Strip Club

bySean Matthews©

"Whatcha thinking about, baby?"

Strangely enough, the thought that came to mind when you asked that was how I was going to top our rendezvous in the airport parking lot. Strange because when you asked the question, you were looking down at me while mounted on my hard cock, rocking your hips back and forth.

"Just how beautiful you look when I do this." I reached up and grasped your nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it firmly back and forth. The grimace and breathless sigh this elicited took your mind completely off what you were thinking; and you picked up the pace of your rocking. When you put your hand down to rub your clit I knew you were getting close. In fact, you continued that pleasure/pain grimace even after I let your nipple go.

"Cum with me, Sean."

"You just enjoy yourself baby. I just love watching you cum."

"Baby, I love it when we cum together."

Once again, I distracted you, this time with a sharp smack on your ass. The sting sent you over the edge and you fell forward a bit to grab my shoulders. When you received a second smack, you threw your head back and dug your nails into the soft skin and hard muscle found there.

"Oh fuck ... oh baby... Sean ... Sean ... fuck... I'm cumming baby..."

Your hips stopped their rhythmic thrusts and began quivering and pulsing over my cock. The rhythm may have stopped, but the movements continued in a disjointed fashion. As you began what seemed to be the death throes of la petite mort, I flipped you over on your back, growling, "My turn."

In one smooth motion I not only had you on your back, but I put your legs over my shoulders. No time for pleasantries. The sudden ravaging seemed to prolong your orgasm, as you continued your staccato sighs and grunts in time with my savage thrusts. Only the angles I took, alternatively moving my hips slightly to the left and to the right, defused the pounding I gave you. Keeping your legs over my shoulders, I moved to my knees and grabbed your wrists and continued hammering your poor pussy, but fortunately you didn't seem to mind. The pace finally became too much for me and I exploded into your wet slit.

One nice thing about having a hotel is having a king sized bed, which came in very handy since I didn't have the energy to do much more than fall to my side. Once you regained your breath, you made your way over to lay your head on my chest and your thigh over mine. Sooner than later we were both sound asleep.

As I woke, I couldn't help going back to my thought earlier. How the hell was I going to top the airport? What we had just done was fantastic, but it didn't have any element of being sneaky or have any danger of being caught. That's what I loved about that. The danger of possibly being caught in the act and the playfulness of it all. Ah well, I'd figure something out.

You never know what you're going to drive by when you're in a strange town. Karma was on my side this day, as we drove past an "Adult Superstore."

"What the fuck is an adult superstore?"

Your adventurous side (which I absolutely LOVE) kicked in and you twisted my arm to go in and explore. I half expected to see inflatable sheep, but there were some very interesting toys available. Dildos and vibrators of different sizes and shapes, ben wa balls, rabbits (which was new to me, but evidently is better than any man), and a lot of other assorted toys were all available in this grown up version of Oz. The toy at the end of the rainbow was a pair of panties with a clit vibrator. Best of all, there was a remote control. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Hey baby, how about this?"

"Oh, hell no. I don't trust you with that. I know what you would do. You'd buzz me when I'm in line at Subway or something like that."

"Well, DUH. That's the fun of it. You'd never know when it's gonna happen."

Back and forth we debated, but I could tell your heart wasn't REALLY in your argument. You could see the possibilities and they excited you too. Our agreement was you could put the toy in your panties or take it out anytime you wanted, but while you had it in your panties it was fair game. WOOHOO!!!

Well, woohoo except you made me wait way too long before you put it in. Being as intelligent as you are, you made me take you to a very nice restaurant for dinner before you would let me play. The way you were dressed didn't help matters. It was warm enough for you wear that barely opaque blue, one-sleeved blouse which didn't allow for wearing a bra. One would think it was freezing out the way your nipples stuck out against the thin material. With this you wore a black skirt which hugged your ass enticingly, but left your thighs free to move liberally and a pair of fuck me boots I looked forward to seeing in the air before the night was over.

Being as evil as you can be sometimes, you allowed me to have the remote while the toy remained in the purse. Of course I had to make sure you didn't have it in your panties. The buzzing in your purse when I pressed the button made you smile, but you didn't say anything. Before we left, you excused yourself and went to the bathroom to put in the toy with a warning NOT to press the remote until we were out of the restaurant or it was coming right back out. I kept my end of the bargain, but as you walked out the door and kindly held the door for an elderly couple as they were walking in I pressed the button. Since this was the first time I did this, you nearly jumped right out of your skin and smacked the hell out of my arm. To this day I wonder what that couple thought happened that made you slap me like that.

"Hey, I waited. What do you want?"

Even though you were a little irritated with my timing, you couldn't help but chuckle. It was fair game, after all. We walked in the softening daylight for a while, you holding the arm where I had the remote. Somehow you were able to tell, perhaps by a subtle motion in my arm, when I was activating the remote and you were able to prepare yourself.

"Damn, you're smart."

"Why, thank you kind sir."

When we made our way back to the car, I asked you what you wanted to do next. Your answer nearly floored me.

"Take me to a strip joint."

The incredulous look on my face made you answer the unasked question.

