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Stripping with Cops


A brief introduction:

The details of this story are in fact based on a real and actual event that took place some years ago. I was asked by my Dom to give him a more specific telling of the happenings of that night. . . This is my lovely and sexy story. Enjoy!


I had fun with a couple of amateur nights at the local strip club. It was cool to realize how much control one has by taking off her clothes and dancing around a bit on a stage. The looks of lust and amusement (along with all that cash, too) are very rewarding.

One night, an onlooker approached me with the idea of showing him and his buddies just how good of a stripper I could be. He told me that he and the others were in town for a police officer's convention, and would really like it if I'd go back to the hotel room for some extra fun.

Partying with a bunch of hot cops seemed like a fantastic idea. And what a fantastic time I would end up having. . .

Later on, in the hotel room, I had just finished dancing and stripping. Of course, during all that time, those guys had been putting their hands on my ass- sometimes grabbing a rub between my legs as they handed me money. A few of them had their cocks out of their trousers already, and were stroking them ever so hornily.

After really putting myself on display, I played with myself a bit. I pulled and pinched and tugged my nipples. I dipped my finger into my cunt to demonstrate how wet all of this "exhibitionism" had made me.

One of the more outgoing ones "attacked" me by throwing me down on the bed. He was playfully pulling my legs apart and asking me how I would feel if he just fucked me silly right there in front of all of his buddies.

I told him that if he wanted to fuck me like a dirty little sex toy, that's what he could do.

I think he was pretty blown away by the whole prospect. He became extremely erect, and I can remember the cheers and jeers as he started fucking me.

They were giving their approval with all sorts of comments:

"Pound that hole!"

"Oh yeah, that pussy looks hot!"

"Can't wait to get my thick cock inside."

I loved it!

He was ready to cum pretty quickly. He pulled out and spurted all over the inside of my thighs and on my stomach. He then encouraged a couple of other guys to have a turn with me. At one point, I was getting so turned on from all the action that I would talk in their ears while they were just screwing and screwing me. I would tell them-

"Doesn't it feel so fucking great to push your cock in and out of me while the other guys look on at you with envy?"

"How do you feel knowing that your cock is getting coated with that other dude's yummy, hot, and sticky cum?"

Talking like that gave me the idea, the incentive, to start sucking them off. I would suck some of them deep down in my throat while another guy was just slamming hard into my pussy from behind. I really enjoyed sucking one guy till his cock was glistening clean--- He wore a rubber, and his cum dripped everywhere when I pulled it off.

There were at least five or six of those guys who came in my ass. . .

A couple of those were right after another, and that's when that lucsiously and lust-filled vision of ooodles and ooodles of cum just running out of my hole comes into play. Cum was literally just dropping in puddles onto the sheets of the mattress.

Whether wearing a condom or not, a few would just cum, roll off the top of me, throw me some money, grab their clothes, and leave the area.

That wasn't bad though. The idea of being some trashy whore made me feel even more slutty and enticed me to be even more naughty.

The best fucking of the night happened off the bed, because one of the cops had dragged me and bent me over the edge of the dresser that was up against the wall. (Some hotel dressers are soooo

good for this!) Because of the way the room was set up, the bed was on one wall, the dresser on the opposite, and the guys were just standing and sitting all around.

Being pinned up against the dresser was causing my tits to be squished, (Very fun!), and I was becoming even more hot and horny from the view provided me in the dresser mirror.

My reflection was one of pure, baby-doll slutdom. I had cum spots all over my body; my make up was smudged; my hair was a wild and sexy mess, and all the guys in the background had a look of pure, wanton, and savage lust on their faces.

Some of the men who had already dipped their cocks (whether from the front or behind or in the mouth) were standing around still naked and working on another hard-on. Some of them were sitting in chairs just beating off frantically.

Even when I'm not handling the actual clean-up myself, I still love to watch intently as a man's cum shoots out of his magnificent penis. I enjoy the randomness of where it might land- his pant leg, his stomach, the wall, his face, the furniture, my tits, my hair. . . Such a naturally raw display!

The best sight of all, was to see the face and body of a complete stranger (who also just happened to be a cop) pushing up against me from behind, pulling my hair back, biting my ears and my lips and my tongue, slapping my ass cheeks a few times, (and after the loud moans of pleasure I emitted after that) continuing to slap my ass a lot more times. . .

At this point, I am reaching down and spreading all that cum and pussy juice all around my anus, all around the thighs of my legs. I'm also licking my fingers and licking the fingers of my temporary sex partner.

He fucked and pounded and screwed me in my ass so hard, that the dresser left impressions along my navel line and across my upper thighs. When he came, I think some of the guys were thrown into a fury and that's when a lot of the multiple penetrations began.

For about a half-hour or so, I had a guy doing my pussy, another thrusting his dick into my mouth, and another battering the insides of my bowels with a very hard dick!

All sheer ecstasy!

As everything tamed down, it was sweet how some of them complimented me by telling me that I was the coolest chick they had ever met.

I believe that after a wonderful night of all the delicious cock-sucking, pussy-fingering, bitch fucking, and ass creaming, I'd have to agree with them.

But, this little slut doesn't want to get too big in the head.

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