tagFetishStuck in the Lift

Stuck in the Lift


Emma stepped into the lift just as the doors were closing behind her. She noticed just one other person in the lift as the doors came together and the lift jerked into action. Not someone she recognised, but people in her apartment block always had visitors around so it was nothing unusual. The lift was all mirrored inside so she checked him out briefly as the lift made its slow ascent to the 14th floor. Quite a striking man, very well dressed in a pinstripe black business suit, clearly tailored to fit his broad shouldered frame. Chiseled, brooding features, just a hint of stubble and short cropped hair. She averted her gaze when he glanced up and caught her eye.

God she needed to use the toilet, she thought to herself as the lift passed the second floor, she knew a second bottle of mineral water over lunch was a bad idea. She should have gone in the cafe, but since it was only a short walk from home she'd figured she could hold on.

She took the time to sort her hair in the mirrored door, the walk home had mussed it up somewhat. she sorted her fringe out and ruffled her short red bob to make it more presentable. She was in the process of reaching into her bag for lip gloss when the lift shuddered and came to an abrupt halt between the fifth and sixth floors.

'Huh?' She muttered, noticing the silence of the stranger. Suddenly the lights cut off. 'Shit' she exclaimed. The lift did this all the time. One of the most expensive apartment blocks in the City with quite possibly the most unreliable lifts. The backup lights quickly kicked into action, considerably duller than the regular lights, but light nonetheless. Checking the mirror she noticed the apparent coolness of the stranger, he appeared completely unfazed by the whole experience. 'Happens all the time', she said in an attempt to break the uneasy silence that inevitably descended in the enclosed space. The only acknowledgement received was a brief flicker of a smile, just the corners of his mouth. His green eyes pierced her to the and she felt an involuntary shiver course down her spine as she forced herself to look away. She decided to apply her lip gloss anyway, the lift would no doubt resume in a couple of minutes, there was always a handyman on site for such events.

Ten minutes had passed. Emma felt the dull ache in her bladder telling her she really needed to wee. It had never taken this long before. Where was the handyman to kick-start the lift? Why today of all days. Her palms were sweating in the growing humidity and she felt beads of sweat trickle down her chest between her tiny breasts. Why had she decided to wear a tight polo neck shirt today? It clung to her body, her jeans felt uncomfortable and she also noticed beads of perspiration forming on her temples.

The stranger had still not spoken, still stood there, seemingly unfazed by the situation and not at all flustered. Fuck this, she thought, as she picked up the emergency telephone, lazy bastard was probably sleeping downstairs.

It was answered on the fifteenth ring... Fifteenth! What the fuck are they up to, she thought.

'We're stuck in the lift, little help please?' Emma spoke immediately down the phone, not in a mood anymore for small talk.

'Lady, you're gonna be stuck in the lift for a while.' Came the response.

'What? What are you...' She began in response, but was cut off.

'Power's gone down throughout the city. We got people stuck in all four of the lift shafts, people stuck in the revolving doors, generator power's not enough to get to everyone. How many in the lift?'

'Just two,' Emma replied, unconsciously crossing her legs out of desperation for a wee. 'Myself and another gentleman.'

'Both able bodied?'

'Yes, why?'

'Then you're not a priority I'm afraid missy. Hang tight and we'll get you out of there as soon as possible, but brace yourself for at least an hour. If you have fluids, drink them, stay hydrated.'

'...' Emma couldn't even think of a response to that.

'Gotta go, we've got seven people trapped in another lift, but near enough to a door to hoist them out.' And with that, he was gone.

Emma turned, exasperated to the man, 'I guess you heard that.' The only acknowledgement received was a slight nod. Needing to take her mind off of her bladder predicament Emma removed her shoes and sat on the floor in the corner of the lift, closed her eyes and tried to force herself to sleep to pass a bit of time...

... The water cascaded all around her, behind the falls it was so serene, the light came shining through the curtain of water which fell powerfully and relentlessly onto the rocks, the whoosh deafening to her. She stepped up naked to the falls, the cool, damp rock felt heavenly on her bare feet, as she stepped into the fall she felt its power, it enveloped her, its power became her power, she felt a throbbing deep in the pit of her stomach. All she needed to do was release the flow and her power would be realised. She parted her pink, wet lips with her fingers and prepared to release her power...

... Emma woke with a start, realising she was about to let herself go there and then. It took all of her force to clamp down on her bladder. Without even thinking where she was she clamped her hands between her legs and sat up gasping. Oh God oh God oh God! She thought to herself as she managed, just managed, to stop from weeing herself in the lift. She looked up, straight into the eyes of the stranger, he was watching her. He knew what was happening here. She flushed a deep crimson colour, the pressure in her bladder momentarily forgotten. She realised how much she was sweating. Her clothes clung to her, the back of her neck was sodden.

'Let it go.' At first she thought she mist be hallucinating. His voice sounded thick and husky, his green eyes bored into her soul.

'Huh' She managed to respond.

'Take down your jeans...' He spoke slowly, deliberately, 'and piss.'

Emma gasped out loud at his use of the word and the tone in which this stranger had spoken to her, almost involuntarily she felt a dribble between her legs and had to clamp down hard to prevent it from coming. 'Wh... what?' She replied.

