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Strip Club Waitress


My wife Amy and I met nearly 11 years ago at a local club that we both frequented. From the moment I saw her I knew she was The One. She was 5'5", with long curly blonde hair, big beautiful C cup breasts and an ass that was to die for. My friend Matt and I ended up dancing with her and her cousin that night. We drank, danced and got to know each other. When the bar closed I took Amy to a restaurant down the street where we could talk in private and see if we hit it off. Turns out we got along great and were both interested in seeing each other again. I got her number and called her a few days later. We went on a date to the movies and again had a wonderful time.

Over the next couple of weeks we saw each other regularly. The more time I spent with Amy the more I was interested. She was sweet, smart, very open and above all she was gorgeous. She also loved to talk which is very important to me as I am very shy and not much of a talker. When I was around her though, I felt as if I was free to say anything and wouldn't be judged. One night I confided in her that I had never been with a woman before. She didn't poke fun at me for being a 19 year old virgin, instead she made it her goal to pop my cherry. Not that it took much work on her part. Later that night I found myself in her bed making love to the woman of my dreams. It certainly wasn't the best sex we would have together, but under the circumstances it went pretty well.

Over the next 6 months of our relationship the sex was fantastic. We did it everywhere and anywhere that we could. Amy and I got to know each others' bodies very well and were soon experts at pleasing our partner. Amy revealed to me that I was the first guy that had ever made her cum. I took great pride in this and to this day I make it my mission to please her each time we make love. I would always tell Amy that the sex was mind blowing but she had a small problem with this. See, Amy knew that I had nothing to compare it to as she was my first and only up to this point. The following is the tale of the night that I would gain some perspective on the quality of our sex life.

At the time, Amy was working at a small motel as the lovely woman behind the front desk. Next to the motel was a strip club that we would often visit for a drink or two after I picked her up from work. Being a very open minded girl, Amy had no problem watching the girls take off their clothes and we always had a great time watching together. Almost all of these strip club nights would end up with us fucking like rabbits the minute we arrived at wherever we were staying that night. I expected this night to be the same.

Since Amy worked right next door and we were regular customers of this fine establishment, we had gotten to know the waitresses and bartenders quite well. The waitresses always treated us well and would often flirt with the both of us throughout the night. Ashley, our favourite server, would constantly hit on Amy. Nearly every time Amy stood up, Ashley was there to give her ass a smack or give her boobs a squeeze. On this particular night Ashley finished her shift at midnight and asked if she could join us for a few drinks. We of course invited he to sit with us and Amy slid over in her seat to make room for Ashley to sit. The 3 of us drank and laughed the remainder of the night away while enjoying the naked women dancing before us. Ashley flirted with us the entire time and when the bar was closing she invited us back to her apartment for a night cap. Amy and I briefly discussed the proposition and decided to go. Ashley gave us directions in case we got lost and told us to follow her. The three of us arrived at Ashley's place 10 minutes later and took the elevator up to her apartment.

Once we were all seated comfortably, with drinks in hand, we continued right where we had left off in the club. I suppose it was a combination of all of the nudity from earlier in the evening and the constant flirting that led to our conversation turning to sex. Amy is never shy about discussing our sex life with anyone and Ashley was no different. The two of them were soon immersed in talking about all aspects of each other's sexual escapades. I decided to let the girls chat for a bit and I caught up on some sports replays that I had missed while at the bar. The alcohol must have taken effect because I soon found myself nodding off.

I am not sure how long I passed out for but I was startled awake when Amy called my name. I opened my eyes, my vision slightly blurred, to see a stunning sight. Amy and Ashley were seated very close to each other on the couch and had a handful of each others' chest. Amy asked me if I was up for a threesome. My response was obvious. I then learned that there was a catch. I had to get bundled up and run down the street to purchase some rubbers, as Ashley had none in her apartment. The girls laughed as I got dressed and headed out the door at lightning speed. I stumbled my drunken ass to the store and hurried back, eager to fulfill a long time fantasy.

