STRIP Ch. 11


Dick was too distracted to hold back any more. This was his opportunity to get a real release and fuck his daughter at the same time. He pulled back and delivered a long, slow reentry. "I suggest that I make multiple samplings, to fully appreciate-"

Penny threw her arms around Dick's neck. "Oh yes, sample as often you like. I'll help." She undulated her hips, letting Dick's cock take a natural motion in and out. "Do you like these samples?"

"Oh yes!" Dick held Penny's hips and thrust faster, bouncing her on his lap. "I never want this sampling to end."

Penny fumbled with her bra clasp. The cups sprung free. "Sample my tits with your hands."

Dick slid his palms up her sides and under her breasts. "I want to sample them with my lips." He lifted them up and bent over to kiss, then suck each hard nubbin.

"Oh Daddy. You're making me so hot. I want to - oh man, I have to-" She pulled Dick's head to her chest.

Dick was in no hurry to abandon Penny's nipples. He sucked at them without mercy, rubbing them with his tongue. They'd been firm but got harder and fatter.

"Oh Daddy. Oh shit. I need a good fucking, Daddy. I've been horny ever since that night with Rod."

That was the night he'd slept with Bethany. "Did Rod feel this good?" Dick humped hard against his daughter's pussy. "Tell the truth."

"No Daddy. Not as good. Not nearly as good." She wrapped her body around Dick's, holding on for dear life. "I like it hard, Daddy. Can you sample me hard?"

"No, dear. Sampling is gentle. If you want it hard, we have to be fucking." Dick went wild, pummeling her, jolting his hips from the bed, driving deep into her. His cock tingled. He was going to blow soon, after all of those false starts, he was going to have a massive orgasm in his daughter's pussy. "Hang on, sweetheart."

"Oh Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Sperm me real good." She reached around with one hand and tickled his scrotum with her fingertips.

"Arrrrggggggg!" Dick levitated off the mattress and blasted cum deep into Penny's pussy. He shot again and again as he fell back on the bed, toppling her onto his chest.

"Oh Daddy! That was-"

"I know. Awesome. Thank you."

Applause came from the doorway. Rod and Cassi stood there, side by side. "Well done, dad," Rod said.

"Cassi?" Dick struggled to get up, his daughter's weight pinning him to the mattress. "You're back?"

"Just in time, it looks like. We need to have a serious chat." She cleared her throat. "After you two get cleaned up." She slid her arm around Rod's waist. "And after Rod and I catch up. Take your time. Maybe a shower?" They disappeared down the hall. Rod's bedroom door clucked shut.

Rod's surprise had been to pick up his mother, probably from the Metra station. "Get up," said Dick.

Penny rolled off her father and sat next to him on the edge of the bed, her arm around his shoulder. "I guess they're taking their turn." She stood, jizz running down her thigh. "How about a shower?" She extended a hand to Dick. He accepted it and let his daughter lead him into the bathroom. Just as Penny turned on the water, Dick heard cry of passion from down the hall. Cassi and Rod were getting reacquainted all right, the same way she helped him prepare for STRIP.

* * * * * * * * * *

### An Original H M Tale ###

Cassi is back, and up to her old tricks. At least, with her son.

Send me an email and give me feedback.

Copyright (c) 2011, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved.

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