tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStrip Game Addicts Ch. 07

Strip Game Addicts Ch. 07


It was a rather humid summer Saturday morning, Amy could feel her clothes stick to her skin from damp climate, the sun was tyrannically beating down on her and her friends, she wished she lived somewhere cooler, but griping about it didn't make the weather any more pleasant.

And worst of all, it was today that her friends invited her to play tennis in an outdoor court at the local tennis club, she was there with her friends Suzie, Nicole and Jamie, although none of them were really all that good at it, Jamie and Nicole had a bit more experience than Amy and Suzie.

Which made it a bit odd to see herself next to Suzie against the two more experienced players, she figured that Nicole and Jamie we simply comfortable playing with each other, so she gave it no more thought.

That is, until they suggested a strip game against each other, a two on two match, with a bit of a twist.

"The losing team will have to play another game, this time against each other," Nicole explained the losing team's punishment "the winner will only suffer a single forfeit, the loser however, will be the other three's slave for the rest of the day."

Jamie took the opportunity to retrieve a simple leather collar from his gym bag, attached to it was a leash, in his other hand however, was a unique sex toy.

The toy was essentially a set of anal beads, but that was not its only feature, there was what can only be described as a dog's tail attached to its tail end (no pun intended), meaning that whoever was "wearing" the toy would look as if they sported a tail coming from their rear end.

Suzie and Amy looked at each other for a moment, was this set up by Nicole and Jamie? Amy herself was certainly excited at the prospect, but she didn't count on Suzie agreeing to the risk, especially given Amy's track record.

"I'll agree on one condition," Suzie said after giving the idea a thought "I play with Nicole, after all, we all know you two are the better players, it wouldn't be fair otherwise."

"I guess not, what do you think, Amy?" Nicole asked, turning to the hesitant girl.

Amy's decision might have seemed easy at first, but it was actually not quite so clear cut, on one hand, she had a better chance of winning with Jamie at her side, on the other hand, if her team did indeed lose, there would be no doubt on who the big loser is.

Amy looked at Suzie for a second, who seemed to comprehend Amy's thought process and decided to nip this one in the bud:

"I won't play unless you agree to this." Suzie insisted, already walking over to the other side, Jamie saw this and, whether just out of pure reaction or knowing the inevitable response from Amy, headed over to the other side.

"Alright, I'll play." Dejected, Amy agreed to the terms as everyone else cheered her on as she got next to Jamie, who was serving first.

they had agreed on playing a single set match, with the losing team of each game taking off a piece of clothing, this meant that unless there was an upset, the game would end up with both teams either completely naked or very close to it near its conclusion, there was no tie breaker of course, the set ended at whichever team was naked first.

The first game went as expected, while Nicole had no problems returning the serves directed at her, Suzie struggled a bit more to return the serves of the more experienced Jamie, meaning that for the most part, Jamie managed to get a good deal of aces off of Suzie, eventually, Amy and Jamie won their first game.

From where Amy stood, she could see Nicole and Suzie talking among each other, Suzie seemed to nod and the two took their shirts off, Suzie revealed her ample bosom that was strenuously contained by her grey sports bra, and Nicole a more modest bust encased in a white sports bra.

Amy figured that the two wouldn't just remove their shoes, as they still needed to play, which meant that the last two items to come off would be socks and shoes, Amy imagined Suzie and Nicole running around the field in the buff, breasts swinging around, and she could feel herself getting hot when she imagined herself running around completely naked save her shoes and socks.

"Amy, look out!" She heard Jamie call out as the ball whizzed between her legs, that was the first point in the game.

"Sorry!" Was all Amy could say as she looked over to Jamie, who had a look of amused exasperation on his face.

with the first point gone, Nicole and Suzie managed to clench the game easily, now it was Amy and Jamie's turn to strip.

"I guess we shouldn't start with our shoes, right?" Amy asked, though she already knew the answer.

"Only if you don't plan on running." Jamie replied, following Suzie and pulling up his shirt to reveal his slender but well toned bare chest, Amy on the other hand, decided to remove her skirt, as her panties were relatively conservative; a pair of plain, white boyshorts.

"C'mon Amy, I know you like to strip naked but give us a challenge!" Nicole shouted at them from across the field.

