tagMatureSTRIP Ch. 11

STRIP Ch. 11


Chapter 11 - In (For A) Penny


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Chapter Eleven of a multi-part Naked In School story. The characters:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

In Chapter Ten, Dick meets Dr. Lynnruth Heyson, one of the coordinators for the STRIP program at the high school. In a matter of moments, she and Dick are fucking, only to be interrupted by Dr. Breedmore, inventor of STRIP. With even more pent up frustration (starting with an incomplete sexual experience with receptionist Lana Witherspoon) Dick goes home only to find one of Rod's classmates waiting for his son. Nina dePinta says she has a date with Rod, and then describes and demonstrates how Rod got physically intimate with her at school. Rod walks in just as his father and Nina are fucking and exposes her lies. The couple restarts but is subsequently interrupted by Penny, who storms off as quickly as she arrived. Dick's emotions get in the way of keeping his cock up to the task, so NIna leaves him alone. He finds the dry cleaning tickets in his pants pocket and decides to pick up the items.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dick stumbled into the local dry cleaners, Chen's Best Clean, in the strip mall a couple of miles from his house. Instead of getting greeted by Mrs. Chen, a young woman wearing white buds in her ears sat at the counter supporting her head with one arm toying with her iPod with the other. Her eyes were shut as she enjoyed the private show. Dick tapped on the counter but she didn't respond. He leaned over and gently shook her. Her big eyes flashed open. She pulled the buds from her ears. Raucous noise blared from the dislodged earpieces. She paused the song - if it was a song - and greeted Dick. "Hey, what's up?"

"I'd like to pick up these items." Dick handed her two slips from his pocket.

She looked up the two unique numbers on a wall full of slips. "Here they are Mr. -" She looked shocked and pleased simultaneously. "You're Mr. Treyshun?"

Dick was hesitant in his answer. "Yes?"

Her eyes surveyed him. "Oh my god! You are, aren't you!" Her face reddened. "I'm Quinn. Rod's STRIP partner."

Damn. This was the classmate who'd been unfulfilled despite feeling Rod's cock between her thighs. Dick choked out a "Hi."

"This is so strange. I've wanted to meet Rod's folks ever since we were paired up. Your son is a real gentleman, you know?" She looked at one of the slips and hit a button that put the revolving rack in motion. She had to raise her voice over the clattering of the metallic noise. "He's never broken the rules with me."

The rules about no sex between students. Unlike his father, thought Dick, who'd cheated with at least three women. And it had only been a week.

Quinn stopped the rotating rack and knelt on her stool. Her skirt was quite short. Her breasts strained against her blouse as she reached for and unhooked a black dress covered in plastic. "Penny's or your wife's?"

"My wife's." She'd worn it to dinner the night before Rod's big announcement. God, he missed her so. Large breasts on other women had been a distraction, a novelty. But Cassi's thin familiar body was what Dick longed for.

"I would have let him, you know? Put it in. Don't think that I'm some kind of slut or something. Seems to me what they teach in STRIP is how to get really horny. For those of us who follow the rules, that is." Quinn glared at the second slip. "The other one is on the upper manual level." Quinn frowned. "I'll have to use a ladder. Could you help me? I'm scared I'm going to fall and hurt myself."

Dick nodded. "Sure."

"Duck under the counter and follow me," she instructed.

Dick bent down and waddled through the opening. For the first time, he saw Quinn head to toe. She was rather short. Her blouse was tied under pert breasts exposing a flat tummy. Her skirt was plaid and mini. Loose white stockings climbed her legs past her knees.

Her ass shook side to side as she strutted the gap between two eye-level ceiling-suspended clothes racks. Above the one on the right was a second rack, high enough to require a tall ladder for access. Quinn slid over a metal ladder that shook even without her weight. No wonder Quinn was nervous. She'd have to climb almost to the ceiling to reach the crank that initiated rotation.

"Hold on tight." Quinn took a first step on the ladder.

Dick grabbed the edge of the ladder. "I will."

Two steps up, one of her stockings fell to her calf. She dutifully bent and pulled it back up. In the process, her ass stuck out and her skirt flared. His position gave him a perfect look up her short skirt. Either her panties had shrunk or she wore a thong because her labia stuck out on both sides of a thin white cloth. Dick's cock reacted. Those were the pussy lips Ron's cock had massaged, the ones desperate to be split by an erection. Dick just happened to be sporting one at that moment.

