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Before this night, Katy and I have often had sexual fantasies about being with other people, and we enjoyed this very much. Neither one of us thought that one day it might actually happen though. Well, we found out differently one night with a couple that we are really close friends with, while we were at their house enjoying what we thought was a typical Friday night get-together.

Everything started off just like always. We arrived at John and Pamela's house around 6:00 P.M., had a nice dinner with a few glasses of wine to go along, and moved to the living room to have the after dinner chat along with a few more glasses of wine.

On occasion, usually when a couple of wine bottles had been emptied, the talk would turn towards sex, and tonight was one of those nights. Actually, it was on the subject of showing off in public places. Pam asked Katy if she had ever intentionally gone out wearing something that would show off her tits, like a see see-through shirt, or loose shirt with no bra that would fall away while bending over. The question somewhat surprised me, but the answer surprised me even more. Katy blushed and with a seductive smile said, "Yes, quite a few times." I knew we had talked about showing her off in public, but I had thought it was only a fantasy. The fact that she had actually done it was turning me on quickly. By the look on John's face, I think it was turning him on too.

John then asked his wife if she had done that sort of thing, and she, too, said yes. It may have been the alcohol, but when she said this, all I could do was try to picture what Pam's tits would look like in a see-through shirt. I was a bit confused when John said, "I was wondering the same thing about Katy." I then realized that I had been staring right at Pam's chest for quite some time. We all laughed, but I could tell that he was just as serious about wanting to see Katy's tits as I was about seeing Pam's.

Well, the conversation went on with Katy and Pam telling some of their stories about showing off in public and the wine continued to flow. Finally, after becoming so aroused that I couldn't stand it anymore I said, in a joking tone "John, I don't think it's fair that our wives have shown all these men their tits, but we haven't got to enjoy the experience. We should take them out now to see how brave they really are."

To my surprise Pam said, "We're too drunk to go out tonight, but we have two guys here that I'm sure wouldn't mind being flashed." At first I thought she was kidding, but the ardent look she had on her face told me otherwise.

Before I could reply Katy said, "Yes, but I think they should have to earn it." John and I looked at each other, and decided we were up to anything they wanted to make us do.

It was at this point that I knew tonight was going to be very different from any other night we have ever had, and even with the alcohol I decided I should talk to Katy alone for a minute. I asked her into the kitchen with me to get more drinks, and I'm sure John didn't mind having the time to talk to Pam either. When we were in the kitchen I asked Katy what she had in mind. She just looked at me and said honestly, "I want to show John my tits. I am so turned on right now you wouldn't believe it." She was wearing a black mini skirt, which she lifted, and put my hand on her panties. I couldn't believe how wet they already were. I said O.K. and admitted that I was quite turned on as well, and was looking forward to seeing Pam's tits. I didn't mention, yet, that I was quite excited about John seeing my wife's tits too.

I then got an idea in my head that I know came from being drunk, but it came out anyway, I asked seriously, "Katy, what if things were to go farther than just showing off?"

She just looked at me and said, "We've talked about it in bed, and I think we both like the idea. Let's just see what happens and if either one of us want things to stop just hold up two fingers." I was getting even more aroused and I just kissed her and said, "Let's go."

We went back in the living room and Pam said, "Katy, come upstairs with me. We have to decide what the guys have to do to earn their views for the night." Katy laughed, turned to look at me, and blew me a kiss as they went upstairs. It felt somewhat awkward sitting there with a friend that was about to see my wife acting naughty while I did the same with his, but after John and I started talking about it, we knew that neither of us felt jealous, and we both liked the idea of seeing the other wife.

When the girls came back down, they had a deck of cards with them. Pam through me the deck and said, "We decided that we'll do things the old-fashioned way; strip poker. This way at least we're not the only ones that have to show off. The guys can bare it too." Neither John, nor I tried to argue with that. We just wanted to get some of their clothes off. (We found out later that she'd gotten the idea from reading a story on the Internet. Ironic isn't it?)