"I do not!!" Amy shouted back, feeling her face flush red.

"Don't let her get to you, she's trying to psych you out." Jamie whispered over to Amy, who had to serve this game.

Amy took a deep breath, and served her first game, which went better than she'd hoped, while Nicole managed to return her serves easily, Jamie was there to cover her returns, back to Suzie who, once again, missed those shots easily, while Amy's shots to Suzie were far easier to handle, it was still an advantageous game for Amy and Jamie, which ended in their favor.

with two games to one, Suzie and Jamie once again were whispering to each other, and removed their bras instead of their lower half of the clothes, apparently they were trying to distract Jamie, and to Amy's dismay, it looked like it was working.

Just as planned, Amy and Nicole took the next game with ease, forcing Amy to remove her top and Jamie to drop his bottoms; Amy sported a matching plain white sports bra, and Jamie in a rather snug jockstrap, due to excitement by the look of it.

And then came the upset, due to Jamie's distraction, Amy's team seemed to be struggling to keep up with Suzie and Nicole, despite Jamie's best efforts to play, they ended up dropping the serve, Amy removing her bra, revealing her modest B-cup perky breasts, and Jamie removed his jockstrap, his seven inch dick flopping in the breeze, quite erect.

Now that they dropped their serve and fell back, Amy and Jamie could only win if they broke back, however, that was too much to hope for, as the next game was Nicole's serve, meaning that with the uphill battle that was Jamie's distracted play, it was an experienced player serving, this time it wasn't even a competition, Jamie took his shoes off, while Amy removed her panties.

The next game didn't fare any better, as it was Amy's turn to serve, she found that she was distracted just as much as Jamie was, as she was now actually playing completely naked, much like what she was fantasizing about earlier, her serves, already quite mediocre, suffered even more, giving the opposite team another easy win.

Now Jamie was completely naked, and Amy almost so, save for her white socks.

The next game was Suzie's service, while that proved slightly easier to handle, and while it seemed that Jamie was getting accustomed to playing with more flesh on display to him, it was not enough to take the game away from the winning team.

As Amy was taking her socks off, she heard Nicole call out to Jamie:

"Jamie, take something off!" she sounded.

"I don't have anything else!"

"Then you'll have to take another forfeit! Come over here!" Suzie this time beckoned the naked boy over, who tisked, but jogged over to the other side.

"You can come in here!" Was what Amy heard, she did not understand what Nicole was talking about until she finally looked over to the court's gate, there were people watching them!

Two boys and two girls timidly walked into court, the boys were intently staring at the bosoms of the three girls (and even more in Amy's case), while the two girls were transfixed at the sight of Jamie's hard cock proudly standing at attention.

"What are you doing like this out here?" Asked one of the two girls, not taking her eyes off of Jamie's erect penis.

"We were playing a strip game, and those two just lost," Explained Nicole "By the way, he has an extra forfeit because he didn't have enough clothes, we thought you might like to decide for him."

"Can we, like, touch him?" The other girl asked, her hand reached out gingerly to the twitching cock, but pulled back suddenly as if it might have bit her.

"Sure, touch all you want." And with that permission, the girls began toying with Jamie's penis, once they found their courage, they were full on jacking him off.

"Hey there," Amy was startled to see the two boys standing next to her, "Do you have a forfeit too?"

"Um... Not yet..." Amy's face was hot, she was standing completely naked, out in the open and next to two rather handsome and fully clothed boys, who were practically devouring her with their eyes.

Amy then heard a faint groan from Jamie, he seemed to be orgasming already, she spotted tiny blobs of semen hitting the court's ground.

"Alright then boys, give her some space, she still has to play one more game." Nicole told the two boys, as they went after the two girls to the side, who waved to Jamie, sheepishly grinning at the two, before he returned his attention back to Amy, as the two naked players took their place.

They were to play another full set, completely nude (but not barefooted, one grace the winners allowed them), whoever lost, became the slave, however, Amy was almost certain of the outcome.

And unfortunately, Amy's prediction was on target, the set did not take long to conclude; Amy only managed to hold her first service game, and it was downhill from that, Jamie naturally kept all of his games with ease, and proceeded to steamroll Amy in her remaining serves, the score ended at 6-1 in what Amy assumed was record time.

