tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStudent Forces Neighbor to Submit

Student Forces Neighbor to Submit

byHot Italian Beef©

I came to Chicago for a summer visit after moving to New York since graduating college. For the next month, I shared the house with Denise, my Mom's best friend.

Denise was 38 years of age, quite attractive, with long, wavy brunette locks, a little bit of middle-age spread here and there but with a nice, squeezable round ass accented just enough with sensual wide hips.

But her nicest feature was her 38-C tits, not quite as firm as they once were, but still worth a second look, or a third.

I'm sure my fascination with her full body means my fore-bearers must have been incorrigible rogues in Renaissance Italy.

In any case, Denise was staying with my us while she looked for a new place of her own. She tried to hang on to the home she shared with her husband but after the divorce it ultimately proved to be too much for one person.

It was quickly sold in a hot market before she was able to acquire other property and so she became our temporary guest.

There was nothing awkward about all of us living together for the month; at least not until my folks were called out of town suddenly for a funeral for one of my Dad's retired friends in California. They would be gone for one week.

Several days later, Denise was home early celebrating the unexpected closing of her house sale.

Entering the house through the front door, she set her purse down on the foyer table, kicked off her shoes and called out to me excitedly. I was in my upstairs bedroom, barely hearing her in my semi-conscious dreamy state one enjoys just before dropping off to sleep.

She described to me later how she made her way to the kitchen and called for me again and again with still no response. She stood quietly for a moment and listened.

She could hear nothing but remembered that the front door was unlocked. Where was I?

She headed up the stairs toward my bedroom to tell me she was home. When she got there, she found my door standing slightly ajar. "Carl," she inquired softly one more time, pushing the door open slowly.

When there was still no answer, she got concerned and entered my room. The lights were off and the window shades drawn, leaving the room in an eerie glow, not quite light, but not quite dark.

Over the bed covers lay me in all my glory, spread out on my back, naked, collapsed from the tiring trip from my east coast college and of getting settled back into my old room.

I awoke from my daze to hear Denise gasping quietly. She took a step backwards, bumping into the wall. She looked at the sight before her.

She stood like a statue, rooted to the floor, knowing she should leave, yet unable to take her eyes off the sight before her, unable to look away from the naked young man she had known since childhood.

The whole scene very much excited me even as I was not totally recovered from my dreamy semi-conscious state.

But I was recovered enough to realize that even if Denise could not see my hard dick in the dim light room I could certainly sense it. I slowly began stroking my cock; justifying to myself that Denise would think I was still half asleep.

She watched as I began stroking my dick slowly with my eyes only slightly, undetectably open. I was enjoying very much the affect it was having on her.

She stood there, frozen, shocked, unable to move as she struggled in vain to calm her own urges.

Her breathing got deeper and deeper and had the effect of lifting her full breasts up even more; especially as she pressed herself against the bedroom wall with both hands behind her back holding on for balance.

We continued staring at each other in silence, she still not certain I could see her.

But after several minutes of stroking myself, she could now see that my eyes were awakened from their slumber and were roaming over her entire body. I could see it excited her.

She raised her chin, averted her eyes away from me, spread her legs and made slight movements lifting further the fullness of her breasts and even provocatively began slowly moving her hips as if beginning a dance of lust.

She started to touch herself through her dress with one hand delicately gliding across her wet spot and the other squeezing her nipples. Through her thin black dress and silk white, sheer blouse I could see she was getting aroused and it certainly was having the same affect on me.

Her body was swiveling in tandem with each stroke I delivered to my dick. The sexual energy in the room was reaching the boiling point.

And then it was too late. With a sudden surge of excitement from furiously stroking my cock and watching Denise's sensual movements, I began to cum, spewing my semen all over my stomach.

With my eyes locked onto her, I continued to slowly and steadily stroke my dick beckoning my hardness to return.

I was not disappointed. I became easily aroused when Denise ended her silence by moaning deep sounds of ecstatic pleasure as she slipped her hand under her panties to begin feverishly fingering herself.

"Oh, my God, Oh, my God, I am so wet, please don't stop, help Mommy cum," she uncontrollably blurted to me. I began playing with my dick again and it soon responded as I observed Denise's uncontrolled passion explode.

"Let me see your dick, please get it hard again for Mommy. Stroke it faster and faster, please, please help Mommy."

With both breasts now exposed, being fondled with one hand, her bra hanging loosely from her waist, her crumpled dress lifted high with fingers vigorously penetrating her wet pussy, Denise's voice shrieked with sounds of passion.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she screamed with her head lifted high squeezing her breasts and slamming all four fingers into her pussy as her thumb graced her clit.

