tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStripped in the Pool

Stripped in the Pool


It was late on a hot summer night. The clubs were closing and I didn't want to go home. I hadn't been able to find anyone to go out with me that night—everyone was busy with family. I had a lot of fun dancing and flirting all night, but didn't meet anyone that caught my eye in just the right way. The DJ's voice was reverberating through the club, telling everyone, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." It was such a familiar thing to hear.

I couldn't figure out what I could do instead of just go home? I didn't want the night to end yet. I didn't want to go home. There had to be something else to do. A lot of people were going out for breakfast, but I didn't feel like eating. It was so hot and the night was so humid that I wished I could just take off my clothes!

I got in my Mustang and put the convertible top down. Just as I began to pull out of my parking spot, a cool breeze tickled the sweat on the back of my neck, making my nipples hard. It gave me an idea. An apartment complex not far from the clubs has a pool where we sometimes went skinny dipping after a night of dancing. It was always so much fun, but I'd never gone alone. I could go check it out and maybe cool off a bit. Skinny-dipping alone in such a public place probably wasn't a good idea, but I still had my bikini in the trunk. I had spent the afternoon with some friends at the lake, playing volleyball and enjoying the sun, and hadn't thought to clean out the trunk when I got home. What a wonderful coincidence! Swimming sounded like a great idea!

As I pulled into the parking lot of the complex, I didn't see anyone else around. All of the lights were out in all of the windows. It looked safe, so I parked, grabbed my bag out of the trunk, and jumped back in the driver's seat. The coast was still clear so I stripped off my clothes and tied on my white bikini. When I got out of the car, I realized that my bottoms were a little bit crooked, so I had to retie both sides. Once that was done, I took another quick look around, realizing that I hadn't done that before I retied my bottoms! I didn't see anyone else, so I headed to the pool. I slipped my hand over the wrought iron fence and opened the latch to the gate. The gate was well oiled and didn't make a sound as I snuck through. I couldn't wait to get wet and cool off.

I didn't want to make a loud splash since people were sleeping in their apartments all the way around the pool, so I walked down the steps in the shallow end, feeling the goose bumps quickly rising up my body just ahead of the water. My nipples were hard again, sending a pleasant tingle between my legs. The water was cold! Finally I just submerged myself completely and started swimming across the pool to the deep end. When I finally bobbed to the surface in the deep end of the pool, there were six guys coming in the gate to the pool. I recognized one of them, Brad. I had danced with him a few times tonight and he had bought me a couple of drinks. He smiled at me with that sexy smile of his, making me grin back. I didn't know any of the other guys with him.

"You don't mind a little company, do you?" Brad quietly asked as they started down the steps in the shallow end.

"I thought I would be the only one here tonight." I said as I made my way farther into the deep end.

"We thought we would be the only ones here," Brad said, still with that sexy grin, as all of them dove underwater.

They all swam to the deep end and Brad grabbed me from behind and spun me around as he popped up out of the water. We both laughed. As I swam away from him, we splashed each other in the face and laughed more. It turned into a game of tag as each guy took turns teasing me. One would pull me by my feet for a bit until another came to my rescue, pulling me away from the other by my shoulders. Another would grab me by my waist and throw me, where another would catch me and hold me up from behind, allowing me to catch my breath. We were having so much fun, just acting like kids in the pool.

Brad was behind me, holding me up with an arm around my waist, when another swam over and grabbed my feet, snatching me out of his arms. It was then that I felt the bottom string of my bikini top come undone. The top slid up, exposing my breasts, and finally came off over my head as that guy drug me away by my feet. Brad had taken my top off!

I twisted my feet away and spun around to face Brad. He had my top in his fist and as fast as I could turn around, he was going under water. There I was, treading water in the deep end of the pool, unable to even hide my breasts from him. I was on display. It was so exciting that I couldn't even get mad. I saw each of the guys swim down and knew that each was getting a good look. I was getting hot fast. When Brad finally popped up, he swam to the side of the pool and held on with one hand as he threw my top as far as he could over the fence.

