tagFetishStrip for Him....

Strip for Him....


I slowly walk over to my baby and kiss him roughly on the lips, only to push him down into the cold metal chair placed behind him. I remove the silk scarf from around my neck and lean in to tie his hands behind his back. My hips start to sway to the music as I help myself to vodka straight from the bottle, I look over my shoulder and smile at him.

I position myself directly in front of him and start to run my hands up and down my sides, over my chest and up into long, auburn hair. I close my eyes as the music takes over me, I begin to roll my hips whilst unbuttoning my shirt, allowing it to slide over my shoulders and drop to the floor. I step closer to him, turn around and push my short, tight skirt over my hips and down my toned thighs, allowing it to drop to the floor. I twist my body to face him and casually walk around the chair, my nails gently scraping along his neck as I walk. I straddle him, his hard cock is pressing against my pussy through his trousers. I grind into him...

I return to stand with my back to him, circling my hips as I start to remove my black silk brassiere and place my arm to cover my 32D breasts, my left hand slides down stomach and into my damp, silk panties. I bite down on my lip as my fingers gently rub over my hard little nub.

I teasingly ask "Do you want to taste my pussy?" he can just about stifle a moan, "hmmm you didn't say yes" I purred as I removed my hand and lifted my fingers to my mouth to suck my pussy juices off them "Mmm I taste good". I slide my panties off and retrieve them from the floor and straddle him once again, he begs me to relieve him "Shhh" I whisper as I push my 'fresh' panties into his mouth and watch him as he sucks my pussy juice from them.

"Do you want to fuck me, baby?" I ask him seductively....

"Fuck yeah, I want to fuck you so badly, please fuck me." he whimpered as he thrust his cock into me. I slid down between his legs and pushed my full, round ass into the air to stand straight up before him. I slide my right foot out of my 6" stiletto and lift my leg to rest my stockinged foot on his crotch, I began to roll my stocking down my leg before stretching it up over my head to remove my stocking from my foot and slip it back into my shoe. I can see how much my baby is straining, I unbuckle his belt and slide his trousers, along with his boxers off and place them next to him.

I then extract me left foot from my stilleto and place my foot onto his throbbing cock. I lightly stroke his cock with my foot, letting him feel every curve of my tiny size 3's. I once again begin to roll my stocking down my leg, this time allowing him to remove my stocking from my foot with his teeth. I place my foot on his shoulder to give him a nice view of my tight, very wet pussy that is being stretched slightly open for his viewing pleasure, I run my fingers along my slit and dip them into his mouth.

I slide my body down along his until I am kneeling between his legs, I take his dick in my hand and slowly begin to pump his member. I kiss his cock from base to tip, returning to his base to lick him over and over, pressing my flat, moist tongue over the head, sucking it into my mouth.

I then remove him from my mouth to masturbate him with both hands before sucking him back into my mouth and down my throat, he's thrusting himself further down my throat. I can tell his orgasm is building.

I reluctantly pull myself away from his dick "I'm going to untie you, I want you to lick my pussy until I cum, if you misbehave I will tie you up again, understood?"

"Yes mistress" he replied. I quickly untied him and lay back on the couch next to us, I spread my legs as wide as they would go, my baby wasted no time on going to work on my pussy. I felt his tongue run along the length of my slit, stopping to lap at my clit every so often making me moan out in pleasure, he pushed 2 fingers into my dripping wet cunt and quickly found my G spot.

He then turned his attention to my ass as he slowly licked his way along my crack and roughly thrust his tongue into my ass as he continued to flick my G. I started to squirm, grabbing a fist full of his hair and pushed his head into me, causing his tongue to explore my ass further. I can feel my pussy muscles contract around his fingers as I scratch at the smooth skin on his back. I grind my pussy into his face as he waited patiently while my orgasm subsided.

I dragged him up onto the couch I crawled over him to squat down onto his wet cock, allowing me to move myself up and down on his thick dick.

I felt my orgasm build and began to play with my tits, pinching my nipples between my thumb and finger. My baby held tightly onto my hips and powerfully thrust himself deeper into my pussy. I began to shake and collapsed on top of him, forcing down on his cock. I arched my back and began to moan loudly, as he slid into me one last time I felt is hard member explode inside me as my pussy milked his cock.

I relax against his body and kiss him passionately, I lift a pair of handcuffs from beneath the couch and linked his hands to the table behind him. I grab my clothing and began to dress "I wonder who is going to find you?" I questioned as I left the hotel room.

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