tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStruggle & Submission Ch. 2

Struggle & Submission Ch. 2


"Get on all fours....NOW." He commanded. He had pulled all the way out of her, just as she was feeling the familiar stirrings of orgasm.

"Please," she said softly to him. "Please NO."

She was looking into his eyes with a pleading urgency. She knew what he wanted to do next, and she had decided before she ever got there that she wasn't doing it. The eyes that looked back at her were chocolate brown. He was so MALE, maybe not classically good-looking like an effeminate Rob Lowe, but rugged, strong, quite possibly the essence of masculinity. He could just look at her and her panties would become damp.

"Sweetheart, please...Just fuck me the regular way..It felt so good"

" Do you think you have ANY control here?" He thundered to her. " You are here because you please me. Get on you hands and knees now, or I will tie you up, and fuck you anyway I want." He was losing it, she knew this. He wasn't used to anyone not immediately doing what he asked, especially not her.

Hindsight being what it is, she wasn't sure what made her scramble off the bed and make a run for it. Maybe it was the auburn hair, or the Scotch/Irish heritage, or just the plain outrage of having no control. She could have had a lot of men—she knew that. Her measurements were like a young Sofia Loren, curvy, but athletic as well. But she scurried off the bed like a spider, too quick for him, although he lunged for her leg. She made it into the living room part of the hotel suite, forgetting her clothes, purse, everything. All her mind could think of was getting out.

He ran up to her and put his hands over hers as they were on the door handle. Grabbing her by her hair at the back of the neck , he frog-marched her over to the sliding glass door. The sky was ominously black and gray as the first stirrings of a wicked thunderstorm were approaching. He opened the door, but still held her in the doorway as he said,

"I will not play these games with you anymore. You know what I expect from you. Why do you keep trying to run away? "

His right hand still held her hair low at the back of her neck, while the left hand traveled down lower, between her legs, where he placed his fingers and moved them back and forth, from front to back. She could feel herself relax somewhat.

He brought his wet hand up to her face and he said," You are such a whore. Why would you want to run away when you are so wet for me?"

He expected no answers to his questions, but he gently started kissing her shoulder as he moved them out to the balcony. His grip was still firm on her hair, but his left hand was covering her left breast. Groping her, pulling her nipple so that it stood out firm. The sky was now really dark, and it was raining hard. Big drops of cool rain that stung their skin slightly as they fell. They were facing the beach, and the sight was nothing less than a spectacular, awe-inspiring sight. Lightening and thunder miles away, the whitecaps on the surf smashing down.

"Lets get something straight so that we understand how this is going to work. You are mine when we are together. I will tell you what I want and YOU WILL DO IT. I don't give a shit if you want to or not. Don't you want to be my little sex toy, my good girl?"

"UMMMM," she purred back at him, swaying her hips back and forth, rubbing her ass all over him. He was still really hard. Still holding her head, he made her bend from the waist. He teased he by just putting it in the opening of her wet love box.

"You want me to fuck you now?"

"Yes, please yes. I am so ready for you."

"Are you going to behave?"

"Yes, I promise, I will."

He gently slid it into her once again, and pulled back out.

"Tell me again how much you want it."

"Please, please, please fuck me. Stop teasing me, I can't take it."

He glided himself in again, making sure that he was well lubricated, and bent her over further, so that he had full access to everything.

He put himself at the backdoor entrance, and moved his hands so that they were firmly placed on her hips.

"I want to fuck you in the ass. You are MY sex toy, and I will do whatever I want to you. Do you understand that?"

She did not respond.

WHACK, his hand left her hip and slapped her really hard in the middle of her butt cheek.

"Answer me."

"Yes, I understand that." She was whispering, praying that no one else was on their balcony as well.

He slid into her pretty gently, letting her get used to his size. She stiffened up when he tried to push in more.

"Relax, you know you like this." He was being kind and gentle, and started to tell her how much he loved her body.

He pushed all the way in and then stopped. She had relaxed enough so that most of the pain was gone.

"You better move that ass for me the way I like it."

She started swaying her ass back and forth, and as she did she heard him moan, a guttural, animal, instinctive sound.

He began to withdraw, only to plunge back in with renewed force. It took her breath away, and she tensed up and tried to move away, but he held her by her hips firmly.

"Say it," he growled at her. "Say It"

"UGHHH" She couldn't think, she was so aroused, but in a slight bit of pain as well, and she couldn't remember what he wanted her to say.

"Tell me what you are."

"I, I...am your whore." She said softly. With that he slipped from her ass and reentered her, fucking her hard, slamming her hips into his groin.

She felt it then, and there was no way to stop the waves of climax that were setting upon her. It was just like the storm, thunderous, earth shattering, mind-blowing. He was panting behind her coming into her as well. She clutched all her internal muscles to make it as tight as she could; she wanted to drain every last drop from him. The orgasms were so intense that they were shaking a little.

When they were done, they stood there for a few minutes, looking at the lingering rain, him still connected to her, and he whispered, "you know, you really are such a good girl."

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