tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStripping in the Car

Stripping in the Car


Nicole was not a sports fan. Her family was never into sports. It had been fine, until she met Matt, who loved sports. They got along well in all other areas – beliefs, goals, physical activity, dreams – everything but sports. Matt was a big football fan, and spent every Sunday (or Monday) watching his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. This was fine with her, as she spent that time studying and reading journals for her career. Their relationship continued to blossom, and soon they were married.

Matt continued with his football passion, making sure he was always in front of the television for the Packer game. This season, they were doing well. As Nicole was working on a project for work one Sunday afternoon, sitting on the sofa, the Packers scored. Matt looked over at Nicole, smiled a little bit, and said, "Hey, the Packers just scored. You should take off a piece of clothing."

Nicole thought about it for a second, and thought "what the heck?", and took of her shirt. This started a new 'tradition', in that they would watch the game together, and every time the Packers scored, Nicole would remove an article of clothing. Matt loved it because it got Nicole at least partly naked, and also more involved in watching the football games...

The season continued, and the Packers did well enough to make it into the playoffs. They won their first game against Philadelphia, and were scheduled to play against Atlanta the next week. That was also the week that they were to drive out to Nicole's family who lived in Ohio. They drove out the 8 hours to Columbus, and had a great time that week with her family.

On Saturday morning, Nicole got a call from her work asking if she could please come back a day early, as one of her important accounts had hit a critical stage. Though she really didn't want to, she knew how important it was to her small company, and reluctantly agreed. She also thought that would give Matt the opportunity to watch the Packer game on Sunday. She went to talk to Matt about it, and though he was a little upset, he understood the importance of what she did. "But now you will be able to watch the Packer game at home," Nicole told him.

"Umm, Nic, the Packers play tonight at 7:00, not tomorrow." Matt replied. This made Nicole feel even worse about having to go, but Matt gave her a big hug and kissed her on the forehead, and said "It's o.k. don't worry about it."

They spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon saying goodbye to her family/friends, and got onto the road at about 6:00 pm. Nicole let him have control of the car's radio on the way home, letting him listen to the pre-game of the Packers-Falcons. She thought she would use this time to get some sleep on the way home.

They were out on the I-70 towards Indianapolis when the game started. She was drifting in and out of sleep, with the seat leaned back with a light blanket over her. There didn't seem to be much scoring early in the game, and when she first asked, Matt said that the first quarter just ended, and the Falcons were winning, 7-0.

A few minutes later, Matt cheered a little as the Packers scored a touchdown to even the score. Nicole started to drift back asleep, when Matt said "hey, you gotta take something off."

Nicole wasn't really thinking about their 'tradition', but since it was already the second quarter, slipped off her shoes and threw them in the back seat. She rested back into the heated seat and closed her eyes. A few seconds later, she heard Matt voice his frustration as the Falcons returned the kickoff for a touchdown.

She listened to the game for a few little while as Matt continued to try to teach her more about football and how the Packer were playing. The Packers scored again. Matt looked over at Nic, but before he even said anything, she had already removed her socks and threw them in the back seat.

They continued to drive as they got nearer to Indianapolis, and Nicole had suggested they stop for some food. They saw a sign for Culver's on the next exit, and decided to go through the drive-thru. They ordered their food and pulled up to the window. After they paid their food and got the drinks, they were asked to pulled forward to wait for their food to be brought out to them.

They pulled across to the waiting area, when Rodgers threw a touchdown pass for another score. Matt cheered and looked back over at Nicole... "well, now is when it gets interesting, doesn't it.." he said.

"Shouldn't we wait until we get back on the road again before I take my shirt off?" Nicole asked.

"But they scored now... if we wait, it just won't be the same... so what's it gonna be, shirt or pants? They should be here with our food in a few minutes..."

Nicole thought for a second, and thought she had outsmarted Matt, reached under her shirt and un-hooked her bra. She was suddenly very thankful that their car had partially tinted windows, which gave her at least a little privacy. She threw her bra into the back seat with her shoes and socks, with a smug look on her face.

They continued to wait for their food as they listened to the Packers kick off and the Falcons take over, presumably to end the first half. On the next play, however, the Packers intercept the ball and ran it all the way back for yet another touchdown... 2 of them in 45 seconds, and all while they are waiting for their food. Matt is cheering like crazy, and Nicole just smiles. He then gets a devious grin on his face, looks over at her, and says "so NOW what are you going to do..."

Nicole knows she has to expose some skin, and again asks Matt if she can wait until they get back onto the highway. "Nope, what are you going to show, sexy legs or tits," was Matt's reply. Nicole thought for a second, and decided on taking off her pants. Her shirt came down at least to her waist, but she knew that whoever brought out their food would see her baby blue thong panties. She shimmied her jeans over her hips and thighs, past her knees and leaned forward to pull them off her feet. She looked over to see Matt adjust his pants, as she could see his cock pushing against the front of his sweatpants.

She looked down and realized her pussy was starting to leak her juices onto her dainty panties. The light blue color was quick to show her excitement. She could also feel her nipples stiffen as Matt said "here comes our food."

