Strip For You


Jade was on his way home from the studio late one night and I knew he was exhausted and stressed out. I felt so bad for the poor baby, so I wanted to make tonight special; a night I know he'll never forget. I had every single light in the house turned off and I left a trail of rose petals that lead from the front door all the way to our bedroom, where I had lit a few vanilla scented candles. I slipped into the black lingerie I had bought earlier that week, along with my garter belt and fishnet stockings. I watched through the upstairs window as Jade parked his car and walked up to the door. He was wearing dark jeans and a black, long sleeved button-up shirt. I heard his foot steps as he climbed the stairs and I jumped onto the bed, striking a sexy pose. He opened the double doors of our master bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks with his mouth hanging open.

"Hey baby," I said as slowly, sexily raised up. He continued standing there, awestruck. I laughed as I stood up to greet my husband.

"Hard day, sweetie?" I asked softly as I kissed him.

"Oh yeah, it was," he said as he looked me up and down, swallowing between words, "turn around, let me look at you."

He took my hand and slowly turned me around.

"You like? I bought them with you in mind," I informed him.

"I most certainly do," he stated, nodding his head in approval, "you look absolutely amazing."

"Thank you, sweetheart," I said.

I slowly began undressing him as I heard his breathing getting heavier. I eagerly undid the buttons on his shirt and slid his jeans off, leaving him in his boxers.

"Well, you can just relax while I put on a little show for you," I grinned wickedly as I guided him to the bed and lightly shoved him down. I bent down to get the handcuffs out from under our bed and put his hands behind his back, then cuffed him. I strutted over to the stereo and turned on "Dead Stars" by Covenant. I walked back over to Jade and straddled his lap, grinding to the beat. He hungrily kissed my neck and I tilted my head back, allowing him more access. He groaned in frustration as he went to put his hands on me, forgetting that he was cuffed.

"Hannah, please let me touch you," he begged, " I want you so bad."

"No," I simply replied, "you don't touch me until I say you can."

I then turned around and started grinding my ass against his crotch, throwing my head back against his shoulder. After giving him a fulfilling lap dance, I stood in front of him and stripped, while continuing to dance. I reached behind me and unclasped my bra and threw it at him. I slowly slid my panties down my legs and tossed them aside, along with my fishnets. It was a little dark in the room, but that couldn't stop me from seeing the huge bulge forming in Jade's boxers. I dropped to my knees, straddling the ground as I tilted my head back. I trailed my hand from my neck all the way down to my pussy and gently teased my hard clit.

"Oh!" I moaned, "Jade, baby, I want you to touch my clit like this. Mmmm..."

He was breathing loudly now and I recognized that look of raw hunger and passion on his face. I decided that I had teased him (and myself) enough and walked back over to him.

"Yeah, baby. Come to Daddy," he growled.

I giggled as I pulled his boxers off. I gently stroked his manhood with my nails and he moaned loudly.

"Stop teasing me. I need to be inside you. Now!" he shouted, making me jump a little, "but first, take these fucking things off me."

I got the key and uncuffed him, which I sort of regret doing because as soon as I set him free, he grabbed me and roughly threw me against the wall, pinning me.

"Payback's a bitch," he whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver with delight, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you won't be able to see straight."

I screamed as he pushed his rock hard dick inside me. He just stood there for a few seconds, letting himself feel me.

"Shit, you feel sooo fucking good," Jade moaned. He quickly picked up his pace, fucking me harder and faster. The feel of his member sliding against my insides was unbelievable.

"YES!! Oh! Fuck me, Jade. Give it to me," I shouted. He slammed my sweet spot with every push of his hips. The pleasure was so intense, I wasn't worried about the bruises I was later going to have on my back from Jade pushing me into the wall. I started scratching Jade's back as he continued to fuck me mercilessly.

"Jade! JADE! Ohhhh Jade. I'm coming! Fuck!" I screamed.

"I'm coming too! Oh God!" he exclaimed as he released his seed deep inside me. The only sounds to be heard were loud moans and gasps. Jade rested his head on my shoulder, then raised back up when he could finally speak.

"I must ask...where did you learn to dance like that?" he raised an eyebrow.

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