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Stripper's Choice


There is a god. And it only costs $7 to see him in a G-string.

I went there alone. My best friend was supposed to come with me, but she couldn't get a babysitter, so she cancelled at the last minute. I was a little disappointed, I'll admit that. Going to a nightclub to watch male strip-tease is much more fun if you have a friend with you, a friend with whom you can giggle and argue about which guy has the cutest butt. I went anyway, promising myself to have her fun for her, as well.

The place was packed. Literally. There were women everywhere. Apparently there were many of us who enjoy seeing sexy men take their clothes off. Imagine that..! When the show was about to start, everyone gathered in front of the stage, pushing and cursing, trying to get up to the front. There was a lot of yelling and name-calling. Women are EVIL when they get angry.

The club wasn't supposed to host more than 250 people due to safety reasons, but I'm sure there were at least 300 there. I remember turning around and seeing not so much a crowd, as a WALL of people behind me. They were everywhere. Some had climbed up on tables that they had dragged to the middle of the floor. Standing on top of those tables, their heads almost touched the ceiling. They formed a living wall, and they even blocked the emergency exit. I got the vision of being inside a human beehive!

I remembered the tragic incident in Gothenburg a couple of years earlier, were a disco caught fire, and several teenagers died. The disco had been overcrowded, and they couldn't get out in time. Some died from inhaling smoke, others from trying to jump out of the windows, high above the ground. I looked at all the people behind me, and thought: "if there would be a fire here, we'd never manage to get out of here in time".

The weird thing was that after I had thought this to myself, I just shrugged my shoulders and turned to the stage again. There was nothing I could do about the situation, so I might as well enjoy the show, and hope we would be lucky. I just found it slightly ironic that the first guy to enter the stage wasn't only a stripper, he was also a fire-eater... Standing next to the stage, I could feel the heat of the flames and smell the oil he used. He breathed out long flames that cinched the ceiling, and I held my breath, expecting my fire-catastrophe scenario to become real any second. The guy was muscular, but not all that good-looking, and his stripping routine wasn't very exciting. I was relieved when he got off stage.

Then, as act number 2, another man got up on stage, a man that very much resembled the man of my dreams. He had slim hips and broad shoulders. His black skin covered hard muscles, and he was dressed in a police uniform. He danced to the rock n' roll music, unbuttoning his light blue shirt all the way down to his trousers. He had a white tank top under it. He picked up a girl from the audience, made her put her hands against the wall and stand with her feet apart. He frisked her, and 300 women screamed out of jealousy. He let her off the stage; she was blushing and smiling stiffly. The ungrateful little bitch didn't seem suitably appreciative. What a waste!

The hunk got out of his shirt, danced, ripped his tank top apart, revealing well-shaped arms and abs. His chest was hairless, his skin had the same nuance as dark chocolate. All of a sudden, he walked up to the edge of the stage, reached down, grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me up on stage!

The other women in the audience cheered or screamed, depending on what they were feeling; excitement or jealousy. He sat me down on a chair, grabbed a bottle of lotion from somewhere behind a speaker, straddled my lap, and poured lotion over his chest. It smelled like musk. He took my hands and showed me that he wanted me to rub the oil into his skin. Ha! He sure didn't need to ask me twice! I massaged the lotion into his soft, warm skin, inhaling the mix of musk and sweat, really enjoying the fact I was up here on stage, touching this hunk, with all the women in the audience envying me. My hunk got up and danced around me a little, stripped out of his pants, revealing a tight butt and a big package squeezed into a neon-orange G-string. More screaming from the women in the audience, and more drooling out of me – and I'm not just talking about my mouth! He sat on my lap again, this time with his back to me, so that I had to embrace him to rub in the lotion he poured on his toned abs. I got a naughty idea. I felt cheeky, but a little nervous. Would he be angry? Was I about to cross the line for good-behaviour-at-a-strip-show? Knowing that I would hate myself if I let the opportunity slip away, I moved my hands from his abs down to his hard, muscular thighs, caressed them, felt the iron-like muscles in them, and then I moved my hands, let them slide to the inside of his thighs, up to the edges of the G-string, moving closer and closer...

Just as I was about to chicken out, he pulled my hands away and stood up. I was afraid that I had appalled him, but he didn't look angry, only amused, and he kissed my hand before he helped me off the stage. He finished his act by covering himself with a towel before taking the G-string off. All we got to see was his tight, sexy ass. Then he got off stage, leaving 300 women horny and frustrated, eager for more.

The club owners opened the club, that had been reserved for women only during the show, for the men, who now had all the necessary foreplay done for them already, by the two stripping hunks. All that was left was to pair up and try not to think about the fact that she was probably imagining in secret that it was one of the hunks that was with her, instead of Joe Ordinary. Me, I chatted a little with an old friend, and then went up on the dance floor to work off the extra energy.

Half an hour later, I saw the hunks, now dressed in sexy but decent clothes, come out from the bar and mingle with the crowd. I danced closer to them, and caught the eye of "my" hunk. I smiled at him, and showed him my sexiest dance moves, which basically involves shaking my hips and ass in a suggestive manner. He watched me dance, grinning, and then he walked up to me.

"Hi," he said. "What's your name?"

He had a funny, thick accent that revealed his southern-Swedish origin.

"Cecilia," I said. "You?"

"Abdullahi. You're a good dancer."

"Thank you. So are you."

"So, did you enjoy the show?"

"Oh, yeah! Too bad we didn't get more of it, though..."

"Hmmm-mmm..? Say, how about a little... `private session´ up in my room?"

"Just you and me?"

"Ofcourse. Wouldn't be very private if there were any more, right?"

I bit my lip, feeling all hot.

