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Strip Poker


Last Saturday my wife went next door to return a wrench that I borrowed from the neighbor and came back about 2 hours later and said that she was playing poker and wanted me to play with them. My wife Lisa is about 5’3”, weighs 118 pounds has dirty blond hair and always has guys hitting to her. Our neighbor Bob is a divorced man in his late 30’s and enjoys his Budweiser more than almost anything. When we got over there, I noticed that our other neighbor was also over and sitting at the table shuffling cards. His name is Bill and he is retired and also likes his beer. He is always hitting on my wife and trying to get her to have sex with him.

The poker area consisted of a card table, three chairs and a couch, so naturally Lisa jumps on the couch and the men take to the chairs. After a couple of hands and a few drinks later someone brings up the topic of playing strip poker. I was sure this topic would get shot down quick, but to my surprise Lisa blurted out that it would be fun to see us three naked and accepted the challenge. To make things even we all got down to three articles of clothing. The rule was that the lowest three hands had to take off a piece of clothing, while the high hand did not.

Bob won the first hand. Lisa, Bill and I all took off our socks. Lisa won the second hand, so Bill and I took off our shirts, while Bob removed his socks. I won hand three. Bob removed his shirt and Bill removed his underwear, which revealed a small penis and got a quick glance from Lisa. I really expect things to end here, but Lisa removed her bra allowing her tits to be exposed much to the delight of the other two men.
Bill won the fourth hand, and Bob and I removed our underwear. Bob’s penis was about 8 inches in its soft state and got a nice stare from Lisa. Not to be outdone Lisa stood up and slid her panties to the floor revealing her clean-shaven pussy. She also sat down immediately so nobody really got a good look at her snatch.

Well, we were all sitting there nude deciding what to do now that nobody could strip anything else off and Bob had the great idea that we could play reverse strip poker and play to put on clothes. It was easy to tell he was pretty wasted at this point and we all decided that the winner of each hand could issue a single command to any of the other three losers of that hand.

I won the first hand and commanded Lisa to play the rest of the game with her legs spread wide open so that everyone could get a good look at her pussy. I was surprised that Bill and Bob could concentrate on the game at this point because their eyes were fixated on Lisa’s Pussy, which was already glistening with her wetness.

Bob won the next hand and Commanded Lisa to fondle Bill’s penis until it was erect. Lisa looked at me and had an unsure look in her eyes but reached over and started plying with Bill’s cock. It didn’t take long for Bill to sprout a hard on and Lisa moved back to her spread position. Bill was in agony and swore that if he won somebody would be getting fucked.

Lisa won the next hand and commanded Bill to fondle my penis until it was erect. I was thinking, “Fuck this” but Lisa leaned over and whispered that I had better not back out or she would never do this kind of thing again and proceeded to lick my ear and neck. My dick was nearly erect when I felt Bill’s hand proceed to rub my shaft and straighten it all the way up.

Lisa won again and got very daring and commanded Bill to suck Bob’s dick. This instantly started both guys arguing and cursing. Lisa just responded by saying she would leave right now and they would never see her in this situation again. After considering her words for a minute or two Bill leaned over and grabbed a hold of Bob’s dick and licked back and forth across the head of it. Lisa demanded that it was not good enough and to consider what they would expect if she had to suck their dick. I guess her words hit the point as Bob’s dick began to disappear into Bill’s mouth. By now Bob was sprouting quite a hard on at nearly 11 inches and Bill was having considerable trouble getting the whole thing into his mouth. Lisa chimed in and said that she expects that thing to completely disappear down Bill’s throat and somehow he managed, but ended up gagging himself for a few minutes.

