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It was early 1998, a few years before terrorism changed the world forever with the attacks on New York and Washington. Air travel was safe and I gazed excitedly out of the aircraft at the vast desert below wondering what experiences awaited me in the year to come. As the plane banked to prepare for landing a shiver ran through me as I thought of my family and friends left far behind. Here I was, 28 years old and still single, about to land in a friendly Middle East country to nurse at the hospital for the next twelve months. Seven years of hard work at the understaffed hospital at home were now behind me. The money offered to relocate for this job was too much for me to resist, with little to spend it on I could save and return home with a large deposit for my own home.

The bump of the wheels on the tarmac shook me out of my daydream and soon the plane stopped at the terminal. After a short walk through the modern terminal I collected my luggage and approached the customs area. The brochures I had received at home had been very specific about packing, ‘no alcohol or drugs and be careful about prescription drugs, the sentences for even minor offences are harsh and painful’. Fortunately I was very healthy and had no current prescriptions so I was confident of passing through customs without any problems.

The pleasant local customs officer searched my luggage thoroughly and after allowing me to repack the suitcases he called a handsome thirty-ish Englishman over to the customs area.

He smiled and said, “Miss Smith? I’m Dr. Ivan Williams from the hospital, I hope you had a good flight.”

“Nice to meet you Dr. Williams, please call me Nancy.”

“Fine Nancy, please follow me.” Dr. Williams placed my luggage back on the trolley and pushed it towards some offices with me following close behind.

I followed the doctor into a small office where he sat at a small desk and motioned me to sit opposite. I had expected to be taken straight to my rooms at the staff living center and wondered what was going to happen, I soon found out.

“Nancy, the authorities select a newcomer at random for a complete search. It is my duty to perform a thorough strip search of your body.”

“A strip search?” I was shocked. “Is that really necessary Dr. Williams?”

“Yes I’m afraid so Nancy,” Dr. Williams looked very serious. “At least we have talked them into letting our doctors do the search, the local ones were quite rough I’m afraid. You can refuse but you will be on the next plane home if you do, and you will have to pay for your flight.”

“Well let’s get on with it then doctor.” I replied. He seemed nice and I had no option.

“Very good Nancy, come with me into the examination room.”

I followed him into the next room. A couple of chairs, an examination table, toilet, wash basin together with a sterile equipment cupboard were the only furniture.

“Strip completely and get on the table, on your back.” Dr. Williams ordered.

I sighed and quickly removed all my clothes. I was a little overweight but quite proud of my shapely figure and I caught the doctor staring at my firm breasts as I lay back on the cool leather.

“I have to do this, sorry, have to check for hidden drugs.” Dr. Williams explained as he thoroughly searched all my clothing and handbag.

“All clear Nancy, try and relax and this will soon be over”, Dr. Williams said as he slipped latex gloves onto his hands. “Now open your mouth wide, are all you teeth your own?”

I nodded as I opened my mouth as instructed. The doctor’s fingers slid all along my gums and pulled separately on each tooth. He was checking, as he explained, for any false teeth that could be hiding a small cache of drugs. I shook my head as he completed the inspection of my mouth and swapped the gloves for new ones.

“Spread your legs wider please Nancy”, the doctor instructed as his fingertips spread my labia. I closed my eyes and stifled a moan as his fingers slowly probed into my vagina. Never had any of my boyfriends used their fingers so expertly and deeply as the doctor was doing now. My juices were flowing and there was nothing I could do to stop them.

I opened my eyes as the doctor’s fingers left my vagina and watched him walk over to the cupboard. I froze as he withdrew a speculum and moved back to stand at the end of the table. He was silent as he leant forward, opened my labia lips again and slowly pushed the speculum deep into my vagina. This time I could not suppress the loud moan that escaped my lips and I heard the doctor chuckle. My eyes were closed and I breathed deeply as Dr. Williams finally completed his vaginal inspection.

“Roll over onto your tummy Nancy,” he ordered as the speculum was withdrawn from my dripping pussy.

‘How about saying please?’ I thought to myself as I obeyed the instruction, a shiver of fear, or was it anticipation, running through me as I thought of what may happen next.

