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Stripper Mom


Karen Randall closed the door behind her,sat her purse on the coffee table and laid back on the couch. Another unfruitfull day of job hunting was behind her.

It was not as though she needed a job. Her divorce settlement had left her more then enough money for her and her 19 year old son but she longed to be back in some type of work enviornment.

David Randall heard his Mom's car when she pulled in the driveway. He went to the kitchen and prepared her a rum and coke as he knew she loved having a drink at the end of a long day.

"Hi Mom. How did it go today", he asked.

"Not good honey", she replied. "There just isn't anything out there. This economy really has jobs scarse. Seems like the only jobs avalible are waitresses and strippers", she said.

David sat down at the end of the couch and removed his mothers black heels. Slowly he began caressing her feet causing her to let out a low moan. She loved it when he did this for her. David loved doing it to. Especially since he knew he might have an opportunity to look up her skirt. His mother was sexy. Very sexy. She had given birth to him at a young age and now at 37 she was recognized by many of Davids friends as the most attractive mother of all of them.

"Well that sounds like a good idea to me Mom", he said.

"What being a waitress? No way I am doing that", she replied.

"No, not that Mom. I mean being a stripper. You certainly have the body for it and you know they make good money." David told her.

Karen looked over her glass at her son. As he stared down at her legs massaging her feet she had a mental image of two weeks prior when she had come home early in the day and unknown to him watched as he fucked his girlfriend. She had eased down the hall on the plush carpeted floor and had observed him shoving what appeared to be eight thick inches of fuckmeat into the young woman from behind. Her screams of pleasure caused Karen to undo her shirt and allow her tits to fall out for caressing. She masturbated watching him grap the girls hips shoving his massive cock in and out before fliipping her on her back. Karen then watched as her son straddled the girls chest. He tit fucked her for a few seconds before cumming in one of the largest explosions of cock cream his mother had ever seen. It was an image she could not get out of her mind.

"Mom, Did you hear me?" Her sons question brought her back to reality.

"Ahh..Umm yes baby I did", she stammered. "Honey I don't know. I mean I appreciate the fact that you think I am good enough to but aren't you a bit prejudice toward me being my son and all?", she asked.

"Well sure I am but Mom trust me you are the cause of alot of my friends getting hard ons when they are over here. They all think you are hot..and honestly so do I.", her son confessed.

Karen blushed and took large gulp of her drink. Her left leg was directly on top of her sons crotch as he rubbed her feet and she could feel his cock growing his his loose cotton shorts.

Pressing her leg down a bit on his prick she looked up at him. "Well I am glad I can still have that effect on guys. But I just don't know about stripping baby. I might not be good at dancing." she said.

David gasped a bit as she pressed down with her leg on him. He could feel it was deliberate and his mind was racing with some way..any way he could see more of her delicous body. Thats when an erotic idea came to his mind.

"Mom I tell you what. Why don't you do a strip for me. I mean you know I will be honest with you and if you suck at it I will tell you. That way if you are good maybe you can pursue the idea and if not you haven't lost anything." he said.

Karen felt her nipples harden at the idea. His throbbing cock under her leg seemed to be begging her to say yes and she could feel her pussy moisten with the thought. It was wrong she thought to herself. He was her son but he was also a man. A handsome tanned sandy blonde haired muscular man with an eight inch prick.

"Well..I don't...Well ok", karen finally relented. "First I am going to go shower and get prepared and you select some music you think would be good to strip by ok?", she requested.

"You got it mom", David said. "I'll chose something sexy."

Karen got up and walked slwoly down the hall to her bedroom. Peering back at her son she laughed and said, "Be sure to be a good tipper ok?" and closed the door behind her

In the bedroom Karen stripped and stopped to look in the full length mirror at herself. She was 5'6" 36D-24-35. There was a slight sag in her breasts but barely noticeable. Her daily workout rountie had kept her in good shape and there was no grey visible in her long red hair. She turned and admired her tight firm ass. It had been along time since she had a man give her a good hard anal fuck and it was something she longed for.

Karen showered quickly but thorougly. She dried her hair and stood watching in the mirror as she carressed her body with lotion. Now she dabbed a bit of perfume on behind her ears, under her neck and under her breasts. Not too much but not too little was something she learned years ago. She finished with a bit of makeup and painted her lips with red lipstick.