We all sat at the dining room table and you could feel the suspense building in the room. Pam set down the rules for us. At the end of each hand, only the person with the lowest hand would lose an article of clothing. Shoes counted as one article, and socks did too. Jewelry did not count. Pam and Katy both had shoes, blouse, skirt, panties, and bra. John and I had shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, and underwear. This made things even. Finally, Pam dealt the cards, and she lost. She quickly kicked off her sandals and was ready for the next hand. John lost the next two hands and got rid of his shoes and socks. I lost the next hand and got rid of my shoes as I started to get a bit worried that this was ending up with the guys getting naked rather than the girls. Katy noticed the same and said, "I think I like this game. Get ready to lose it all, fellas." To this, John replied, "You wish."

Katy looked him straight in the eyes and said, "You bet I do." I felt my heart stop, and my cock was getting hard. Finally, on the next hand, Katy lost, and she kicked her sandals to the side. To John's delight, Katy lost the next hand too. She turned a bit red, but she just looked at me and started unbuttoning her blouse. As she slid it off of her shoulders she got even redder, and would not make eye contact with anyone. She had a red satin bra on that looked perfect against her skin tone. It wasn't see-through, but her nipples were hard, and everyone could tell she was excited. When Katy did look up she saw John staring right at her chest, and she seemed to lose some of the embarrassment. She reached her hands up and cupped her tits and said, "You like?" John blushed a little, but looked in her eyes and said with a somewhat breathless voice, "Very much." The sexual arousal was clear in us all, and the next hand Pam lost and she removed her blouse without a second thought.

As I stared at her, John said, "I don't think any of us are concerned about jealousy here. Why don't we change the rules a bit?" I asked what he had in mind and he said, "I think the person with the highest hand should be able to take off the losers article of clothing if they want to." I looked at Katy and she shook her head yes. So we all agreed. Unfortunately I lost the next hand and John was the winner, so he opted not to help me remove my socks. Pam lost the next round, and John was again the winner. This time he chose to help. He stood his wife up, unzipped her skirt, and slowly pulled it down her legs revealing a black thong that matched her bra. He turned her around so we could have a good look, and she actually bent over and looked me right in the eyes. I couldn't believe all of this was happening, but I didn't want it to stop. John's luck wasn't the greatest that night because he lost the next round, and Pam won. She helped him out of his shirt, but did so quickly, so we could continue further.

The next hand John lost again and Katy won. I could tell she was a bit nervous, but she stood up, and walked over to John. She stood him up, looked at him, reached down to his shorts, and unzipped. When her hand was over his crotch her eyes went wide, and her face was completely flushed. John said, "I guess I like the idea of you taking my pants off." Katy knelt down and pulled John's shorts off. She couldn't help but look at his cock because it was at eye level, but she didn't take her eyes off of it. I knew she was turned on, and to be honest, I was too. I thought she might actually reach up and grab him, but she stood up and went back to her seat. I decided I wanted in on some of the fun, so I purposely tried to get low hands. It worked for the next hand, but John won, so I removed my own shirt. I figured John couldn't always win when I lost so I tried to lose again, which I did. Katy won, so I at least could have some fun.

Before Katy got up she said, "Pam, could you do it for me. I have to refresh my drink. Pam, without saying a word, stood up, walked over to me, and knelt down in front of me. I looked down at her in her bra and panties, and all I could imagine was what that mouth would feel like right now. She looked up at me smiling and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down to my knees. Then she looked at my crotch, and said, "I guess you like this idea as much as John does." Then she finished removing my shorts, and lightly slid her hand over my cock before standing up and going back to her chair. My underwear was not doing much to hold my cock back, and I hated sitting back down. This teasing was harder than I thought. I wanted someone badly.

Katy sat back down after watching the show from the other side of the room and smiled knowingly at me. She knew what I wanted, and I think she wanted the same. The next hand Katy lost and Pam won. I figured Katy would be removing her own skirt, and she must have thought so too because she stood up and reached behind herself to unzip it.

