tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStruck By Cupid's Arrow

Struck By Cupid's Arrow


"In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove;
In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love."
-"Locksley Hall", Alfred Lord Tennyson


It was springtime; flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and love was in the air. The cherubic Greek god Eros flew over Athens, observing the humans. Many young Athenian men were chasing the Athenian girls, flirting and courting in preparation for the Spring Festival. Eros smiled approvingly. Nothing made him happier than to than witness the lust of mortals. However, the mortals didn't always fall for each other on their own. That's when Eros intervened.

Eros perched on a tree branch to rest. He had been flying around, matchmaking and shooting his magical arrows since morning. At sundown, he would end his day. However, the orange sun was still a short distance away from the horizon, so he scanned the forest for any would-be lovers.

The Love God saw a couple in the distance, a blonde boy and a buxom lady. The young man was flirting and touching the woman, trying to get her to disrobe. She kept pushing him away, smiling. Eros smirked, pulling one of his arrows from his back quiver.

Much of Eros's work didn't involve shooting arrows. Often, all that he needed to do was slightly influence possible couples' decisions by getting them to be in the right place at the right time, or by whispering suggestions into a receptive ear. Occasionally, he would ask Apollo to make the sunset come a little earlier or last a bit longer to set the mood. When all else failed, or he was feeling lazy, he would use his magical arrows.

Eros first made his arrow invisible. The sight of an arrow sticking out of the object of this boy's affection would have the opposite of Eros's intended effect. The God then laid an arrow across his bow, aimed and shot. The golden arrowhead sank into the woman's shoulder. There was no blood. All the young man knew was that the lovely lady before him had for some reason ceased resisting. Eros stuck around long enough to make sure his plan had worked, leaving the two lovers alone when the boy inserted his erection into the young woman.

It was getting dark in the east side of the sky, and Eros decided the day's work was done. However, as he prepared to fly back to Olympus, he noticed a young woman collecting firewood in the forest. He was awestruck by her subtle beauty. She had such fair skin and petite yet perky bosoms, but with buoyant buttocks that rounded out her physical character. Her brown hair was plain, but her porcelain face with pink pursing lips reminded him of Aphrodite herself. He immediately fell in love.

Eros descended to the ground, taking the form of a human teenager, appearing roughly the same age as the young woman. His wings were absorbed into his body, giving him the appearance of a mortal man. He watched the young lady casually go about her evening task, until he felt it was time to make his entrance.

"Sweet-faced beauty! Are you not the daughter of Zeus, or perhaps of Hermes? Surely, you must be some demigod, else your features betray you as at least half divine!"

The girl blushed, shaking her head. "Nay, kindly stranger, I am neither of Zeus, nor of Hermes. I am but a mortal of mortals."

"O Beauty! How unfortunate you are! What an cursed lot to fill!"

She frowned, confused. "Why say you such things? Do you mean to mock me in such a manner after being so kind?"

"'Tis not mocking. I merely proclaim the injustice of one such as yourself being restricted to the life of a mortal. To have such lovely arms, only to carry gnarled branches; to have such honey-sweet lips, never to taste ambrosia. Must thy blessed feet carry the misfortune of touching the foul ground? Were you a goddess, artisans would carve your face in marble for mortals and immortals alike to witness and admire. Alas, your beauty may only be currently witnessed by a favored few.

"I must confess, fair beauty, that upon seeing your inspiring visage I fell in love. Display your true divine nature and let us kiss."

"Your words are kind, good stranger, too kind for a humble girl such as myself. Save these words for someone more deserving. I must return to my mother's house; and to submit to your entreaty will not make me more or less divine."

"O sweet beauty, you know not what you say! For it is I, Eros, God of Love that has fallen for your lovely figure. To let us join would allow you to have a little divinity in you, albeit only for a passing moment!"

He wasn't sure whether she believed him to be Eros or not, but regardless, the young woman's countenance turned from lighthearted to apprehensive. "I fear, sir, that I must still decline. I am an honest girl whom you mustn't stay. I must hasten home before it gets dark. I bid thee farewell."

