tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStrip Game Addicts Ch. 01

Strip Game Addicts Ch. 01


Amy Summers, age 18, is a normal and healthy teenager, for the most part at least, since she also has an unhealthy habit, she is completely obsessed with strip games, to the point where she has not even once refused to take on a challenge, something that was quickly exploited by her friends, some family, enemies, and even some teachers.

Amy is a 5'6 tall with perky B36 breasts and long blond hair, a slender body, and what has been frequently described as a very cute tush, frequently described because at this point, it has certainly been seen quite frequently.

Her friends found her obsession both hilarious and exciting, they certainly didn't spare any opportunity to get Amy into a game, neither did her enemies and rivals, while Amy did enjoy the thrill of the game, losing was still quite embarrassing to her, she never balked on a forfeit, but that didn't mean she was always excited to do it.

Unfortunately for Amy, that was often the case, her clumsy nature often meant that she was, more often than not, the loser of the games she played.

Today is one such day, it was the end of school as Amy stretched her arms out, happy to finally be out of the classroom, Jamie and Suzie both on each side of her, just as happy to be free.

"Amy Sommers! And here I thought it was going to be a boring day." Amy and her friends heard a voice from the other side of the hallway, it was Samantha, a girl who hated Amy, all thanks to one game that ended with Amy naked, and Samantha's boyfriend ditching her and starting to date Amy.

"Oh no..." Amy gulped, her freedom now ruined, she turned to her antagonizer and, with an exasperated sigh, asked: "What do you want now, Samantha?"

"Now is that any way to talk to your friend, Amy?" Samantha snorted, condescendingly.

"Friend is a bit too strong for me." Amy rolled her eyes.

"Oh, but I am your friend, and what's a little game between friends?" Jamie and Suzie held their breath; they knew what was going to happen next "A strip game."

A moment of silence passed before Amy replied with: "You're on."

It was quite a problem for Amy when she agreed so readily, without hearing the terms of the time of the game, that usually meant that Amy ended up at a disadvantage in a strip game in close proximity to wherever she stood.

Samantha led the trio to the gym, where lone a basketball sat in the middle of the court.

"We're playing strip HORSE, you get to go first." Samantha picked up the basketball and tossed it to Amy "every shot you miss counts for one article of clothing."

The big problem here was that Samantha was part of the Basketball team, which meant that she had the clear advantage, not that it would deter her, once Amy was in the mood for a strip game, there was nothing bringing her out of that.

Amy stood at the free throw zone, took aim, and sunk a foul shot.

Samantha, nonplussed, picked up the ball, and with great ease sunk a similar shot into hoop.

"That was nothing." Samantha bragged, which only got Amy more steamed.

Thanks to Samantha's comments, Amy was now determined to stump Samantha, attempted a one handed shot, but unfortunately fortune did not favor the bold, the shot bounced off the rim, which meant not only the loss of Amy's top, but also Samantha taking the lead.

"Looks like someone is taking a piece of clothing off." Samantha gloated "Let's have those sneakers."

As Amy kicked off the sneakers, she immediately regretted it, the floor offered no traction against her socks, which would probably make the next shot harder.

Samantha aimed for a one handed short, and made the shot quite easily, meaning that once again, Samantha would be shooting.

Moving back, Samantha attempted a jumping three point shot, once again sinking it "Your turn." She declared in a chipper tone as she tossed the ball to Amy.

Amy, unfortunately, made no similar shot, her unsteady feet jumped and attempted the shot, but the ball sailed beneath the hoop, grazing the net and sailing to the wall of the gym.

"Oooh, too bad." Samantha gleefully trash talked, but Amy was half glad to be rid of her socks.

The next shot was a lay-up, a simple enough shot, thought Amy, as she saw Samantha perform a flawless jump and depositing the ball right into the hoop.

The execution, however, proved much more difficult, and the ball bounced off the backboard, forcing Amy to take off her shorts, revealing a set of lemon panties with white lace, ones that framed her ass quite nicely.

"I'm guessing no bra?" Samantha asked, which the only response to was Amy's blushing, her nipples were probably poking through the fabric of her shirt, serving only to answer the question, and indicate her plain aroused state.

"No need to get excited... Yet." Samantha taunted, which only inflamed Amy further more.

The next shot Samantha attempted was a long shot from the center of the court, unfortunately for her, the shot missed, and that meant she had lost a piece of clothing, surprisingly, Samantha did not bother taking her shoes off, she instead opted to remove her shirt, revealing a plain gray sports bra.