Before she could, Pam stood and said, "I was the winner. That's my job." Katy looked surprised, but she put her hands back to her sides as Pam walked up. I thought I would cum right there watching Pam sliding Katy's skirt off. Katy was wearing the red satin thong that matched her bra, and she looked great standing there in front of us all. Pam turned her around like John did her, but Katy was still a bit too inhibited to bend over as Pam had. In any case, watching those two ladies wearing nothing but bra and panties was really getting to both John and I.

On the next hand John's luck turned out to be much better, in more ways than one. Katy lost again, but John was the winner. She turned red knowing she was the first to bare something more private than what a bikini would show, and also knowing a man other than her husband was going to do it for her. My heart was beating wildly as John walked over to Katy. He walked behind her and then realized her bra was a front hook, so he reached around her with his arms rubbing the sides of her breast, and unhooked her bra. She was breathing heavily and I knew, as hard as John was, that his cock was rubbing her through his underwear from behind. As he pulled the cups off of her tits he made sure his hands made as much contact with her skin as possible. I know she didn't want him to stop, but he slid the bra off of her shoulders and went back to his seat. I knew that we couldn't handle much more of this. On the next hand, Katy lost again, and I won. At this point she wasn't the least bit nervous about showing any more, and I went to her and pulled her thong down her legs exposing her completely to our friends. This time she turned around herself, and she did bend over showing John her nearly bald pussy, which we could all see was extremely wet.

Pam then said, "Katy since you have nothing left to lose, you can still play, but if you lose another hand you have to do whatever the winner requests. Agreed?" Katy didn't hesitate before saying O.K. I was hoping she would lose the next hand just to see what would happen, but Pam lost. John won, but he graciously had to refresh his drink, as Katy did earlier, and requested that I do the honors of removing his wife's bra. I looked and saw that Pam did not have a front hook bra so I walked up in front of her so I could reach around her to unhook it. Instead of sliding the straps off of her shoulders, I grabbed the top of the cups so I could slide my hands across her breasts as I pulled down. As much as I was enjoying it, I knew that things could go further, so I sat down quickly to begin the next hand.

I decided to throw another hand so I could release my cock from my pants because it felt like it was going to bust through on its own otherwise. To my delight, Pam won. She walked over and knelt in front of me again. This time she didn't look up at me, she just grabbed the waistband and pulled them down in one jerk. My cock sprang out in front of her. Looking down I saw my cock just inches from Pam's mouth, and it was all I could do not to move forward, but I resisted, knowing that it would most likely happen soon anyway. After she looked at me for a bit she stood up, sliding her body against my cock until she was standing. Then she smiled at me and went back to her seat. Now my wife and I both sat naked in front of our best friends who were almost naked as well. It was a scene that I never thought would happen, but at that moment, I just wanted it to continue.

It was the next hand that changed our lives even more drastically than I could ever have imagined. Katy, being naked already, lost the hand, with John as the winner. She looked at John and said, "What do you want me to do?" The suspense at this point was unbearable and he just stood up, walked over to her and said, "I want you to sit on the table." She stood up and lifted herself up on the table with her legs hanging off. John kneeled down and began to kiss her toes, and then he started going up along her calves and knees. Katy looked at me and I shook my head yes as I watched him continue to kiss his way up my wife's leg. He was kissing her inner thigh when Pam came around to get a better view. I asked her if she was O.K. with this and she said she had wanted this for a long time. She pulled a chair next to me and put her hand on my leg as we watched her husband work his mouth up to my wife's pussy. When he finally got to her pussy, we all knew because Katy let out a moan of pleasure that let us all know where this night was going. John licked her pussy for a while, and Katy squirmed and moaned, and put her hands around his head. He stopped long enough to pull off his underwear, and when Katy saw that, she suggested they move to the living room floor.

We all walked in and Pam and I sat on the couch to continue watching our spouses. Katy walked in and knelt down on the floor, and as soon as John was near her, she reached out for his cock and immediately put it in her mouth. Pam reached for me and she started stroking my cock. The scene in front of me was too much though so I asked her to wait until John and Katy were done. I had fantasized so many times about this that I wanted to enjoy it all before I came. She agreed and we decided to watch, but she did remove her panties, so I began fingering her, which she didn't resist.