Eros tried to continue, "O Beauty! Must you...," however, the girl began to walk away briskly. He walked behind her, reciting poetic words to convince her of his love, but she continued walking away. She knew that males, be they gods or men, wanted one thing in the end. She was determined to retain her virginity. Eros grabbed at her arm, and she pulled away. She began to run with the small pile of firewood in her arms.

"Very well," said Eros, pulling out his bow and quiver. He truly preferred his lovers to give into his desire willingly. However, if humans could benefit from his magic, he saw no reason he couldn't use it for himself. Eros ran until he trailed a few steps behind her; he then stopped, aimed and fired an arrow.

There was no reason to make the arrow invisible. They were all alone. Sure, she would realize that she had been shot with some sort of arrow, but she would know that something had struck her regardless. After all, the feeling of an arrowhead sinking into one's shoulder blade can be quite painful.

The young woman shrieked. She stopped to see what had struck her. When she laid her eyes upon the shaft of the arrow that had pierced her back, she dropped the firewood and began to run as fast as she could. Unbeknownst to Eros's prey, these arrows were indeed magical, and while they did not have the power to stop a beating heart, they had the power to slow one's pace and cloud one's mind. She soon suspected the arrow's special qualities when she grew increasingly tired. Eros sometimes wished he had arrows that could make a woman willing, but he was satisfied with those that could make a woman passive.

He fired another arrow. He didn't want her to get too far before she fell, lest he should have to search for her fallen body. Eros's arrow struck her right buttock. The girl shrieked, but did not stop.

She did not have to stop. Her pace slowed so much that her weakened legs were barely standing, let alone running. Each step took a couple seconds to accomplish. Eros had no trouble catching up to her.

"No!" she cried out as Eros picked her up and laid her writhing frame over the trunk of a fallen tree. "Please, I beseech you, let me be!"

The God of Love lifted the skirt of her chiton above her waist, tearing the fabric where the arrow had landed. He responded, "Nay, fair maiden, I am in love, and there is no force stronger on Earth, nor in the Heavens." The arrow stuck out sideways from her naked rump and would not interfere with what he was about to do. He saw no reason to remove it. In fact, the proud god left the arrows in her body to remind himself of his archery skills while he performed his deed.

The young woman continued to kick and thrash her elbows weakly, but the god held her fast. He lifted his own chiton and in one swift movement, Eros rammed home his blood-engorged member, splitting the maiden's maidenhead and entering her womb.

"O beast! O horror!" she screamed.

Eros began to make love his prize beauty, noting her reluctance. "Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares," murmured Eros, holding her thin frame and slapping her round buttocks with his thighs. Her hot, welcoming womanhood felt wonderful on his pulsating phallus. "Sweet joy!" he exclaimed. "Forsooth, I immediately recognized your legendary beauty, but have I ever witnessed a woman's virtue so gloriously tight?"

Dazed from the arrows' magical venom, the young woman could scarcely move. It was all she could do to cry and curl her fingers in pain and anguish. Her godly rapist was appreciative that her weeping was quiet, and he took this time to enjoy to the romantic sounds of the forest around him. The sun had set and nocturnal creatures began to make their voices heard.

Soon enough, Eros came, shooting his heavenly essence into the warm folds of her quim. Having satisfied his love, he wiped himself clean with his clothing and admired his handiwork in the dim moonlight. He loved to see the red and white of a freshly fucked virgin cunt. Her pink-blushed bottom framed her worn posterior, making it look positively picturesque. In fact, her wrinkled anus was looking quite inviting.

The young Athenian was relieved when she felt her tormentor finally finish, but she began to whimper when she felt him once again lay his hands upon her back.

"Forgive me, sweet beauty, for I am at the mercy of your sublime anatomy and could not resist." Eros sucked his thumb until it was thoroughly wet and used it to lubricate his victim. "Let us couple in the manner of which Greek men are so fond!" And, feeling Eros's thick virile organ penetrate her back hole, the once-quiet girl began to scream and scream and scream.

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