"Sean, I've never been to one. I wanna see what you make such a big deal about."

I remembered the conversations we had about my adventures in titty bars. Most of my experiences were more graphic than I thought you would be interested in, but when pressed, you always had some interest in the women and what they would do during a lap dance. Were you a little bi-curious? Maybe that was just my hope, but damn, that thought was hot. Who am I to deny a beautiful woman her destination of choice.

"To the strip club we go."

As we walked into the dark bar, we found our way to a table close enough to see the stage well, but not on the tip rail. This seemed to be enough buffer for you to feel comfortable and we ordered our drinks. It seemed you were garnering as much attention as the women in their g-strings. Maybe the customers thought you were a dancer waiting for your shift and wanted to see if you were lap dance worthy. Of course, they would have unanimously said yes. Think of all the money you could have made as the fresh meat there.

After a few attractive, but not gorgeous, dancers made their appearances and you got a few libations in your system, finally, one caught your eye. Not too young, thin with medium sized tits and a firm ass. The cascading lights glistened against her silver thong and bra set. Victoria Secret, spring catalogue 08, page 24, or something like that, I'm sure.

As the first of her two song set started, she selected a up tempo tune heavy on the bass. All the better to shake her tight ass to. She made her way across the entire stage, gyrating and swaying, making eye contact with the entire audience as she moved. As the first song ended, one of my all time favorite songs, Man in the Box by Alice in Chains, began and she reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, letting it suddenly loosen, but staying over her pert boobs.

Could it be she waited for this moment to make a visual connection with you? Looking at you directly and smiling slightly, she lowered her bra. The top of the cup hesitated just a moment as it traversed her erect nipple and I could have sworn as she pulled it down, her nipple sprang up like a diving board which had just been used.

Evidently, she was the chosen one, because you didn't even bother looking at me to gauge my interest level as you had with the other dancers. Instead, you got dollar out of your purse and mimicked what you saw many of the male customers doing and went to the rail.

Even though there were several men waiting to help put her through college on the dollar scholarship fund, she saw you and immediately sauntered to where you were standing, hovering over you with her scant thong close enough you could have tasted her if you were so inclined. She chuckled as you stood there with your arm extended, offering up the tip.

"This is your first time in a place like this, isn't it?"

You nodded silently and she got on her knees in front of you. When she got closer, you could feel her nipples moving over yours and her hot breath fell on your lips. When she noticed you neither backed away or seemed shocked, she took some liberties with her hands, rubbing them along your face and down your neck to your unfettered breasts. Despite the lack of warning, when I pressed the button on the remote, you didn't jump. All that belied your extra stimulation was the closing of your eyes and the way you bit your lower lip.

A collective groan made you aware of the audience this erotic display had drawn. When she gently rubbed your breasts and kissed you ever so slightly on the lips the groan grew to a level that competed with the obnoxiously loud strip club DJ music. Another collective whimper coincided with Jasmine (that was the dancer's stage name) aiming her nipples to yours and rubbing them together conspicuously. Separating from you, she took a moment to tweak your nipples fairly roughly, then gave hers the same attention.

Just when you couldn't imagine the audience could get any more stimulated, the dancer quickly spun around and leaned back against your breasts, taking your hands and moving them up her ribcage to just below her breasts. As she gyrated her hips on the floor, your hands grazed up to her nipples. Since she didn't bother to move your hands, neither did you. Figuring what's good for the goose ... you returned her nipple pinch, but in the same manner you enjoy so much from me.

Jasmine's hand traveled down her stomach and grazed the front of her thong. Despite being only a topless club, it seems the managers turned a blind eye as she reached under her thong and seemed to touch her juices. Turning back to face you, she did something I never would have expected and I'll be you hadn't either. Tracing that same finger over your lips she shared her womanly essence gently at first, but her mouth parted your lips and her tongue explored yours passionately. A shower of money piled on the dance floor as the song abruptly ended.

Jasmine backed up and winked at you. "Thanks sugar. Works every time."

Every set of eyes in the place followed you back to your seat as you made your way over to me despite the deer in the headlights look you had. When I turned off the remote, you didn't seem to notice for a short while, then looked disappointed.

"Did you see that, Sean?," you asked, obviously rhetorically since EVERYONE saw that. My hand made it's way up to the middle of your thigh, making you sigh, but you opened your legs a bit more, giving me unspoken permission to explore further. Being as inconspicuous as I could, I ran my short fingernails down your inner thigh and gave you a short burst with the toy. This made you slam your legs shut like a steel trap. I couldn't tell if you were trying to cum or trying not to, but I decided to turn off the toy anyway.

Suspiciously, you took a huge gulp of your drink and walked the best you could on unsteady legs to the bathroom. Just as you went through the door, the dancer came over to the table and asked where you went. We talked for a few minutes and she said she wanted to thank you and buy you a drink. Unbeknownst to me, I left the remote on the table. She picked it up curiously and asked if it was a garage door opener.