I was shocked as the doctor slipped an arm under my hips, lifted me off the table and slid a firm cushion under my tummy. My arse was now high and wide open for the anal examination. I thought my pussy must have been dripping for Dr. Williams to see as I heard him swap gloves once again. The sound of running water made me turn my head and to my joy I watched as he filled an enema bag with soap and warm water.

He must have felt my eyes watching as he said, “The final check Nancy, it will soon be over, have you ever had an enema before?”

“No, never doctor.” I lied and shook my head. I had swapped enemas years ago when training with a fellow nursing student and had loved the feelings it produced in my body. I could feel my nipples harden against the leather tabletop.

I turned my head away as the doctor approached with the enema bag in hand.

I heard him place it on the metal hanger and then fiddle with the hose and nozzle. Finally his hands rested on my arse cheeks and spread them wide apart.

“I’ll just lubricate your anus before the enema Nancy.”

I felt some cold lubricant being squeezed onto my hole and I tensed as I felt Dr. Williams finger pushing against my puckered opening.

“Just relax Nancy.” He said, irritation showing in his voice.

He pushed again but my sphincter muscle rebelled against the intruder.

“Damn it Nancy, will you relax?”

‘Smack! Smack!’

I yelped as Dr. Williams spanked me hard, once on each cheek. The sudden stings had the effect he wanted and as I collapsed onto the cushion his finger pushed firmly into my rectum. My head was racing, all my life I had fantasized about being spanked and here it was happening, and with a finger up my arse as well! I moaned loudly again as he moved his finger in and out, twisting it to ensure that the lubricant was well spread. Was it my imagination or did the good doctor spend more time than necessary on this part of the examination? I surely wasn’t going to complain and again I moaned as he withdrew his finger and then pushed in the cold metal nozzle.

As he slowly squeezed the bag I felt the warm water beginning to fill me deep in my bowels. I wondered to myself if he would put a plug in my butt to keep the water in as I had read about in those dirty stories on the Internet. No such luck as Dr. Williams withdrew the metal nozzle and squeezed my buttocks together.

“Now hold on as long as you can Nancy, then move to the toilet quickly and let it all go. Do not bother to try and flush the toilet because the handle has been removed. Your stools will be examined later in pathology for any traces of drugs. You can clean yourself and dress when you have emptied your bowels.”

As I nodded the doctor suddenly left me alone in the room. I held on as long as I could, rushed to the toilet and let the lot go. After cleaning myself I dressed and, wondering what awaited me next, I entered the office. A uniformed young local with “taxi” embroidered on his shirt stood beside my luggage on the trolley.

“My name is Ali, come with me please Miss and I will take you to your living quarters.” He said in perfect English with a bright smile.

I breathed a sigh of relief and followed him out of the terminal into the heat and bright sunlight. Fortunately the taxi was air-conditioned and I relaxed back into the seat and watched the city outskirts pass as we cruised down the freeway. Ali pointed out buildings of note to me and twenty minutes later the car pulled up in front of a modern building, the Oasis Nurses Residence. Ibrahim carried my luggage into the foyer, refused my offer to pay for the trip from the airport and left me standing alone.

The reception desk was unmanned but after a minute the elevator doors opened and a uniformed nurse stepped out.

“Nancy? You have made it at last; my name is Tricia, welcome to your new home. Poor thing you, drawing the short straw at the airport, I hope it wasn’t too bad for you?” Tricia smiled and we shook hands.

“Nice to meet you Tricia, no it wasn’t too bad, Dr. Williams was pretty nice about it all.” I smiled back. “I love your accent, is it Canadian?”

“Woohoo, oh thank you Nancy. Everyone picks me as American. Here, give me one of your bags and I’ll take you to your room.”

Tricia’s enthusiasm was infectious; I felt that I had made a new friend already. We chatted easily as the elevator took us to the fourth floor and then along the corridor to room sixty nine.”

“Wow, room sixty nine, half your luck.” Tricia giggled as she unlocked the door and ushered me inside.

The room was small but very well furnished with its own ensuite bathroom, several pre-ordered nursing uniforms were laid out on the bed.

Tricia handed me the room keys as she said, “I’ll leave you alone to get unpacked. The television is connected to a satellite dish so fortunately you don’t have to learn Arabic. I’ll meet you outside the dining room on the second floor in an hour at 6.30 for dinner. I’ll introduce you to the other newcomers and tomorrow I’ll be in charge of your orientation day. Ok, I’ll see you soon.”

