tagFetishStripped in the Ring Ch. 02

Stripped in the Ring Ch. 02


This story is a follow up to the original Stripped in the Ring and it does contain the wrestler who got humiliated in the original to get his revenge on The Ladies. So you may want to read the original story 1st before moving on to this one. I have received messages about him getting revenge so here it is: Stripped in the Ring 2: Revenge of The Champion. Any and all comments will be appreciated.


Damn it, I tried, I tried to forget The Ladies and my humiliation at their hands as well as my girlfriend Sabrina in front of thousands and thousands of fans, but I couldn't. I had been the WCWA World Champion for over a year and a half when I decided that the time to get my revenge had come.

I walked into the office of Mr. Danvers the WCWA promoter and tossed my championship belt on his desk and said, "I think it is time that I got some retribution for what The Ladies did to me at Christmas Chaos, don't you?"

Mr. Danvers looked at me in shock and said, "Garrett, Sexual Desire is the hottest thing going right now, and you want to deal again with the humiliation that you suffered on that night. Why would you want to do that?"

"Because, I still think about it and I go to public events and autograph signings and people say to me, 'When you going to get back at Tina and The Ladies, they really embarrassed the hell out of you?' That's why," I responded.

"I really think it's a bad idea, Champ. They disobeyed the whole Christmas Chaos thing and put you on display, and I had to threaten them with getting fired before they straightened up." Danvers looked at me.

"Just give me a match with that big oaf that Tina is managing now and I'll do the rest," I demanded the promoter. "I am after all your biggest draw these days, and you need me as the Champ."

"You want to wait till the pay per view?" Danvers asked me.

"Sure, let the world watch Amy, Courtney, Sara, Jessica, Tina, and mostly Sabrina get their just desserts," I laughed.

"So you are going to wrestle Igor Sarkolovski in a one on one match for the title at Devil's Night just to embarrass The Ladies?" Danvers asked me.

"Yeah, but I'm not looking for some long ass feud over this shit, I just want justice," I told him.

Danvers looked at me and said, "I understand, Champ. Hell, they stripped you, jerked you off and smeared cum all over your face, I'd be embarrassed too!"

"I'd be okay with it by now if it wasn't for fans still dredging this shit up after a year and a half," I told him.

"I was going to play the angle of this Sarkolovski guy being unbeaten for about six more months, but I can let you take him out, I guess," Danvers said.

"Hell, if you want that, make this Devil's Night match a street fight or a casket match would be even better," I said.

"Hold up, you want me to put Sexual Desire vs. Igor Sarkolovski in a casket match for the WCWA Word Heavyweight Championship at Devil's Night so you can do whatever it is you've got in mind for Tina and her friends?" Danvers said just to make sure he understood.

"Yeah, that's about it," I told him.

"I'm going to set up so that he has a match with Corporal Punishment for the #1 contenders spot that way we don't have a big long thing going, but we need a few weeks to build it up," Danvers said.

A couple weeks later I was sitting the dressing room getting ready for a build up match when a knock came to the dressing room door. I opened it and found Tina and Sabrina standing there with their arms crossed. Tina spoke first, "May we please come in?"

I stepped aside and said, "Please do." Once they were inside I said, "May I take your clothes, uh I mean coats?"

Sabrina laughed cruelly, "You must still be pissed about show and tell at Christmas Chaos."

"Gee, you think," I replied to the two woman as I went back to taping up my ankles.

"Okay, let's keep this short and sweet, Garrett," Tina said with a smirk.

"Alright," I said.

"We just found out that we get a shot at that belt at Devil's Night," Sabrina said walking over to where I had the championship belt laid out on bench and lightly ran her fingers over it.

"Not you guys, specifically, but Igor does," I replied.

"So, you going to lay down and let us have it?" Tina asked.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that and you know it," I told her.

"You forget that at Christmas Chaos, it was supposed to be Tina, Amy, and Courtney standing in that ring, bare assed naked. Instead, it ended up being you naked and humiliated by being stripped and jerked off with your cum smeared all over your face," Sabrina told him.

