Stud Bitch


Shelly has a very impressive array of lingerie and enjoys modeling it for me. Over the years my intimate photo collection of her has grown. So the night she coyly asked me to put on a pair of her lace boy shorts I was happy to comply. The fit was very snug and I immediately liked the feeling of my curves being shown off. My cheeks were barely covered and the lace excited my cock as it rubbed when I moved. Shelly ran her hands up my legs and over my lace shorts while kissing and licking my chest and nipples. Wearing the sexy shorts made my whole body come alive. I brought her to orgasm with my mouth, enjoying her warm pussy and the tight fit of her lingerie on me. After she caught her breath she began fondling me thru the lace. Then she pulled down the pretty shorts just enough to free my growing cock. Using scented lube she gave me one of her expert handjobs. It really didn't take long because I was already so turned on. My cum gushed out all over the lace and she finished me by sucking on my sticky, relaxing cock.

After that first time, Shelly loved to dress me in all kinds of lingerie and began buying for me my own collection. I posed in satin and lace panties, thongs and, my favorite, garter and stocking sets. Sometimes she climaxed first, other times I got to. It seemed like a natural progression when she began sliding her vibrators in me while I was dressed up. Working up to her large vibrator didn't take long and by now I was eager. One night I was wearing a nice flower print pair of crotchless panties and Shelly had the big toy all the way in me. I was really enjoying it and moaning.

She had been talking dirty for sometime now and called me Stud Bitch. I liked the name because although neither of us was trying to pass me off as a woman, I was definitely playing the bitch. Tonight the vibrator in my butt wasn't enough; she used a realistic dildo to start oral training me. I had already secretly been sucking her dildos so I was ready. As she pushed it thru my lips I did my best to take it deep. I couldn't go all the way down on the toy but Shelly seemed pleased anyway. I suppose it was my willingness to take it in both holes while wearing racy lingerie. Shelly especially liked it when she bought a strap-on and used me as if she were a man. Sucking on her dildo as she thrust it in my mouth was wonderful. When she was ready to fuck me I was happy to spread in any position she wanted. She talked a lot during sex about how good I was as a bitch and how I should be some man's sex toy. I fantasized along with her, dressing carefully, taking in her strap-on and describing just how a man could have me as his own.

One Friday night I was waiting for Shelly to come home from work. I had just purchased a new outfit and was wearing it in anticipation. Sitting above my hips was a snug band of purple lace garter. Running down my butt cheeks and over my thighs were buckle-attached straps holding up sheer purple stockings. I tucked my cock inside the matching Lycra thong and had even used a body glitter on my butt cheeks and belly. I posed on the bed and waited. When she came home and found me she said I looked very tempting and she had a surprise for me. I hadn't seen it coming but Shelly told me she brought a guy from work. "I showed him some of the photos of you in lingerie," she said. "He'd love a blowjob from you." I was stunned, we had fantasized about this but I wasn't expecting it tonight. Suddenly I felt very helpless, lying there in women's lingerie with a man in the next room. I could say no but my mind was racing. I was dressed like a slut and Shelly wanted to see me suck a man's cock. But if I did this, there was no going back.

"I've never even met him!" I whispered hoarsely, even though I wanted to say yes.

Shelly was nodding. "That's perfect isn't it? A sexy Stud Bitch sucking a stranger?"

I heard myself saying "It would be perfect."

Her eyes light up; she had me and she knew it.

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by Anonymous

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by MrKaching05/31/19

Love it

A woman can feminize and dress me up anyway. Being shown off and forced to suck is even sweeter. Please keep writing!!!

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