The two walked back to the group, Amy's head hung in shame and Jamie's was held high, on the spectator side it was quite the opposite, the girls were quite disappointed, but the boys seemed quite excited, as Nicole and Suzie (who were now fully dressed).

What's worse, though, was Jamie's decided "forfeit":

"Amy and Jamie, we want you to masturbate next to each other, and if Jamie comes first, then Jamie can get dressed immediately... If he wants, of course." Nicole explained, the girls seemed to perk up a little, they figured they were going to keep seeing Jamie naked at the very least, what with the number they've done on him.

the two sat down in front of their audience on one of the benches, facing them with their legs spread open, as they began pleasuring themselves as hard as they could with one hand.

Amy watched Jamie grip his cock and begin to stroke it vigorously, she followed suit and began rubbing her clit and teasing her nipples, eventually beginning to thrust her fingers into her squelching pussy.

Amy was certainly quite aroused, she figured she'd at least manage to orgasm first, but to her surprise, Jamie was also quite erect already, and seemed ready to orgasm as well.

And so despite her best efforts to win at least this one challenge (though it really didn't gain her any actual benefit aside from her pride at not being the only one naked), it was Jamie who somehow managed to orgasm first, apparently, he later told her, it was because she was sitting naked and masturbating in front of him that he was motivated to do so.

Now that Jamie had won, he immediately got dressed again, leaving Amy the only one naked amongst seven other people, outdoors and in broad daylight, just knowing that made Amy very anxious to finish the "race".

And they did allow her to orgasm, but with a new provision:

"Hey, we saw him get played with by our friends, can we do the same?" one of the boys asked Nicole, who nodded and instructed Amy to let them finish her off.

Amy, with no recourse now that she had effectively become her friends' slave for the day, allowed the two boys to sit on either side of her and begin caressing her body, their hands and mouths roamed her body, leaving no inch untouched.

The boys took hold of her legs and draped them over their own, effectively spreading her legs as open as possible for ease of view, something that was necessary as Amy noticed the other five taking out their phones and recording Amy's pleasuring.

It didn't take long for the boys' fingers to find Amy's sopping wet hole, as they began teasing her clit and thrusting in and out of its lubricated folds, Amy began to moan sweetly, her hips gyrating, trying to match the rhythm of their hands, her nipples being bitten and sucked harshly.

The boys pulled back in surprise as Amy finally reached her climax, her juices leaking out and soaking their hands, cheers and whistles came from the audience as Amy panted heavily after her massive orgasm, the boys backing away and leaving her as a quivering mass of flesh.

"Amy, since these gentlemen helped you out so selflessly and gave you an orgasm, how about you return the favor?" Suzie asked Amy, although this was far from being a request, something the boys understood immediately and excitedly got up and began unzipping their pants, two erect cocks presented themselves to Amy, who took them eagerly.

Amy wrapped her mouth around the first cock, inside, her tongue circled the shaft as she bobbed her head back and forth, the other cock in her hand, stroked dutifully as she deepthroated the first, nearly gagging on it, then swirled her tongue to stimulate his head.

Amy let the first cock out and switched over to the second, giving it much of the same treatment, back and forth she went as the boys began to noticeably approach their edge, now thrusting their hips along with Amy's head, essentially fucking her warm mouth.

Finally, with a grunt, the two boys ejaculated their hot spunk all over Amy's face, who closed her eyes and held out her tongue in anticipation.

"clean it all up." one of the boys grunted and Amy obliged, wiping the cum off her face with her finger and licking it all up, even though she just masturbated, Amy could feel herself getting horny again.

"Well done Amy, but we're not done yet, remember these?" Jamie held up the toys he presented earlier, the tail and leash intended for the loser, in other words, Amy.

First came the leash, Suzie buckled the collar around her neck and then attached the leash to it, next, Jamie told her to get on all fours, Amy obeyed, and heard the pop of a lube bottle before she felt the cold sensation hit the groove of her ass as the lube was poured onto her anus, Jamie rubbed the puckered hole with his finger, gently preparing the hole for penetration, inserting it slowly inside before pulling it out and slowly inserting the beads, one after the other.