My mind raced, trying to come up with a good lie to tell her, but before I could say anything she started turning it on and off repeatedly. Of course, while you were washing your hands and regaining your composure while making small talk with one of the dancers who evidently also answered the call of nature, the tell tale buzz came on. The acoustics in the bathroom were much better in that room than in the main room and you got a very curious look from your bathroom companion as you once again slammed your legs shut. You finished what you were doing and came storming out of the loo looking furious. Your anger turned to horror as you noticed it wasn't me in control of the remote.

The dancer nonchalantly had the remote in her hand as she put the heel of her hand on the edge of the table, turning the button on. Small talk and a heart-felt thank you ensued until your fresh drink arrived. All the while the vibrator assaulted your clit sensually as you talked with the first woman you've ever had fondle and kiss you up like that. Your uncomfortable squirming got a smile from the dancer.

"Oh, by the way. My boyfriend got me one of these things," she said, holding up the remote, "and I fucking love it. Just never know when he's going to turn it on." She put her fingers to her lips in a gesture conveying surprise at the fact that the red light was gleaming. "Oh my. It's been on for a while." She smile and made a big production of turning it off and tossing it back to me. At that point, she turned around and walked sexily away.

"Sean, let's go."

"Baby, I'm sorry. I didn't realize..."

"Sean," you said in a husky voice, "I'm not mad. I'm fuckin horny. LET'S GO."

On the way back to the hotel I decided to tease you, rubbing your inner thigh and periodically turning on the toy. When you tried to move my hand to your pussy, I resisted. There was no way you were going to be satisfied before I got a chance to fuck you.

All the way up in the elevator I could feel sexual tension oozing from your entire being. I have no doubt you would have been all over me if it wasn't for the other riders. Discreetly as you could, you began undressing me, pulling my tie off and handing it to me. When the elevator came to our floor, you practically pulled me to the room. Just to drive you crazy, I made a huge production of finding the key. Before opening the door, I took your face in my hands and kissed you softly. No tongue, but as sensually as I had ever kissed you with our eyes meeting each time I moved from one side to the other. But as soon as the door opened, all playing went out the window.

Pushing you roughly face first onto the bed, I grabbed your hands and tied them behind your back. Flipping you over, you could see the rampant lust in my eyes, matched only by that same lust in yours. As our eyes met in silent agreement this would not be lovemaking, but would be raw, animalistic fucking, I grabbed your hair and forced you to your knees. My pants were around my ankles in 2.2 seconds. The very moment my pants were down, I pulled your head to my cock. Being at a distinct disadvantage because your hands were behind your back, you gagged momentarily, but we found our range quickly. The entirety of the evening caught up to me quickly and I came directly down your throat without warning.

Just because I just came didn't mean I wasn't ready for more. My cock hadn't gone down a bit, so I pulled you to your feet and ripped your panties down your legs. When you stepped out of them I turned you quickly around and pushed you back on the bed. Of course, you braced yourself for an assault on your pussy again, but I surprised you. Instead, I gently rubbed your clit from behind.

"Dammit, Sean, fuck me!"

The more you protested, the longer I took. Licking your sweet slit was next on the menu. Taking my time was ever present on my mind. Hell, I even remembered an old Sam Kinnison routine where he talked about eating pussy by tracing the ABCs with your tongue, so I tried it. "A...B...C...F", I said out loud. "Oh fuck, it's A B C D. I guess I have to erase that." Sticking the very tip of my tongue on your clit, I shook my head back and forth at a furious pace. Your hip movements and the beginning of your faltering groans gave away the fact that was going to send you over the edge, and I couldn't have that. Not yet, anyway.

"Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, ... it's D next, right?"

With that, I was greeted with your ass ramming against my forehead as you tried to get me to finish you off. Finally, I decided you had enough torture and moved you up so I could fuck you in a modified doggy style. I left you there, face down, ass up just like in the song, til I got your small vibe out of your bag. Going back into position, I turned the toy on high and slid it roughly into your soaking slit and pulled it out before you could get full benefit from it.

Placing it instead at the puckering hole located just above your pussy in this position, I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of your pussy just the same way. Then, simultaneously I rammed both the vibe and my cock into their respective holes. When I pulled my hips back, the toy came out of your tight ass at the same time, held in place only by my pubic bone. Back and forth, in and out, hard and fast I assailed both ass and pussy.

"Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh UHHHHHH." You gasped in synch with my thrusts as I grabbed the back of your hair and smacked your ass hard enough to leave a slight handprint on your tanned skin.

"You like that, baby? You like that, don't you?"

"Uh Uh keep fucking me baby Uh."

I stopped the pounding and began rotating my hips in a circular pattern. The interruption in the rhythm was just too much and you began cumming. Not surprisingly, the clenching of your pussy muscles sent my balls to work as I began cumming as well. The force of our simultaneous orgasms forced you flat on the bed and me flat on top of you, nearly squashing your arms which were still tied behind you before I was able to find a way to support my upper torso. The vibe went even deeper into your ass, which in turn made you cum just a little harder.

Spent, I rolled over to the side and your ravaged ass was still tight enough to spit the vibrator out. With every ounce of strength I had left I untied your hands and pulled you up for a long, luxurious kiss.

"How are we gonna top that, baby?"

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