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DISCLAIMER: No, this story is not real. Hell, it might not even sound realistic. The people are real (although the names have been changed), but that's about it. I'm not big on build-up or character development, so if that's what you're looking for, prepare to be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don't I probably won't lose any sleep over it...


I sat at the chair in the kitchen, replaying the night's events in my mind. My girlfriend and I had gone to one of her co-worker's houses for a staff get-together. About fifteen people showed up in total, but several had left, leaving only eight of us. One of the guys had suggested a game of cards, a suggestion that gradually evolved into a game of strip poker. Trevor, the host of the party had said he had a strip poker game that had an interesting twist to it. He went upstairs and retrieved it from his room, then opened the box and explained the rules.

"We've got to sit boy-girl around the table," he said. Since there were four girls and four guys, that wouldn't be a problem. "We each get dealt a hand face down, but we don't get to look at it. We take turns turning over one card at a time so everyone can see. If you don't like the look of your hand, you can fold. You don't have to take anything off, but you do have to pick up an 'Agony' card from this deck." He held up a small deck of cards that was in the box. "Of the people who stay in the hand, the person with the lowest hand takes something off, and the person with the highest hand gets to pick up an 'Ecstasy' card." He held up the short stack of Ecstasy cards.

We were all seated at the table already, but we moved around a bit to accommodate the 'boy-girl' rule. Seated to my left was Amy, a sexy girl with long, dark hair. She dressed fairly conservatively, but my girlfriend and I had been to the beach with Amy and her boyfriend before, so I knew that she had a smoking hot body. Next to Amy was Trevor, the good-looking single guy who was hosting the party. Next to Trevor was my girlfriend, Jen. She was a tall brunette with a curvy body and big breasts. Beside Jen was Craig, Amy's boyfriend. Beside him was Melanie, another sexy brunette with big breasts. Next to Melanie was Darren, the other single guy in the group, and between Darren and I sat Hailey, the only blonde girl in the group and the one whose large breasts were on full display in her tight, low-cut top.

Craig, Darren and Hailey all folded the first hand, leaving five of us in. Amy had the highest hand, so she drew an Ecstasy card. Trevor had the lowest hand, so he was forced to remove his shirt, then the others began reading their cards.

"Mine says," Craig began, "dirty dance with the player of the opposite sex seated directly across from you for one minute." We were at a square table, so his girlfriend Amy was the one directly across from him. He stood up and pulled her to her feet, then began grinding up against her. Amy got right into it, the two of them groping and grinding against each other until the minute was up and it was Darren's turn to read his card.

"Bend your head back," Darren read, "have the player to your immediate left pour a drink of their choice down your throat for ten seconds." Hailey smiled and then got up to retrieve the bottle of tequila from the counter. Dan grimaced as he tilted his head back, then Hailey poured the drink down his throat. After ten seconds Hailey put down the bottle and read her card.

"You must grant the request of the person to your immediate right," she read, looking back at Darren.

"Show us your tits!" Darren replied quickly. Everyone else cheered as Hailey blushed, pulling her shirt and bra up to expose her gorgeous breasts, then lowering it back down.

"Okay, my turn," Amy said. "The player to your immediate left will make a toast to you. Everyone have a drink!" Trevor stood up and raised his glass.

"Here's to Amy, and hopefully seeing that sexy ass of hers before the game is over!" Everyone cheered and took a drink, then the next hand was dealt. Trevor and Jen folded, drawing Agony cards. Melanie won the hand and I lost the hand, taking off my shirt. Trevor then picked up his Agony card.

"Perform a one-minute song and dance number for all the players," he read. He stood up and performed badly but hilariously at the same time, drawing laughs and cheers from us all. "Okay, Jen, what does yours say?"

"While the other players whistle or hum a sexy tune, you perform a strip tease for one minute. You may get dressed when you're done." She looked at me, a combination of fear and lust in her eyes. I responded by going into my best enactment of a burlesque tune as the others cheered. She fingered me, but then started to strip. She took off her top first, showing off her trimmed tummy, then her jeans. Her bra came off next, reluctantly, although she did cover her breasts with one arm before lowering her panties, facing away from everyone. We got a great view of her ass, but she was too shy to show us any more than that, at least for now. The minute ended all too fast and she put her clothes back on. Melanie then read her card.

