Strip Poker


After a few minutes of him continuing to feast on her pussy, Sarah's legs shot straight out and clamped around his head. "Oh shit! I'm coming! Oh God, oh yes, oh yes!" Sarah kept moaning.

After Danny was finished he gestured over to Scott who eagerly took his place in the chair and then it was Steve's turn. Sarah came again and was still coming down from her orgasm as Steve looked at me with a quizzical expression gesturing, "Well do you want to or not?"

I silently nodded my head in approval as the guys patted me on my back and I took my turn in the prized seat. I placed my hands on either side of Sarah's hips and dove in, furiously licking my sister's pussy. Her taste was incredible and her juices were flowing because of her orgasms. It was musky and strong and deliciously pungent all at the same time. I looked up momentarily to see that Danny's cock was now in Sarah's mouth and that she was giving him a blowjob. I couldn't believe how sexy my sister looked. Here I was in between her legs sucking on her delicious pussy. My finger could feel the ridges of her inner walls and was fascinated by her hymen, which prevented my finger from going any further than the first knuckle. I drove my tongue in as far as I could go and felt her inner walls shudder on my tongue as she was swept up in her 3rd orgasm.

I don't know what came over me next but I just had to feel her tight pussy wrapped around my cock. I had always wanted to fuck a virgin very badly and I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me by even if it was my little sister. Since I was already naked, I stood up and lined my cock directly at her pussy.

"Holy shit!" I heard Scott say. "He's gonna fuck her."

Before anyone could say or stop me, I plunged my rock hard cock into Sarah and met some resistance before bottoming out completely up to my balls and held it there. The feeling was exquisite as I felt the tip of my cock stretch then pop her hymen as it came to rest upon her cervix. She was incredibly tight I could not believe it!

"Ow!" Sarah cried as she continued sucking on Danny's cock never even looking up. She didn't even know it was me who had been eating her and now had my cock firmly lodged in her pussy.

"Holy shit!" I kept hearing Scott say.

"Whoa, that is wild man! I can't believe he did that," Steve said.

Danny looked over and smiled at me saying, "I knew he couldn't resist that pussy man. What did I tell you guys?"

Upon hearing this Sarah must've put two and two together because she opened her eyes and let out a gasp, "Oh my god Bryan what are you doing?"

I held her thighs firmly down and began to thrust in and out repeatedly, each time going faster and faster. Sarah tried to close her legs but I was too strong and held her spread-eagled.

"Holy shit! He's doing it!" the guys kept saying. They were all high fiving each other but Sarah was just looking at me with scared eyes.

"You shouldn't be doing this Bryan! I'm your sister. Oh my god, what are we doing? Ow it hurts," she said.

"I'm sorry Sarah. I can't help myself. But you're so fucken hot!" I panted as I continued to fuck her in smooth hard strokes.

I felt her relax her legs as she laid back down and grasped the end of the table with both her hands stabilizing herself as I continued to pound into her harder and harder. I looked down and could see her juices covering my cock with a shiny wet film. Her pussy felt incredibly hot, moist, and super tight. Like a perfectly fitted silk glove. I could feel her hairless pussy lips on my balls every time I bottomed out.

"Oh my god!" Sarah kept moaning breathlessly. "I can't believe I'm letting you fuck me. Oh my god, this is so wrong. Yet it feels so good. Oh my god I'm gonna burn in hell for this."

I grabbed her thighs and increased my pace, ramming my cock into her hard and fast that all the cards from the table had completely slid off due to the movement. I was beginning to wonder if the table was going to hold up but kept up my relentless assault on her virginal pussy.

"Oh damn, fuck it. Might as well fuck me, fuck me!" Sarah screamed.

"Fuck that tight pussy!" I heard all my friends encourage me.

After a few more minutes I felt tightness in my balls and realized I was about to come. I grabbed Sarah's hips and plunged my cock in so that the tip of my cock was directly at the opening of her cervix. Then I came in powerful spurts one after another, shooting my cum deep inside of her. My legs shuddered as I felt my cock swell up then deposited my seed deep into her waiting pussy.

The realization must have hit Sarah because she shouted, "Oh my god what are you doing? I'm not on any birth control!!!"

It felt too good not to come inside of her. Only after I had completely emptied my balls of sperm did I release my grip on her thighs. I had counted 5 huge spurts followed by several smaller ones.

"I couldn't help it," is all I could mutter as I felt my hard cock now deflating inside of her. The guys were all laughing and whooping it up but I could tell that Sarah was seriously concerned.

"I'm a virgin you know and not yet on the pill so I'm unprotected. What are we gonna do? I just had my period 2 weeks ago so that means I'm in the middle of my cycle and could get pregnant," Sarah continued.

"Whoa that’s some crazy shit,” Scott muttered.

I stepped back from the table removing my cock from Sarah's pussy. Immediately upon doing so, cum began trickling out of her hole that was now closing up and returning to its accustomed small size before my cock invaded it. Her pussy looked red and puffy as cum continued to slowly ooze out and down the crack of her ass. It looked so slutty and innocent to see this young girl with her legs splayed in front of all of us with cum oozing out of her hairless pussy. Sarah hopped off the table and quickly ran to the bathroom and shut the door and we could hear running water shortly there afterwards.

"Well looks like the party's over and its time to go," Danny said.

"Yeah hope she doesn't get pregnant cuz man that would be bad dude,” Steve added, as he got dressed along with the others.

"Just don't tell anyone ok guys?" I asked.

"No problem man," Scott reassured me. "I know she probably doesn't care too much right now but thank her for us later. I had a great time."