Two more rungs up when the other stocking fell. Dick spoke up. "Let me get that." With no objection, Dick ran his fingers up Quinn's leg, pulling the stocking back into place. His hands surrounded her warm thigh. Dick snuck a gentle squeeze.

Quinn moaned. "Your hands feel just like Rod's."

"Really? He never tells me the details about STRIP training."

She approached the top of the ladder, almost within reach of the crank. "Well, we touch each other."


"Oh, everywhere. And we undress and rub our bodies against one another."

Dick's erection pushed against his slacks. "And how does that feel?"

"Are you kidding? Awesome." Quinn stroked the crank handle.

Dick imagined her hand on his prick, stroking it. "I read the STRIP guide when Rod brought it home. That's as far as you go right?"

Quinn rotated the crank. The line of bagged clothing moved a bit, the garments rocking. "That's as far as Rod goes. Like I said, he's a gentleman. Other couples do more when they're not being observed. Lots more." Another crank.

Dick played dumb. He knew that students were fucking. Dr. Lynnruth Heyson, one of the coordinators for the STRIP program, had spilled the beans. "You don't mean sex?"

"Oh yeah. And from what my girlfriends have told me, it's awesome." Quinn picked up the pace, which flashed her skirt back and forth. "There's more extracurricular sex now then before STRIP started. For the cheaters, at least."

Dick remained coy. "And Rod refuses to help?"

A few more cranks. "Yeah. Don't be mad at him or anything."

"No, but I feel bad. I mean, you're missing out. You should have that experience if you want it." Dick needed it bad, and if he could satisfy this young woman with urges like his own, why not? So what if she was Rod's STRIP partner? He'd already fucked Rod's girlfriend, which was infinitely worse. And he'd almost fucked Nina.

"I see your item. So you think Rod should do it? Put it in me, I mean?" Quinn cranked the line some more.

"Hell yes!" Dick knew his reply was overly enthusiastic. He toned his next comment down. "I mean, I'd do it if I were him."

Quinn rotated the handle, bringing Penny's cheerleading outfit within reach. "You would?"

"Sure I would."

"Right now? Here?"

Dick was shocked and pleased that his suggestion to volunteer was evidently accepted. "Is it safe?"

She waved Penny's cheerleading outfit like a matador's cape as she descended. Instead of seeing red, Dick was thinking pink. "We can be alone and not get disturbed." She hooked Penny's outfit on a nearby exposed nail and put her hands on her skirt hem. With a slow drag, she pulled the skirt up. Her thong came into view, small and twisted and ineffective.

"Then I'd be happy to give you the experience you desire." And fulfill his own need for an orgasm.

"I'll flip the sign to CLOSED. Then you can help me." Quinn ran to the front, skirt waving.

Dick was nervous but enthusiastic. Finally, after all of the teasing penetrations, he'd finally give and get a good fuck.

Quinn returned and stood close. He had to bend way over to kiss her. Her form and style were textbook. "At STRIP, Rod and I use a stepstool." Quinn remounted the ladder. She untied her shirt.

Small round tits reminded Dick of Cassi. He kissed each nipple, then hummed each one. "Mmmmm."

"Ooooh, that's nice foreplay. But I'm already lubricated, ever since you walked in."

Dick was anxious to mount her.

"Touch me," she purred.

Dick ran his hands up her stockinged legs, along her thighs. He snaked his hands under her skirt and held her hips. She leaned forward. Dick balanced her so she wouldn't fall. "You won't tell Rod, will you? I'm sure he'd be upset."

"Why? This is no different than if I had a boyfriend who had sex with me." She kissed Dick hard. "Show me your penis."

Dick whipped his pants open. He leaned back, his erection full and impressive. "How's this?"

"Oh God it looks just like Rod's."

He put it within reach of her small hands. "And how does it feel?"

Her hand traversed the length of his cock. "Yours is hotter. And even better, you're not afraid to use it." She lifted an eyebrow. "Are you?"

"Just watch." Dick hooked his fingers in Quinn's panties and slid them down, taking her stockings to her ankles. "Can you spread your legs?"

She kicked the panties off. They flew over Dick's head. "Even better." Quinn put one of her legs on Dick's shoulder, opening her thighs wide. For balance, she put her arms around Dick's neck.

Dick thought about Rod's reaction to him fucking Bethany. "You can't tell Rod we did this. Promise me."

