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* Author's note: all characters, events and protocols are fictional. *

The streets were empty, as they should be. The city was under martial law as a result of the economy failing and riots in the streets. Sergeant Alyssa Chapman and Master corporal Rebecca Black were on the evening patrol around the former red district of the city. It was just becoming dark and while there was sometimes the occasional resident trying to sneak around somewhere, for the most part, they never encountered anyone.

The people kind of got the message in this area that the lock down meant no raunchy strip bars where anything went, no happy-ending massage parlors, no drugs, nothing. They took a little longer to learn than the rest of the city, but the message was finally through that if you were caught, you would be dealt with severely.

So they patrolled the streets, each carrying a C-7 (M-16), 5 30 round mags each and a sidearm, as well as their own personal knives clipped to their belts in case things got really nasty. It was an intimidating sight to see, two incredibly fit women walking silently down the street, complete with flack jackets, tac vest, helmet etc., heads constantly on a swivel for the slightest movement.

Kisten shuddered as he peeked from around the corner at them, wondering if he could make the sprint across if he went now. He fidgeted nervously, nearly dancing on the spot. There was a underground club that he was trying to get to. He was a dancer there and he couldn't miss another night of work. But as confident as he was on the stage, these two women intimidated the hell out of him.

Kisten decided to go for it, knowing if they saw him, he was done. He took a deep breath, gathered his courage and stepped around the corner only to find himself face to muzzle with Rebecca's rifle. He whimpered involuntarily and swallowed hard. "Erm, hi, I guess you're wondering what I'm doing out...I uh....." He turned suddenly to run, only to be tackled 10 metres later by Alyssa.

As soon as he was on the ground she was up again telling him in a calm voice to stay down or they would use force, Rebecca meanwhile zap-strapping his hands behind his back.

He groaned and tried to roll over, only to feel the toe of a boot nudge him back. "Did you really think that we didn't see you poking your fucking nose around the corner?" Rebecca said with disgust as she stood up, slinging her weapon.

His wrists struggled uselessly against his bindings, feeling it was best to remain silent. Rebecca and Alyssa looked at each other, an entire conversation in just a few head nods and looks. They were in an alley now, surrounded by abandoned buildings and they were bored.

Alyssa bent over and hauled him to his feet before pressing him against the wall "Alright, we have to search you, we don't have a male counterpart, so we'll have to do it ourselves, are you comfortable with that?" He nodded sullenly "Ok then, do you have any weapons, needles or anything else that might harm myself or Mcpl Black here?" He thought for a moment before shaking his head.

Alyssa nodded and kicked his feet out wider and wider, telling him to point his toes out. He complied and was surprised when she continued talking "Ok then, good, continue to be compliant like this and things will go well for you, what's your name?" He tried to tell her, but found he couldn't speak.

He swallowed and tried again, this time getting out a weak and dejected word "Kisten." he muttered.

Alyssa nodded "Kisten then." she proceeded to slowly and carefully run her gloved hands up his left arm, smiling inwardly at the muscle definition. 'This is going to be fun' she thought.

Kisten was dressed in regular clothes: nice fitting jeans, a form-fitting t-shirt which showcased his well defined muscles, and a pair of what were presumably black boots. Something seemed off to Rebecca about his attire however, while it was tight, the lines and bulges were in the wrong spots. She frowned, but continued to cover her partner.

Alyssa finished his arm and moved down his left side, her left hand keeping his arm against the wall and her right hand searching his back and sides, before switching and doing his right side. She found nothing as she expected, but made an audible noise as she started her search on his pants.

Being searched was making Kisten hard, and her noise was made upon encountering said erection. "He has a weapon Beck," she said winking.

Rebecca nodded and slung her weapon, grabbing Kisten by the arm, she swung him around. "Spread your legs shoulder distance and raise your arms above your head, and don't fucking move!!".

Rebecca and Alyssa both grab a side of his shirt and pull up, it had a high tight collar like a workout shirt would have so they had an issue removing it at first, but when they finally did they saw that he was wearing a black stretchy collar, a cheapie, but it looked good on him. The women shared knowing glances and Rebecca asks "dude, what's with the collar, were you going somewhere special?"

He blushes and shakes his head "No ma'am, I work at a bar a---" he trailed off, remembering it was supposed to be a secret.

Alyssa's eyebrows raised and she questioned him further while they continued stripping him down, now doing his boots. "What bar and what do you do there that you have to wear a collar?"

