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Strokémon Go!


Disclaimer: The following is a weird parody. It is not meant to be taken seriously. I stress, I have not figured out all the logic of this world! I don't care if it does not make sense! Just read, enjoy, and try not to think about it too hard! And if people like this, I may have an idea for a part 2!


This is a world somewhat like our own. People live in villages, towns and cities, travel by cars and bicycles, and use computers. However, in this world there are only women. Terms like 'human' are synonymous with 'female', and the women of this world are peaceful and happy. However, the women are not alone.

The human females share their world with strange creatures that live in the forests and caves of the land. They look like women, but are flat-chested, broadly-shouldered, and have something between their legs that women scientists have dubbed a 'cock'. These odd animals are known as the Strokémon, semi-intelligent things that roam the word playing with their erections and looking at porn (that they somehow have unlimited access to).

While many women use Strokémon slaves in their daily lives, a rare few seek the renowned title of Strokémon Mistress. They travel the land, enslaving the lowly Strokémon and battling them against each other. Overcoming eight challenges (called 'gyms'), the best Strokémon trainers will battle the Elite Four, the quartet of greatest women in the world, with the goal of becoming the Strokémon Champion!

This is the story of Yuzuki Akane. Today was her twenty-first birthday, and having achieved adulthood the gorgeous woman is ready to leave her home village and go out into the world and follow her dreams!

"Hi mom!" Said Akane, bounding down the stairs of her home and greeting her mother in the kitchen.

"Happy birthday, dear!" Said her mother. Yuzuki Ami was still a beauty in her forties, her long legs and jet-black hair features that she shared with her eldest daughter. "Well, don't you look the part!" She said, marvelling at Akane.

The birthday-girl spun on the spot. She was dressed in her brand-new Strokémon trainer outfit. Knee-high black boots, tiny black skirt, and black corset that barely covered her full breasts. All leather, of course. Her slender face and dark eyes added to the intensity of her image, and Ami spotted the tools of the trade upon her daughter. From Akane's belt hung all sorts of items: A Strokédex (a database of all known Strokémon), a portable porn-viewer, a whip, and a bag full of various items. Among the items in the bag was a large number of Strokécages, technologically-advanced chastity devices to ensnare and enslave wild Strokémon. "I love this outfit!" Said the twenty-one-year-old, feeling oddly powerful in it. "Thank you so much!"

"Well I'm glad you like your present! You look great!" Said her mother. "Now, take a seat. I have prepared a special breakfast before you leave on your grand Strokémon adventure!"

"Thanks!" Beamed Akane, and sat down at the kitchen table. Together, the two women ate a healthy meal, and then said their goodbyes. Akane vowed to stop by often, and her mother fought back the tears in her eyes. Finally, the young wannabe-trainer kissed her parent goodbye and set off.


Akane's village was small, barely a dozen families, and many stopped her to wish her good luck as she set off. Akane had rarely left the village in all her years, and as she took to Route 1 it felt good to wander and stretch her long legs. A sense of excitement and anticipation filled her as she left her home behind and wandered through the forest on a bright sunny morning.

Suddenly, Akane was startled by a rustling of a nearby bush. Carefully, she crept over to it and peeked past to see what lay beyond.

It was a Strokémon! He was about her height, with short hair both on his head and around his mouth. Naked, the creature was idly rubbing a small cock with one hand while lounging out on the forest floor. Careful not to disturb him, Akane lifted the Strokédex and consulted it.

The electronic device spoke in a crisp female voice as it scanned the subject. "Strokémon number 069: Toesniffer. Toesniffer is a Foot Fetish-type Strokémon. It masturbates often while fantasising about women's feet, and loves the smell of sweaty toes."

Akane nodded sagely. Excellent! Her first ever catch! Lifting a white and red Strokécage from her belt, she stepped out and threw it!

The Toesniffer reacted at once, sitting up and staring at her. The Strokémon rose to bolt, but the Strokécage moved unerringly through the air, locking onto his small cock and attaching itself in a flash of light.

Akane held her breath. The cage rocked once... twice... and broke, shattering into fragments! Failure!

The Strokémon stared at his dick, confused by what had just happened. The pause gave Akane a chance to strike again.