The young man pushed the bag into their window, and was about to turn around when Matt said "Wait. I want to make sure everything is right."

The man turned back towards the window as Matt reached to turn on the inside light, allowing this stranger to see Nicole in just her shirt and panties, which were clearly visible. She thought Matt took a little longer than necessary to make sure they had all their food, but finally said "o.k., thank you." He turned off the light and pulled out of the parking lot.

Once they got back onto the freeway, Nicole asked "so did you like showing my panties off to that guy?"

"You seemed to enjoy it as well, Nic. Your panties are wet, and your nipples were poking through your shirt... unless you were cold, which I don't believe." She had to admit, it was pretty exciting, and did get her juices flowing (obviously).

They ate their food, and made their way onto I-65 towards Chicago when the game re-started after halftime. Nicole was once again relaxing in the passenger's seat, when the Packers scored again, giving them the lead 35-14, but more importantly, Nicole either had to lose her shirt or her panties. Since they were driving, she decided to lose her panties, and threw them in the back seat with her growing pile of clothes.

"Mmmmm..... nice. You are so sexy." Matt said as his wife sat in the passenger seat in just a thin shirt. With her seat leaned back, he could also see the wetness of her pussy juices reflected off the light form the radio and GPS. She stuck her tongue out at him, and put her head back down on the headrest. It was the middle of the 3rd quarter, and she was down to one piece of clothing. She wasn't too optimistic about keeping her shirt, but at least they were done with stopping, weren't they?

As she rested back, her hand traced down to rest on her upper thigh. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as they passed trucks and semis, wondering if they could see down from their higher spots into the car and see her naked pussy. Her fingers brushed along her clit and she sucked in her breath quickly. She could feel her juices flowing out of her and down onto the seat of the car. Just as she got comfortable, her worst (or best) fear happened. The Packers scored again, which meant she was now going to be naked in the car for the rest of the ride home.

Matt hooted and hollered, more for the fact that Nicole was about to lose her last article of clothing than the actual football score. She brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt and started to lift it up her stomach and over her breasts. Her nipples ached from being so hard. She sat forward a little as she brought the shirt over her head, and her breasts bounced slightly. She threw the shirt into the back seat, looked over at Matt and said "are you happy now?"

Matt's cock was straining against his pants as he looked over at Nicole's naked body which was illuminated by the car's instruments and lights. She was so sexy. Her smooth skin, nice breasts, trimmed pussy were all on display as she again rested back into the seat. She felt herself near orgasm as they continued to be near, passing, and being passed by, cars, trucks, and semis. She no longer had her shirt to hide her most private parts, only having the partially tinted windows and the seat leaned back as her defense. She wasn't even completely sure if leaning the seat back was her best option – it kept her safer from the cars that were the same height, but put everything much more on display as she was spread out for any vehicle that was taller than theirs.

It seemed to her that all the lights inside the car seemed a little brighter than what she could ever remember, but she just laid back, incredibly horny, and watched the cars as they went by.

She reached her hand over to play with Matt's cock as he continued to drive. His cock was rock-hard. Her other hand reached down to play with her pussy and rub lightly over her clit.

"You better not cum, yet..." Matt said, breaking the sexual tension.

"But what if I want to? I am so horny at this point, and I feel like I am going to explode!"

"Please, just wait. I promise, the longer that you hold out for now, the better it will be later. Right now, just enjoy the show you might be giving to the trucks and semis that are near us." Matt said.

Nicole laid back wither legs spread a little, continuing to play lightly over her clit, occasionally sticking a finger into her sopping wet pussy. Her other hand was sliding up and down Matt's cock over his pants. She wanted to cum so bad. She was convinced that the trucks they passed could see her tits and pussy, which seemed to get her even more turned on.

The game continued into the fourth quarter, and the Falcons scored. Nicole continued to play with herself lazily, going between her pussy and her tits. She rubbed the wetness from her pussy onto her tits and nipples. The breeze from the vent chilled her nipples just a little more, causing her to almost go out of her mind with lust.

Then Matt said something that made Nicole freeze up a little... "we are almost out of gas. We are going to have to stop and get some more."

"Can I put my clothes back on when we are there? I don't know if I can be naked at the gas station, and I have to use the bathroom" Nicole asked.

"Well, I can make you a deal. I will let you put on your pants, shoes, and jacket. Nothing else. You aren't allowed to zip your jacket above halfway, and after you walk back out of the store, you have to unzip the jacket completely as you walk back to the car. No cumming when you go to the bathroom, AND you owe me a full sexual day at home. Anything I want... you can't turn down anything I say."

Nicole came back saying "wow, that is a lot you are asking. Not sure if it's worth it. Doesn't seem like a fair trade."

Matt said "Sure it is. You get shoes for not cumming. Pants for a full sexual day at home, and you get to wear the jacket into the store for unzipping it once you get back out. I'm not asking you to take the jacket off completely when you come out, just unzip it."

