I guess you could say I am an average guy. Not someone you'd fall over yourself to meet but not someone you'd turn away either. I'm in my mid 30's and have an average build. Brown hair and eyes with, what I've been told is a boyish grin. I live a simple life with my girlfriend of three years but when it comes to our sexual life it's anything but simple. Oh we don't get carried away with ourselves by any means, we just choose to explore our sexual sides rather well. The following story is how one of the fantasies I've shared with her was brought to a reality.

I work in Advertising and often find myself working late nights on some project for some client. On these nights I talk to Sarah through emails or instant chats. That way I can accomplish my work and still share some time with her. She has a tendency to get awfully hot during these times. I think she really gets off on knowing she can say a few words and have me all excited. Recently, in our sex life, we've come to the conclusion that I might very well be bisexual. It all started when one night Sarah was more daring than usual and slipped her finger into my ass during a really intense moment. Always thinking such a thing would bother me greatly, I was rather surprised to find out I enjoyed it a lot.

From then on she took to telling me fantasies about seeing me with another man and I would tell her some of my own involving another man as well.

Usually the man had no face. He was just a body with a cock, someone I just wanted to feel inside my ass.

Lately though the man had begun to take on the appearance of a gentleman I worked with. His name was Bill and we had worked together for the past 5 years. I had never paid much attention to him on a personal basis but one day I was standing behind him at the water fountain and realized he had a really nice ass.

As he stood up to turn and go I couldn't help but glance down and wonder what kind of cock he had as well. I mentioned this to Sarah when I got home and she then started bringing him into our fantasies.

On this particular night of late work I had her on instant chat. She was telling me about her day and I was expressing my frustration with not getting the right mood across for one of my projects.

She thought I just needed to relax and calm down. I thought she might be right so I tried a few deep breaths but was unsuccessful.

I told her I'd be back in a minute and went off to grab a coke from the pop machine in the lounge. On my way down I noticed a light coming from Bill's office and decided to see if he too was in need of a brief break.

I tapped on his door and found him pouring over some of his work, looking actually as frustrated as I felt. We tossed back and forth a few words and I told him I was heading down to the lounge for a drink.

He smiled gratefully when I offered to grab him one as well. After telling him I'd be right back I headed down.

Bill was really a great looking guy. He looked to be about my age but I knew for a fact that he was actually 6 years older than I was. That put him in his early 40's, which you'd never guess. With his Black hair and rugged look he easily pulled off looking younger. Which is why I think he did so well with our female clients. They swooned over him and that was great business.

I grabbed our drinks and was about to hit his office again when I heard a chime sound from down the hall. Sarah was messaging me on my computer. She must have been getting impatient so I made my drop off pretty quick and headed back to her.

Bill had been thankful and promised to return the favor sometime. Figuring there'd be more late nights, I took him up on it.

Reaching my desk I found that she had indeed been messaging me. It turned out she thought the best way to help me relax was a little cyber sex. She hadn't been messaging me for long, only three posts appeared on the screen. I let her know I was back and what had taken me so long. After telling her I had been in Bill's office she sent me a smile and asked what he had been wearing.

I chuckled and told her just the normal work clothes.

She asked if I was ready to relax and I realized that I was actually pretty excited over the thought of her talking me through an orgasm in my office with Bill just down the hall.

So she began to tell me how she'd love to show up and surprise me at the office one night to find me in my office with Bill.

Just the thought of that excited me even more and I found myself unzipping my pants and pulling out my 6-inch cock. It was in a semi-hard state and I knew that after a few more posts from Sarah I'd be rock hard. She sure had a way with words.

Looking up at the screen I saw her say how'd she watch as Bill bent me over the desk and fingered my ass.

That did it, I was so hard and so turned on. I had begun to stroke my cock. It throbbed in my hand and I moaned softly as I read how she'd tell him to put his big cock in my ass and fuck me like I needed and wanted. I was really getting into her story when I heard a cough from behind me.

I froze! In my state I had neglected to pay attention to my surroundings and had not heard anyone come in my office. My back to the door I tried to conceal my cock as I slowly turned around in my chair.

Standing right behind me just over my desk was Bill. He just looked at me and then at my computer screen.

