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Strip Poker Gone Wild


Let me start by saying my stories are pure fantasy. I hope to write about a real experience someday but for now this is just fantasy.

For years I had tried to convince my wife and her best friend Megan to play strip poker. Honestly all I ever really hoped for was to get a look at her boobs and maybe panties, but nothing could prepared me for what happened last night.

We had been sitting around talking and just hanging out when I jokingly asked if they wanted to play strip poker. I saw my wife, Ann give Megan a look and both smirked, and then they both said they would play. I had waited so long to hear them agree to play I almost didn't believe it at first but a few minutes later we were sitting on the floor Ann was dealing and I was as excited as I had ever been. We all agreed that whoever won the hand got to keep their clothing and the two losers had to remove 1 item of clothing. The first few hands were boring, a sock here, a belt there but soon we were getting down to the nitty gritty.

Ann won the next hand and Megan and I had to take something off, I removed my shirt and Megan did the same. I have to say I was impressed, she looked amazing in just a bra, it was a blue satin bra that showed enough cleavage that I was instantly rock hard. My wife allowed me about 10 seconds to stare and then handed Megan the cards and she dealt the next hand, this time Megan won. Since we lost Ann removed her shirt and I was treated to an amazing sight. She was bra less. I have seen her breasts thousands of times but each time is like the first time, I was so hard and so engrossed I hardly heard Megan telling me to take them off, them being my pants. I was a little embarrassed because of my hard on but a bet is a bet. As soon as I removed my pants my excitement was evident by the tent in my shorts.

Now it was my turn to deal, Ann won again. This time Megan chose to remove her pants, she was wearing a g-string that matched her bra, just the smallest triangle of cloth covered what I knew was a very sweet pussy. Now I was lost in a wave of hormones and without even thinking about it I paid my bet by removing my boxer briefs, leaving me completely naked. This time I noticed both Megan and Ann staring at my hard cock.

I sat back down and we started a new hand Ann won again. Megan started to remove her bra but then complained that I had lost too but I had nothing to pay. Ann told her not to worry I would repay my loss. Megan took off her bra. Her breasts were just about perfect, she had sent us a picture of herself topless once but that picture did not do her justice. My eyes went from her breasts to Ann's and back again. Comparing and realizing that I was staring at 2 sets of the most beautiful breasts in the world. I was practicaly hypnotized. But now it was my turn to pay up, Ann said since I had no more clothes I must do what ever she said for 60 seconds. Just thinking about it made me even more excited so I immediately agreed. Ann told me to use my mouth on Megan's breasts, Megan simply smiled and laid down on floor. I started by kissing and sucking the tops of her lushes mounds slowly spiraling my way towards her left nipple, watching her breathing go from deep to shallow, until I finally took her nipple in my mouth and while sucking lightly I swirled her nipple with my tongue. Her nipple grew harder in my mouth and I lightly grazed it with my teeth making it even harder, I then moved to her right breast, kissing and sucking every bit of flesh until I reached her nipple. I don't know if her right is more sensitive or if playing with her left just made her more sensitive but as soon as I took her nipple in my mouth she gasped letting me know to suck harder, I was really getting into it when Ann said the time was up. I don't know who was more disappointed me or Megan.

I got lucky the next hand and won so now both woman had to remove a piece of clothing. First Ann stood up and shimmied out of her pants once again making me so happy was the fact that she wasn't wearing panties either, I love my wife naked, If I had my choice she would always be naked, I could spend all day exploring her body and then start all over, her skin is soft and smooth, and to touch her is pure electricity. She keeps the lips of her pussy shaved and the hair above trimmed, she is a vision of sexuality, and I am lucky to have her. For a few seconds I even forgot Megan was there until Ann said it was Megan's turn. Ann and I both watched as Megan peeled her g string off and we got our first look at her totally naked. She had a triangle of dark pubic hair trimmed nicely pointing directly to her pussy I even believed I could see her clit poking out just slightly.

Ann won the next hand, and by now she was very horny. She said she wanted Megan and I to use our mouths on each of her breasts, for the same 60 seconds. Ann laid back, Megan took the left and me the right. We both started exploring Ann's perfect tits with our mouths, both starting on the outside working in until we reached her nipples. My wife loves having both her nipples in my mouth at the same time so I knew having two mouths would drive her wild. She was breathing heavy and she was grinding her pussy up in the air. Megan and I both noticed this at the same time and while sucking on her tits Megan buried a finger deep inside Ann while I massaged her clit. Ann went wild, so wild she was almost at the point of orgasm in seconds. And then it happened, Megan and I moved Ann's nipples together and simultaneously our tongues swirled together and around Ann's nipples. That was all it took, she went over the edge into the throws of a mind blowing orgasm, we didn't stop, Megan kept her fingers deep in Ann's pussy and I kept rubbing her clit. Ann's body shook from the orgasm. As it subsided we continued to play with my wife's pussy and it only seemed natural so i maneuvered myself just enough to kiss Megan, first softly then passionately. I had not kissed any woman, other than my wife, like this in over 15 years, but it was perfect, like it was meant to be. When we finally broke the kiss we both looked at Ann and she was smiling. I moved up and kissed her deeply and lovingly, until I felt Megan's breath on us. As soon as i broke the kiss with Ann, she looked at Megan and they started kissing each other.