"Oh, okay, I promise." She grasped Dick's cock and positioned it at her pussy. "Oh, thank you. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome." Dick hadn't done anything yet, and already he was getting kudos. Past time to give her something to remember. His cock grazed her labia.

She released one arm to reach down and guide Dick's dick. She rubbed the head of his cock against her slit and pulled it in. "Oooh, it's so fat."

Dick leaned forward so as not to dislodge her from the ladder or himself from her. He humped his hips. "Is it what you expected?"

"Even better. I can't believe I'm taking it."

She was only getting the head. Dick yearned for real fucking. "Deeper?" He prayed for an affirmative response.

"Oh yes! Hell yes. All the way!" Quinn's face was flushed.

Dick grabbed her whole body and held her to his chest. She was surprisingly light. Her legs surrounded him just above the waist. He pulled her away from the unstable ladder. Gravity helped him impale her on his cock. She accepted a couple of inches. "Does this hurt? You're so tight."

"Oh no! Not at all. You have to go deeper. Please, keep going."

Dick let her body slide against his as his cock snaked further in.

"Ohhhhhhh God. You're filling me up." She kissed him non-stop, and he returned the favor. Their saliva flew, splattering nearby plastic-shielded garments.

There was no shield to prevent Dick's onslaught of Quinn's pussy. He lifted and dropped her, over and over, grinding deeper. "This is what sex is supposed to feel like." God, she felt good, and she was just starting her sexual career.

Quinn moaned and exhaled sharply with each thrust. "I think, ooh, yes, I'm, ooooooh." Her pussy tightened against Dick's cock and she screamed. "Wowee, a vaginal orgasm! Don't stop. Keep going."

She'd had hers, and now Dick wanted his. Dick accelerated their movements, yearning for the climax he'd been denied several times that day. "Get ready." He bounced her up and down. Her small breasts wiggled like firm Jell-O.

One of the motor-driven racks began to rotate. Dick stood still, Quinn held tight, his cock at full penetration. A shrill voice called out, "Missy Quinn? Why the shop closed?" What wrong?"

"Shit, it's Mrs. Chen." Quinn pulled herself up and off Dick's throbbing penis, then jumped to the floor. "She must have come in from the alley." She tied her blouse and pulled up her fallen stockings, leaving her thong on the floor where she'd kicked it. "Quick, get to the front. She can't find you back here. Where's my skirt?"

Dick tucked his erection away as he jogged towards the front of the store, and ducked under the counter. Moments later, Mrs. Chen and Quinn approached together, Penny's cheerleading outfit in Quinn's hand. "So you see, I couldn't leave the front door open while I was getting this for Mr. Treyshun. It wouldn't have been safe."

Mrs. Chen threw her a skeptical stare.

Dick spoke up. "It was my idea, actually. I didn't want to be responsible if something happened in the store while Quinn was away from the desk."

"Oh. All right." Mrs. Chen looked at Quinn. "He pay?"

Quinn nodded even though he hadn't. She was rewarding him for their aborted coupling. She snuck him a wink, which he hoped was an invitation to complete what they'd started.

* * *

Dick dragged himself into the house. "Anybody home?" No answer. He peeked into the kitchen. A note on the counter read:


I've got a big surprise for you. Be home soon.


Big surprise? As Dick trudged up stairs, he considered the vague note. Maybe Rod was going to announce that he'd dumped Bethany and taken Quinn as his new girlfriend. Just Dick's luck that he'd screwed another of Rod's female companions. Or maybe that Rod had successfully bedded Dr. Lynnruth Heyson, the STRIP program coordinator. After all, she'd told Dick she was excited by the naked students. So horny she'd let him fuck her. Dick had started to fuck a whole bunch of females, achieving no personal satisfaction. His scrotum ached.

He hung his wife's black dress in her closet and temporarily hung Penny's cheerleading outfit on the open closet door. In the bathroom, he forced himself to pee despite a partial erection. If Penny had been home, Dick was sure he would have taken her up on her previous offer. Why hadn't he accepted the first time she asked? Her naked body, ripe and writhing, yearning for satisfaction. Dick yearned for satisfaction, glancing at Penny's uniform over his shoulder. After he shook his cock, he stroked it, almost unconsciously. He shuffled back to the bedroom, his pants at his ankles. He imagined Penny standing there in her uniform, tempting him, luring him. His cock throbbed. Maybe he could pretend instead of doing the deed for real.

