tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStripping for Dorothy

Stripping for Dorothy


I am a 24 year old man who lives alone. I have had a woman cleaning my flat for many years and her name is Dorothy. She is an outgoing lady, widowed, and in her late 50s. Quite often I am at home when she comes to clean. She often saw me work out in my training gear (shorts and tank top), and at first I thought nothing of it. But after a while, I developed a dark and overwhelming desire to tease her with my body. I knew that she sometimes peered through the doors when I was getting undressed and she often saw me in just my bath towel.

I found more and more that I wanted to perform a private strip for her, and every time she came round, my cock would go as stiff as a board and I would have to wank myself in another room.

Many times I fantasised that I would strip off for her on the kitchen table. She could then suck my cock all day and all night if she wanted.

One day, I finally plucked up courage and bought a skimpy G-string. It had to have been a quirk of fate that on that very day, she told me, while we were having a cup of coffee, that she had seen a naked young man on television and that she had found it quite a turn-on.

I told her my confession that I would love to be a stripper for women of her age, and have them do what they will with me. She told me she would find out who would be the right person to contact. At this point, I was in my bathrobe, with my little G-string on underneath. I stood up and asked her what she thought of my body, peeling off the robe to reveal my naked form, with a huge hard-on almost bursting through. I then bent over the table in front of her with my legs apart, showing off my bare buttocks with my balls hanging pertly for her pleasure.

She was very taken aback but also pleased to see such a lovely sight. I had suspected, from her occasional peeks into my room, that what she wanted was to get hold of a firm, naked young man. She made a few comments about what a nice body she thought I had and tapped me playfully on the bum (something she often did when I had my pants on). It felt so wonderful, her soft hand across my bare buttocks. I knew right then and there that I wanted her to spank, kiss, lick, and suck me all day. I took her by the hand, leading her to the kitchen table, where she sat on one of the chairs. I asked her if I could strip off for her, and she said it was my flat and I could do whatever I like. I was careful at this point to make sure I wasn’t going to offend her, but she seemed more than willing to let me continue. I knelt on all fours for her on the table, with my bum a mere few inches from her face. I asked her to undo the G-string, and she did, willingly and slowly. It dropped off onto the table, allowing my tight bollocks to dangle for her delight. I wiggled my arse for her and turned over.

I spread my legs as I finally showed her my cock, balls, and anus in all their natural glory. She was mesmerised and couldn’t take her eyes off my cock as it stood to attention just in front of her face. I told her that I didn’t want to strip to tease, but that I wanted to strip to please. I gently took her hand and guided it to my throbbing shaft. To my surprise, she instantly started to rub it up and down, very softly. I put my hands around her head, straddled my legs across her shoulders, and pulled her mouth gently on to the tip of my cock.

“Kiss it softly,” I cooed, as I felt her luscious lips touching on my cum slit. It was already oozing.

“This is so nice,” she breathed, hard and excited, kissing it now without any encouragement. Gently, with each kiss I pulled her head further down, until, ecstasy, my cock slid between her lips and along her tongue, to be nestled and sucked in its rightful home. She was so good, sucking and licking with a desire that finally made me burst in an avalanche of sperm. She could feel it as well, and just before I shot my load, she opened her mouth wide and just licked the underside of my shaft, to let me watch the ocean of cream spurt lovingly into her mouth. She swallowed the lot but left the last drops to nestle on her tongue. She then smiled, pulled my mouth to hers, and together we French-kissed my spunk down while she continued to wank me again.

After that, our cock-sucking sessions became more frequent and even more enjoyable. After a while, she set up a party with five of her friends, all in their late 50s. I performed a striptease for them from a schoolboy’s uniform. It is surprising how randy women of that age can be with a young man, and as I revealed my cock for their playtime, I was grabbed by them all, placed on the table on all fours, legs pulled wide apart, caramel was poured all over me, and two women licked and sucked my cock together. Another played with my balls in her mouth, while Dorothy and the other lady licked at my anus and spanked me delightfully. It is so electrifying, being totally and completely naked in front of all these randy middle-aged ladies, flexing my muscles, and showing them my hard throbbing cock. It is so heavenly, having all these lovely older ladies crowding around my syrupy cock, balls and arse, and licking, kissing, sucking, spanking, and wanking me through orgasm after orgasm. My cum would go everywhere, all over their faces, in their mouths. It was delicious and they loved it so much. The even wanked me into champagne glasses and drank it together.

The following week, Dorothy arranged another party for a group of eight ladies, one of whom was getting married. This time, the party was in a secluded garden and the idea was that I was their waiter. Each time I came out to serve something, they would peel off another layer of clothing and smother me with whatever I was serving, which was usually a cream cake or something. They would then all gather round, the bride-to-be in front, and lick it off. I finally stripped off completely, with the women laughing and cheering their approval. I pranced around, flexing my muscles and allowing all these fully-clothed women to fondle and touch my naked body. With both hands behind my head, I thrust my hips so that my erect cock was spinning in 360 degree circles, with my balls bouncing up and down wildly. The ladies were enthralled and excited by such an erotic display. Eventually, I was put in a chair on my back, legs apart and cock in the air, while the bride-to-be sucked me off, followed by Dorothy, and then the others. A strip that had begun at eight o’clock that evening was now in full swing, with tongues lapping on my sore but ecstatic cock until the early hours.

Since then, many similar events have taken place, always arranged by Dorothy. I really love stripping off for horny, fully-clothed, middle-age women.

I never thought I could have so much fun, but with Dorothy and her cock-crazy friends, my cock has always got a mouth to please orally.

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