthy academic competition for me, although very plain. She hadn't even attempted a guess during the whole game."

"Did you think she was sexually attractive?" Penny wondered if she turned him on.

"Not really, except for one feature." Mr. Chaudri coughed. "She had had exceptionally hard nipples."

Penny lifted her shirt. "Like these?" Ê

Mr. Chaudri opened his eyes and then snapped them shut. "Oh my goodness! Yes, almost exactly like those."

Penny smiled. Perhaps seeing her naked would push Mr. Chaudri over the edge.

He cleared his throat, and then continued the story. "They led me and that young roman onto the mattress standing up. We were told to hug and then kiss."

"Okay." She slid off the desk. Papers skittered in all directions, some falling to the floor. Penny wrapped her arms around her best friend's dad.

"Oh my. You're doing what I said."

"Right." She kissed his lips but he wasn't not suspecting the engagement despite her warning. "So what did she do?

"She trembled in my arms. I felt terrible. And nervous."

"So, what if she had been more comfortable in your arms, nuzzling close to you?"

"That would have been better."

"Okay, so here's where we make the first change." Penny held him close. His chest hair tickled but his erection held great promise for a fulfilling fuck. "How does this feel?"

"Oh, much better than that night. But other conditions are different. We have no audience, and I am more experienced."

Maybe not so much. "Good, I'm glad to hear this is working for you. What happened next?"

"They forced me to suckle her breasts, as if I was a baby."

Penny pointed a breast at Mr. Chaudri's face. His lips tentatively touched the nipple. "Oooohhhhh yes! Suck it harder."

Mr. Chaudri inhaled sharply, and then pulled back. "I should not have done that."

"You did fine. Better than fine." Penny's pussy was even wetter, almost to the point of leaking on his hardwood desk. "So after that, what happened?"

"It soon became clear that they expected us to perform sexual intercourse."

"Really?" Finally!

"Yes! ÊAnd there I was, uninformed about the process."

"You were a virgin?"

"Yes. And I learned later, so was she. My fraternity brothers and her sorority sisters were taunting us, laughing at us. When they had us lay down, me over her, we were motionless. ÊOne of the other women took hold of my penis-"

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