I knew he could read what Sarah was posting and I had nothing to say. I didn't know what to do and was so embarrassed. I kinda cleared my throat and was about to speak though I really didn't know what I would say, when he looked down and saw my hand covering my now limp cock.

Nothing takes excitement out of a situation like being caught. I sort of tried stumbling over a few words when he interrupted me and said it looked like he walked in on something.

I just mumbled how I was trying to relax and was chatting with my girlfriend. Meanwhile another chime filled the silent office and I knew Sarah had posted something else. Bill and I both looked at each other then his glance slipped to my screen. I slowly turned around almost dreading what it said. Sarah had said she could just hear our moans of pleasure as Bill fucked his hard cock deep into my ass.

I reacted by quickly closing down the window and slowly turning around.

Bill was now standing up and I couldn't help but notice a bulge in his pants. I had to blink to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I saw. Sure enough Bill had a hard on.

I looked up at him and he asked why I closed the window down.

I told him it was really only a fantasy and mumbled out how Sarah had a thing for seeing me with another man so she often brought them up in our fantasies.

He raised his eyebrow at me and questioned if it was only Sarah with the fantasy.

I looked down and knew I had to confess because he obviously saw I had my cock out and had been enjoying the posts. So I told him no it wasn't only her, that the idea did in fact turn me on too.

With that he chuckled and proclaimed that he felt terrible about intruding and wanted to make it up to me.

A bit relieved that he wasn't offended I relaxed a little and breathed deep. Things could have gone really bad so needless to say I was glad they hadn't. When I told him there was no need he shook his head and said that there was a great need.

Gesturing down he smiled and I looked at what he was pointing at. Some how amongst the discussion he had unzipped his fly and pulled out his rock hard cock. I was in awe. It looked to be about 7 inches long.

I looked up at him slightly confused but getting excited at the same time.

He told me he'd been Bisexual most of his life and had often used me in his fantasies.

I stuttered out how flattered I was and he laughed.

He told me to get my girlfriend on the phone and let her hear her story happening.

Now really hard and fully aware that I was gonna get fucked for the first time and fucked by Bill, I stumbled with the keypad but managed to call Sarah.

Bill motioned for me to put her on speaker and I did.

I told her what had occurred and that Bill was actually standing right here in front of me with his cock in his hand.

He said hello to her and told her that he was going to fuck me like she had said if she didn't mind.

I heard her gasps and knew the idea turned her on greatly. She gave her approval and got real quiet, vowing to listen only.

Bill looked at me and I at him.

I explained quickly that I had never had a man before, he promised to make it enjoyable for me. It didn't take him long to get undressed and I sat there staring at his fully nude body. He was really built and his cock looked delicious. I guess I licked my lips and he said I could put that tongue to better use if I wanted.

I wanted to and did. I walked over to him and kneeled down in front of him. His huge cock was right there and I reached up with my hand and guided it towards my mouth. It was going to be the first time I had ever tasted cock. I parted my lips and took him into my mouth.

He moaned and placed his hands on my head. He told Sarah that I now had his cock in my mouth and she asked how it felt.

"Wonderful," he said and I moved my tongue around his cock.

Slowly he began to move within my mouth. I loved how he throbbed over my tongue and how with one little move of my lips I could make him moan. I really paid attention to working my lips over his shaft and letting him get pleasure from my tongue. I couldn't believe I was on my knees sucking cock and liking it.

Bill grabbed my head and began to move his cock in and out of my mouth faster. Before long he was fucking my mouth and moaning about how great it felt.

I reached up and rubbed his balls a little knowing I liked that when Sarah did it to me.

It appeared Bill liked it as well because he groaned and mumbled an "Oh God".

I was soon taking his whole cock in my mouth and it felt great. I could feel him pushing against the back of my throat and I was prepared to let him cum in my mouth. Bill, on the other hand, had a different idea. He pulled out of my mouth and told me that he wanted to wait before cumming.

I nodded and was about to ask what next when I heard Sarah on the phone. She asked if Bill was going to return the favor.

I looked up at him to see his response.

Bill told her maybe later that right now he had another idea. With that he pulled me to my feet and stripped me down naked. He reached out with his hands and did something I never expected. He began to caress my chest and pinch at my nipples.

This really excited me and I got even more turned on. I actually let my head fall back and moaned loud when I felt his lips on my nipple. Bill was sucking my nipples like I would Sarah's. I could not believe it or how great it felt. I gasped when he bit it gently and tugged on it with his teeth.