Bill finally won a hand and stated that redemption was due as he commanded Bob to fuck Lisa with his huge pole. I guess Lisa was not up to this as she decided that it was time for us to leave so we could get some sleep before morning arrived. This did not go over very well especially after what Lisa had put everyone through with her last two commands. Lisa still refused and before she realized what was going on, Bill jumped behind the couch and grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head while Bob grabbed her feet to keep her legs from thrashing. Lisa was startled at first because she started screaming then began cursing about letting her go before she had us all arrested. I told her that we are only playing a game and we honored her commands now she is going to honor ours. Bob had me toss him the masking tape and proceeded to wrap it around one of Lisa’s ankles. He then wrapped the other end around the middle couch leg. He did the same thing with Lisa’s other leg and anchored it to the leg on the end of the couch. Finally he placed a piece of tape across her mouth to avoid hearing any more of her complaints. There she was, her arms being held above her head by Bill and her legs spread apart giving access to her wet pussy. Bob positioned his cock between Lisa’s legs and began to rub the tip of it against her opening. Bob guided the head of his cock into her pussy and commented on how tight she was. Slowly he eased his cock into Lisa inch by inch finally stopping after about eight inches were buried into her pussy. All of a sudden Bob lunged forward and slammed the rest of his cock all the way into her and this caught Lisa by surprise telling by the look in her eyes and face. Bill and I were cheering him on as Bob began to pound away at Lisa’s pussy. It didn’t take long before Bob started shaking and blew his wad deep inside my wife. Bob laid there for a few minutes before withdrawing his semi hard cock and moving back to his seat. Bill released Lisa’s hands and I freed her legs from the couch. She took the tape of her mouth and said that was one of the most sexually stimulating experiences that she has ever had. We gave her the option to quit now, but said there was no way she was quitting until she got revenge.

She quickly excused herself and retreated to the bathroom. Who knows if she went back there to finish or just clean up. When she returned we dealt the next hand, which I won with a full house.

I commanded my wife to stand with her back to Bill, spread her legs, bend over, pull her butt cheeks apart and stay that way for 5 minutes. Lisa jumped up and got into position and said to start the timer. Bill wasted no time and pressed his face right up against Lisa’s exposed pussy. He began to lick around her opening and flicked her clit, which caused Lisa to jump at the same time a low moan was released from her lips. It was quite obvious when Bill’s tongue was darting into her pussy because Lisa started squirming around and her moaning became much louder. Bob announced that there was three minutes left and Bill shifted positions and placed his cock at the entrance to Lisa’s pussy. It slipped in quite easy after he had brought her off with his tongue. Bill began pounding away at her pussy and after a few thrusts put his index finger up against her ass hole. Lisa was probably too engrossed in being fucked to realize what Bill was doing. Bill shoved his finger into her ass hole, which provoked Lisa to have an orgasm and let out a cry of ecstasy and fulfillment. This reaction was enough to push Bill over the edge and he shot his cum deep into Lisa’s pussy.

After taking a short break, we decided that this would be the last hand. The horny old man Bill won and decided that he wanted to see Lisa get fucked by a black cock and called his friend John. Bill said John would be over in about ten minutes and was ready to get him some white pussy! I couldn’t believe this, I had always fantasized about seeing my wife get fuck by a black man and now it was going to happen. Once John arrived things got moving very quickly. He came in and ordered the white bitch to remove his pants. Lisa knelt down in front of him and proceeded to unsnap his pants and unzip his fly. She then yanked his trousers down to his ankles and we all stared at the large bulge in his briefs. I was thinking that this could not just be his cock in there, until Lisa pulled down his briefs and an erect 14” black cock sprang out. I guess John was not into for-play because he ordered the white bitch to lay dawn on the edge of the table and spread her legs and get ready for the fucking of her life. Lisa looked worried, but obeyed. She got into position and spread her legs wide in hopes of accommodating the big black man. John walked up to my wife and positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance. He pulled her pussy lips apart and slid about half of his cock inside her, He began a slow thrusting motion and continued to fuck her in this slow pace for a while and had her cuming within minutes. John stopped and said that he wanted to hear her beg for more or he would pull out. The crazed look in Lisa’s face told the story and she asked him to please finish. You better get it right this time or you’re finished John said. The next thing we hear is Lisa screaming that she wanted to be fucked long and hard by John’s black dick. That was enough for John, as he plowed his full shaft into my wife and had her screaming in ecstasy as he continued to pound her white pussy for the next ten minutes. By now, Lisa was so hot she wanted cocks in all her available locations, so me and Bill put our cocks in her hands and Bob put his in her mouth and we all fucked Lisa at once. Within minutes all four of the men erupted soaking Lisa with cum inside her body and out. At this point she passed out because of the booze and sex, so we took turns fucking her pussy until daybreak. This was the only time Lisa has ever done something like this, but who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky again.

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