The problem now was that Amy had to make the exact same shot, and if she didn't want to lose yet another item, she had to sink the ball.

But try as hard as she could, the ball didn't even reach the hoop, and bounced off the ground.

"What'll it be?" Before Samantha could finish the question, Amy had grabbed hold of the hem of her shirt and whipped it off, baring her perky breasts to her opponents and her friends, she felt so thrilled to be playing a strip game, but still so humiliated to be down to her panties, and all while the other side was more or less fully clothed.

"And now for the Pièce de résistance." Samantha announced, she turned around, and with her back to the hoop, tossed the ball backwards, which gracefully sunk in, not even hitting the rim.

That was when Amy heard her friends cheering and clapping.

"I thought you guys were supposed to be cheering me!?" Amy protested her friends' glib behaviour.

"Yeah, but we know you lost anyways." Suzie said.

"So we thought we'd just enjoy the good technique." Jamie finished the thought.

In accordance to her friends' prediction, Amy miss the backwards shot, and finally peels her panties off, she suddenly feels very flushed as she realizes that she's standing there completely naked, with her friends and nemesis more or less completely clothed, worse yet, she feels your nipples ache and her loins tingle, she hears Suzie whooping and Jamie blowing a wolf whistle, immediately feeling self-conscious and covering her privates.

"Oh come off it, I know you're just enjoying this." Samantha scoffs at Amy's bashfulness, and she's half right, she felt extremely embarrassed... but not really in a bad way, and it just burned her up that she's actually right "Tell you what, I'll give you a last chance."

Amy instantly looked up, a glimmer of hope in her eyes as she proposes: "if you can make the next shot, I'll get completely naked, and we'll call it your win."

Amy immediately agrees, but Samantha interrupts: "However! If you miss, you have a forfeit to perform."

Amy gulps, the thrill of the game once again possessing her, she almost didn't care about winning or losing.

Samantha stands at the free throw line, closes her eyes, and tosses a ball, which sails over and swoops into the rim, she smiles, chases the ball down and tosses it to Amy.

Amy's heart starts beating like a drum, if she can make this shot, she wins, simple as that, easy, right?

Amy closed her eyes, trying to take aim, and toss the ball, she's too afraid to open them again, but she hears the distinct sound of the ball hitting the metal rim, followed by the disappointing sound of it hitting the ground.

"Well, you win some, you lose most of em, I guess." Samantha gave a final taunt.

"What's my forfeit." As much as she hated losing, Amy still followed through with her word every time.

"Lie down and masturbate to orgasm." Samantha ordered, and without any resistance, Amy obeyed, after all, fair is fair, right?

Lying down on the cold gym floor, Amy ran her hands across her sensitive nipples, she let out a moan at the incredible sensation of ecstasy that shot through her, her other hand found her traced across her body, finding her trimmed bush and beneath it, a very eager protrusion, she began rubbing that sweet spot, producing more honeyed moans, eyes closed, her fingers snuck down and dipped into her slick entrance, first gliding across her labia, teasing her outer lips, before finally plunging deep into her folds as Amy's legs spread open, giving her audience a clear view of the scene.

Amy's hips bucked, her hand that occupied her breast left its position as it descended down to her now lonely clit, rubbing away as her other hand began pumping faster, disappearing and reappearing from her sex, beginning to produce very clear and loud sounds.

the speed of the rubbing and pumping reached critical mass as Amy's sweet moans transformed into full blown groans of lust, quickly removing her hand from within her insides, the other still doggedly stimulating her joy button, thighs lifting powerfully off the ground, and shooting out a long stream of juices onto the gym floor, Amy heard clapping.

"This'll go into my collection!" Amy heard Suzie say, looking up, she saw the girl holding her cellphone in position to record the performance.

After a brief respite, Amy got up and walked to her pile of clothing, but Samantha stopped her "you only take the clothes you won."

Samantha handed her shirt to Amy, which was short enough to show everything below the waist, regardless of how hard she tried to stretch it down.

At the very least, her friends decided to give her a ride, but the moment they reached her house, they demanded that she leave the shirt behind as payment for the ride.

doing as she was told, Amy lifted her shirt off, and headed back to her door naked as Jaime and Suzie watched her ass bouncing until it was gone.

Thankfully, her parents weren't home yet, they would've been so upset to learn that she had lost yet another set of clothes, she hurried to her room, where she closed the door behind her and crumpled down, unable to wait any longer, she began masturbating once again, over and over, it was a good while before she managed to calm herself down from the great experience she had.

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Another wonderful tale, I like how you capture dual feelings of thrill and embarrassment, so real.

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