Stripping Son Makes Mom Hot


"Ohhhhh son, damn you know just how to make your ole' mom cum. Let's rinse off and go to my bed," she urged me.

We held hands as she took me to her bed. She made me lay down and then climbed over me, her hot pussy inches from my face. She in turn wrapped her hand around my rigid cock, and brought her lips to my cockhead. I reached up and pulled her hips to my face. No words needed to be spoken as I wanted to please my mother's cunt so bad, and her mouth was doing wonderful things to me.

I could feel her once again envelop my cock. She wrapped her arms around my thighs, and she just made love to it. My tongue slid deep into her pussy, as I pulled her down harder as she humped on my face. There we were, the only sounds in the night were of her sucking my cock and her wet pussy on my face. It was so serene, yet so erotic. My mother would gasp and moan whenever my tongue flicked her clit, and she in turn would raise up to lick my cockhead and had me gasping. I could feel my mother tense up, and then her sweet nectar filled my mouth. I rode her orgasm out, lapping and sucking her sweet juices. I couldn't control myself anymore, I had tried to hold off, but I just couldn't.

"Ahhhh mom, I'm coming," I muffled into her spasming cunt.

She raised her lips up to just hold the head of my cock in them, and I felt my bursts fill her mouth. I could hear her gulping as she stayed with my spurts, making sure not to miss a drop. We came in each others' mouth, until finally we went limp. My mother rested on me as she licked up the remaining semen from my wilting cock.

Eventually we were laying together, holding each other, her head on my chest. I stroked her hair as she ran her hands through my chest hair. We were content as lovers are after sex. We were quiet as I heard the ticking of the clock on the nightstand.

Then she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes, and said, "I know to others this is an unnatural love, but nobody but we have to know. I want you to still date women and strip at the club, I will never hold you back son from you dreams. But I want you to know that I love you, and I will always be here for you, and you will always be in my dreams."

She was idly stroking my cock, and I could feel it rise to her touch. My hands went to her breasts, stroking those beauties lovingly. Soon she had me hard as a rock, and she got onto her hands and knees before me.

Looking back at me, she told me, "I need to be fucked from behind son. I need to feel your cock inside of me. Fuck me doggie, get that magnificent cock deep into me now please."

How could I deny my mother? I got behind her, and rubbed my dick up and down her cunt, her juices coating me. I felt her reach back with her hand and grab my cock, lined it up and then she slid it deep inside her. She moaned as I felt my balls hitting her pussy.

"Son, fuck me hard! Grab my hips and slam that beautiful cock into me. I need my son to fuck me so bad," she begged.

I grabbed her, and started to make love to my mother. Her pussy squeezed my cock and I was breathless as I pounded it in and out of her. She kept telling me harder, and I could hear my balls slapping her cunt lips as I drove my dick deep inside her. I looked down and watched my mother's hair flying about, and I thought to myself that I had one damn sexy mom!

We fucked for what seemed like forever, as I felt her continuous orgasms coat my cock. Her cunt would squeeze me so tight, I couldn't hold off anymore. I could feel my orgasm race from my balls.

I yelled out, "Im cumming mom! Ahhhh, take your son's sperm."

"Cum inside me son! Grab my hair and fuck me. I need to feel you fill me up, "she cried.

Then my cock left loose a torrent of cum. I could feel her pussy spasm in yet another climax as I coated her walls. I kept thinking how ironic that I now have my cock where I once came from while I tugged on her hair with my hand. I could feel our mingled juices slipping over my balls and her thighs. We humped until I couldn't give her anymore. If this was heaven, I wanted to be here forever inside my mother.

Soon, we were laying in each other's arms again. We kissed and held each other tight. My mom was my world, but she was also my lover. Here with her tonight, there was no place else I desired to be....

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by PanzerFeck09/15/17

Great story

Thanks for the fantasy.

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