He stepped out of his pants and pulled off his jockeys, leaving him naked from the waist down. From his drawer, he snatched handfuls of socks and stuffed them up into Penny's sweatshirt. Perfect! Pretend Penny had tits but was headless. Dick ran downstairs and thrashed through a cardboard box labeled Halloween. A styrofoam head and blonde wig were sealed in plastic. Dick unwrapped them, brought them upstairs and stuffed the base of the head into the collar of the sweatshirt. The hair color wasn't a match, but good enough for Dick's purposes. But Pretend Penny was legless. Dick found flesh-colored leotards in Penny's drawer. A couple of safety pins held them in place. While he was preparing her lower half, Dick pinned Pretend Penny's skirt up so that her panties were visible. One extra pair of socks simulated her pubic mound. The tights were all crinkled up. Dick found an old pair of Penny's sneakers and tied them to the feet of the leotards. Now the leotards hung straight, flat substitutes for Penny's sculpted legs. He sat on the edge of the bed and squinted. Supplemented by his memory of the real thing, Dick maintained his erection. He closed his eyes and stroked himself. "Oh, Penny." He opened his eyes half way, fantasizing that his beautiful and sexy daughter stood before him. "I want you so bad. Bethany told me you needed physical attention from me. You told me, and offered yourself. I was foolish to refuse." Dick picked up the pace, his hand a cylinder for his cock piston. "Oh, Penny, I want you now. Love me like a man loves a woman." He closed his eyes and squeezed his butt muscles.

"Oh Daddy!"

Dick popped open his eyes. Penny stood in the doorway of his bedroom, watching and listening. "Penny? Oh God! I didn't mean for you to see me like this-"

She took a couple of steps towards him and dropped her backpack. "It's okay. Really. I understand."

Dick tried to cover his erection with his hands. "No, you don't. You see, women have been teasing me all day-"

"I know. Poor Daddy! You need some attention. Some relief. And I'm just the one to give it to you." She pulled her V-neck sweater over her head. Her bra bulged with those two full breasts.

"We can't. Or maybe I can't. Doing it with Rod messed your mother up really bad. Pretending was okay, but-"

"You deserve better than pretending. All of those women should be ashamed, especially that slut I caught you with. What was her game, anyway? Fucking someone's father?"

Dick realized that if he took Penny up on her offer, he'd be fucking someone's daughter - his own. "She was new in town and horny-"

"Well, I'm local and horny, and you owe me more than you owe some stranger." She slid her panties down without removing her skirt."

"We can't have sexual intercourse. Really."

"Okay, so we won't." She walked forward, right up to Dick's legs. "Let me take a closer look."

Dick put his hands to his sides. "Okay, look but don't-"

Her hands were on his cock before he could finish the thought. "Oh Daddy, it's so big and hard. It's beautiful." She kissed the tip.

Dick groaned. "We have to have limits. No blowjobs and no intercourse."

"Okay, Daddy, I'll follow your rules." Penny's lips pursed in a classic pout. "But that doesn't mean you can't have a sample."

"What's a sample?"

Penny sat down on Dick's thighs facing him. His cock bumped against her bare groin. "Just what it sounds like. Not the whole sex thing. Just a little to know how it feels."

Dick didn't understand the difference. Maybe there was too little blood circulating in his brain, having collected lower in his body. "So we won't have sex?"

"Of course not, not if you don't feel you can without some awful guilt trip. Just a sample." She took Dick's cock in hand and rubbed it around her labia. "You know, you're bigger than Rod. Harder too. I'm not sure I could take what you have to give." She rubbed his cock between her labia and pulled.

"What are you doing? Putting me in? I thought we weren't going to-"

"We aren't, I promise, not if you're not okay with it. Just a sample, so we both know what we're missing. Feel it?"

Penny's labia clamped down on the head of Dick's cock. "Yes, I do. You have strong muscles."

"A girl needs them to survive in this house." Penny scooted forward.

Dick's cock bent at the pressure from their proximity. "So this is it? This is a sample?"

"Right. Because if we did this-" She tilted her hips and took a couple of inches. "You'd be penetrating, and that's not sampling."

"It's not?" Dick's cock was getting squeezed. "It feels like just more sampling."

"I hadn't thought of it that way. And if we did this-" Penny scooted her hips forward, taking the rest of Dick's cock inside. "Oooohhhh. Then it's just a big sample."

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