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Stroke it 4 Me


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First... I want to lie back and relax. mmmm, yes, that's better.

Now, imagine this.... Picture yourself in a hotel room. You have taken a shower... soapy, hot and all, relieving the stress of the day, and now you're in one of those rich, thick, terry cloth towels, you find in hotels, typing away on your laptop. As you type, you are wishing for a little relief, a night on the town, a good fuck. Not too much to wish for is it? You notice the bulge in the crotch of your towel. Hmmm, was hoping the shower would fix that little eventuality.

You hear a quick knock at your door. It's housekeeping. She's here to bring you extra towels, but she'll come back later, if you wish? You yell that's it's ok, to come in. You see a pair of legs and a stack of towels walk into the room. A girl peeps from behind them. Sorry to interrupt, she says. You assure her that it's ok. She carries the towels into the bathroom, and you continue typing. You hear her humming, pause to smile... and continue to type. You suddenly can't keep your mind on your laptop. You notice the humming has stopped and you look up. She has entered the room again.

"I'm sorry, there were a few more towels in there, than I thought." You smile and nod, getting back to your work.

Surprisingly, something strange happens as you return to your work. My voice comes from behind you.

"Sir, I need all the towels." I'm wearing a loosely fitting gray dress. A housekeeping uniform. A name tag running along my breast. Cleavage barely peeking from the top. Turning to look at me you say "Umm... I'm sorry, but I can't very well give you this towel."

"Oh yes, yes, you can" I smile looking you up and down. I may just be a cleaning woman, but my dark hair and eyes give that distinct illusion of intellect that you've seen around the office, but never touched. The crinkle of my round red lips pursed in waiting. You try to smile again. Clearing your throat you speak slowly. "Miss, I-- this is all I'm wearing. I'll go change for you, tho."

"Could I have it like now, as in... now?" you hear me say. You stand...dumbfounded. Remembering your hard cock.... and not wanting to face the inevitable embarrassment, you loosen the towel from you waist, and hand it to me. I take the towel, sniffing it. I look you up and down again, your cock bouncing... its stiffness had not diminished.

"You like me to watch.... don't you?" you hear me say, a sneaky little smile on my face.. You look down at your cock... speechless. I drop the towels on the floor. Moving closer to you, I repeat my question.

" I said... you like me to watch don't you?" I grab your penis and pull you closer to me.

" Maybe I do...." you say in a low tone.

" What's your name?" I ask, my fingers sliding along your stiff pipe. They are wet with precum now.

" Jeff... my names Jeff" your voice stutters. You find it hard to concentrate. You lips go dry. Your eyes do a slow blink. Damn, that feels so good. What is she doing? You think to yourself.

"Jeff? Well I'm gonna call you Don, How' bout that Don?" I say. I am still toying with your cock... my fingers running along the bottom ridges. Winding around your pole like a candystripe.

"Don.. are you listening to me Don?" I call you trying to get your attention. Your eyes glazed, stare at me as I toy with you. Finally I give you a quick, deep kiss. on the cheek.

"Now that I have your attention.... I want you to jack off for me Don. Do something for me that Jeff will be jealous of. If you need any assistance.. I will be right here. I remove my uniform, and my heaving breast tumble out. All I'm wearing now is a white silk G-string, and sheer stockings. I'm not your everyday housekeeper. I sit on the bed and watch you. Spreading my thighs wide, I begin to finger my pussy. Mmmmm... that feels so good.

" I want you to jack off for me, Don." I say to you. As you stand there, you watch me playing with my pussy and you smile, slowly stroking yourself. You wonder if you will really do this. So...will you jerk off, Don? Will you stroke it for me now?


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