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Stuart's New Year's Eve Party


The guys were all gathered in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment playing Warlords of Ka'a when there was a knock on the door and Penny and Zack walked in.

Penny was holding a rolled up magazine in her hand. "Hey, your copy of Science magazine was in my mailbox." She passed it to Zack, who was now sitting on the couch next to Leonard, expecting Zack to pass it along.

Zack scanned the magazine. "Check it out, all about planets this month."

Leonard corrected him. "That's an atom."

Zack knew he was right "Agree to disagree. That's what I love about science, there's no one right answer." Zack was well known as the village idiot.

Penny tried to avert the oncoming a train wreck. "Okay, we should, we should go," waving at Zack.

Zack shook his head. "Ah, not yet. I wanna talk science with the science dudes." Penny buried her face in her hands. Zack continued undaunted. "You know, I saw this great thing on the Discovery Channel. Turns out that if you kill a starfish, it'll just come back to life."

Sheldon stared at Zack. "Was the starfish wearing boxer shorts? Because you might have been watching Nickelodeon."

Zack shook his head. "No, I'm almost sure it was the Discovery Channel. It was a great show. They also said dolphins might be smarter than people."

Leonard nodded towards a clueless Zack. "They might be smarter than some people." The science dudes giggled.

Zack, completely oblivious to the fact that they were making fun of him, said, "Well, maybe we can do an experiment to find out."

Sheldon chimed in. "Oh, that's easy enough. We'd need a large tank of water, a hoop to jump through, and a bucket of whatever bite-sized treats you find tasty."

Zack was completely confused. "I don't get it."

Leonard could barely contain himself. "A dolphin might." The science guys busted out laughing.

Zack finally got it. "Oh, I see. You guys are inferring that I'm stupid." He stood up and headed towards the door. "Let's go."

Penny looked at them with disgust. "You know, for a group of guys who claim they spent most of their lives being bullied, you can be real jerks. Shame on all of you," and she walked out the door.

The guys looked at each other. Leonard spoke up. "You think Penny's right? Were we bullying Zack? I don't know, I think we might owe the guy an apology."

Howard shrugged his shoulders. "So go apologize."

"What would I even say?" Leonard asked.

Sheldon offered his suggestion. "Zack, I'm sorry you're stupid. Have a Milk Dud."

Across the hall in Penny's apartment, Zack was sulking like a little child. "They were making fun of me."

"I know, Sweetie," she said sympathetically. "I know what'll make you feel better though." She lifted her top over her head, revealing a lacy blue bra trying to restrain her 34Cs.

Zack's eyes lit up. "Oooo!" She quickly had her bra unclasped and thrown across the room. She pinched her erect nipples. "Yay! Boobies!" Before he had a chance to maul her magnificent tits she was on her knees undoing his pants.

Zack might be dumber than a bag of hammers but there was one thing Penny couldn't get enough of from him. He was hung like a horse! And he was always ready for action. She yanked his pants and boxers down, releasing his beast. 10 inches long with a girth so thick she could barely get her mouth around it. But she always found a way.

"Oh. OH! You're right, I do feel better!" Zack exclaimed as she took him into her mouth.

Her head bobbed furiously, his tool slamming against the back of her mouth. Try as she might, she had yet to be able to deep throat him. His meat was just too much. What she couldn't shove down her throat her hands wrapped around and stroked hard and fast. Zack grabbed her by the back of her head and thrust his hips as hard and as fast as he could.

Just as she felt his rod begin to pulse in her mouth there was a knock on the door.

Knock-knock-knock. "Penny." Knock-knock-knock. "Penny." Knock-knock-knock. "Penny."

Penny took Zack out of her mouth. She yelled over her shoulder, "Go away Sh-OH!" She didn't get to finish the sentence. Zack shot stream after stream of thick spunk all over the side of her face and across her tits. Before she could take him back into her mouth she was covered in white jizz from her hairline on her right side down to her entire chest.

"We came to talk to Zack," Leonard said through the door.

Zack had already tucked his beast back into its cage. He strolled to the door, not giving it a second thought that Penny was on her knees covered in cum.

"Zack!" she yelled. He opened the door. Penny grabbed her shirt and dove behind the couch. "ZACK!"

Zack opened the door to find Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj standing before him.

"Are we interrupting anything?" Leonard asked.

"No. Penny was just showing me her boobies and sucking my dick," Zack said matter-of-factly.