"Request that the player of your choice remove an article of clothing." She paused for a minute, looking at everyone. "Darren!" she said. "Take something off!" Darren smiled and took off his shirt, and then we dealt the next hand. Craig, Hailey and I all folded. Darren won and Trevor lost, taking off his socks.

Craig read his card first. "Each player may verbally make fun of you for 15 seconds." Two minutes went by quickly as we poked fun at him, then Hailey read her card.

"It's awful hot with all those clothes on, lose two pieces of clothing!" Everyone cheered as she took off her socks, then her shirt, revealing her sexy black bra.

"Once in your underwear," I read, "run around the room and squeal like a pig. Save this card until applicable." Everyone laughed, then Darren read his card.

"Keep this card," it said. "When you pick up an Agony card you may give it to the player of your choice." He put the card down in front of him and we dealt the next hand. Amy, Trevor, Craig and Darren all folded, Hailey won and Melanie lost, taking off her socks.

"Are you ticklish?" Amy read. "Let the player to your immediate left find out!" Trevor instantly began to tickle her she laughed hysterically, and he stopped when she threatened that she was about to pee. Trevor then read his card.

"It's a full moon," he read, "so why shouldn't you take part? Moon the other players." He turned around and dropped his pants, showing us his ass, then pulled them back up and sat back down.

"Hot pants," Craig read from his card. "Allow the player to your immediate right to cool you off by placing ice down your bottoms. Keep it there for one minute."

Jen leapt up from her chair and got an ice cube from the dispenser on the fridge, then walked over to Craig and put it down his pants. A minute later he pulled it out, a wet spot now on the front of his pants. Darren's card was next, but he used his 'gift' card to give it to Jen.

"Tell the truth," Jen read. "For two minutes you must answer all questions asked by the other players." The questions were fairly tame, the worst of them getting her to admit to her masturbation habits and whether she swallowed. Hailey then read her card.

"You are to receive a one minute neck massage from the player to your immediate left." I stood behind her and started to rub her shoulders, strategically shifting the straps of her bra off her shoulders. The cups of her bra fell just a bit, exposing a bit more of her breasts. I slid my hands down the front of her chest, but she stopped me just before I was able to take her breasts into my hands. The minute was up shortly thereafter, so she adjusted her bra straps and I sat down.

Amy, Trevor, Darren and I all folded the next hand. Hailey won again, but this time Craig lost, taking off his socks.

"Become a stand-up comic for one minute and 'get some respect,'" Amy read off her card. She did her best to tell a few jokes, but it was forced and awkward, making it even funnier for us.

"Reveal your most embarrassing sexual experience," Trevor said. "That would probably be the day back in tenth grade when my brother caught me masturbating." We all laughed, most of us relating to the experience. Darren was next.

"Have the player to your immediate left lay down on their back, you get into the push-up position over them and do 15 push-ups and make sure you go all the way down." Hailey got on her back on the floor and Darren got on top of her. With each push-up, his body pressed against hers and pushed her full breasts out to the side just a bit. I read my card next.

"Have a player blindfold you with an already removed article of clothing. Once you are blindfolded all other players should switch seats, and by touch alone you are to identify the other players." Amy did the honors, tying my shirt over my eyes. When they had switched seats I made my way around the table, identifying each one. I started at each person's hair in order to identify the sex. The first one was a girl, so I let my hands wander down to her shoulders. They were bare, so I knew it was Hailey, but still I ran my hands down the front of her body and felt her breasts before saying it. The next person was also one of the girls. Again I let my hands go to her shoulders, and I recognized right away that it was Jen, based on my memory of what she was wearing. I ran my hands over her breasts as well, then down the front of her body and over her crotch before identifying her. The third person was also one of the girls. I did the same thing, running my hands over her chest. Based on the size of her breasts, I knew it was Melanie. Next was yet another one of the girls, obviously Amy. Again I took advantage of the situation by groping her for a moment before saying her name. The next person I identified as Darren by the length of his hair, the next one was Craig, the only guy still wearing a shirt, and by process of elimination the last one was Trevor. I took off the blindfold and everyone returned to their seats.

"Have the player to your immediate left make you the drink of your choice," Hailey read. She ordered a Caesar from me, and I happily complied. Craig was the only one to fold the next hand. Amy won and Trevor lost, removing his pants.