"You weren't this shy on stage!" he teased me.

"OK!" I said. "Let's go!"

His hotel was right next to the nightclub, so we didn't bother getting our jackets. We walked over to the hotel, chatting about this and that. I liked listening to his dark base voice with the broad accent. It should have been a turn-off, but I liked it. I just knew that I'd never be able to hear that accent again without getting horny. Talk about your Pavlov's doggy-style reaction..! We took the elevator up to the 5th floor, and he let me into a small hotel room where a TV was left on and a few items of clothing were spread out over the room. He laid down on the bed and looked up at me.

"Come here!" he said.

I laid down next to him, and inhaled his scent.

"I like the way you smell," I said. "That's musk, isn't it? I recognize it. It's a Body Shop product."

"Yeah," he said. "It's from that lotion I put on during the show."

I touched his wide torso under the snug, red T-shirt, caressed the hard muscles of his arms and abs. He put his hand in my hair and pulled me to him so that he could kiss me. He was good at kissing. He had big, soft lips, and a tongue that tasted like Fanta. I put my arms around him, caressing his muscular back, and then cupping my hands around the tight ass inside the tight-fitting black leather pants.

"These are sexy," I said. "I have to get me a pair."

"They're OK," he said. "They just get a little warm."

"Warm? Then perhaps you should take them off?"

I unzipped them.

"Only if you take off yours," he grinned.

We both stripped down to our underwear.

"Seems we have the same taste in underwear!" I teased him, pointing at the thong he was wearing.

"I hate these," he said. "They're just for the show. I'm more of a boxershorts man."

"I think you look hot in them," I said, and contradicted myself by taking them off him.

Then I froze and stared.

"Ohmagawd!" I said.


"OK, I know this is gonna sound like an old cliché, but that is the biggest cock I've ever seen!"

"You can't have seen very many," he grinned.

"Oh, yes, I HAVE!" I said. "But this is... wow!"

I took the long, erect cock in my hand and put its head in my mouth, careful not to scrape my teeth against it. It was very long and thick, circumcised, and a deep, dark shade of brown. I had to open my mouth really wide to fit the monster in, but I wanted to suck him, I wanted to see how much of that giant cock I could take in, I wanted to taste him, to tease him, to make him the horniest he had ever been! I deep-throated him, relaxing my throat to get all of it in. I only made about ¾ before the gag reflex forced me to pull back. I settled for sucking my cheeks in to make my mouth tight, and I squeezed his thighs while I moved my head up and down, sucking on his great, wonderful cock. The man's whole body was made out of pure iron, clad in smooth brown suede!

I moved my mouth down to his balls and licked them. He moaned with pleasure when I took one of them inside my mouth and sucked carefully on it.

"Wow, talk about a Kodak moment!" he whispered, looking down at me with his big cock between my lips.

I winked.

"Hey, do you know what I'd like right now?" he asked.

I looked up at him, questioningly.

"Cecilia on top of my face."

What was he, a mind reader as well?

Grinning with expectation, I straddled his face, and he licked my clit, holding me steady with his big hands around my voluptuous ass. Turned out he was an expert on licking, too. I hung on to the headboard of the bed, my eyes closed, and he sucked on my clit and squeezed my ass and thighs.

"I like a full ass on a woman!" he mumbled, and inserted a finger in my pussy. "Girl, you're all wet!"

"What do you expect, with such treatment?" I stuttered, my thighs trembling from the excitement in my lower body.

He positioned me over his chest, and reached for the drawer on the nightstand. I smiled when he took out my favourite brand of condoms; the strawberry-flavoured one. I took the little package from him, ripped it open with my teeth, growling playfully, got the rubber out, and carefully stretched it out to fit over his huge tool. It just barely made it.

I put the well-dressed, strawberry-scented cock against my hole, and sank down on it, all the way down, groaning as I felt it stretching out my pussy. I rode him in a steady pace, and he shifted between squeezing my ass and my tits, occasionally pulling me down and sucking on my nipples, bucking his cock into me. It was a good thing the TV was still on; it drowned out my howling sounds when my first orgasm made me cramp up around him.

We shifted positions. He got on his knees at the floor, and I sat on the edge of the bed, with my legs around his slim waist. I grabbed on to the bedspread when he fucked me, and I gazed into his dark brown eyes.

"Harder!" I said. "Fuck me hard, fuck me fast!"

"It doesn't hurt?"

"No! Come on! Are you a lion or a kitten? Fuck me hard, I said!"

He pulled my legs up and pounded me with short, hard strokes, just the way I wanted. I closed my eyes and cried out. This orgasm was stronger than the first one. He let go of my legs.

"Turn over!" he said. "I want to take you from behind!"

"Oooh, my favourite!"

I quickly spun around and positioned myself on all four on top of the bed. He spanked my butt with his cock, and I giggled. Then he put it back inside my cunt, and fucked me doggy-style. This is without a doubt my favourite position, as I can come very easily, and my orgasms tend to come often and last long. I lost track of how many times I came that night. I barely had time to feel one wave of pleasure subside, before the next one sent me surfing.

"Oh, my, what an ass you have!" he sighed, and grabbed my buttcheeks so hard that it left marks for next day. "It's so sexy!"

"Yes, squeeze it..!" I moaned. "Hold my ass! Pinch it!"

He slapped my ass lightly, and I cried out.

He came, pressing himself deep inside me, rubbing himself against my ass. His grunts and groans made me come one final time, too, and then we fell into a sweaty, panting pile on top of the bed. We laid there hugging for a while, chatting a little about the tour he and his friend was on, and I memorized the name of the stripping group he belonged to.

I was SO going to see him the next time they came to town!

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