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Strip Poker Foursome


My wife Kristen and I have been swinging for a year or so. Up to now, we have only been with others in the lifestyle. We have had some amazing experiences, but recently we decided we needed something fresh. We decided that we'd like to introduce another couple to the lifestyle.

We sat down and went over anyone and everyone we could think of. Friends, co-workers, you name them, we've considered them. One by one, we eliminated almost everyone on our lists. Everyone that is except for one couple.

Karen and Joe were old friends of ours. I have known Joe since grade school. When Kristen and I were first married, we spent quite a bit of time with them. Lately though, they have been having some marital problems, and we've seen less and less of each other. It's just those marital difficulties that made them prime candidates for seduction.

Kristen gave Karen a call and invited them over for dinner to "catch up on old times", as she put it to Karen. Karen was more than happy to come, and said they'd be over that Friday. That Friday at work felt like a lifetime. I couldn't wait to get home and greet our guests.

They showed up around 6. I had forgotten how hot Karen was. She stands about 5'11", with shoulder-length brown hair. She has big, beautiful breasts; a high C, at least. I have to admit that Joe too is attractive. He's an inch or so shorter than Karen, with short blonde hair, and a fairly muscular build.

We sat down and had a drink as Kristen finished preparing dinner. I was trying to get a sense of how their relationship was. They seemed cordial with each other, but nothing more. A good sign to me.

As we sat down to dinner, I was feeling better and better about the atmosphere. They may not have seemed close to each other, but they were hanging onto every word we said. Dinner went well. We were catching up on old times, and the wine was flowing.

After dinner, we moved into our living room. We talked about the usual, politics, work, etc. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, and we were all fairly loose from the wine. Kristen then tried to do some prying, and asked our guests how their relationship was. Karen replied that they have had their problems, but were committed to working through them. Karen then asked my wife the same question. Nothing could have prepared me for Kristen's answer.

"To be honest, things have been great lately. We've been swinging for about a year now, and it's done wonders for our marriage. We couldn't be happier", she answered. I couldn't believe how forward she was. Joe looked at me and just kind of raised his eyebrows, the way a guy looks at another guy when he's impressed.

Karen hesitated a few seconds, then dropped a bombshell of her own. "We've actually been thinking about swinging ourselves. Joe's all for it, of course!....but I'm nervous about it. I just think it would be so hard to have sex with strangers." I was stunned. Kristen was much calmer than me. She just looked at me with a devilish grin.

"Well then I guess you're with the right company", she said to Karen.

Karen giggled nervously, and said she wasn't sure if she was ready.

Now my wife is a terrific saleslady, and I knew she was going to find a way to close this deal. "Well then why don't we find a way to ease into it, so you won't be overwhelmed", she pressed.

"What do you have in mind?", Karen asked.

"How about a game of strip poker?", my wife replied.

At this point, Joe took over. "Hell yeah", he exclaimed, "Let's do it." Karen shot him a look, but he simply smiled at her and nodded his head.

"I guess", she sheepishly answered.

I nearly jumped out of the roof to get up to get a deck of cards.

We sat down on the floor around our coffeetable. Joe and Karen on one side, and Kristen and I on the other.

Unfortunately, Joe lost the first two hands, and had removed his shoes and shirt. Kristen lost the next hand and removed her shoes.

Karen lost next and removed her shoes also. It was after I lost the next two hands that I came to a realization. The girls had an unfair advantage. The had more layers of clothing to start with than Joe and I. While were down to our pants and boxers, they still had four more things to remove.

We, well Joe and I, decided that we should sit out the next two hands to even things out. The girls cried foul, but Kristen convinced Karen to play along. Bad decision for Kristen, as she lost both hands. First, she took off her shirt, exposing a sexy little purple push-up bra. I should note that she only has A-cups, but they're the cutest little tits you'll ever see. She then slowly removed her jeans. To put on a show for Joe, she laid back on the rug and slowly slide her jeans off, giving him a great view of her matching purple panties.