This time, she reached into her bag and pulled out a porno-mag. Throwing the special issue of 'Poolside Lesbians', she threw it at the Toesniffer. All other matters instantly forgotten, the Strokémon fell to the floor and lifted the magazine, leafing through and immediately touching himself as he did so.

Akane smiled, knowing that he would be easier to catch now, and tried a second Strokécage. The technological marvel swerved through the air, unerringly seeking the target's cock and locking on it! Again the chastity device shook... once... twice... three times! Secured and got!

The bearded Strokémon looked at her in horror as he forgot the magazine, grabbing at the cock-cage and trying to dislodge it.

"You are mine!" Akane declared triumphantly, standing before the Strokémon. He looked up at her, his eyes so oddly human-looking but filled with pain. All Strokémon were addicted to masturbation, and she had just cut him off from his. "Oh, you can wank," Said Akane, asserting her dominance, "But only when I say you can! Understood?"

The Toesniffer stared at her.

"I know you can learn words," Said Akane, reaching into her bag and pulling out a cat-o-nine-tails whip. "Whenever I speak, you say 'Yes, Mistress'. Now, 'Yes, Mistress'!" She barked, and whipped him across the chest.

The Toesniffer recoiled, but Akane touched her belt and the control device there-on. Immediately the Strokécage zapped the new slave's cock, making him howl in pain and sprawl on the floor. Akane smiled in amusement at his agony, and whipped him again. Again and again she repeated, "Yes, Mistress! Say it! Yes, Mistress!"

"Yes... Mistress," Said the nude creature eventually, grovelling before her in submission.

"Excellent!" Said Akane, ceasing the whipping. She was glad to have got a Strokémon that accepted his place so quickly. "Now, what skills do you have...?" She mused, bringing the Strokédex to bear again.

"3 abilities," Reported the device's voice. "1) Jerk Off: A Vanilla-type move and basic masturbation technique. 2) Shoe-Sniff: A Foot Fetish-type move, where the Strokémon inhales the scent of a sweaty sandal and greatly increases his chance to cum. 3) Beat Meat For Feet: A Foot Fetish-type move with a high chance to cum to foot porn."

Akane pondered this. Not bad, but perhaps with some training he could learn some other types of moves? "Okay, a decent start. Now, get up and follow me!"

The Strokémon glared at her, not moving.

"You will obey!" Snapped Akane, lashing out with the cat-o-nine-tails. Whipping it across her new slave's back, she saw the Strokémon moan in both pain and pleasure, his small cock getting hard in its cage. "You will follow! Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress!" Howled the Strokémon, grovelling before her on his knees.

"Much better," Said Akane, looking down on him. "Now come along! I need more slaves!"

Obediently, Toesniffer rose and trailed after her.


Akane spent the rest of the morning walking along Route 1 with her new pet, and the day had turned into a warm afternoon when she saw a woman resting at the roadside. She was dressed in the leathers of a Strokémon trainer, hers a deep scarlet to match her blood-red hair. She had two Strokémon with her, one on his hands and knees and acting as a chair to his trainer sitting atop him, and the other fanning her with a palm-leaf in the afternoon sun.

"Hello!" Greeted the red-clothed trainer. "Fine looking Strokémon you have there!"

"Thanks," Said Akane, as Toesniffer trailed behind her. "You a trainer?"

"I am!" Said the other. "I am Strokétrainer Misato, on my way to the first gym. Want to battle?"

"Well... I only have one slave to your two. Hardly seems fair," Said Akane, nervous.

"There is a Strokécenter in the next town," Said Misato casually. "If you lose you can simply rest your Strokémon there. No harm, no foul."

Akane mulled this over. True, the Strokémon was just a slave to be used as she wished. Why not? "Okay then, let's battle!"

They set up the duel in moments. Akane felt a rush of excitement as she prepared for her first Strokémon battle. Misato offered to use her porn-viewer, and reached to her belt and pulled out the small screen. She threw it into the air where it expanded and hovered in place.

"Cock or ass?" Asked Misato, readying a coin with a different view of a Strokémon on each side.

"Cock," Said Akane at once, familiar with the rules despite this being her first fight.

Misato tossed the coin, and it came up with the Strokémon's firm ass. "I win!" Said Misato with glee. "That means I get to the select the first porn!"