Watching me continue to please myself only drove her into more wild movements with her whole body twitching and her voice emiting incredible erotic sounds of passion.

"I am cumming, don't stop, don't stop, let me see that dick, stroke it, harder, harder, keep stroking my Baby. Mommy is cumming, I am cummmmmminggg."

The whole house was filled with screeching, loud, sounds of pleasure.

Finally, composing herself, Denise tore herself away and dashed from the room, slamming the bedroom door behind her.

She found herself in the kitchen, now fully dressed once again but still unsure of what to do next; not knowing whether she should leave the house, go to her room, or apologize.

As a result, she just stood there, confused, yet unable to deny the excitement that was coursing through her veins, and unable to get the picture of that young, rigid cock out of her mind.

And then she heard the creaking noise of a door opening. She stood there and listened to the footsteps as they moved slowly down the hall. She noticed that she was shaking nervously as I rounded the corner and entered the kitchen, wearing only my sweat pants.

"Oh Carl, I'm so sorry I walked in on you. I called out, but you didn't answer. I was worried," she gushed. "I'm so sorry."

I looked intently at her in silence and moved slowly towards her.

"Carl, please don't be mad," she said. Backing away slowly as I continued to approach, she explained that "I have not been with a man since my divorce. It is not an excuse, I know, but I was so excited by the sale of my house and then seeing you there naked, it was too much for me. I am so sorry. I have never done that before, you must believe me."

She caught herself looking at my eyes and was unnerved by the intensity of my silence. She forced her eyes away while she continued to retreat from my slow, steady approach.

I was maybe 10 feet away from her when she backed into the wall by the kitchen counter. When she looked at me again, what she saw made her gasp.

What she saw was no longer her best friend's son, but a young man. A young man who was looking at her in a way that somewhat frightened her.

"Carl," she demurely whispered. "What are you doing?" But I ignored her and closed the gap between us to 5 feet.

"Carl, please stop, I am getting scared." she pleaded. But still I came on, not stopping until I was inches away from her.

Her lips gently moved but I could barely hear her say "Please don't, we can't do this." There was no conviction in her voice, and we both knew it.

I placed the palms of my hands on the wall locking her between my arms. There was no escape. I looked down at her. As Denise returned my gaze, I began lowering my mouth towards her. As my lips inched closer, she stood paralyzed.

When my lips finally reached her, she offered neither resistance nor encouragement. Instead, she stood in wide-eyed shock, still not quite comprehending how she let events reach this stage.

Instinctively, like they had a mind of their own, her lips parted just enough to allow my tongue to enter. Denise felt my tongue searching and she felt her eyes beginning to close as her own tongue began to seek me out.

Suddenly I withdrew my lips. Opening her eyes quickly, she looked at me. Her look was one of utter confusion.

Part of her knowing that this was wrong and forbidden and that she should leave before it was too late and another part of her desperately wanting to taste the forbidden fruit of my youth; to finish what had begun in my upstairs bedroom.

It became clear which side of her conscience prevailed when she closed her eyes, parted her lips, and waited.

She didn't have to wait long to again feel my lips; to feel my tongue pressing into her mouth and to feel my hands firmly holding her soft, full breasts. Our bodies became locked in a passionate embrace.

"Oh Carl, hold me, press against me, touch me, kiss me, come to me, take me, take me, don't stop no matter what I say, take me, take me."

She pressed her pussy into my dick and I could feel her lust through her delicate black dress and sheer pink panties; the same dress and panties that were cast aside only moments before in that mad, forbidden upstairs encounter.

My hands grabbed her shoulders, massaging them from the base of her neck to the top of her arms. She uttered sounds of pleasure with eyes closed and head tilted.

I didn't linger long on her shoulders, returning again to her breasts, grabbing them firmly through her blouse and bra. I heard her moaning into my lips as I squeezed her even more and pushed my full weight into her chest, all the while keeping her pinned to the wall.

"No, Carl, no, we must stop," Denise whispered again and again as her pangs of conscience returned. Yet, she remained firmly in my arms, kissing me wildly and grinding herself into my body as she remained pinned to the kitchen wall.

And then, abruptly, I slid my fingers inside her blouse, grabbed hold of the material, and ripped it open.

The move was so sudden, so unexpected, that it startled Denise, causing her to open her eyes and gasp and jerk her lips away from me.

But when she looked at me, she understood. She understood that I was in control and that she was going to submit to my lust.

Just the thought of being taken by me and of being forced to surrender to me was almost enough, she told me later, to make her cum and to want to submit to me completely.

I paused only long enough for the reality of the situation to sink in before returning my lips to her. This time, however, she thrust herself at me, completely giving in to my strength.