After a quick hug Tricia left and closed the door behind her. I found some refreshing bottled water in the small fridge and set about unpacking my bags. The room soon looked homely as I placed some family photos around and after a quick wash I made my way to dinner. Tricia introduced me to the other newcomers and handed out our name badges. I felt relaxed as I chatted in the large noisy dining room while eating the delicious food.

I slept quite well that night and enjoyed the next day of orientation with Tricia, who seemed to have a funny story for each department. The following day I started ward duty and I soon learned my way around the large hospital. To my relief the nurse/patient ratio was considerably larger than my old hospital and I was able to handle my duties without the constant rush of back home. All the staff were very friendly and after a couple of weeks I felt quite at home. Most of the patients were expatriates from English speaking countries all around the world so language wasn’t a problem. My room was cleaned and tidied each day and I had plenty of spare time to relax with my new friends. I saw Dr. Williams a few times and he was pleasant and smiling each time we met.

Late one afternoon I returned to my room and discovered a small plain card had been slipped under the door. I opened it and read, ‘Dinner with me, Thursday night, my rooms, eighth floor, 7.00pm sharp, don’t be late. Ivan Williams.’

I sat on my bed, surprised and amazed at the curt invitation, one that I could not refuse. I wondered if this was usual for newcomers or had I been singled out? Should I ask Tricia or keep the invitation to myself? I decided to keep quiet and listen to find out if others had also been invited. I heard nothing so it was with a mixture of trepidation and excitement that I knocked on Dr. Williams’ door at the exact time on Thursday. I had dressed in my best summer frock, a floral rose pattern that showed the top of my breasts. The outfit was supported by thin straps tied in a bow on each shoulder.

“Come in Nancy, it’s not locked.” I heard Dr. Williams call.

I opened the door and walked into the large opulent lounge/dining room, so much larger than my own room.

“Close and lock the door and come through to the kitchen.”

It was obvious who was in charge and a small shiver of excitement passed through me as I followed his instructions. Dr. Williams had his sleeves rolled up and was wearing an apron to protect his clothes.

“I hope you like pasta Nancy, it’s my specialty.” He said with a smile. “Pour yourself a cold lemonade from the fridge. I wish I could offer you wine or beer but I have to follow the rules too, not even the Gods called doctors are exempt. Oh for a nice cold beer, but only eleven months to go and I’ll make up for lost time.”

I laughed at his joke and we chatted easily about how I was finding life so far from home. When the meal was ready we moved to the dining room. The pasta was delicious and as we ate Dr. Williams told me of his marriage breakup and how he had moved out here three years ago, ‘for one year, ha ha’. But he was returning home at the same time as me, to take over the practice of his doctor father who was retiring. I was feeling quite relaxed and confident as we finished the main course when Dr. Williams suddenly changed the subject.

“I guess you wondered why I invited you here Nancy?’ He said as he looked directly into my eyes.

“Umm, yes, well it did take me by surprise I must admit Doctor.” I replied, as I found it hard to keep eye contact.

“You liked it when I spanked you at the airport examination didn’t you Nancy?”

The question left me lost for words, the answer was yes but how could I admit it? I bit my lip and looked down at my empty plate, what was this leading to?

“Nancy, look at me and answer honestly!” Dr. Williams’ voice was commanding. “Your answer goes no further than these walls.”

I took a deep breath, raised my head and looked directly into his eyes. “Yes.” I replied quietly.

“Speak up girl, yes what?” He demanded.

“Yes, I did like being spanked.” I replied in a louder tone.

“Good girl Nancy, honesty is the best policy.” Dr. Williams said in a friendly manner. “Now tell me, do you know the terms Dominant and submissive?”

“Yes, I am familiar with those words.” I replied with a quiet sigh of relief.

“Ice cream and maple syrup for dessert?” He said as he collected the dishes, rose and headed for the kitchen. “The syrup is direct from Canada and delicious, I must get my friend from Manitoba to send me some more.”

“Y’yes that will be lovely.” I replied, my mind spinning with another sudden change of subject.

Dr. Williams soon returned with the dessert and as we ate he started a discussion on Domination and submission. It was wonderful to actually meet and talk to someone about a subject that I had never been able to broach with any of my friends. The term ‘safe, sane, consensual’ was used several times as Dr. Williams skillfully got me to admit the submissive side of my nature. Where this was leading I wasn’t sure, but I felt safe discussing the taboo subject with the friendly doctor. He served coffee as he showed his wide knowledge on all aspects of BDSM.