Akane scowled but could not argue the point. Turning to Toesniffer, she cracked her whip and ordered him into place. Touching the control device on her belt, she recalled his Strokécage, freeing his dick temporarily (even if the creature made a run for it, the cock-cage was bound to him now, and would seek out his dick even over vast distances to enslave him once again). Toesniffer and one of Misato's slaves both moved into position and knelt before the screen. Curious, Akane decided to analyse the other Strokémon and brought out the Strokédex.

"Strokémon number 043: Showerperv. Showerperv is a Vanilla-type Strokémon. It loves to stare at women in the shower and masturbate as it watches them get all wet and soapy," Said the device.

No sooner had she been told this, than Misato's screen came alive with porn. It featured two naked women in the shower, lathering each-other's nude bodies with their hands. They kissed and fondled each other, moaning gently in pleasure as water cascaded down their flawless bare skin. In the corner, a 1-minute timer began counting down.

"Showerperv!" Commanded Misato. "Use 'Stroke For Shower Sluts!" And at once, her Strokémon began jerking his cock frantically, staring at the luscious bodies on the video and breathing heavily as he fapped mindlessly.

Akane scowled, still irked at losing the coin toss and yielding the first choice of porn. The image was showing the naked women from the tits up, which was doing nothing for her Foot Fetish-type Strokémon. "Toesniffer! Use 'Shoe-Sniff'!" She ordered, hoping to increase her slave's chance to cum.

At once, Toesniffer pulled out a woman's sandal (seemingly from hammer-space) and held it to his nose. A few deep breaths of sweaty foot-scent and the Strokémon's small cock was hard and firm. His eyes rolled back in his head, getting high from the scent as he moaned obscenely. "Yes, Mistress..." He said dreamily.

"Now, use 'Jerk Off'!" Commanded Akane, and watched as her slave obediently began fapping. She knew that Toesniffer was not particularly strong for Vanilla porn, but he was not weak to it either. Perhaps with the Shoe-Sniff buff he would make it?

Both Strokémon were masturbating furiously for the porn, but it looked like Showerperv had the edge. He was really getting into it, and Misato was grinning in impending triumph. However, the counter on the porn ticked away, and her face fell as it hit 0 without her slave cumming.

"Yes!" Enthused Akane, tapping a command into her Strokédex and selecting the next porn. The image of two women in the shower was replaced with that of two naked women playing with a Strokémon's cock with their feet. "Toesniffer! Use 'Beat Meat For Feet'!" She called out, feeling a rush of impending victory and knowing that the move would now be super effective!

Toesniffer's face lit up to see the barefeet-on-cock action, and he wanked like crazy as he stared at the gorgeous toes and smooth arches of the women's feet. "Yes, Mistress!" He cried out as he felt the rush of orgasm, eyes wide with pleasure as his small cock spurted over the grass before him.

"Damn it!" Snarled Misato, looking at her own Strokémon with annoyance. Having failed to cum, her Showerperv was eliminated. Sending the Strokécage back onto her slave (and leaving him deeply frustrated as the price of failure) she raised her whip and cracked it at her other Strokémon. Taking his cage off, she ordered her second into the field.

Akane watched the next one step forth, a short Strokémon with a thick mop of dark hair. Raising her Strokédex, she checked it out. "Strokémon number 018: Animasturbator," Said the knowledgeable digital voice. "Animasturbator is a Hentai-type Strokémon. It loves to watch Japanese anime and masturbate to colourful women with large cartoon breasts."

"Ready?" Asked Misato, an edge to her voice. She had clearly not expected to lose the first round.

"Ready!" Said Akane, and re-set the timer on the feet porn.

The matter of what porn was selected after a Strokémon was eliminated was a contentious one. Some professional Strokémon Trainers favoured that the losing party selected the next porn, granting their next Strokémon an advantage. This would have the benefit of balancing a fight and making it more competitive. However, for now the prevailing Strokémon League rules were that the victorious trainer selected the next porn, offering incentive to win and keep winning. Akane had not yet decided which she thought best, but for now the rules were working very much in her favour!

Misato commanded Animasturbator to simply use the Vanilla-type move Jerk Off, biding her time. Meanwhile, Akane pondered what to do. Toesniffer was still fatigued after cumming, and she was not sure he could orgasm again so soon. Should she push ahead with Beat Meat For Feet, or risk the long game?