"Receive your yearly physical from the player to your immediate right for one minute," Chris read. He stood up as Jen had him take off his shirt and pants. She reached her hand into his underwear and cupped his balls, then told him to turn his head and cough. The erection he was sporting was obvious, and Jen actually stroked it a couple of times before time ran out and he put his clothes back on.

"Wild card," Amy said, reading her card. "Whatever you want with whoever you want!" She looked around the table and then grabbed me by the wrist, leading me into the bathroom. "That made me so jealous and so horny," she said, referring to watching my girlfriend rub her boyfriend's cock. "Turn about is fair play." She quickly undid my pants and pulled out my cock, stroking it. It was already rock hard, so she sat back on the toilet and took it into her mouth. "I hope I get to fuck you before this night is over," she said between sucks. "I want this thing in my pussy so bad!"

"You look so good sucking my dick!" I said to her. "Jen and Chris would kill us if they found out what you were doing!" She sucked it for a couple of more minutes, then stood up and turned to face the counter. She undid her pants and pulled them down, then guided my cock into her pussy from behind. I watched her face in the mirror as I fucked her with long, steady strokes. "That feels so fucking good!" I said. "My cock is so hard!"

"Oh my god!" she cried. "I'm cumming!" When her orgasm subsided she pushed me out and stood, pulling up her pants. "We should get back out there." We straightened ourselves out and then returned to the kitchen. Everyone was looking at us with a look of curiosity, although Jen and Chris had a bit of jealousy in their eyes too. We sat down in our chairs and the next hand was dealt.

Trevor, Jen, Melanie and Hailey all folded. I won the hand and Craig lost, taking off his shirt.

"Kiss my ass," Trevor read off of his card. "Hold onto this card. The first person to lose his/her bottoms gets a kiss from you on both cheeks." Jen read hers next.

"Perform a belly dance for the other players for one full minute." She did as she was required, lifting her shirt up to show her toned stomach.

"Shit!" Melanie said after reading her card silently. "It's awful hot with all those clothes on. Lose two pieces of clothing!" We all cheered as she stood up and took off her shirt. She hesitated a bit, trying to decide between her bra and her pants. She decided on her pants, leaving her in a matching white bra-and-panty set.

"Receive a neck and back massage from the player to your immediate right," Hailey read. "Don't forget to supply them with an ice cube for each hand!"

Darren jumped up and grabbed a couple of ice cubes, then began rubbing them all over Hailey's back and shoulders. I was wishing that she hadn't been wearing her bra so we could see how hard her nipples were getting. When he was done I read my card.

"Put on a romantic song and slow dance with the person of your choice," I said. Wanting to smooth things over a bit with Jen after fucking her friend, I pulled her from her chair as Trevor put on one of the sappiest songs he could find. Jen and I kissed passionately, my hands caressing virtually her entire body. When we finished the dance the next hand was dealt.

Trevor, Melanie, Hailey and I all folded. Amy won and Jen finally lost a hand, taking off her socks.

Trevor's card required him to reveal his age, weight and measurements to us. Being a typical guy, this didn't phase him in the least until Hailey pointed out that 'measurements' should include penis length. Everyone agreed, and Trevor admitted to having a penis that was only about five-and-a-half inches.

Melanie's card told her to massage the feet of the player of the opposite sex seated directly across from her. This happened to be me, so she came over and knelt in front of me. The foot rub turned into a bit of a leg rub, and she even spent a moment rubbing my crotch through my jeans before stopping and returning to her seat. By this point we had gone through all of the Agony cards, so we shuffled the deck and Hailey and I drew our cards.

Hailey drew the tickle card that Amy had drawn earlier. I reached over and started to tickle her, making sure to grope her big tits in the process. I then drew the belly dance card, so I did my best to look like a fool in front of the others.

Amy's Ecstasy card told each of us to pay her a compliment. Trevor commented on her sexy eyes, Jen told her how much she envied her perky breasts (even though hers were pretty damn perky), Chris told her she gave great head, Melanie said she loved her sense of humor, Darren said he loved her voice, Hailey told her she had a great ass and I told her that I loved her wit (even though I wanted to agree with Chris's comment).

Trevor and Darren were the only ones to fold the next hand. Hailey won and I lost, taking off my socks. Trevor's card forced him to do the stand-up comic bit, something he did reasonably well. Darren drew the dirty dancing card, so he pulled Jen out of her chair and started to grind with her, grabbing her ass and forcing her crotch against his thigh. When that was done Hailey read her card.