Suddenly Dr. Williams moved to stand beside me, holding out a hand as he said, “Come with me Nancy.”

“Yes doctor.” I meekly replied as I stood and held his hand.

“Yes Sir!” He demanded as he led me across the lounge and into his bedroom.

“Yes Sir.” I replied with another shiver of excitement.

The bedroom was dimly lit and I noted the large queen size bed, so much bigger than the single in my room. The doctor led me across to a blank wall and guided me into position with my back against the plaster. I gasped as he held my right wrist out and secured it with a strap to the wall. My left wrist was soon attached too and my helpless position made me feel quite faint.

“Please Sir,” I panted, “May I have some water?”

The doctor raced to the fridge and returned with a glass of ice water that he held to my lips as I drank.

“Are you ok Nancy?” He asked with concern.

I took some deep breaths and nodded in reply.

“Nancy the safe word is red, use it if anything gets too much for you and I will stop immediately.” The doctor explained as he checked my pulse rate. “If you want me to ease up at any time call amber. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I feel better after the water, thank you Sir.”

Dr. Williams reached out and released both shoulder straps of my dress. It slipped down over my breasts and slowly down to the floor around my feet. I moaned as he took my hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. I have long thought that I had special nerves connecting my breasts to my pussy and my back arched with a wave of pleasure. Sir squeezed, pulled and twisted my nipples in ways only I had in the past. None of my previous lovers or partners had ever treated me this way and I loved the attention.

Through partly glazed eyes I watched Dr. Williams let go of my nipples before moving over to the bed where he placed several pillows in a pile. My brain was racing as Sir placed a straight-backed chair in front of me, what did he have planned? I was soon to find out as he slipped a hand down the front of my wet thong. Again I moaned as I felt a finger being pushed deep into my vagina, oh how I needed a good fuck! Sir pulled his hand out of my panties and thrust his glistening finger in my mouth. I sucked greedily on my own juices as Sir moved his finger in and out as if it was a small cock.

Sir reached out, released my wrists from their restraints and sat down on the chair. I moaned in anticipation as I was pulled face down over his lap. I lifted my hips to assist as he pulled my wet thong down over my bum, down my legs and off over my feet. A firm hand spread my legs wide apart as the aroma from my pussy filled the air. I almost trembled in expectancy as Sir stroked his hands over my back and buttocks.

“Smack” - a firm hand landed on my right cheek with a slight sting closely followed by a similar smack on my left cheek. Quick firm blows soon had me wriggling on Sir’s knees and he held me firmly with his left hand as his right rained smacks on my arse.

“Oh Yes!” I could not stop myself from crying out loudly how much I loved my long awaited first spanking. I could imagine Sir smiling down at me as the spanks grew stronger and no doubt the color of my bum grew pinker.

“Smack, Smack, Smack!” - The spanks were slower and harder now and I was giving little yelps and cries as each stinging blow landed.

“Nancy if you don’t keep still I’ll stop spanking you,” Sir threatened.

“Oh Sir, I’m trying to keep still, Ouch!” I gasped. “But please don’t stop, Owww, shit that stings!”

I heard a chuckle from above as Sir kept the spanks coming on my stinging bottom. Never had I imagined that a spanking could be this good and I moaned in frustration as Sir suddenly stopped spanking. His strong hands assisted me to my feet and I stood unsteadily hoping that there was more spanking to follow.

“Over to the bed Nancy!” Sir ordered.

Once again I moaned as Sir guided me over to the bed where he assisted me to lay face down over the pillows with my arse high in the air. I felt uncertain, vulnerable, excited and somewhat puzzled that my spanking had been ended so suddenly. I had been close to a wonderful orgasm and wanted desperately for the spanking to continue. If I had known what Sir had in mind for me perhaps I would not have been so eager at that time. Sir was meticulous as he placed my legs and arms in exactly the position he required. My head was face down on the bed and I gasped in pain and pleasure as Sir grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back.

“Watch carefully Nancy.” Sir ordered as he pulled back the sheet.

I gasped as I saw a heavy leather strap, flogger, leather paddle and a thin cane right in front of my eyes.

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