tagFetishStudent Punishment

Student Punishment


Nicki puts her hand up and waves it around crazily. "Miss, can I go to the toilet please?!"

"No," replies Ms Jenkins, "Kathy's just gone, you will have to wait."

"I can't," pleads Nicki, "I need to go really badly."

"Get out of that seat and you will find yourself on detention!"

Nicki was desperate to pee but would not dare go against the teachers at her strict all girl school. She held out for as long as she could but Nicki soon found herself wetting her panties as she sat in her chair.

"Oh Miss," she cried, "I couldn't hold it any longer….I'm sorry!"

"You dirty girl," screamed Ms Jenkins, "Get yourself to the principal's office at once."

All the girls laughed and pointed at Nicki as she left the room. She was so embarrassed all she could do was cry.

Once at the principal's office she was called in by Mr Walker to explain why she was out of class.

Nicki told the principal what had happened and in between sobs tried to explain that it hadn't been her fault.

"You dirty girl," scolded the principal, "You will need to be punished for this," with that Mr Walker grabbed Nicki and lifted her onto his desk. She sat facing his chair as he took his seat.

Nicki blushed deeply as she realised the principal was looking straight up her smooth thighs and under her skirt. She tried to adjust herself and cover up but Mr Walker slapped her hand away, startling her.

"Bad girls must be punished, but what shall we do with you?!" He asked not really caring for an answer.

He pulled up her skirt and spread her legs as far as they would go. God those thighs were so creamy and soft, he just wanted to bite her to leave a red welt in the middle of the perfection. Instead he stooped lower and put his nose to the white cotton of her underwear and took a heavy breath of the still wet fabric.

The intoxicating mixture of urine and young pussy made the principal hard instantly as he absent mindedly placed his hand on the tent now formed in his pants.

Nicki was horrified at what Mr Walker was doing and started to protest as she tried to move away, but she was grabbed tightly and told to stay put or he would find a much harsher punishment.

Nicki was terrified of what he might be implying but she also found herself aroused at her principal being so close to her private parts.

Mr Walker undid his belt and zip and freed his thick cock in to his hand. Nicki gasped as she caught her first glimpse of a real penis in the flesh. It was so hard and veiny it looked like it was going to burst.

He ordered Nicki to lean forward and spit on to his cock then return to where she was. Nicki did as she was told because she was too afraid to say no and now was also curious as to what he had in mind.

The principal moved forward again in his seat as he started to stroke his swollen red meat. He put his nose against the fabric again before sucking it into his mouth and tasting the salty urine.

Nicki let out a low moan as Mr Walker ran his teeth and tongue over her pussy still encased in her underwear.

She was burning now, her pussy getting hotter and hotter through her panties as Mr Walker sucked harder while pulling his cock furiously.

He would only stop sucking to mumble how bad she had been and how she deserved to be punished.

Instinctively, Nicki reached her hand inside her blouse and pulled on her puckered nipples sending a shiver through out her body.

Nicki's tight little cunt couldn't stand it anymore and she broke into waves of pleasure as she experienced her first ever orgasm, at eighteen. She squealed a little as it washed over her.

Hearing Nicki cum was to much for the principal to take and he stood up just as the first shot of his thick white seamen was released and hit right on Nicki's stained panties.

He shot again and again until it covered the thin material and ran down those milky thighs.

Composing himself, Mr Walker took some tissues and wiped himself over before tucking his now retreating penis back in to his pants. He threw a few tissues at Nicki and told her to clean herself up.

"I hope that taught you a lesson young lady," scolded the principal as he helped Nicki off the desk.

"Yes Sir, I'm very sorry!" replied Nicki as she left the office in a hurry, but she wasn't too sorry, for she found herself back there every week being punished again!

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