Watching the woman I love and the woman that has been the object of so many fantasies kiss is un-describable. And I knew then that life as I knew it had reached a new high. I figured the game was over now and it was time to have some fun, so i started caressing both women. Their skin responding to my touch, as I rubbed them Ann re positioned herself so Megan was laying on the floor, she moved to Megan's breasts and started to devour them. I touched Megans's legs and she parted them enough for me to start kissing her inner thighs. I love the skin of the inner thigh, it is always so soft and feels great against my lips. Hers was especially soft. And as I continued I heard a soft moan escape Megan's lips that told me it was time.

I started to kiss all around Megan's pussy, tasting her, her hips responding to my touch. I felt the wetness with my lips and used my tongue to get even more. Ann was spending time going from breast to breast and nipple to nipple every now and then stopping to kiss and suck on Megan's neck. I took Megan's clit into my mouth softly at first and then a little stronger all the while swirling my tongue slowly. I love to watch a woman's response to my mouth on her body and the response from Megan with two mouths was wonderful. She was hardly able to breath, her body was moving rhythmically with our mouths. I would alternate from slowly sucking her clit to burying my tongue deep inside her, almost as if I were giving her pussy a French kiss, my lips around the outside and my tongue swirling on the inside. She was so wet and tasted amazing. As she got closer and closer to climax Ann started sucking on her nipples harder and I started caressing her clit with my mouth and tongue faster until she could take it no more and body erupted in orgasm. I plunged my tongue deep inside her while rubbing her clit with my upper lip and continued slowly till her orgasm subsided and both women collapsed on the floor.

I knew Ann would be ready for more so i immediately plunged my tongue into her wet pussy. She has always been multi orgasmic but I never expected it when she came after only a few seconds. I licked her until she was done and sat back to look at these two beautiful women.

By now i was so hard and so turned on I was sure all they had to do was think about my dick and I would have cum, so a break was a good idea, but they had other ideas. Megan recovered first and she came over and kissed me again. it seems weird it would be so natural but is was. Then she trailed her kisses down my neck to my chest where she kissed and sucked on my nipples. Ann must have told her i love that. As she moved down my body the tension caused my hips to flex upward until she took my cock in her mouth. Now there is something about a blowjob, something so intimate while being a little bit dirty all at the same time. As she sucked the head first and then the entire shaft I was in heaven or at least i thought I was until my wife brought heaven to a new level. She had come over and started rubbing my balls while kissing me deeply, then she moved her body down and her and Megan took turns on my dick. Soon i was cumming like never before and to my amazement both women were making sure they got their fair share, as i watched this it only made me cum more and more, until i finally had to break free from them and take a break.

We had all cum very hard and silently we all agreed to stop and catch our breath for a minute. I went and got us some cold drinks and we sat and drank and smoked a joint Megan had pulled out. Nobody said much I think we were taking in all the events that had happened. But sitting there naked with two beautiful naked woman took its toll on me and Ann soon noticed I was hard again.

As if on que she told me she wanted me to fuck her until she came again, Knowing full well it would take me a very long time until I could cum. I went to her and as my dick entered her pussy we kissed deeply. It was erotic, sensual, and very loving. I was making love to her in front of her best friend we continued this way until she started to have her first orgasm from penetration, and I do mean first because as soon as she starts she doesn't stop for a very long time. As soon as I felt her start to cum I rolled her over and entered her again doggy style pounding her hard and fast just the way she likes it. Every thrust causing another orgasm to start, I didn't stop i just kept going until I felt her whole body go limp and knew she had had her last orgasm of the night. I leaned down to kiss her and in a very faint voice she said to do the same thing to Megan. Funny I had been so into fucking my wife I almost forgot we were not alone, but only almost.

I locked my eyes to Megan's as I moved toward her, kissing her as I laid her down flat. I slowly entered her while massaging her breasts with my hands, taking time to lightly pinch her nipples. Her pussy felt as if it were pulling me deep inside her, our tongues dancing together it was awesome. Then Ann, having gained some strength back, said it was time to fuck Megan. Once again I was moving a woman into the best position for good hard fucking, and I held nothing back I grabbed Megan's hips and drove my dick as deep as possible into her waiting pussy. I never missed a beat as I felt Megan cum over and over until I could take it no more and exploded deep inside her.

Finally I released her and Ann came over and gave me a big kiss. With a smile on her face she asked me if it was everything i ever wanted, all I could do was smile...

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