Who would've guessed that the one who didn't want to play had the most clothing remaining. Thankfully that was all about to change. They say poker is a game of streaks, and this game was proving it. Karen became the center of attention, losing three hands in a row.

Off came her shirt, giving us a look at those huge tits busting out of a plain white bra. After the next hand, show decided to take off her skirt. I have never seen someone so red. She was clearly embarrasses by what was transpiring. Krsiten stood up and went over to her. She whispered something in her ear and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Whatever my wife said must have worked, because Karen smiled and seemed to get into the show. She took over her skirt, exposing a cute white thong. Now came more controversy. After losing again, she said she would take off her stockings. I protested, saying they shouldn't count, as Kristen wasn't wearing any. Joe, Kristen, and I agreed that this wasn't fair.

"Don't worry big boy, I'll make it worthwhile for you", Karen said to me. The way she said it made me instantly hard. "Okay, okay, I won't argue with that", I answered. Joe and Kristen went along. Karen then came over and put her foot on my leg. She bent down and slid the first stocking down her leg painfully slowly, all the while staring deep in my eyes. She then switched feet and did the same with the other stocking. I wanted to pounce her right then.

The next two hands went to the ladies. Joe and I each removed our pants. Like I said, I had a huge boner, and it was just dying to poke through my boxers, so I tucked it in before taking off my pants. Now I'm pretty big, so it was clearly noticeable. Joe was a different story. He's downright huge! He made no effort to hide it. In fact, the head was sticking right through his boxers. Kristen wasmaking no effort to hide the fact that she was staring. "Holy shit, he's bigger than you honey", she said to me.

Kristen lost the next hand and made a bold move. She went over and stood in front of Joe. "Can you help me with this?", she asked, tugging at her bra. Joe reached behind her and unsnapped it, staring right at her tits as the bra fell away. I looked over at Karen to see her squirming, obviously enjoying the show.

It was her turn next as she lost. She made an even bolder move. She went over and stood in front of my wife, asking her to remove the bra. Kristen was more than happy to oblige. Her tits spilled out of her bra with a slap as they hit her body.

We all now were down to our boxers or panties. Just my luck that I was the first to be completely naked. Being a gentleman, I asked my wife to remove my boxers. She smiled and pulled them away, freeing my cock from its confines.

Karen exclaimed, "God damn that thing's thicker than my leg! You weren't kidding. That would rip me in half." I now knew what Kristen had whispered in her ear.

The next to go buff was Joe. He followed my lead and asked his wife for help. She exposed the longest cock I'd ever seen. "That thing's got to be at least a foot!" Kristen shrieked.

The good news was that with Joe and I out, the girls were next. Much to my delight, Karen lost. It was obvious that Karen had lost her inhibitions, because she asked Kristen for assistance. My wife was more than happy to comply. She went over and pulled Karen to her feet. She reached behind her and pulled the thong up into her ass, giving Joe and I a great sight. "Down. Pull them down, not up", Karen said. Kristen then slid her hands slowly and sexily down Karen's body. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slid her panties down to the floor. Much to my delight, Karen's pussy was as smooth as silk. Not a hair to be seen.

I whistled in delight. Karen then grabbed hold of Kristen's panties and literally ripped them off her body, exposing Kristen's bush. Her pussy isn't sloppy by any means, but she likes having hair and keeps it neatly trimmed.

Kristen then walked back over to me and gave me a deep tongue kiss and whispered in my ear, "I can't wait to have that foot-long in my cunt!" She gave me another kiss and stood up. I did the same.

"Why don't we head somewhere more comfortable", Kristen said. With that Joe and Karen stood up and followed us into the bedroom. I saw them grab each other's hand and give each other a big kiss. In a way, it made me feel good that we might be helping save their marriage, even if it was by fucking each other's spouses!

Kristen and I laid on the bed, groping and squeezing each other. Karen and Joe followed our lead. We all continued our foreplay next to each other on the bed. Karen was on top of Joe, dry-humping him like crazy. I then reached over and pulled Karen's lips to mine. She pulled back at first, but then brought her lips right back to mine. She was one hell of a kisser!