Going to the closet Karen dug out an box of lingerie she had not worn since divorcing her husband years ago. She found a pair of leather crotchless panties, fishnet stockings,and matching leather bra. She slipped them on and was happy to find they fit perfectly as years before. She then put on a pair of black pumps.

Karen stood back admring herself in the mirror. It had been years since she felt this sexy and could feel her pussy had a fire beginning that was certain to turn into a lust inferno.

"No turning back now" she thought to herself before walking to the bedroom door.

"I'm ready baby" she called out to her son.

"Ok Mom, let me start the music" David called back.

Karen waited and then heard the CD player begin to pump out a song. AC/DC's "Rock and ROll Ain't Noise Pollution began pulsating and Karen was glad he chose a rock compilation CD he had made for her sometime back. Karen strolled out of her room down the hall and into the living room. David had moved the coffe table and was sitting on the leather couch in anticipation.

Karen walked hands on hips to him. Standing in front of him she looked down and could see he already had a hard on about to tear his shorts.

"What do you think baby?", she asked.

"Whooooa...Holy Shit..Fuckin A mom. You look fantastic.", he said. Davids eyes widened as he looked his mom up and down. She was the be all end all sexiest sight he had ever seen. He loved the smell of the leather outfit mixed with her perfume.

"Ok sonny boy. Momma's gonna rock your world", she said in a sexy voice. Karen then stepped closer and bent over placing her hands on his chest. SHe leaned in pressing her large tits to him and sllid up and back. She began a slow sexy dance to the music just inches away.

David could not believe what he ws seeing and it took all his self control not to pull his cock out then and there. He watched as his sexy mother udilated in front of him.

Karen's own lust was building looking down at her son. He had removed his shirt earleir and was sitting in just the cotton shorts. She loved his lightly hairy muscular chest and could see a glaze of erotic heat coming over his face. She could also see his cock literally pushing, straining for release.

She continued the sexy dance till the song ended. The next song was another AC/DC song, "You shook Me All Night Long". Karen stood in front of her son and reached behind her undoing the bra. "Now for your viewing pleasure" she said and let it fall to the floor. David let out a gasp as he saw his mothers hot tits.

"Damn it Mom you are triple X hot", he told her.

"You have no idea baby how hot mom is", she said.

With that Karen straddled her son pressing her tits to his chest. She began grinding her now wet crotch against him. Each time she shifted around it caused his shorts to pull down. Karen thew her head back as she felt his cock pushing up and directly between the open crtoch of her panties. It was now rubbing directly between her wet pussy lips and the head of his cock was contacting her clit. As the song came closer to its end Karen began humping her son harder. She was well aware he would be going over the edge at any second.

"Ohhhh shit Mom...I think I am going to..", Davids voice trailed off as his cock began to convulse. Karen leaned back,slipped a hand down and pulled the waist band of his shorts back as he began to squirt cum. David wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down harder.

Karen felt his cream erupting between them she began to shudder as her own orgasm began to wrack her body. Her pussy was spasming in pleasure as he held her down tightly.

"Fuck yeah baby..I'm cumming too", she screamed.

The couples orgasm finally subsided just as the song was ending. Karne leaned back looking down. She scooped up of his male cum and rubbed in on her tits before lifing them and licking them clean.

"Whew..well baby what did you think" she asked as she tried to catch her breath?

"Damn Mom.. you are something else. I definately think you have a career." David continuded dry humping up against his mom able to feel her now soaking pussy on his cock.

The CD again changed to "Feel Like Makin' Love".

David looked up at his mother. "You know that song dosen't sound like a bad idea to me", he said as he began rubbing her tits.

"Ummmmm..I don't know. I really don't want to make love" she said staring down at him.

SHe could see a look of disappointment on his face as she got up. Cum was dripping down her legs and he was very aroused as he agin watched her scoop it up and lick it from her hands before turning to walk down the hall.

Karen then stopped and pulled her panties off.

"Aren't you coming?" she asked?

David looked at her confused.

"I thought you did not want to make love.", he said.

"I don't" she said.

Karen then stood with her back to him speading her ass cheeks. "But I do want a good hard fucking you stud." she laughed

It only took David a second to turn off the CD player and follow his mother to the bedroom.

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