"ZACK!" could be heard from inside the apartment from a mortified Penny. Leonard, Raj, and Howard got instant chubbies. Sheldon thought the notion was disgustingly unsanitary.

"What do you want?" Zack asked, still clearly upset with how they treated him.

"Listen, uh, the stuff we were saying before, we were just kidding around," Leonard said apologetically.

"No, you weren't. You were making fun of me."

Sheldon held out his box of candy. "Milk Dud?"

Zack smiled like a little child and accepted Sheldon's offering. "Oh, I love Milk Duds. Okay, we're cool. You guys want to come in and have a beer?"

Leonard shrugged his shoulders. "Uh, we're on our way to the comic book store."

Zack's spirit raised. "Really? I haven't been to a comic book store in literally a million years."

Zack called to Penny, still hiding behind the couch. "You wanna go with 'em?"

Penny was pissed at the situation she found herself in. "No," she said flatly.

Zack shrugged his shoulders "Okay, see you later."

"Wait, w-w-wait-wait-wait, you're ditching me to go look at comic books?"

"Are you mad at me?"

"I'm not happy."

Zack was dumbfounded. "Want a Milk Dud?"

The guys headed to the Stuart's comic book store, leaving Penny a pissed off, cum covered bitch.

Zack was like a kid in a candy store when they walked into the comic book store. Raj led him to where the Archies were kept.

"So are you guys coming to my New Year's Eve costume party?" Stuart asked the guys.

"Of course. We're coming as the Justice League of America," Sheldon said confidently. He paused, placing a hand on his chin. "It occurs to me that we might have an opportunity to finally snare Best Group Costume if we shore up our weak link, which is clearly Leonard as Superman. I was thinking specifically of the gentleman over there moving his lips as he enjoys the latest exploits of Betty and Veronica."

The guys looked in the direction of Zack and Raj. Leonard asked, "Zack?"

Howard observed, "He is the only person we know with actual muscles."

Leonard was offended at the thought. "You can't replace me with Zack."

"Why not? Penny did it," Sheldon pointed out.

Howard added, "Yeah, she seems happier. Why wouldn't we be?"

Zack returned to the group. "Score. I got an Archie, Betty and Veronica, and a Jughead. All set for my weekend number twos."

Sheldon asked, "Congratulations. Zack, how would you like to be Superman?"

Zack, being completely clueless, thought about actually being Superman. "I don't know, sounds like a lot of responsibility." Once the guys explained it was for a costume party on New Year's Eve he excitedly accepted.

When they returned to the apartment they were met in the hallway by Penny. All the guys immediately got images of Zack's dick in Penny's mouth. Leonard, Raj, and Howard got hard ons. Sheldon crinkled his nose at the thought and couldn't get over how unsanitary it had to be.

Zack was obviously unaware of the situation he found himself in. "Hey, babe."

Penny crossed her arms and furrowed her brow. "I'm still mad at you."

Zack practically ignored her. "Well, you won't be when you hear the great news. We're going to a costume party at the comic book store on New Year's Eve, and you get to be Wonder Woman!" He excitedly held up the package containing her costume.

Penny was flabbergasted. "Wait, why me? Wh-why can't your girlfriend be Wonder Woman?" she said, pointing at Howard.

"She's already coming as the Black Canary."

Penny looked at Sheldon. "Okay, what about your friend Amy?"

"Amy Farrah Fowler doesn't believe in wearing costumes. She isn't the free spirit I am."

Penny was thoroughly pissed off. She threw her hands up. "Okay, well, fuck it. I'm not spending my New Year's Eve at a comic book store wearing a Wonder Woman costume." She turned and stomped off into her apartment.

Later that night the guys were gathered in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Leonard was dressed as the Green Lantern, Sheldon the Flash, Howard as Batman, and Raj, under protest, was dressed as Aquaman, with a pink pony wrapped around his waist.

Suddenly, the door flew open. Through it came Zack dressed as Superman. "Look up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane," he exclaimed. He paused. "I forget the rest."

Penny followed behind, obviously not pleased with how this day was unfolding. She was dressed in her Wonder Woman costume. Her long, blonde hair flowed past her shoulders. The costume was struggling to restrain her 35 inch bust. She looked amazing. Pissed off, but amazing. "Alright. Let's get this thing over with," she said dejectedly.

Sheldon, being the anal perfectionist he is, protested. "I'm sorry. But in what universe is Wonder Woman blonde?"