I was stuck. My top was GONE! Now what? I tried as hard as I could to be indignant. He just told me that I was beautiful and had nothing to be ashamed of. Each guy agreed aloud in his own way, making it even harder for me to maintain my pretense of angry indignation. My pussy was on fire. I swam toward the shallow end, where I could at least cover myself. I would die if they knew I liked this at all.

Then Brad splashed me and laughed, the way he had when he had first got in the pool, and got in front of me so that I couldn't get to the shallow end. He dove and swam over and pulled me under water by my knees as he stared at my breasts with that grin on his face. Another guy came up behind me right then and put his arm around my middle, pulling me backward slightly. I looked over my shoulder to see who it was and when I turned back to the front, Brad was right in front of me, staring me in the eyes, with a hand on each of the strings of my bikini bottoms. He untied each one, pulled my bottoms off, took a quick look at what he had uncovered, and headed for the side of the pool, again. It only took a moment.

The guy holding me from behind brought me to the surface and let go of me. As the water ran out of my eyes, I saw Brad throwing my bottoms over the fence. I was NAKED in a pool full of guys! I was treading water in the deep end and unable to cover myself. I was SO exposed.

He stayed there, at the side of the pool, looking into my eyes, as I looked back with wide eyes and a hanging jaw. I couldn't even form words. I had no voice. I didn't know what to do.

Quietly, taking long breaths in between each short sentence, he said, "We won't hurt you. We just want to look. You're so sexy. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I promise we won't try to have sex with you. Please don't worry."

He dove under water and swam over to me. I ducked under water and saw him swim straight to my feet. Less than a foot from me he started swimming straight up, looking at every inch of my body as he rose. Together we rose out of the water.

Then he splashed me and laughed again, just as he had done before. Suddenly it all started again, all of the playing, laughing, grabbing and splashing, just as we had been playing before. This time though, every now and then one of the guys would grab one of my breasts when he put an arm around me. When someone would grab one of my feet, they would spread my legs apart to expose my pussy completely. Every now and then one would drag me across the top of the water by my shoulders so that my breasts could be seen clearly out of the water.

Then, when one of the guys was dragging me across the top of the water like that, Brad came and grabbed my feet. He pulled my legs apart and swam up between my thighs, taking an up-close look at my pussy spread wide in the open night air. He had to see how wet it was. He was close enough to feel the heat radiating from my pussy, so he had to know what this was doing to me. He looked into my eyes and smiled that sexy smile of his. My heart was pounding into my throat.

Then he let my legs fall and, wrapping his arms around my waist and staring into my eyes, he pulled me away from the guy holding my shoulders.

Finally he said, "I promised that none of us would try to have sex with you, and I won't break my promise. I wonder though, will you let me touch your pussy? I want to watch you cum, just once before you leave. You deserve it after letting all of us have so much fun tonight. Please?"

My only response was to take his hand and place it between my legs. I was so turned on that my pussy was slick, even though we were in a pool where it could have all been washed away. He pulled me in front of him, with my back against his chest and his hand between my legs. Then I realized that we were going backwards, towards the shallow end. He kept pulling us backward until we were standing in only knee-deep water, with my body facing the guys in the pool. Then he stepped in front of me and sat down on his knees as he pushed my legs apart. He gently spread my pussy open, glancing back to make sure the others could see, and began to massage my clit. As turned on as I was, it only took a minute for me to cum. It was so intense that my legs gave out slightly. He caught me before I could fall far, and my breasts were right beside his face. He leaned over and gently sucked and kissed each of my breasts, tenderly rubbing each as he did. Breathing heavy, he whispered in my ear, asking if he could please see me again. I kissed him passionately and deeply and then whispered a satisfied, "Yes!"

When I could finally get my legs under myself he swatted my bottom, smiled and said, "Thanks for letting the guys play and watch! You better go, because I will NOT break my promise tonight, and the longer you stay, the harder that promise will be to keep." Turning red, I smiled at them all and made my way out of the fence to find my bikini. I wondered if I would ever be able to walk straight again.

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An absolutely beautiful story. It's a shame you haven't written more. It was emotional, relatable, realistic. Brad is such a sweet, gentle guy, one I wish I could meet. The fact that no one forced themselvesmore...

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