Absentmindedly I reached down to stroke my cock. Lord it was so hard and ached so bad to be touched.

Bill felt me stroking my cock and stopped his sweet torture on my nipples. He pulled my hand away and pushed me over to the desk.

He told me to bend over the desk, that he was ready to fuck my ass.

We heard soft moans from the phone and I knew Sarah was enjoying herself.

I placed my hands on my desk and stood with my legs slightly parted. I felt Bill's hands on my ass and sighed softly as he caressed my cheeks with his hands. It felt good getting my ass rubbed. He did this for a few minutes before I heard him tell Sarah to listen to my reaction as he slipped his finger into my ass. And with that he did so. His finger pushed into my ass and I moaned loud.

I told Sarah it was happening; Bill's finger was really in my ass and Oh how good it felt.

Bill began to move it around and then he told Sarah he was adding another finger. He said my ass was begging for it and I believed him.

I knew I needed more than just a finger in my ass. Soon I was being fucked in my ass by Bill's two fingers and I thought my cock couldn't get any harder. I was whimpering and moaning telling him how great his fingers felt and how bad I needed them in me. He was pumping them in and out of my ass slowly, teasing me. I wanted so bad to stroke my cock. The ache had become almost unbearable and I told him this.

He told me soon and I almost cried in frustration.

After teasing me a little more with his fingers he slowly pulled them out and I felt his hard cock on the crack of my ass. With out so much as a warning I felt the head of his cock slip into my ass.

He groaned and I almost collapsed from the feeling.

Sarah was told that he now had his cock in my ass and we heard her whimper on the phone. I knew she was close when she whimpered and I was pleased this was exciting her. I heard myself begging Bill to push his cock into my ass, to let me feel it all. He was quick to oblige me and with one thrust I felt his cock fill me up. At first it was painful and I almost asked him to pull out but he didn't move inside. He had just pushed in and held very still, letting my ass adjust to his cock.

Soon I began to feel pleasure and felt myself moving on his cock. I could not believe Bill was here, in my office, fucking me in the ass.

Bill grabbed my hips and slowly pulled out a little only to push right back in. Little small thrusts into my ass he made and I moaned louder with each one. I couldn't bare it any longer and reached down to stroke my cock. I almost came instantly and had to adjust my pace to avoid so.

Meanwhile we both heard Sarah gasping on the other end of the phone and I knew she was about to cum. To help both her and myself I begged Bill to fuck me hard and fast. To shove his hard cock deep into my ass and fuck me so good.

He reached up and grabbed my chest, his fingers finding my nipples once again. He hung on to them and began to slam his huge shaft into my tight ass.

I cried out with pleasure and told him "Yes! Oh God yes Fuck me Bill! Fuck my hot tight ass so good." And he did.

Faster and faster he moved in my ass and he continued to pinch my nipples. I was so close to cumming, my cock was twitching in my hands and it was soaked with pre-cum.

Sarah screamed out that she was cumming and I soon followed. My body was jerking from the force behind my cumming and from Bill in my ass.

He was grunting and fucking me so fast and deep. I felt like I was going to split in two.

I screamed out that I was cumming and Bill said he was too. I felt his hot cum fill my ass and I couldn't control myself. I came all over my desk. Loads and loads shot out of me and I was gasping and moaning.

Bill let go of my nipples and was hanging on to my hips pounding the last of his cum deep inside me. I just hung onto my desk and enjoyed the feeling.

Bill soon stopped his movements and was leaning on my back. Breathing deep, he said how great that was and how we should not have waited so long to do it.

I chuckled and promised to not wait so long next time.

I told Sarah I loved her and would be home soon.

Bill said his thanks to her and that he'd be home soon as well.

He slipped out of me and I stood up slow, still very weak in my knees. I turned to look at him and questioned what he meant by that.

He raised his eyebrow and said "You didn't think I was done with you did you?" I kind of nodded and he laughed. "Oh no, we are going to your house and you are going to feel the joys of fucking an ass yourself my friend."

And with that he walked out of the room to go clean up. I suppose I could have left him there and bolted for home. But then I would never have gotten to feel his ass around my cock and that was something I was so looking forward to. Something I wanted Sarah to actually see.

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