Howard the hound dog wasn't even trying to hide that he couldn't take his eyes off of Penny's exposed chest. "Relax. No one's going to be looking at her hair." Penny shot him a look and hit him in the arm. "Ow!" Howard cried. Then he remembered he was Batman. "I mean, ow," he growled.

"Hold on. The costume came with a black wig. Where is it, babe?" Zack asked.

Penny was adamant. "No. I'm not wearing it. It looks stupid. Forget it. I'm not wearing the wig."

Zack looked away. "Okay, babe. Uh, you're kind of embarrassing me in front of my friends."

Penny had enough. "Okay. You know what? I changed my mind. Fuck you. I'm not going." She turned and stomped out of the apartment. She crossed the hall and slipped into her own apartment, slamming the door behind her.

After some cajoling, the gang convinced Leonard to go over and try to change Penny's mind. He walked across the hallway and knocked on her door.

"Go away, Zack," came the response from inside Penny's apartment.

"It's Leonard."

"Oh. Go away, Leonard."

"Come on, let me just talk to you."

Penny sighed. "It's open."

Leonard walked in to find Penny sitting on her couch with a glass of wine in her hand. Now she didn't look so much mad as she did sad.

"I'm not going to that party, Leonard."

"Okay, listen. You don't have to wear the wig. At this party, we're gonna win first prize just by showing up with a girl."

"It's not the wig," she sighed.

Leonard sat down on the couch next to her. "Did I do something? I mean, I tried to be friends with Zack, like you said, which believe me, was difficult, given how you and me used to be, you know, you and me, and now you and him are you and him."

"Okay, look. We're not really me and him. I only started seeing Zack again so I wouldn't be alone on New Year's Eve. How pathetic is that?" Penny looked up from her wine glass at Leonard. "And, besides, look at this costume. It's, like, two sizes too small. I can't even take a deep breath. If I do..." Leonard watched as Penny inhaled and her tits popped out the top of her costume. "That happens. Every time. The girls jump out if I try to breath."

Leonard stared for a moment at her magnificent tits, and then tried to play it off, even though the instant bulge in his costume easily gave him away. He didn't want to say anything, hoping he could still convince her to go. "Man, if her tits fly out like that at the party, we'll win for sure!" he thought to himself. He tried to get back on topic. Leonard waved his hands over his costume. "Well, it's not as pathetic as dressing up like this and going to a comic book store on New Year's Eve."

"You make a cute Green Arrow."

"Green Lantern."

"Whatever. Look, if Zack and I had just gone to a regular club or a party, it would have been fine. But this, with the costumes, and you..."

"What about me?"

Penny paused and looked at Leonard. She looked him up and down. "You know what? How about we skip this stupid costume party, just you and me? How about I show you what it is about you instead of telling you?"

"Well, the guys will be pretty upset if we...OH!" Penny pounced. Suddenly her hand was in his crotch and her lips were on his. Her tongue was dancing the tango in his mouth.

Penny soon had the pants of his costume unzipped and his thick 8 inch cock in her hand. She broke their kiss and said, "The guys can wait. This can't." She impaled her face on his rod, taking him deep into her throat. The warmth of her mouth took Leonard's breath away. He placed his hands on the back of her head and quickly began to thrust his hips into her face.

"You missed this, didn't you, Penny? You missed my cock in your mouth, didn't you?" Leonard growled, still angry she had broken up with him.

"MmmmmmHmmmmm! Mmmmfffff!" she moaned.

Leonard's left hand slid under Penny and pawed at her tit that had popped out of her costume. His other hand continued to keep pressure on the back of her head, driving his cock deep into her throat.

After several minutes of her velvety soft lips sliding up and down on Leonard's shaft, Penny could feel it begin to throb in her mouth. A mixture of salvia and precum was slipping between her lips and running down her chin. She knew he was close to exploding. His thrusts into her face started to come with even more force. He shoved her head down into his lap.

"Mmmmmmmfffuck!" With a final thrust, Leonard's cock began to pump load after load of thick, warm cum down her gullet. "Ohhhh yeah, that's it! Oh my gawd!" Leonard shouted. Penny did her best to keep up but the amount of cum shooting down her throat caused her to cough and gag.

Leonard's assault on Penny's face finally subsided. He released her head from his grip. She brought her head out of his lap and looked into his face with a triumphant smile as cum dripped off her chin.

She ran a finger up her chin and stuffed the runaway cum into her mouth. "Mmmmmm. Well, I don't know about you, but I sure feel better," she said.

"Ummmmm, ya!" Leonard said, panting as he tried to catch his breath.