"Enjoy a one-minute back rub from the player to your immediate right," she said. Darren got up and brought her to the floor in the adjacent family room. He knelt on top of her and started to rub her back. After a few seconds he unhooked her bra to give him full access. When he was done she sat up, giving us a brief glimpse of her nipples before reattaching the hooks of her bra.

The next hand was dealt, and Amy was the only one to fold. Trevor won and Melanie lost, forcing her to take off her bra. We spent a moment admiring her beautiful breasts, then Amy drew her card. She drew the card that Melanie had drawn a couple of hands earlier, forcing her to take off two pieces of clothing. She took off her socks and then her shirt, showing off a yellow bra that I happened to know matched her thong.

"Receive a sensuous kiss from the player of your choice," Trevor read from his card. "Amy!" With only a slight hesitation, Amy leaned over and kissed Trevor deeply for a minute before leaning back into her seat.

Craig, Hailey and I all folded the next hand, while Darren won and Amy lost, removing her pants. Craig had to reveal his most embarrassing sexual experience, so he told us about the day that his roommate walked in as he was masturbating and watching a porn video. Hailey drew the same card as she had earlier, forcing her to receive a neck and back massage with ice cubes. My card was the one where I had to have a drink poured down my throat. The bottle of tequila was still on the table, so Amy grabbed it and poured it down my throat for ten seconds.

"Close your eyes," Darren read, "while the person to your immediate left caresses your face for one minute." Melanie stood up and caressed his face, then we dealt the next hand. Trevor and Melanie were the only ones to fold, Craig won and I lost, taking off my pants. I was then forced to fulfill the requirements of my earlier card, running around the room squealing like a pig. Trevor drew the push-up card, doing his push-ups over Jen's body, then Melanie drew a card that required her to grant the request of the person to her right. Craig told her he wanted to see her lick her own nipples, so she did just that. Craig then read his card.

"You may kiss each player of the opposite sex on the lips, anywhere else is up to you." He started with Jen, giving her a relatively tame kiss. He then moved on to Amy, kissing her hard and reaching down to rub the crotch of her panties. Next came Hailey. He kissed her on the lips for a moment, then moved on to her neck. Melanie got the same treatment, except he continued down to her nipples, kissing each of them briefly before returning to his seat.

Trevor, Craig and Darren all folded the next hand. Jen won and Melanie lost. Melanie stood up and reluctantly pulled down her panties, leaving her naked, her partially-shaved pussy exposed. We decided at that point that naked players would be able to stay in the game, but if they lost a hand they had to grant the wish of the winner.

Trevor had to perform a song and dance number, then Craig drew that card where he had to identify everyone blindfolded. He followed my earlier lead, starting at the head. He identified all of the guys by their hair and chose to grope the women, successfully identifying each one. Darren then drew the 'annual physical' card that Craig had drawn earlier. Melanie did virtually the same thing that Jen had done earlier, having Darren strip to his underwear and then 'examining' his testicles. Darren then pulled his pants back up and sat down. Jen then read her card.

"You are to receive a one minute neck massage from the player to your immediate left," she read. Craig stood up and rubbed her neck for a minute, then sat down.

Amy and Melanie were the only ones to stay in the next hand, Amy being the one to win it. As her wish, she commanded Melanie to simulate a blowjob on the beer bottle in front of her. She did this for about a minute, making my cock rise almost as much as it had when Amy had been sucking on it. It was at this point that someone pointed out that Trevor still had to kiss Melanie's ass. Melanie stood up for him and he squatted down behind her, grabbing her sexy ass and planting a kiss on each cheek. He then drew his card, which required him to moon everyone as he had earlier. Jen drew the card that said the person to her right was to put ice down her pants. Trevor happily participated, putting his hand farther down the front of Jen's pants than was necessary as he deposited the ice cube. Craig drew the striptease card, hiding his package once he was naked, then putting his clothes back on. Darren had to reveal his measurements, as Trevor had before, claiming to have an eight-inch cock. Hailey drew the foot rub card, which she carried out with Trevor. I then drew the card that allowed everyone to make fun of me, something I took with much laughter. Amy drew a 'cold card', allowing her to put on an article of clothing. She chose to leave her pants off and put on her top instead.

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