"I remember it quite well," I answered. "However, I spoke with Mr. Danvers and he told me that he needs to have me as the Champ because it's all about the ratings and I'm the most popular wrestler in the world right now."

"It always comes down to you being popular, doesn't it? Hell, Garrett, you never were worried about anybody else, but yourself," Tina told me.

"We got to listen to what Danvers says," I told them.

"I want Igor to get that title at Devil's Night or we're going to relive the humiliation that you suffered at Christmas Chaos all over again," Tina told me point blank.

"Ladies, I hate to ruin your plans, but I'm going to put Igor in that casket on Devil's Night, and I'm leaving with the belt still around my waist," I told them.

"We will see," Sabrina said as they left the dressing room leaving me alone again.

It was then that I decided that I was going to need help to get my plan to work out right without having to worry about anything fast being pulled so before my match that night, I made a quick call using my cell phone. After the call I was ready for Devil's Night, I just had to stay on top of things till then and I would soon have my revenge on them.

The weeks leading to Devil's Night passed in a blur, when the night for the match arrived I was nervous, but very, very excited. I watched the matches before the main event on a closed circuit TV in my dressing room. The crowd was very excited when it was time for the main event...

With the arena abuzz, the music for Igor Sarkolovski started and the ring announcer said, "Ladies and gentlemen the following match is for the WCWA World Heavyweight Championship and it is a casket match. To win you must put your opponent in the casket beside ring and close the lid and lock it!

"Introducing first the challenger, escorted to the ring by The Ladies, Amy, Courtney, Jessica,

Sara, Sabrina, and now the WCWA Women's Champion Terrific Tina (just for clarification she won that title at Devil's Night), from Moscow in the Soviet Union weighing in at 339 lbs, the unbeaten Igor Sarkolovski!" I stood behind the curtain awaiting my own entrance when the crowd erupted in boos and catcalls at the large Russian wrestler.

Once he made his way to the ring, my own theme music started to play and the ring announcer said, "And now introducing the WCWA World Heavyweight Champion from Nashville, TN weighing in at 289 lbs, Sexual Desire!" I entered the arena and the crowd roared its approval as I stopped just outside the curtains and raised my arms in the air and drank in the cheers of the crowd. The ring announcer then said, "Escorting Sexual Desire to the ring tonight is his former tag team partner, Sexual Thing!" My former partner Danny came out wearing the same thing I was since it was a no rules match he was wearing blue jeans, a Sexual Desire T-shirt, leather jacket, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of work boots. The crowd was electric as we made our way to the ring. Tina was in shock and couldn't hide the look on her face as we made our way to the ring.

Once in the ring Danny and myself entered and stared across at Igor and The Ladies. Danny said, "All six of them or just the four that did you that night?"

I smiled at him and said, "Let's just get all of them, ok?"

"Ok," Danny laughed, "damn, I miss this shit!"

"Want to come back?" I asked him.

Danny laughed at me again and said, "No, I'm just here because you asked me to be here, because you don't trust The Ladies not to screw you over again."

The match lasted nearly a half hour before I rolled Igor into the casket and closed and locked the lid on it to win the match and retain the title. Just as I had planned, Tina and The Ladies rushed into the ring and started attacking me. This was perfect, Igor was stuck in the casket and all of The Ladies were in the ring. The odd thing was that The Ladies were once again trying to take my clothes off, but they had forgot about Sexual Thing, he leaped into the ring and helped me get all six of The Ladies handcuffed to the ring ropes. On one side was Sara and Courtney, across from them was Jessica and Amy, we had Tina and Sabrina handcuffed across from each other. I grabbed the microphone from ringside and spoke into it, "The last time that I was near these six whores, I was stripped and humiliated, well now the tables are turned and its fucking back time, ladies, and I use that term loosely!"

I looked over at Jessica and walked over to her and asked her, "You weren't at Christmas Chaos but you were a part of it, so I'm going to give you a choice, you can leave the WCWA with your dignity intact or you can stay in the WCWA but you will leave the arena tonight without any clothes on whatsoever. What would you like to do, Jessica?"