"No problem. Later guys." I told them as they all left.

I walked to the bathroom and spoke gently through the door, "Sarah are you ok in there?"

No answer.

"Look I'm really sorry about what I did. I just couldn't help myself,” I continued.

Still no answer. I heard her sighing so I opened the door and walked in. Sarah was sitting up on the counter with one leg over the sink trying to clean herself of the remaining sperm that continued to dribble out of her pussy.

"I can't believe we did that,” she said. "I feel like such a slut. I let my own brother fuck me and I even enjoyed it."

"Well if it makes you feel any better I really enjoyed it too Sarah" I said, trying to make her feel better. "I mean god, you are so beautiful and sexy. There's no guy on earth that could've said no to that, especially me."

Sarah looked up and smiled weakly. "Thanks. But it still doesn't solve the fact that I have all this sperm of yours up inside of me swimming around," she continued while laughing slightly.

"I know," I meekly replied. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Not unless you have a pussy vacuum,” she suggested.

At that mention, we both laughed. I don't know what came over me next but I moved Sarah's hand out of the way and continued where she left off, scooping some of the excess cum away that was at the bottom of her pussy lips. She hesitated at first, then looked me in the eyes and spread her legs even wider over the sides of the sink. I slipped my finger inside her lips and into her hole to try to retrieve more of the cum and her breathing began to get heavier. I could see that her right hand gripped the towel rack tighter. I was just about to wipe my finger on the towel when she grabbed my finger then slowly brought it up to her mouth and licked it clean, never taking her eyes off mine. I placed my finger back inside of her tight hole and began to finger fuck her, forcing more cum out and each time she would take my finger and suck it clean.

"What are we doing?" Sarah whispered. "You're my brother."

"I don't know Sarah, but I can't help myself. You're so fucken hot," I replied.

"I can't help myself either. It felt so good with you fucking me. I never imagined it feeling that good," she said.

I added in another finger and continued to marvel at how tight she was, stroking and cupping her hairless cunt. After another minute Sarah closed her eyes and shuddered uncontrollably as another orgasm overtook her. I felt her pussy clamp around my fingers as she panted, "Jesus, your touch is like little bolts of electricity shooting off inside of me." She jumped off the counter and said, "Fuck it, lets just do it again. I'll tell dad tonight that I need to get on the pill but won't let him in on why. Let's just hope I don't get pregnant."

With that she led me by the hand back to her bedroom and onto her bed. As soon as we were on she pushed me onto my back and started sucking on my cock so that it sprang back to attention.

"Mmm," she moaned as he continued to suck and fondle my balls.

After a few minutes I felt my balls go heavy again and I came in Sarah's mouth with her swallowing my entire load. She smiled then said, "I wanted to try that on you. I know this sounds crazy but can we fuck again? I'm too far gone now to even care about anything else. I need your back inside of me."

My cock happily sprang to life at the mentioning of those words and the thought of fucking her perfectly tight little pussy again. She climbed on top, straddling me, and then slowly lowered her pussy onto my rock hard cock. It felt even more amazing this time with her on top riding me. Her pussy muscles would flex every time she would lift off and massage my cock with her inner walls. I reached up and took each of her breasts in my hands and kneaded them gently, tweaking on her nipples, which she caused her to squeal in delight. Sarah was really getting into it, using her knees to support herself and really rocking her pelvis hard into me, taking my cock all the way in. Her head was thrown back and I could see her mouth making various moaning sounds as she continued riding me with her eyes closed.

"Oh god I am such a slut. I am such a slut," she kept saying over and over.

I grabbed her ass as she fell forward on my chest and spun her around so that she was on her back and me on top plunging into her. I loved this position best because I could control the pacing and pressure. "I can't believe I'm fucking my little sister,” I said as I continued to pound her hard into the bed causing the bedsprings to squeak.

"Yes, fuck your little sister. You like that don't you? You like fucking your hot little sister don't you? We're gonna keep fucking all the time aren't we?" she cooed.

That was too much for me to hear and I warned Sarah that I was about to cum again and that I better pull out.

"No!" she shouted. "I want your cum deep inside of me. I want you to fill me up. It’s too late now to turn back. Please...cum inside me and make me complete," she pleaded while looking at me straight in the eyes. With that she wrapped her legs completely around my back and locked her ankles together, pulling me even deeper inside of her.

"Oh shit! I'm coming!" I cried. My body shuddered in electricity as I came wave after wave, shooting my sperm into Sarah's waiting pussy. Sarah looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her beneath me. In fact at that moment there's no one else in the entire world that I would have rather fucked. She was a vision of pure innocence being deflowered and now coming into womanhood. Her pussy muscles continued to expertly milk my cock as I collapsed on top of her, my chest pressing against her small breasts. With eyes continually locked, we began to french kiss deeply, two lovers now firmly belonging to each other.

"I love you," Sarah quietly whispered into my ear. "I love you fucking me. Don't ever stop fucking me. You can fuck me anytime you want from now on."

"I love you too Sarah," I replied. "I love fucking you too."

She smiled at me as she flexed her pussy muscles around my cock one more time, extracting the last drops of my cum into her unprotected belly. I hadn't thought about how many more times we might do it or how this was going to unfold but hearing her say those words just felt like absolute bliss to me. I knew that I would be fucking her pussy for a long time to come. Who wouldn't?

We then drifted off to sleep, our bodies intertwined with my cock still firmly lodged deep inside her tight pussy.

--Please vote and let me know what you thought of this story. There are continuations to Sarah's many adventures that I may post if there is enough good feedback. Thanks.--

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