Penny stood up, her tits still out of her costume showing droplets of cum on them. "Fuck it. Let me get cleaned up a little and let's go to the party."

On the other side of Penny's apartment door in the hallway stood Howard, Raj, Sheldon, and Zack. Howard had his ear to the door. He had heard everything! He was sporting a hard on because of it. He turned to the other guys and said, "Okay, the good news is, we have a Wonder Woman. The bad news is, Superman probably isn't getting laid tonight."

Zack looked down at the large "S" across his chest and realized that, in fact, he was Superman. "Aw, damn."

The gang arrived at Stuart's comic store and, as expected, Bernadette and Penny were the only females in the store. Well, the only actual females. There were a couple of faux females, comic book nerds who went the extra mile to dress up as Wonder Woman to fill out his own team's Justice League. There were 20-25 other fan boys dressed as their favorite comic book character, most involving some type of superhero. With that many people in Stuart's small comic store it felt even more cramped than usual.

Bernadette was dressed as the Black Canary. She looked fabulous! She wore a tight, shiny black bustier cut high on her hips with fishnet stockings. She wore a black choker, black, high heeled boots that nearly reached her knees and a black mask to finish the costume. It's tough to find a costume -- any clothing, really -- that will fit a five foot frame with 37-27-35 curves. The outfit looked fine at the waist but her 37 inch bust line was squeezed into something built more for a 32 inch bust. Her nipples were practically ripping a hole in the thin material. It was so tight you could even make out the outlines of her puffy areolas. Her fleshy mounds were practically spilling over the top of her bustier.

The group mingled for the next hour or so, waiting for the contest winner to be announced and for the clock to strike midnight. In an effort to make sure they had the votes to win, Penny, at opportune times, would take a deep breath, knowing full well her costume couldn't control her 35 inch bust under that kind of strain. Each time, she would act surprised and embarrassed, and have to apologize for nearly poking a nerd's eye out with her excited nipples.

As they walked around, the girls couldn't help but notice they were being singled out for an extraordinary amount of physical attention. There was a constant feeling of either a bulging crotch pressing against their backside or a hand brushing across their ass as they walked through the crowd. A couple of the guys were so brave as to squeeze past them face to face, going out of their way to press their body against their breasts. Yes, the store was crowded, but not that crowded. All of this touching and rubbing was actually making both the girls horny as hell.

At 11:55 Stuart called the guests together to announce the winners of the costume contest.

Stuart pulled out an index card with the final vote tally on it. "And the award for best group costume...goes to Justice League of America...number three!" Sheldon, Leonard, and the rest of the gang exploded! The losers watched Penny's tits fly out of her costume as she jumped for joy, not even caring they had lost the contest to her.

Sheldon was beside himself we glee. He had finally won the costume contest! A contest he felt he should have won each previous year. But the jealously of the other nerds prevented it. It was a conspiracy against his overwhelming intelligence, he just knew it. But this year he would not be denied! He stood before the crowd. "Thank you! Thank you so much! I have a speech." Nobody cared. They went about their business, completely ignoring Sheldon as he spoke.

As midnight fast approached, Penny decided she wasn't going to be stuck in a room full of comic books and nerds when the bell tolled. She grabbed Zack and Leonard by the hand and pulled them through the crowd to the back of the store. She pulled them into an office that Stuart used as a storage room.

Both guys were confused. "What'd I do?" Leonard asked.

"Nothing, Sweetie. Not yet, anyway," she said with a grin.

"But it's almost midnight!" Zack protested. "You're supposed to throw confetti and blow whistles and hug and kiss at midnight!"

"Don't worry, honey, we'll be doing all of those things in here, too. Well, kind of," she smirked.

Penny reached behind her and unzipped the ill-fitting costume, allowing it to fall to the floor. She stood before them with her hands on her hips wearing nothing but her tall, red and gold boots, her "bullet proof" bracelets, her tiara, and a shitty grin. "This is how we celebrate New Year's back home," she cooed.

She dropped to her knees and quickly unzipped the crotch of their costumes. Two thick, hard cocks flew out, begging for attention. She grabbed both by their base and took Zack into her mouth as far as it would go. Both men gave loud sighs at her touch.

Her mouth began to slide on Zack's cock while she stroked Leonard. Then she would remove Zack and replace it with Leonard. She alternated like this for only a few minutes.

"Alright, boys, I think you're ready. I know I am! Zack, get over here and lay down," she said, pointing towards the center of the room.

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