Amy's insides filled up, she could feel the walls of her rectum constricting the balls tightly.

"Oh, one last thing I wanted to add." Jamie exclaimed, and Amy felt a hairband go on her head; it was a pair of dog ears "there, a bitch in heat."

The spectators laughed as Amy felt her shame rising, right alongside her arousal, she was then led out to take a trip around the courts, where she was thankfully unseen except by a few wandering players, who were content to take a few pictures and short videos of Amy, who was made to bark in response.

after the trip was over, the four who accompanied them finally took their leave and left the gang alone to enjoy themselves (mainly by enjoying Amy), and deciding this was enough playing in the courts, headed back to Suzie's car, where Nicole and Jamie, who finally relieved Amy of her tail (not the leash or the ears, however), sat in the back, and caressed Amy's body to their content, however, Jamie seemed to have more in mind.

Jamie lowered his shorts and boxers down, revealing his once again erect cock, Amy knew exactly what he wanted, and bent over to give him the same treatment she gave the two boys from earlier, this allowed Nicole free access to Amy's wanting pussy, with which she proceeded to playfully tease and finger to several small orgasms.

Amy was shocked to see that they did not take her to her house, but instead, they'd arrived at Jamie's house, they explained that the rules were for the loser to be the winner's' slave for the rest of the day, that meant that until the clock struck midnight, Amy was not allowed to go home, and to help with that, they went to Jamie's house; the only place that did not have any adults present at the moment (Jamie's parents were at a weekend retreat).

As naked Amy was ushered into a house in a strange neighborhood (at least, strange in that this was the first time she'd been naked in public in it), the gang took an opportunity to spank her exposed ass, enjoying the sight of taut, quivering flesh as they delivered their swats, Suzie suggested they take a minute and get that out of their system, meaning Amy was now leaning against Jamie's front door, ass sticking out, receiving smack after smack to her rear, so many that she eventually lost count, all that remained was the searing, stinging sensation left by the spanking.

Inside, Amy was told to fetch some refreshments for her masters, and she obliged, she retrieved a tray from the kitchen, and took a second standing in front of the open fridge door, the cool air tickling her pointed nipples and sensitive clit, she found herself getting aroused yet again, but refrained from touching herself; she'd most like have plenty of time to get off later, she grabbed three sodas from inside, and took the tray back to the living room.

The three masters took their time to enjoy their beverage alongside Amy's naked body, which suffered further fingering and molestation by Nicole, who stuck out her free hand:

"Come on Amy, you look pretty horny." Nicole brazenly noted, and the other two laughed, much to Amy's shame, but she had to obey, Amy squirmed as Nicole stuck a finger into her (admittedly) hungry pussy, and took her time churning a single digit inside of Amy's insides, soon enough Amy was getting quite into it, something that Nicole didn't miss to point out "Damn Amy, you really want it, don't you, maybe I should make you work for it?"

And so she was made to do, Amy was told to get herself off on Nicole's hand, which left her grinding her own crotch against the now still hand of Nicole.

Naturally, this sight seemed to attract the interest of Suzie's phone camera, however, Jamie seemed to have a better idea:

"Okay, hold on a second." Jamie bolted up and towards the second floor, Amy begrudgingly stopped as Nicole withdrew her hand and cleaned the clearly overflowing juices off of them, soon enough however, Jamie returned, this time with a high definition camera, one that seemed quite professional and proficient "this will give us a better view at every inch of your body, Amy."

"Speaking of which, why don't we get a good look at the goods first?" Asked Suzie, before turning to Amy when Jamie and Nicole agreed "Alright Amy, turn around, bend over and spread 'em."

And so Amy obeyed, she turn away from the three, bent over and reached back to spread her cheeks wide open for the eager crowd and their cameras.

"spread those lips too." Amy heard Nicole's command, and so she obeyed, she took her two middle fingers and reached further, gingerly spreading her lips and exposing her moist insides to the cool air conditioned house environment, and of course, the still recording cameras.

"So Amy, enjoying yourself?" Jamie asked, his voice certainly betraying his own enjoyment, however, this wasn't quite a question, Amy figured, he wanted a specific answer, and fortunately for him, it was the actual answer she wanted to give.

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