Strip Monopoly


Me and Lisa made us all breakfast and sat down. Conversation was weirdly not centred around the fact me and Lisa were naked. It was a normal breakfast, or as normal as it can be when you are eating with no clothes on. It didn't last long though before it was mentioned the cleaner is due in an hour or so. Our cleaner is an older gentleman who's eyes nearly pop out of his head if any girl is walking around wearing PJ's, and here was me and Lisa naked. I asked if I could wear my knickers while he was cleaning.

The answer was interesting, to say the least. "yes, you can earn your knickers back, the same forfeit for both of you. For your knickers back till the clear leaves Fi must suck Steve off, Lisa must suck me off" both me and Lisa were dumbfounded as he continued "if you swallow, you can have bra back as well as knickers till the cleaners leave"

Neither of us dismissed it. The thought of a dirty old man seeing me naked wasn't nice. Sucking off Steve was a nicer prospect, as he was very sexy. I had only sucked a guy once before, I had never let him cum in my mouth and I had definitely never swallowed. It was then Lisa said she would do it if he kept his hands behind his back so he couldn't control her head. I was quite shocked she was so willing to do it, it was then that I heard myself agreeing to the same terms

Both boys quickly undid their trousers and let them fall down, pushing their boxers down. Steve's cock bounced out of his boxers as his erection was growing just in anticipation. I looked over to Lisa who had knelt down and was just taking Dave into her mouth. I got onto my knees, looked up at Steve, then back at his very ready cock. My mind was racing, what was I doing, what was I about to do, what would it taste like, what if I wasn't good enough to make him cum. I closed my eyes and sensed him close to me, his head gently pushing against my lips, I resisted for a second before opening my mouth. He easily slid into my mouth, his sexy aroma filling my nose and lungs as his equally sexy cock filed my mouth. It was my turn to react as nature intended, I felt my pussy tingle and relax as my juices started to flow, I felt my entrance relax as the juices lubricated me, opening my pussy up to the world. I was once again aware of the cool air between my legs, that was until his cock thrust into my throat, making me gag slightly.

I thought to myself "It is going to be a long couple of days, a very long couple of days indeed...."

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