When I arrived back at the building I realized that I had no keys to let myself in. I buzzed upstairs and was granted access by Ashley. In a low, sexy voice she told me to hurry and I could hear Amy giggle in the background. That 8 floor elevator ride seemed to go on forever. When the doors finally opened I strode down the hall to Ashley's door. I knocked on the door only to have the girls yell that it was open. I walked through the door and tried to act as calm as I could. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw Amy and Ashley.

While I was gone they must have decided to get warmed up a little. They were standing in the center of the living room.....topless! I could see a small trace of moisture on Amy's nipples which I assumed was from Ashley's tongue. I had a seat on the couch and watched the two beautiful women kiss and fondle each other. They soon broke away from each other and sexily walked over to join me. Amy sat on the couch and Ashley stood in front of my girlfriend and I. Amy reached for Ashley's tight fitting jeans and slowly peeled them off. Ashley was left in only a pair of red thong panties. She was standing before us on display. She was slightly shorter than Amy, had a nice perky pair of B cup tits and a tiny round ass. Ashley looked excellent as she proudly showed off her body for Amy and I.

Amy then grabbed Ashley's hand and pulled her down between us. Ashley spread out across Amy and I with her legs stretched out in Amy's lap and her head on my chest. Amy was caressing Ashley's smooth legs when she silently mouthed "I love you" to me. She then prompted me to touch Ashley's body. I looked at Ashley to ensure that she was still okay with what was about to happen. She looked up at me, smiled and moved my hand toward her small boobs. I closed my hand around her breast and I tweaked her nipple with my thumb. I looked down to see that Amy's hand had slithered up Ashley's thigh and found her panty clad pussy. She lightly traced her fingers up and down Ashley's slit causing our new friend to moan softly. Amy asked me if I would like to see Ashley's pussy and I nodded eagerly. Ashley raised her hips slightly, allowing Amy's hands to slip beneath her small bottom.

As my girlfriend Amy tugged at Ashley's panties I continued to play with our waitresses' tits. However, I was now firmly massaging and gently pulling on her nipples. When Amy had finally removed Ashley's thong she told me to look at Ashley's cute pussy. She was shaved except for a thin line of hair that trailed up from her clit and I could detect a hint of moisture between her outer lips. Amy had clearly taken charge of the situation and encouraged me to touch Ashley's pussy. I slid my hand down her flat stomach and made my way to her sweet looking cunt. When my fingers came into contact with her clit for the first time her body jumped, obviously aroused from mine and Amy's attention. Amy and I both played with her pussy for a few minutes before I boldly jammed a finger inside her now very wet opening. Ashley's entire body began to writhe as I penetrated her with my finger. Amy manoeuvred herself so she was laying on top of Ashley, pinning my arm between their hot bodies. Amy leaned down and began to sloppily make out with Ashley. My girlfriend then reached around my neck and roughly pulled my head down until I could join them in a wet three way kiss. Our three tongues danced as we hungrily tasted each other. At some point Amy pulled away, leaving Ashley and I alone to kiss. Ashley moaned into my mouth as I felt a slender finger slide into her next to mine. Amy and I finger fucked Ashley's tight pussy until she came on our hands. I allowed my finger to remain in her convulsing snatch, enjoying it's wetness but Amy slowly withdrew hers. I soon felt something brush against my lip and opened my eyes to find that Amy had moved her cum covered finger to our mouths. Ashley pulled her mouth away from mine in order to taste her own juices from Amy's glazed finger.

Once Ashley had removed all of her cum from Amy's digit she suggested we move to her bedroom. Amy stood and lifted Ashley off my slick finger. The two women were part way down the hallway when I got up to follow them. The girls stopped in their tracks and informed me that there would be no clothing allowed in the bedroom. They then disappeared around the corner leaving me alone. I quickly stripped of my clothes and made my way down the hall with my rock hard dick pointing the way. I paused at the exterior of her room and took a deep breathe before opening the door.