Nicole reluctantly agreed as she turned around to grab her 3 items of clothing that she was able to briefly put back on. Matt got off the freeway and turned into the gas station. His cock was still hard as he pulled up to the furthest pump away from the building. Nicole breathed a little bit of relief seeing that they were the only car at the store. She got out of the car, her nipples still hard and poking through her jacket, which was only zipped up halfway, showing a lot of skin (for her).

She walked into the store and disappeared into the bathroom as Matt filled up the car with gas. He made sure to keep a close eye on the door to the restroom, and just as he was finishing, the door opened back up, with Nicole stepping out.

She walked to the side of the store and got a couple bottles of water, which she then went to the clerk to pay for. She gave him an eyeful as she searched through her purse for some money. As she gave him the money, she looked back out at Matt, and saw that he was watching. She then completely shocked Matt and unzipped her jacket while she was still in the store, showing the clerk her breasts after he gave her change.

She walked out of the store and towards the car. The ends of her jacket hung free at her waist. The wind picked up a little, and pulled her jacket apart, which she made no attempt to try to stop as it uncovered both her breasts (it may have helped that they were the only ones at the gas station). Matt's jaw fell open as he tried to take in what he had just seen his wife do.

She got back to the car, leaned in to put the water in the cupholders, but then stood back up next to the car. She opened the back door and kicked off her shoes to put them into the back seat, then pulled the jacket off her shoulders so she was topless, then brought her fingers to the button of her jeans. They seemed to be a little shaky, but she unbuttoned and unzipped them, and then pulled them down and completely off so she was standing naked as she placed her jeans next to her jacket into the back seat. She closed the back door, and then slid back into the front seat. Matt was in complete shock in Nicole's new boldness, hoping that he had found a new side of his wife, and his cock was harder than he can ever remember it being.

As they got back into the car, Matt almost forgot about the game that was on the radio. The game seemed well in hand, and Matt was as horny as he could ever remember. Then the Packers kicked a field goal. Nicole looked over at him, not sure what she was supposed to do. He looked over and said "well, you have no clothes left to lose, so now I want you to make yourself cum."

Nicole didn't have to be told a second time, as she was so hot and excited. She could feel her first orgasm building up inside her. She thrust 2 fingers inside her, then 3. Her other hand went from pinching her nipples, then back down to rubbing her clit as her other hand was busy slamming into her pussy. The sloppy sound of her pussy juices and the smell of sex filled the car, and she felt her orgasm come over her. It was so powerful that she started to convulse forward. She could feel herself actually squirt out of her pussy, and felt like she was going to pass out. She continued to violently slam her fingers into her as she was cumming, and her other hand held on to the seat as if to offer support to remain upright.

When her orgasm finally stopped, she fell back onto the seat. She looked down to her glistening body, the sweat that had built up between her tits and down her stomach. She could see her pussy and thighs glisten with her juices. She stretched out her legs, and then her arms overhead, pressing her tits forward. She made no attempt to hide as they drove through the more lighted areas on the freeway through Chicago. At this point, she really didn't care if other trucks or cars saw her naked body. She was in a completely different world than she had ever been, and was lost in lust.

As she relaxed down from her self-pleasuring, the game was also winding down. Nicole looked over to see that Matt's cock was still rock hard. At some point, he had opened his pants to let his cock free. She wanted him.... bad. The Packers scored one more time with another field goal, making the score 48-21. Matt didn't get a chance to say anything before Nicole said, "well, the Packers scored again. I have no clothes left, I already came, now it is your turn."

She leaned over and grabbed Matt's cock. She started at the base, and started to stroke up and down. She lightly brushed her tongue over the head and could taste his pre-cum. She started to take him in her mouth, which drove him crazy.

Oral sex wasn't something she liked to do very often, even though Matt would frequently ask for it. She got as much saliva onto his cock as she could, and even reached back into her pussy, which was still dripping, to add more lubrication. She could taste herself on his cock as she started to suck as her mouth went up and down his cock. She made sure to make loud, sloppy sounds as she let it 'pop' out of her mouth before she sank her mouth back onto it. Her free hand went back to her pussy and started working its way back into her. She sped up with her blow-job, and could feel him tense up, about to cum.

"I am going to cum," he managed to say. He expected her to lift her head and jerk him off until he came, but instead she again sucked hard on him and kept working up and down his shaft. She reached down to cup his balls just as he shot his load into her mouth. The first shot surprised her a little bit, and hit her on the back of the mouth. She swallowed hard as the second shot came. Then the third, and the fourth. This was the most she had ever seen him cum, and she was trying to swallow all of it. She was having a little difficulty as it started to run out of her mouth, but her hand kept stroking up and down his cock. After he finished, she kept sucking on him, much more lightly, trying to get him hard again, as they had made it back to Rockford, and were nearing home.

They got off the freeway, drove the short distance to their home, and pulled into their drive. Once in the garage, Nicole sat back up, with lust still in her eyes, grabbed Matt and started to pull him out of the car. "I want to fuck you! Now! I don't want to make love. I don't want to have sex. I want to FUCK!"

They nearly fell over themselves getting into the house, but that's a story for another day....

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