'You heard me. You piss in your jeans or piss out of them. But either way, you're going to piss in this lift.' God he's so handsome, Emma thought randomly, his eyes mesmerised her as she reluctantly stood to her feet. Her belly felt swollen with pressure and the slightest movement hurt.

'B...but the lift might start soon.'

'It won't. You're going to take off your jeans and piss in your pants.' The way he said 'piss'... so forcefully, dragging out the 'ssssss' at the end was almost enough to tip her over the edge. Her head swam, the heat was driving her wild. she needed to relieve her bladder, and now.

'Don't watch.' She begged as she hesitantly unbuckled her jeans and let them fall to the floor at her bare feet. she stepped out of them and crouched with trepidation, her red cotton panties the only thing hiding her neatly trimmed red haired mound from view.

'I'm watching. Look at me as you piss' He spoke with such authority in his voice that she had no choice but to succumb to his wish. She stared deep into his green eyes as she squatted and parted her legs, feeling her sex radiate heat from deep within.

'I... I can't go.' She whispered.

'Yes you can' he replied. 'Piss for me. Piss now'

And then it came. With such force that she had to fall back and rest her weight on the side of the lift. her eyes closed she let out a groan as her vaginal muscles finally caved to pressure and the dam burst forth. First with a hesitant trickle, then with a torrent that soaked her panties within seconds. Her hot, clear piss ran in rivers down her parted thighs and sprayed out through the material of her underwear. She flushed deep with the shame of it all, but God, oh God did it feel so good.

'Pull your panties to the side' Came a deep, husky voice directly above her.

She obeyed without question, revealing her tight little pussy as she continued to spray her piss all over the floor of the lift, for what seemed like forever she streamed her fluid onto the floor, aware of heavy breathing directly above her but afraid to open her eyes for what she might see.

Eventually, and I mean eventually, when the lift floor was covered with hot, sticky piss and the atmosphere within the lift was so sexually charged that it would make a nun literally explode, Emma's flow slowed to a trickle, the trickle faded to a dribble and then the piss ended. But that wasn't the end of the story.

'Open your eyes' Emma looked up to see the stranger looming over her, she had to cock her head to the side to look into his face, for his huge, throbbing shaft twitched mere centimetres from her face, his right hand wrapped tightly round it as he masturbated over her. 'Suck my cock.' She looked with a question in her eyes. His eyes told her to do as he said. She opened her pretty little mouth as he pushed the head in, precum coating her lips and tongue. 'That's a good girl. Play with your pussy for me, show me how much you liked pissing everywhere.' His dirty talking drove her wild. As she rubbed a finger against her clit she felt that she was indeed dripping with lust as well as piss. She let out a soft moan as she began to masturbate for this devilish stranger.

'No fancy stuff now. I want you to fuck yourself for me.' He spoke as he forced his throbbing member to the back of her throat, making her gag. She slid two fingers inside herself and began to fuck herself with reckless abandon, not considering anything right now other than their mutual pleasure. She was coming within seconds, a second stream of fluid gushing forth from within as she sucked his cock in earnest, working the shaft with her hands. She knew she could suck a mean cock and she felt in the mood to give the blowjob of her life.

She squatted in a pool of her own piss and frigged herself to countless orgasms as her handsome stranger fucked her face, all the while whispering dirty little things to her, telling her how naughty she was for pissing in a lift and sucking a stranger's cock. And she fucking loved it. She loved the depravity and longed for the stranger to hoist her onto his hips and slam that rock hard cock deep inside of her pussy. She wanted him to claw at her tiny little nubbins of tits as he pounded her with reckless abandon. She wanted him to bend her over and spank her pert little bottom as he rammed her from behind, his balls slapping against her clit.

He told her all the things he wanted to do to her while she deepthroated his cock in the lift. All the while getting closer and closer to his own orgasm. he grabbed handfuls of her deep red hair and forced her to look into his eyes as he neared climax. She came violently as she drowned in his eyes and then suddenly it hit with the force of a champagne bottle being uncorked. His hot, salty fluid shot right to the back of her throat as she was forced to pull his throbbing member from her mouth. He blasted his seed all over her face, in her hair, her eyes and nose. All the while she squirted her own cum and more piss onto the already covered floor.

She collapsed, breathlessly against the wall, her bum actually splashing some of the fluid that had pooled there. Suddenly she felt very tired and in desperate need of sleep. Against her will she slumped backwards and fell into a deep sleep...

... The lift door opening awoke her. 'What?' she exclaimed as she was roused from her sleep... had it all been a dream? No. A quick scan around her told her it was all very, very real. She looked up just in time to see the handsome stranger exiting the lift, his eyes told her everything she already knew, a devilish smile playing subtly on his lips as he exited the lift at the thirteenth floor. The door swooshing shut behind her as the lift continued on its ascent to her floor. Please let no-one be there, she thought to herself, panicked now at the prospect of being caught without any pants on, covered in piss and cum, by one of her neighbours. Thankfully the floor was deserted when the lift stopped at her floor and she fled to her door, shakily unlocking it and slamming it shut behind her. She collapsed against the door... What had just happened to her?

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