When I swung the door open I was greeted warmly by both Amy and Ashley as they lay on the bed, their naked bodies under the covers. I felt a little uncomfortable standing naked in front of two women for the first time in my life as they examined my body. I knew what Amy thought of my body already so I focused on Ashley to judge her reaction. I noticed that her eyes were looking me up and down. She then froze her gaze on my stiff member protruding from my crotch. Her trance was broken when Amy asked my to join them in the bed. I crawled under the covers between the girls and we all shared a nervous laugh at our situation.

Amy leaned in and gave me a very passionate kiss, confirming that she still wanted to go through with our group romp. She then pulled Ashley's face close to ours and we shared another threeway kiss. I soon felt two sets of hands exploring my body as I lay between two horny, sexy girls. One hand began to slowly stroke my cock as another fondled by balls. Amy peeled the sheet away from our naked bodies, revealing that it was Ashley who was jerking me off under the covers.

Amy asked if Ashley would join her in giving me a double blowjob. Without answering, Ashley slid down and filled her mouth with my shaft. Prior to Amy going down as well, she took a moment to ask if I was having a good time. I told her that it was fantastic so far and thanked her with a kiss for making it happen. She then scooted herself down and joined Ashley in sucking my cock. Their warm mouths felt amazing as they shared my cock, each licking up one side and alternating sucking my head into their mouths. Occasionally their mouths would meet at the tip of my cock where they would share a kiss.

After 10 minutes of both girls pleasuring me we switched it up a bit. Amy left Ashley alone to service my cock and moved to straddle my face. She looked down at me as she lowered her already wet pussy to my awaiting mouth. I flicked my tongue across her lips and sucked her hard clit into my mouth. Amy began to moan loudly as I ate her cunt hungrily. She soon had my head pinned to the bed and was fucking my face roughly, barely giving me an opportunity to breathe. As I lapped at Amy's delicious pussy, Ashley continued to suck me off. She wasn't as talented as my Amy when it came to giving head but it felt great nonetheless. I was disappointed when she halted her oral treatment. With my face buried in Amy's cunt I couldn't see where she had gone but I could still feel her moving around on the bed.

I thought that I could hear whispering but it was difficult to tell with Amy's legs on either side of my head. Suddenly, Amy lifted herself off my face and asked me if I was ready to fuck. Before I could reply she slid down my body and impaled herself on my saliva covered cock. As Amy started to ride me, I saw that Ashley was laying at the end of the bed with her hand feverishly working at her own pussy. Amy stopped her motions long enough to recommend that Ashley test out my oral skills. Ashley wasted no time in moving up the bed and positioning herself over my face. I lifted my head enough to run the tip of my tongue along her wet slit. The sensation caused her to jump slightly and a moan escaped her lips. Ashley lowered her cunt back toward my mouth and I used long deliberate licks to taste her entire pussy.

Both women rode me for a while before Amy asked Ashley if she would like to feel my cock inside her. Ashley urgently hopped off my tongue and started to beg for my cock. She lay on the bed beside me, fingering her greedy snatch, and asked Amy to please let me fuck her. Amy was getting off on hearing her friend beg for my cock and began to tease Ashley, describing how wonderful I felt inside her. Amy expressed how each inch of my hard cock felt as it penetrated her dripping cunt. Picking up her pace, I could feel Amy building toward a huge climax. She started to buck her hips wildly as her friend anxiously looked on. Amy kept up a constant banter until she was screaming out her orgasm. I could feel Amy's juices dripping down my shaft and coating my balls. Amy leaned down in Ashley's direction, kissed her deeply and told her to enjoy. To my surprise, Amy then got up and excused herself to go make a drink and have a smoke, leaving Ashley and I alone.

