tagLoving WivesStripper Wife Introduced...

Stripper Wife Introduced...


Stripper Wife is Introduced to Husband's Friend

I remember this one event that happened several years ago. It was just in the beginning when my wife started fucking a select group of friends and working at a strip joint.

Anyways, a friend of mine and myself decided to stop by a strip joint on our way back from a football game. We usually go to a couple of games a year followed by a visit to our local strip joint. This time I directed us to the strip joint that my wife was working at.

When we first got there, I could not see my wife, and Jim had no clue what was up. After about an hour of sitting there drinking, just commenting on some of the stripper's that either danced on stage or walked by on the floor, I thought that maybe I had missed my wife. The DJ then announced that the next stripper on stage was Mrs. Canyon.

As the first song came on, I finally saw my wife running out of the private booth area almost butt naked to the back of the stage. About a minute later she came on with a simple costume with a round of applause from the audience and the look of total shock on Jim's face.

Jim never took his eyes off of her while she danced. Come to think of it, he never picked his jaw up of the floor either. He just sat there and watched as she did her first dance, then her second now topless dance, on to the final dance. For the final dance, my wife just came out naked in her hooker heels and a blanket. Jim had yet to say a word. We both watched as she lay on the blanket and spread her legs to the guys in perverts row and played with her tits. She would come to the edge of the stage to collect bills from the guys in various ways. All the time the guys would get their faces buried in her tits in some form or another. When the last song ended, there where a few guys that still wanted to either come on stage our set in perverts row with money in their mouths. The DJ started another song saying that as usual, Mrs. Canyon was doing an encore dance. Jim still had not said a word or had a sip of his beer. Three guys got up on stage, and my wife would rub their crotches on the outside of their pants and then reach on the inside. She would sit on their faces in which I can bet my life that they would lick her pussy. She would also plant her tits in their faces as they lie there on their backs and have them bite or suck her nipples for a second or so. At the end of the song, she got up, collected her money, waved to the audience, and gave me our usual signal that she would be over soon. When she finally got off stage, Jim finally downed his whole beer and looked at me.

I smiled and said, "Yes I know she is stripping, and that she was on her way over."

When my wife came out, several guys for a dance asked her, while she was on the way over to our table. She was still wearing her hooker heels as she calls them, dress in only a hot pink g-string bikini.

As soon as she got to us, I gave her a kiss and ask her to give her newest fan, Jim, a table dance. A table dance is not what it sounds like, the girl doesn't really get up on the table, she just dances and undresses in front of you and swings her ass and her pussy in your face, and shakes her boobs at you. Anyway, when the set was done, Tracy said that she could dance for Jim in the private room for another twenty dollars, and that he would also get a T-shirt out of it.

After Jim had jumped out of his chair and stopped drooling like a puppy, Tracy took him into a small, somewhat dark back room with a couch in it, and on the way there she put on these skimpy panties, and the T-shirt that was soon to be his. Inside the room, she shut the door and told Jim to sit on the couch. As both my wife and Jim stated to me later, my wife began to dance and strip in such an erotic way that his dick was alive instantly. Jim said that he was so hard that it was hurting from being confined by his jeans.

Pretty soon Tracy was completely nude. She then stepped up onto the couch with a foot on either side of Jim's legs, and as he slid back a bit she pushed her pussy right into his face, actually touching his nose with her cunt momentarily before pulling back ever so slightly. Jim started to raise his hands up to her ass, but she stopped him, saying that it was a state law that he couldn't touch her with his hands. Any other part of him that touched her, however, was okay. Jim then realized that he could have flicked his tongue at her pussy a moment ago, had he known this, and he wondered if he would get another chance.

Tracy sat down on his lap then, with her pussy right on the bulge in his pants, and brought her tits right up to his face. Then she swung them back and forth a couple of times, letting them hit him lightly on the cheeks. Jim opened his mouth as one went by, and she stopped moving and let her tit go into his mouth. Jim sucked on her breast for a moment, then mouthed the nipple, until she drew it away and put the other tit in his mouth, letting him suckle that one for a while.

While Jim was doing that, she told him that although he couldn't touch her with his hands, that didn't mean his cock had to be imprisoned, so if he wanted to let it breathe a little he could unzip and let it out. She backed off his lap a bit as he unzipped his pants and pulled them open. Jim's dick jumped out, and Tracy laughed and said something like, "Ahh, much better." With that she put her tit in his mouth again, and then started to slide her pussy along the underside of his cock, which was angled back toward his chin as he sat back on the couch. Tracy was plenty wet by now, and Jim wanted like hell to just plunge his dick inside her, but she was the one making the calls. Jim figured that she would do just that until he came, and then he would have to explain to me why his shirt was wet.

Well, this went on for about five minutes, Jim sucking each of her boobs in turn, and her sliding her pussy lips along his cock. Then finally she lifted herself a bit so that her nipples were right in front of his eyes, and her cunt was rubbing the tip of his dick. Jim wasn't sure what she was doing, but he flexed his cock muscle to make it stand up straighter, and sure enough when he did that it went right between her pussy lips. Jim guessed that that was what she wanted, because as soon as the tip was firmly between her lips, she dropped back down again, impaling her warm pussy on his delighted cock.

Tracy smiled at him then, and said something about didn't he think the T-shirt was worth the twenty bucks. Jim made some reply, but all he could think about was the fact that this stripper, my wife, was fucking him. Jim was just sitting there and she was riding up and down on his dick. Within about a minute or two Jim told her he was going to come, and she started riding him real hard and fast, and Jim shot his come inside her pussy in about eight or nine spurts, and then was spent. My wife's pussy on the other hand was flooded full of come which started running out of her pussy as soon as she stood up.

Tracy cupped her pussy, and walked over towards a table for a towel. She threw Jim one to clean himself up with and used the other for herself. Jim then paid for the T Shirt, and the two of them walked back out to the main room. As it turned out, they had only been in there for probably fifteen minutes, but it sure was a great quarter hour!

At this point, Tracy had already put in a full days works, so she got her coat and came home with us. When we got in the car, I told Jim it was my turn for some fun and that he should drive. That night, both Jim and I got our rocks off two more times each. Jim became a long time stud of my wife that day, and to this day still comes by every couple of weeks to enjoy my wife's assets and skills.

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