"I want you to take me, take Mommy my young darling, fuck me, fuck me hard, bend me over, spank me, force me, take me anyway you want, I will be your cunt today, please fuck Mommy hard."

Startled beyond anything I ever imagined by Denise's uncontrolled, total surrender to my advances, I again broke off my kiss and looked into her eyes. She felt my hands slide between her back and the wall and ease towards the clasp of her bra.

She stood there, neither helping nor hindering, allowing me to do whatever I wanted, at whatever pace I chose.

Momentarily, the clasp was undone and the bra straps lay dangling at her sides, their cups no longer offering support to her full breasts.

As we continued to look into each other's eyes, my hands found there way to the shoulder straps, eased them off her shoulders and cast the no longer wanted bra aside.

As she looked into my eyes, Denise would later confess to me that she felt neither regret nor remorse. In their place, she felt lust. Pure animal lust. She stood before a young man nearly 20 years her junior, both of us naked from the waist up, and could think of only one thing; sex, the harder, the better

I dropped to my knees and lifted her dress with my hands, fingers and tongue gliding between her thighs finally reaching her panties with my mouth. I teased Denise for several minutes until she began pulling her panties down herself with screams of pleasure.

"Suck my pussy, please suck Mommy, please, I will do anything." With her blouse now removed, Denise stripped naked, throwing her panties and dress aside. She then dropped to her knees, pulled my sweat pants down and began sucking my dick with a passion I never experienced.

"Mommy will suck you good and hard, fuck my mouth, fuck me fast and hard."

Denise played with my balls and she continued to swallow my whole dick, all the while looking intently into my eyes as I held her hair with both hands to push her face harder and deeper into my dick.

Sensing that I was ready to come, she turned around, bent over with her beautiful breasts swinging in the air and pushed my dick into her waiting, wet pussy lips. She placed both hands on her ass cheeks to spread open her soft spot even more driving herself back in hard thrusts; each one evoking screams of pleasure from her.

"Fuck Mommy hard, fuck me, don't stop, give it to Mommy hard and fast."

Driving me almost to the point of no return, Denise took my oozing dick and began moistening her most private hole. "Oh my God, Oh my God, you are going to fuck my ass, take Mommy's ass, go slow honey but give it to me deep and cum, cum in my ass, fuck my ass now."

I could not take any more of her teasing and stroking. I plunged deep inside with her lustful screams mixed with pain and pleasure filling the whole house. Stroking me inside her ass and turning her head slightly as she was bent over to better observe my intensity, I began fingering her pussy with one hand and spanking her ass with the other.

Denise was loosing control. "Fuck my ass, finger my pussy, make Mommy cum again and again, I am your slut and whore, fuck me. Daddy."

Feeling her wild, erotic reaction to my fingers playing with her clit as my dick was punishing her ass, I filled her ass completely with my juices as she simultaneously tightened her ass on my dick, squeezed her quivering cunt lips and spilled her liquid all over my fingers.

Denise was again silent as we collapsed on the floor, exhausted with pleasure. After several moments, I could see her startled, ambivalent feelings returning.

"What have we done? I am so sorry, please forgive me. I was lonely and excited and I do love you so much but this was not right."

But my excitement was not ready to hear reluctance, I grabbed Denise by the hair and stuffed my dick into her mouth. With both hands holding a handful of hair, I began aggressively fucking her face.

Denise could say nothing, her mouth was full.

When my hardness soon returned, I once again turned Denise over on her knees and began administering a firm spanking, "Fuck me, fuck me again you bitch whore," I instructed her.

Denise responded with uncontrolled pledges of total submission."Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, fuck me, fuck Mommy, I am your slut and whore, I will please you completely, take me, fuck me, I am your bitch whore and cunt."

Hearing for the first time my beautiful 38-year old neighbor calling for "Daddy, Daddy, please fuck me hard," made the madness in the upstairs bedroom seem mild in comparison.

I pushed my dick into her cunt as she was bent over being spanked and after a few minutes of heavy and fast thrusts filled Denise's pussy with another load of my cum.

She was completely adjusted to the fact that her 'darling little boy" she had known as a child growing up had now become her "Daddy" to be pleased at all times.

Everyday until my parents returned, I filled Denise with my love liquid all over her body. We were never the same after sharing these nights of pleasure.

It was quite exciting to receive blowjobs and get pussy and ass at will especially when my parents were in other parts of the house.

Wild times continued until Denise found another home. Needless to say, I made it a point to never lose contact. Denise would always make it a point to visit when I was home from college, even after she moved to another city and remarried a nice man with a very sexy 18-year-old daughter.

...to be continued.

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