The moment Amy closed the door behind her, Ashley grabbed my arm and rolled me on top of her. She grabbed my cock, lining me up with her entrance, and asked me to please fuck her. I rammed my cock into her to the hilt in one fast thrust. Ashley moaned loudly, encouraging me to fuck her hard and fast. I pounded her cunt as hard as I could, enjoying the feel of new pussy for the first time since Amy took my virginity six months ago. Ashley closed her eyes and began to thrust her hips up, causing us to come together with a loud smack each time I pushing into her. In no time at all Ashley announced that she was about to cum. She wrapped her legs around my waist, using them to pull me deeper into her hungry pussy. I didn't let up one bit as she came, slamming my rod all the way into her convulsing cunt.

The sound of Ashley's intense climax must have interested Amy because I soon heard the door open and saw my naked wife standing there, admiring my work. Amy jumped on the bed and crawled over to me, watching as her boyfriend continued to fuck her friend. She asked me if I was ready to cum yet, to which I replied that I was. Much to Ashley's delight, Amy suggested that I bend her over and fuck her our waitress from behind. Ashley and I disengaged for a moment, allowing her to flip over and stick her ass in the air. Again, I slid my entire length into her waiting pussy in one swift motion. Wanting to drag this session out for as long as I could, I fucked Ashley with long, slow strokes, ensuring that I wouldn't cum before I was ready. Amy didn't help me out with this at all, reaching under me to play with my balls.

Amy cupped my sack in her hand as she watched me slowly fuck her friend. I, meanwhile, had grabbed hold of Ashley's ass and was using her cheeks to pull myself into her pussy. I spread her butt apart which flattened it out, giving me an unobstructed view of my rod sliding in and out of her slick cunt. As I spread her ass apart I was greeted by the sight of puckered asshole. I knew how much Amy liked it when I slid a finger into her ass while I fucked her and decided to see if Ashley was the same way. I reached my hand under our bodies and collected some of Ashley's juices on my finger. I then traced my finger along the crack of her ass, leaving a trail of slick moisture everywhere I touched. I brought my fingertip to the center of her ass and gently massaged her opening. Not wanting to proceed without her approval, I awaited assurance from Ashley before going any further.

She looked over her shoulder at me with a huge grin on her face and I knew that this was a sign to continue. I pushed my finger carefully into her asshole until my first knuckle was no longer visible. As I allowed her some time to get accustomed to my finger, I continued to fuck her pussy. Wanting more, Ashley told me fuck both of her holes. I picked up my pace on her cunt and forced the remainder of my finger into her tight ass. She started to scream in pleasure as I penetrated both of her openings with long hard thrusts. I soon felt her pussy and ass contract as she released another powerful orgasm. Her pussy became so wet that each time I moved a loud squishing sound could be heard in the room.

Once Ashley came down from her climax I withdrew my cock and finger leaving her pussy and asshole vacant. Now desperate for my own orgasm, I flipped her over and entered her missionary style. Amy had moved beside Ashley and I looked into her eyes as I fucked her friend. It was such a strange yet wonderful sensation to fuck her friend while I stared at my beautiful girlfriend. I got to the point where I forgot that Ashley was underneath me and just concentrated on my sexy Amy. This was enough to send me over the edge and I felt my cock swell in anticipation. I quickly pulled out of Ashley, tore the condom off and began to spurt warm ropes of cum across her stomach and tits. After I had emptied my balls, I dismounted and moved to kiss Amy, thanking her for permitting me this wonderful experience.

The three of us showered and Amy and I packed up to leave. Upon arriving at Amy's, place we crawled into bed and discussed our earlier activities. Amy had lots of questions for me about what I liked and disliked about sex with Ashley which I gladly answered truthfully. I told Amy that since I now had someone to compare her to that she was still the best lover a guy could hope for. Amy and I made love before retiring for the night. This experience helped open our eyes to the wonders of introducing other people into our sex life and we never looked back.

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