"Please, I'll leave the WCWA, just let me keep my clothes on," Jessica said. Danny walked over uncuffed her and let her go and she quickly ran up the aisle and into the back of the arena. The crowd booed as she left the arena still fully clothed.

I then did the same thing to Sara and she also agreed to leave the WCWA with her clothes and dignity intact.

I then turned and looked at Courtney and said, "Ok, you were a part of my ordeal at Christmas Chaos, so you have no choice, you're leaving the arena naked tonight. You do get a choice though, of do you want to strip off your own clothes, or do you want us to do it for you?"

"Um, I'll do it," Courtney said as we uncuffed her from the ropes and stood watching as the beautiful buxom brunette stripped naked in the center of the ring. She slid her thong off to reveal her shaved, pussy and quickly, tried to cover it with her hands.

Danny laughed took the microphone and said, "Now, that is sexy, honey, let the world see it!" Courtney dropped her hands and the crowd cheered her nudity. She got very into it and pranced around the ring with her arms raised in the air drinking in the cheers of the crowd. I smiled then told her she could leave. She climbed reluctantly out of the ring and headed up the aisle toward the locker room.

I then sneered and turned to Amy, "You I have been waiting for. Tonight not only are you going to strip in the center of the ring, but you are going to masturbate to orgasm for everybody in this arena."

As Danny uncuffed Amy she begged, "No, please, no! Don't make me do this, I don't want to, I'm sorry!"

I said, "You should've thought about that before you jerked me off in the ring that night!"

Amy stepped out to the center of the ring and I yanked her dress off and then tore off the rest of her clothes and she was in the middle of the ring naked. "Now masturbate, bitch!" I screamed as I watched her slowly do what I wanted her to do. The crowd cheered her efforts even though she had the shakes and it was obvious that she was very nervous about it, but she did finally have a screaming orgasm. Once she was done she jumped out of the ring and sprinted, naked back to the dressing room.

I turned and said, "Now we get to you two, Sabrina and Tina! I got a note that you two were a couple of lesbians so we're going to give every man in this arena a show. You two are going to fuck each other in the center of this ring with a toy that Sexual Thing stopped to get on his way to the arena tonight!"

Danny reached into a paper bag that he had carried to the ring earlier. He pulled out a huge double headed dildo and waved it at the crowd and tossed it and a bottle of lube down in the center of the ring.

I walked over and uncuffed Tina and said, "You first."

As I escorted her to the center of the ring and had the microphone held at my side she said to me, "You're amazing!"

Stunned I looked at her still without using the mic and said, "What're you talking about?"

"You just made me and Sabrina into porn stars and I thank you for it," she said.

"Alright," I said and gripped her dress. "You ready?" I asked getting ready to strip her.

"Yeah," she said and I yanked her dress off she had no bra on, but did have a g-string on underneath it. I then stripped her of the g-string and she waited for her partner.

I walked over to where Sabrina was and said, "You getting all hot and juicy seeing your girlfriend naked?"

"You arrogant little dick asshole!" Sabrina yelled into the mic.

"You proved it ain't little, babe," I said uncuffing her and escorting her out to the middle of the ring. "Sexual Thing, come and strip this red head and find out if she is a real red head!"

"My pleasure," Danny said as he came over and yanked her dress and panties off revealing that she was indeed a natural red head with her red unshaven pussy.

I glanced over at Tina who was rubbing her unshaven pussy with reckless abandon suddenly she took Sabrina in her arms and kissed her passionately. As they used the lube and started to use the dildo as me and Danny stood back to watch, uncaring that we were both now sporting massive hard ons as the women did exactly as I had asked them to do...


Now for the readers of this story, I want some help here...Should Sexual Desire and Sexual Thing live up to the name of their tag team The Sex Offenders and force Sabrina and Tina to have sex with them as well in the ring, or should that be the end of this saga...Let me know what you think!

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