"Toesniffer! Use 'Shoe-Sniff'!" She ordered after a moment's hesitation. Her Strokémon immediately obeyed, breathing deep of the sandal and getting dizzy from the intoxicating scent of sweaty feet. At once his cock, which had sagged to semi-erect after cumming, began to harden again. "Keep using it!" Ordered Akane, abandoning the idea of having her slave orgasm before the foot porn timed out. For his part, Toesniffer was quite content to get off on the scent of feet and lazily watch the porn.

Soon enough, the one-minute elapsed, and as it timed out Misato was quick to pounce. Tapping commands into her Strokédex, the replaced with foot porn with the image of a trio of anime babes, naked in a Japanese onsen. The women were very keen to explore each-other's bodies, their animated tits swaying as they licked and fingered pussies. "Animasturbator! Use 'Cum For Cartoon Cuties'!" Masato ordered, and her slave was very quick to begin wanking.

Misato's Strokémon was jerking off quickly, entranced by the hentai images on the screen, but the scarlet-clad Strokémon Trainer was not about to take any chances. She reached into the bag at her side and produced an item. Akane watched, realising that the Animasturbator did not have any buff abilities of his own and he would need an item to dramatically increase his chances to cum. Misato threw him a lubed butt-plug, which the slave quickly inserted in his ass. Moaning as he penetrated himself, the Strokémon's eyes went wide with pleasure as he continued to mindlessly fap.

Meanwhile Akane was growing worried. She commanded Toesniffer to change to using Jerk Off, but the anime hotties were just not quite doing it for him. She needed some way to push him over the edge before Misato's slave came. She had already had him use Shoe-Sniff several times, and wished she too had an item that could push him even further. Alas, she had yet to visit a Strokécenter and get anything.

No, wait! Akane suddenly had an idea! She DID have an item! "Toesniffer! Use this!" She commanded, unzipping her right leather boot and peeling it off. Her long and smooth leg and foot were bare underneath, and had gotten sweaty from all the walking in the warm day. She threw it to her Strokémon, who caught it and buried his nose within. A few deep inhales of her foot-scent and Toesniffer's mind was gone! Tossing himself off furiously, he moaned in carnal pleasure has his whole body shook, and his small erection began spurting once again!

Misato howled in anger as she saw her foe's slave cum messily on the ground, and with anger hurled her Strokécage back onto her own pet before he had a chance to cum himself. The Animasturbator, so close to orgasm, doubled-over with the sudden pain of his erection being constrained. Meanwhile Akane punched the air in victory! One battle, one win, a great way to start her quest to become a Strokémon Mistress!

Whipping her two slaves out of the way, Misato swallowed her pride and walked across to her foe. "Well done," She congratulated. "That Toesniffer of yours is quite the Strokémon! Don't suppose you want to trade?"

"Nah," Said Akane, gesturing to the floor and watching her slave scurry to kneel before her. She did not fail to notice that his gaze was now firmly locked on her bare foot, and he was still greedily smelling the inside of her boot. "I'm growing attached to this Strokémon. Think I will keep him around for the first gym."

"Well good luck," Said Misato. "It seems that I still have some training to do..." Then she trailed off, and both women stared as Toesniffer began to shake. He was evolving! His body began to glow, and then with a flash of light he was different. He was still the same size with the same goatee and same small cock, but now the Strokémon was a little more muscular, and also sported some tattoos on his arms.

Akane, delighted, immediately brought her Strokédex to bear. "Strokémon number 070: Toekisser. Toekisser is a Foot Fetish-type Strokémon. It loves to kiss female toes while jerking its cock frantically. Cumming on feet is its ultimate dream." Then, just when it seemed that the device was done with its analysis, it added. "Your Strokémon has learned a new ability! 4) Wank While Wife Wails: A Cuckold-type move with a high chance to cum to the image of one's partner being fucked by someone with a larger cock."

Akane had no idea why a Strokémon would be married to a human woman, let alone fantasise about having another Strokémon engage in weirdness with this theoretically depraved woman, but no matter. Toekisser now had another type of move to add to its wanking arsenal, and that could only be good.

"Good slave," She told her pet, and moved her bare foot closer to him. Obediently, he bent over and kissed her toes, living up to his new name. "You and I are going to go far together!" Akane told him.

"Yes, Mistress," Mumbled her Strokémon between kisses.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

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