Katy started to slowly put John's cock in her mouth taking as much as she could. He was about 7 inches, and fairly thick, and she got almost all of it in. She then very slowly removed his cock from her mouth and circled the head with her tongue. She put it back in her mouth and repeated this whole process a couple of times before John said he was going to cum soon. When he said this Katy sped up her cock sucking. She bobbed her head slowly at first and then sped up using one hand to jerk his cock while she sucked it. It didn't take long before John started tensing and moaning loudly. Katy didn't even slow down, and John started cumming hard in my wife's mouth. She didn't stop sucking and jerking, but kept him in her mouth as drops of his cum started to cum out from the corners of her mouth.

When he was done, she leaned back, looked at me, and opened her mouth showing Pam and I how much cum she had gotten, then she closed her mouth and swallowed. This is one thing she usually doesn't do. On occasion she swallows, but most of the time she spits. John said, "That was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had." And Pam replied as she looked at me, "Well, I guess I have my work cut out for me then."

She got off the couch, knelt between my legs, and slipped my cock between her lips. The hot, wet feeling of her mouth was almost enough to make me cum immediately after what I had just seen, but I wanted to make it last as long as I could. It didn't turn out to be very long because I saw Katy sitting with John as they watched us, and he had a finger in her pussy and she was stroking his cock to try to make it hard again. Seeing this and feeling Pam's mouth on me, I began to cum harder than I can ever remember. I think it surprised Pam because she paused a bit until the first couple of shots came out. When I finally finished, Pam knelt back and I could see where some of my cum had leaked out of her mouth too, but she hadn't saved the rest in her mouth to show us. She said there was so much that she had to swallow to keep going.

Now both John and I had cum, but the ladies were nowhere close to being done. We all had been teased heavily tonight, and they wanted to be satisfied too. John was beginning to get hard again, so Katy suggested they 69 so she could help him get hard while getting something in return. He agreed, so Pam sat down to watch, and feeling that I needed to reciprocate what I had just received, I knelt between her legs to begin licking her pussy.

The feelings going through me at this time were amazing. I hadn't been with a woman other than my wife in years, and right now I was licking a beautiful woman's pussy after she had sucked me off, while her husband and my wife were on the floor sucking each other. Before this happened, I thought jealousy might come into play, but all I was feeling was ecstasy.

As I ran my tongue back and forth along Pam's clit, I heard the moans of Katy and John and it urged me on further. I could feel my cock growing stiff again, and Pam's breathing was growing heavier. Finally her body became rigid, and I was treated to her juices as she screamed with her first climax of the night. When she calmed down some, I sat up to see what Katy was doing. She and John had stopped to watch us. Pam's scream had caught their attention.

Katy reached between John's legs and began stroking his cock as she said, "Now everyone has cum except me. Put it in me now!" With that she leaned back onto the floor and spread her legs. John looked towards Pam and me, but neither of us showed any signs of resistance to what was going on, so he put the head of his cock at the opening to my wife's pussy and rubbed it back and forth. This time when Pam started stroking my cock I didn't resist, and I played with her pussy as well, but neither of us took our eyes off of Katy and John. Katy was moaning softly as John rubbed his cock on the outside of her pussy, then slowly he put the head in and Katy let out a low moan and almost whimpered, "Yes, please don't stop!" He slid the rest of his cock into my wife's pussy and then began to slowly pump in and out.

This was something I had pictured in my head many times, but the reality was so much better. I got up and walked over to John and Katy and knelt by her head. She opened her eyes when she heard me, and we made eye contact for the first time in a while. She said I love you, and then took my cock into her mouth as John started fucking her harder. I couldn't believe the feeling of her mouth. It was as if I had never felt it before. She sucked with abandon as her pussy was being pounded. I thought I was going to cum again already, but Katy beat me too it. She started moaning heavily, and then she let my cock slide from her mouth as she tensed up and screamed, "HARDER, JOHN!!"

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