Kristen noticed my disinterest in her and pushed me towards Karen. I laid my friends wife back on the bed and got to know her body a little. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Joe doing the same with Kristen. I started to slide my hand down to Karen's pussy. When I touched her stomach, she almost jumped a mile. This was one ticklish girl. She squirmed around underneath me, and I could sense that she was nervous. I pulled my hand back up and fondled her breasts. I was kissing her all over hher face and neck and decided to taste those perfect tits of hers. Since Kristen has small boobs, I love being with full-breasted women for a change every know and then. As I sucked and fondled Karen's tits, we looked over to see what Joe and Kristen were up to. I was surprised to see they were wa ahead of us. They were in a 69 and appeared to be loving it. Joe was licking and sucking and nibbling all over my wife's hairy bush and she was all over his cock, making loud slurping noises. Joe started to grunt and pushed my wife away from his dick. He straddled her, gave his cock a couple of jerks and blasted all over Kristen's tits.

Karen reached over and pulled Kristen's tits toward her. She then licked every ounce of her husband's jizz off of my wife's tits. Figuring there was more time for this later, I pulled Karen back towards me. By now, I figured she was ready to have her pussy eaten. I again attempted to slide my hand down her body, and this time there was no resistance. Holy shit was she wet. I got prune fingers just from a little fingering. I began to kiss my way down her body past her tits and belly and tasted her bare pussy. There's nothing quite like eating a clean shaven pussy. I still couldn't believe how wet she was. She was about to get even wetter.

My wife climbed over and straddled Karen. She gave her a deep kiss, turned to face me, and sat right on Karen, pushing her pussy into her face. Karen must have loved it, because my face got soaked. It was so hot eating her pussy as she ate my wife's. Joe must not be a good pussy eater because my wife almost immediately screamed out and orgasmed right on Karen's face.

Kristen headed back over to Joe. I pulled my face away from Karen's snatch to taste my wife's pussy on her lips. At this point, Karen must have been dying for a cock, because she pulled away from me and begged, "Fuck me, please fuck me."

I reached down and put my cock right at her entrance. "Ready?", I asked. She must've been, because she wrapped her legs behind my ass, and pushed me right in her, screaming out in pain and pleasure. Joe was certainly long, but not thick, because her pussy was incredibly tight.

I thrust in and out, in and out, enjoying spreading every inch of her pussy. I started slamming into her harder and harder as she got looser. Then as I started to groan, ready to climax, she pushed me out of her and onto my back. She reached down, grabbed hold of my cock, and sank her lips right down on it. Too bad I was ready to shoot, because she seemed to be an expert cocksucker. She really knew how to use her tongue. I was ready though, and shot wave after wave of my spunk down her throat.

She pulled away and kissed Kristen sharing my come with her. Karen must've been enjoying our escapades, because she climed up and straddled my wife, lowering her pussy onto Kristen's tongue.

She was bucking wildly on my wife's face, enjoying every lick. I guess Joe was feeling left out. He had been stroking his cock, watching the action, but now decided to join in. He crawled in front of my wife and started to push his dick between her pussy lips. As he sank deeper and deeper inside her pussy, I could her Kristen'suffled scream beneath Karen's pussy. Kristen had never had someone so long in her, and apparently she was loving it. She started slamming her hips up onto Joe's cock as she ate his wife's pussy.

I was content sitting back and watching while stroking myself. Here was my wife eating Karen's pussy while her husband was fucking her. Joe couldn't hold out long as my wife was thrusting into him. He pulled out of her pussy and shot his load all over his wife's back.

Kristen slid her down so that she could lap up Joe's come. I was ready myself. I moved over towards Karen and blew my load all over her huge tits. She reached down and pulled her tits into her mouth, enjoying the taste of my spunk.

The four of us laid there, fondling each other and planning our next event. We decided that we would take them to one of our swing clubs the next weekend.

We had accomplished a lot. We had introduced our friends to the lifestyle, and maybe, just maybe, helped to save their marriage.....and I couldn't wait to fuck Karen again next weekend.

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