She looked up to see his face while he replied. "I won't tell you the name or where it is, but I am a dancer there."

Rebecca played stupid "what like street dancing? Ballet? What kind of dancing do you do?"

He shuddered in embarrassment but sighed "No ma'am, I'm an exotic dancer there. The prostitutes who can't work anymore come to see me dance and.....stuff." He ended lamely.

"Pole dancing and what? Fucking the patrons?" She chuckled "Is that why you're so shy to tell us?" Moving with Alyssa to work on his pants.

He nodded then noticed where they were headed "No please don't, I don't have a weapon I just....I-- please don't." he trailed away again and Rebecca chuckled again.

"You what, tell me what it is if it's not a weapon".

He blushed and slowly brought his hands down, showing them he meant no harm, then undid his pants, and showing him his dilemma. He had a raging hard on now and while he was wearing a pair of black leather briefs that matched his collar, they did nothing to hide it. Alyssa let out a small whistle and Rebecca just stared, both standing up now, having completely removed his pants and briefs. He stood there stark naked, cock standing proud.

"And I guess you would like us to let you go to end your humiliation?" Alyssa asked "Where is it that you live?"

His head down he gestured down the alley "2 blocks that way ma'am." She chuckled and winked at Rebecca "So it's close enough really." He didn't get her hint and just nodded, completely embarrassed and yet totally turned on that two completely combat ready, intimidating women saw him so vulnerable.

Now something to note here is that Rebecca and Alyssa knew each other very well, they 'grew up together' so to speak, in terms of their military careers. They were both in the same recruit training class, and they careers both progressed pretty much together, so there was nothing that they hadn't been through together, including many drunken experiment filled nights.

Alyssa looked at Rebecca, Rebecca looked at Alyssa and they both started removing their gear. When they were down to only their combats, they started kissing each other, separated slightly as Alyssa worked the buttons on Rebecca's shirt and Rebecca doing the same after.

Kisten just watched, mesmerized, thinking that they drugged him somehow and this was all a hallucination. He decided that if he was hallucinating that he shouldn't break it and enjoy it as long as possible, so he stood frozen for now, eyes drinking in every detail.

The ladies were now down to sports bras, combat pants and boots, everything else tossed aside. They shared one last lingering kiss and then both turned to face him. "What do you think of that?" Alyssa asked, rubbing her now ungloved hands on his cock.

He swallowed hard, twice, before responding, rather boldly "I think I missed some of it, coul----could you do it again in more detail?" Rebecca chuckled sexily and they began to kiss again, Alyssa's hands now roaming her friends body, one entwined in her hair, the other slipping down Rebecca's crotch, underneath the pants, making Rebecca gasp slightly.

Kisten licked his lips, still not believing it to be real. He was seeing two combat hardened female soldiers making out and in fact damn near having sex in front of him, in an alley way, during a lock-down of the city. What the fuck was going on here?! He licked his lips again. His hand absentmindedly going to his cock, only to be slapped away, then replaced by Rebecca's firm hand.

Kisten's head fell back in the classic "my cock is getting attention" way and he groaned loudly, his eyes closing. The ladies broke the kiss and started to focus their attentions on him a little more, with little flicks and licks of his nipples, bringing one of his hands to cup a tit or to feel how wet they were. The build up was driving him insane as he began to thrust into the hand.

He was oblivious to anything, feeling his passion rise, not noticing that only one was near to him now. Minutes later his breath coming in gasps he neared climax, only to feel the sudden cold of a hand being taken away. His eyes flew open and looked unseeingly at the women. By playing tag team with his dick, they had managed to get almost completely dressed again and stood with helmets and tac vests in hand, looking at him, amused. "Alright, you've had your fun Kisten, now go home. You have 20 seconds to get out of our sight." Rebecca started counting and Kisten reached for his clothes and found that Alyssa was holding them.

"I need my clothes!! Please!" He whined and she grinned

"Kisten, you have another 8 seconds remaining and it's a long alley."

He pauses another second then takes off down the alley, disappearing as Rebecca reached 0. The women look at each other and start laughing uncontrollably. When they finally wind down, they finished getting dressed and shared a final long kiss before going back out on patrol. "I wonder if we'll see him again." Asks Alyssa. "I hope so, we should find out where the club is and look at his reaction when we show up there one night."

They rounded the corned and see their replacements, who look a little confused "show up where one night?" The man asks.

The girls giggle "nowhere you would want to go!" And with that their patrol, and adventures were over.

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