tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStripping By The Pool

Stripping By The Pool

byjay hanspard©

After an excruciatingly long week, the weekend had finally arrived. Jay had a week packed with appointments, and none of them had resulted in sales, something that didn't leave him to pleased. He was looking forward to a stress relieving weekend, and this weekend had potential. He and Missy were going to kick back and relax around the house. Jay's best buddy Rex was off on military leave and was going to come by on Saturday night. Jay and Rex had been buddies since high school, and he knew Missy liked to flirt with him. Jay decided it was time to see what he could get her to do.

Saturday rolled around and Jay spent the bulk of the day working in the yard. He was a lawn nut. He was mowing around the back of the two acre yard thinking that life couldn't get any better…when it did!

Missy came walking through the back patio door wearing her new floral print thong swimsuit. She smiled a sweet smile at Jay and walked over by the pool. Jay watcher her ass wiggle as she arranged her things around the sun lounger. She turned and looked at Jay, making sure she had is attention. She looked him in the eye and quickly reached behind her back and unsnapped her bikini top. She shrugged her shoulders and let the top fall to the ground. When she started rubbing suntan lotion on her tits, Jay nearly tried to mow down a ten foot tree with his lawn tractor. Later, Jay finished mowing while Missy put her top back on and cleaned the pool and deck for when Rex came later.

Jay and Missy finished cleaning the place up and showered and got ready. Jay took note of Missy's outfit for the evening: a short sundress and sandals. Jay could see the outline of a white thong under the dress. He was a little surprised at the sexy outfit. It was something she would wear for him, but not usually around their friends. It confirmed to Jay that she was definitely interested in teasing Rex.

Rex arrived at six, right on time. They grilled out on the deck and talked about all the changes in their lives over the last years. The food was good and the conversation entertaining. Missy doted on Rex; always asking him if he wanted more to drink or anything else to eat. She also made sure to lean over the table as often as possible, allowing for a clear view down her dress. That didn't particularly surprise him, but what she did next really did. As she was carrying the dishes back into the house, she "accidentally" dropped a fork. Missy bent over at the waist, causing her sundress to ride up and leave the bottom half of her ass exposed. The narrow strip of the thong was visible over her slit. She stood back up and walked into the house as if nothing had happened. Jay decided that it time to have some fun with his wife.

"Hey Rex, you bring your trunks?"

"Yeah man, I got 'em on under these shorts."

Jay already had his on. They took off their shirts and shoes and jumped into the pool. The water was perfectly cool. They leaned on the edge of the pool and talked about the old times. Missy finished up inside and walked out, expecting to find them still sitting at the table. She said, "Hey, now that looks like a good idea. How's the water?"

"Kinda cool", they replied at the same time.

She walked up to the edge of the pool and slipped her foot out of one sandal to stick her foot in the water to test the temperature. She stood right in front of the guys at the edge of the pool, and they could both see up her dress.

Missy said, "Well, I'm gonna go change into a swimsuit and join you guys."

Jay's mind went wild with what she might come back with. His favorite blue thong bikini? The new floral thong bikini? It didn't take long to find out. She came back out five minutes later in a traditional black two-piece. Jay was now quite confused. Maybe he had read her wrong. Rex seemed a little surprised, too.

Rex said, "What, I thought you'd wear a skimpy bikini for me!"

She wrinkled her nose at him and stuck out her tongue. Jay decided to test her.

"Man, you should have seen what she was wearing earlier!"

"Jay! Don't say that!" But, Jay could tell the modesty was an act. She wanted to be asked.

"She's got this new floral print thong…."

"Jay!" More false modesty.

Rex said, "She really wore that!"

"Well, she wore half of it; she went topless part of the time."

She groaned, "Oh my……."

She even blushed, but there was no way she wanted this to end. Rex playfully acted like his feelings were hurt.

He said, "Boy, how come I don't get the topless thong treatment?"

Jay chose his next words carefully.

"Whoa, she's not gonna do that!"

He was challenging her. It was basically a dare. She never backed down from a dare.

She said, "Oh, I won't, huh? It wouldn't bother me to go topless right now."

The talk was brave, but Jay knew she was nervous and excited. She was standing at the top of the steps going down into the pool.

Jay said, "Well then there's no use to get the top wet, just leave it off."

This was the moment of truth. Jay was so wired he was about to faint. Missy was acting cool, but she was far from it, but she wanted to do this. The attention was addictive. Rex couldn't believe what was happening.

Missy reached behind her with both hands and unsnapped the top. She held it in place with her elbows for a second while she gave the guys a "Are you ready for this?" smile. She pulled her elbows away and let the top fall to the ground. Both boobs bounced into view. She held her arms up over her head and struck a pose. She wiggled slightly from side to side to make her boobs swing back and forth, and at 38D there was a lot to swing.

"You like?" she said seductively.

Jay and Rex gawked in amazement and appreciation. Missy walked down into the pool and the cool water caused her nipples to harden. The guys watched her walk across the three foot depth area of the pool. Thank God it wasn't any deeper or her chest would have been underwater. Jay instinctively started to rub his already-hard dick. Missy walked up to him and helped him out. She stuck her hand down his trunks and stroked his cock. She looked over at Rex and slid her hand down the front of his trunks. She had never had a cock in each hand, but she was really starting to like it. Suddenly, she withdrew her hands.

"Maybe we better move inside."

She turned and walked up the steps and towards the patio door. She was swinging her ass seductively, and both guys loved it. They followed her out of the pool and through the patio doors. She walked up to each guy and pulled his trunks to the floor. She motioned for both naked guys to sit on the couch. They sat down, and she stood four feet in front of them. She stares at their hard cocks and starts to fondle her breasts. She pulls at her nipples and swings her tits back and forth. Jay rubs the head of his cock; covering the head of his cock with pre-cum. Rex was glad that it was okay to masturbate, because he really needed some relief. He stroked his cock up and down, and was pulling at his balls.

The sight of two naked guys jacking off while they looked at her was too much for Missy. She turned her back, bent at the waist, and pulled her bikini bottoms off. She threw them to the side and they landed with a wet splat. She got down on her hand and knees on the floor in front of the couch. She stuck her ass in the air; pushing her shaved cunt out towards the guys so they could get a good look. She brought her right hand up between her legs and used two fingers to pull her cunt open. She moved her hand down to her clit and used her middle finger to stimulate herself. The guys could see the wetness dripping out of her.

Pre-cum was forming on the heads of both guys' cocks. Missy got up on her knees and knelt between Jay's legs. She took her tits in each hand and enveloped his cock. After several strokes of his cock, she stood and turned away from him. She squatted down on his left thigh and leaned back against him. Jay brought his hands up and cupped her tits. He could feel her wetness on his leg. She stood up and moved over to Rex. She stood up on the couch with her legs on each side of Rex's hips. She squats down and touches her clit to the head of Rex's cock. She slides her slit across his cock but won't let him enter. She kneels up on her knees and rubs her tits in Rex's face. He sucks on each nipple and kisses her breasts. She gets off the couch and lies back down on the floor.

"Time to cum", she says.

She spreads her legs and rubs her clit hard. It's clear it won't take her long to orgasm. Both guys get up and stand on each side of her. Her moans fuel their stroking, and all three cum at the same time. Missy's first wave of the orgasm subsides just in time for her to look up and see two thick streams of cum shoot out onto her tits. The cum keeps shooting out onto her stomach and Jay gets his last two spurts to shoot out on her face while Rex lets his cum dribble out on her cunt.

As she laid there covered in cum, she wondered how long it would be before Rex got out of the military for good.

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